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A Letter Too Late by nazozink
Chapter 2 : Chapter two: Gravy Jellybeans and chicken noodle soup.
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Chapter two: Gravy Jellybeans and chicken noodle soup. 

 When the train stopped, I got out and walked with Lucius off the train. I had to leave to go on these funky boat things. I sat with this first year that looked in awe at something. I fallowed her gaze and saw what she saw. It was a castle. No one told me I was going to be living in a castle this totally rocks! 

After we all got in to the school we shuffled up the staircase. Oh, and did I forget to mention they frickin move! Warning: do not sleep walk. We were stopped before we entered the dinning room. An old lady that was dressed in velvet robes gave us a little speech about the houses. She then presided to open the double doors in a grand entrance we walked down the aisle. She picked up an old hat.


“We have two new students that are going to be in second year. Both are girls. Paula Brooks please come here we will sort you first! Then Laura Malahaster!”


Great I have to go first why does it seem that I’m always picked first for everything except sports? I walked up to the stool and sat down. Now to tell the whole entire truth of the matter I was only half listening when she was talking in the hall. So when she put the hat on my head you could say I was slightly startled by the fact it started talking.


“AHHHHH!! It’s TALKING! WHAT IS THIS THING? HOLY FRICK! IS IT GOING TO eat me?” I screamed then going in a whisper when talking about eating me. I was not scared of many things in my life. But this is officially going on the list.  The lady looked down at me with a frown.


“It’s not going to eat you. Weren’t you listing to a thing I said out side?” Okay mental note try listening to those adult beings now and again. She opened her mouth to probably yell at me again when she was interrupted.


“Ahh I see wisdom, and a great capability to learn things quite easily. I also see a sprit in you. A prankster no doubt. Hmm… I have it! Raven Claw! The first Pranking Raven Claw.”


I ran down to the Raven Claw table. I think I love that talking hat now. Yes the wedding is on Saturday. As I was making my way down I heard some snotty-nosed first year mutter something about me being an idiot. Reminder to self: prank that kid!


After I took my seat, I decided to watch the rest of the sorting. Who knew there might be information on talking pictures next! Ha just kidding that’s crazy talk! After I was sorted the other new girl that would be in second year Laura was sorted into hufflepuff. The little kids also got sorted. So what if they were only one year younger then me they were still little. That snotty nosed kid was sorted in to Slytherin.


The hat went in to a song about how the houses would join together to bring rightfulness to prospective. I’m guessing he was either on crack or had sung the same thing every year. I’m betting on the latter.


For dinner I had a feast larger then any I’ve ever had in my life. I even got a cream puff for dessert.


I was making my way up to the common room two boys walked right in front of me and stopped.


“So what do you think prongs I’d give her a nine.” The one boy with black hair and gray eyes commented.


“I don’t know I’d say 8 ½ either way she is dating material.” The other boy with hazel eyes and really messy hair responded.


“Hey she’s mine you have dear Lily flower or did you get over her over the summer?” The other retorted. I gasped.


“Who said I wanted to go out with a pretty boy?”  They looked at me strangely.


“You don’t want to go out with one of us?” said the messy haired one.


“No, I don’t’ like the pretty boy type sorry. How bout you go find a boy band I’m sure you’ll fit right in.” I guess they were taking turns responding because the gray-eyed dude went next.


“ Maybe we didn’t introduce ourselves properly, I’m Sirius Black. This here is James Potter.”  All of a sudden this red head girl came running up to us.


“Potter you leave her alone! Hi I’m Lily I’m going to be helping you catch up on your magic.” I looked at her recalling something in my mind.


“You Lily? I’m sorry my deepest apologies.” She looked at me funny until I gestured towards Potter then she seemed to get it. She nodded and gave me a look that said ‘you have no idea!’


“Hey you stop talking I have to explain the password and- wait are you Gryfindors? Get out!” Yelled the prefect.


The two dweebs ran off. Lily stayed to tell me to meet her in the dining hall at three pm the next day to sort out a plot according to our schedules.  I walked into my room thinking how crazy it would be to have a bed with raven claws on it for the bedpost. I’m beginning to think this placed was designed to drive me crazy. I fell asleep almost instantly. My dream was interesting I just can’t remember it.


When I woke up that morning I was the first in my dorm. Oh yeah I almost forgot I live with three other girls. Anyway I walked to open the door when I a huge bucket filled with chicken noodle soup fell down soaking me in it. I walked forward and slipped on the gravy, landing on my bottom. Very hard if I might add. The next thing I knew I was getting Jellybeans pelted at me by none other then Potter and Black. How did they get into the girls dorm? Let alone Raven Claw? I sat up and glared at them. There, now that you up to date I will share with you the motive if you didn’t catch it. I didn’t fall head over heels for them so I’m an enemy. Well if that’s how they want to play, I’ll lay out the cards.


“Black, Potter! This is war and your going to regret ever pulling this.”  They laughed at me! They actually laughed.


“Like were going to be afraid of one little Raven Claw!” James commented back to me.  The two boys walked away clutching their guts again as the made their voices go up, mocking my threat. I stood up and looked away back at my dorm. One of the girls in my room Tina had gotten up after the crash she walked up to me and pointed her wand at me. WAIT SHE IS POINTING HER WAND AT ME HOLY CRAP I DON’T WANT TO DIE! I held my hands up in surrender. She looked at me oddly. She then muttered a charm and all the mess around me disappeared. My hair was washed and I smelled pretty nice.


“It’s a simple washing spell. You’re all clean now. We invented it last year so we could stay up late studying and then sleep in and not need to shower. Don’t worry it cleans you well, possibly even better then any shower.  I did a half smile back at her. And walked back into the room to change. I put on my robes and walked down to the breakfast table and spotted Lucius.


“Hey! Lucius!” I called. That’s when he did something odd. He was glaring at me then told me to buzz off, Mudblood?

What was a Mudblood? I ran over to Lily who seemed to be studying.


“Hey Lily! I was wondering what is a Mudblood?” Lily paused and looked me in the eye. Her eyebrows dipped down into a frown. “A boy just told me to buzz off Mudblood. What does it mean?”  I asked again.


She looked sad. “It means muggle born. It’s an awful insult.” She shook her head. “Who called you that?”


I looked at Lucius again and frowned. “ Lucius Malfoy did. I don’t think I like him anymore.”  I frowned and looked down at my toes. How could he do that to me? I thought we were friends.


“ He’s a Slytherin it’s in his nature. Stupid Malfoy. All the Slytherins will hate you because your muggle born. The only one who won’t is Neil, but trust me he’s no joy to talk to either.” Lily said patting me on my back.


“Hey lets forget about him,” I suggested. That’s when Potter and Black walked in like them gruesome selves. “And lets focus on something even more fun! Those two idiots! They pranked me and now I’m going to prank them. Wanta help?” I asked. Lily looked scared and shook her head.


“No, sorry I couldn’t I’d be breaking the rules. I’m sorry. I won’t turn you in though.” I nodded that was fine. Hey not all of us could be pranksters, now could we?


“Well then I’m off see you at three? I asked she nodded, and I took off running. When I passed the two nerds. I tripped over someone’s foot. Black.


I looked up and a boy with sandy hair was smiling down at me.  He extended a hand down towards me. I grabbed it and hoisted my self up.  He actually looked pretty cute.


“Hi I’m Remus Lupin. What’s your name?”


“Paula Brook.”  I said as a blush rushed into my cheeks. Crap. I looked at the two dork wads, and stuck my tongue out.  I turned back at Remus. “Thank you bye the way. That was nice of you. Well I have to get going.” I said as I took off running.


Man, he was cute!! What did he say his name was again? Remus Lupin? I like it! I turned around the corroder into a long hallway. I was on my way to Astrology. One of the subjects I fond most interesting, well from what I’ve read. That and charms. I couldn’t wait to start them. The one I thought would probably bore me the most was ancient runes, talk about a snore fest.


So anyhow I’m getting off subject I do that a lot. I looked around at the school. I still couldn’t believe I was here in a castle having school. The walls were lovely. They were solid gray stone. Everything was so aligned so perfect. I loved it here.


I took my time getting to class for after all I was thirty minutes early. I took the time to explore and plot the downfall of tweddle dumb and tweddle Dee. My plot had gotten better by the end o my time as I strolled in to class perfectly on time with only three minutes to spare. I use all my time so I do not waste any. I had perfected it.


“ Hello class, my name is professor Ryemick. I am going to be your astrology teacher. I have been teaching here for ages. But alas, this is my last year at Hogwarts. So why not go out with a bang eh? Yes there will be home work but don’t worry your pretty little heads I will still be giving out homework, projects and tests. I was just thinking today and tomorrow we pretty much won’t do anything accept get to know each other. Think of things you might want to share for tomorrow good bye.” And with that he sat down in his desk and opened a big book beginning to read.


I left that class and I felt if all these classes were that easy I would have no problem in school. I was wrong by the end of the day I had four papers two worksheets and one just plan practice homework assignments. Looks like I have my work cut out for me.

A/n Hi how do you like it so far drop a review and let me know! C’mon don’t be mean! I have err...cookies? OOO Lagos! who doesn't love Lagos!

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A Letter Too Late: Chapter two: Gravy Jellybeans and chicken noodle soup.


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