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103 Ways To Annoy Voldemort. by claireabella
Chapter 7 : It's not called the 'chicken dance' for nothing!
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Hey everyone chapter 7 in here! I know this chapters short but I needed it to be so I can move on to the next idea, there is no idea you can fit a dance class, and a care bears party in one day…and yes I blew it, the Care bears party is next!!!!!!!!!! So R&R as much as possible!!!!!


Voldemort entered the immaculately polished Ballroom, This was his most favourite room and he was proud of it, he often came in here to think or to dance with a broom.

“Heel and toe, heel and toe, skip and skip and skip 2,3” Bellatrix shouted while the others endeavoured on doing a polka?

“And now we do that again on the opposite leg!” Bellatrix chanted. The other Deatheaters we’re in a circle, half on the outside half on the inside, they we’re holding their partners hands, except for Crabbe and Goyle who had pulled their sleeves down to cover there hands so they didn’t get any germs.

“What is going on?” Voldemort roared.

The other Deatheaters turned around at the same exact time flicked their hair and glared at him. Voldemort was a bit scared at the current situation, here it was.

His Deatheaters we’re still wearing their ridiculous rainbow Deatheater cloaks, they are dancing the polka to some weird muggle music and what’s more! They had just acted like total muggles with the hair flick, and now they’re standing there glaring at him.

“DO you mind?” Narcissa spat in an uptight American accent.

Voldemort sighed and sunk down into the nearest table with his head in his hands.

“Oh come’ on Tommy come dance with us!” Lucuis called while he grabbed Voldemort’s wrist and dragged him to the ballroom floor and spun him so he was on the outside of the circle.

Bellatrix beamed and began to recite the steps all over again.

After a while Bellatrix jumped on the stop in an excited manner and deemed it was time to do the ‘Chicken Dance’

A weird muggle tune came on the magical amps and the Deatheaters ran into lines.

“And a little bit of this” The Deatheaters help up their hands in front on them and open and closed them.

“And a little bit of that” the Deatheaters flapped there arms curled under their armpits as enthusiastic as ever.

“And shake your bum” The Deatheaters all turned around and shake their bums.

“Just like your mum” The Deatheaters waved their arms.

As the instrumental played the death eaters skipped around in circles with their arms linked.

Soon a Mexican wave started before the last dance of the song.

As soon as the music was up the Deatheaters all cheered and literally ran out of the room.


“WHAT IS THIS” Narcissa screamed and flung the door open to the broom cupboard in which Voldemort, yes Voldemort was hiding in.

Narcissa thrust a plant in Voldemort’s face and he instinctively recoiled, the plant was dead and the leaves had fallen off.

“I gave you this plant for your birthday, And what do it get, this you let the plant die and the paint I painted with my own two hands CHIP OFF” Narcissa shrieked. While Voldemort winced at the sound.

“I’m sorry!” Voldemort pleaded just so she would go away.

Narcissa flung the plant at Voldemort and potting soil flicked at his face before she ran out of the room her high heels clicking as she went.


“My middle names Bellatrix” Narcissa called out seriously and Bellatrix nodded enthusiastically.

“And mine is Narcissa” Bellatrix added. And then as an after thought she added

“You know our parents really never had much imagination when it comes to names….”

Lucuis nodded and then looked at Voldemort “Marvolo what kind of middle name is that? Some kind of Microwave brand?”

Voldemort sighed furiously “It was my filthy fathers name”

Mcnair sighed dreamily “You know you love him deep inside, and if it wasn’t for the fact that you kind have murdered him. I’m sure he would love you as well”.

“Moving On from my name” Voldemort hissed.

“Oh yeah, do you want to know what snapes really up to” Goyle asked enthusiastically.

“What” Voldemort asked angrily but curious at the same time.
“Well…snape-pretending-to-be-on-our-side-while-he’s-really-on-dumbledores-side-and-he-sold-you-out-just-so-he-wouldn’t-get-sent-to-Azkaban-he-also-tired-to-cut-the-dark-mark-out-of-his-skin-with-sowing-scissors” Goyle retold as fast as possible before running out of the room.

“SEVERUS” Voldemort roared before storming out of the room furiously. The Deatheaters nervous giggling could be heard.


And that’s the 7th chapter, I'm sorry its so short nothing game to me, and I want to fit as many as possible in b4 the staff go on validation break!

Big thanks to my dedicated readers and reviewers for sticking by me with this.


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