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How To Save A Life by goodbyetoyou
Chapter 2 : Chapter Two: Itís Hard To Let Go
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Chapter Two: It’s hard to let go

Sirius Black boarded the train for one last year. He smiled slightly as he began to search for his best mates, James Potter, Remus Lupin, and Peter Pettigrew. They were finally back to normal. After him reveling Remus’s secrets to Snape, and falling in love, the bets, him blaming James for telling Jamie, everything, after all of it they were fine. Better than ever. Although Sirius claimed it to be fine it didn’t mean that his mind never slipped to a certain blue eyed and brown hair girl he once loved. His friends could tell when he slipped off to a quiet place, between smiles and frowns that he was thinking of her. Sirius Black had matured over the year, he still hated the Slytherins, and pranked people, but he was quieter, more thoughtful. He walked down the hall of the train, his black hair blowing from the breeze.

“Padfoot,” He turned to see a rather round boy running towards him knocking down a girl in the process, “Oops sorry Michaela.” He muttered turning red. The girl looked at Sirius and yelled,

“Someone knows my name!”

“What was that about,” Peter panted getting to Sirius. Peter Pettigrew was a rather large boy with blonde hair. He was often asked why he was apart of the infamous Marauders, who were nothing like them. He followed them at first, and then became a dear friend.

“We were shagging and I accidentally called her Shannon, it was no big deal,” Sirius shrugged before saying, “Let’s go find Moony and Prongs.” They found James and Remus in a compartment half way down the train.

“Prongs, Moony,” He said, hugging them each in turn.

“Hello, Padfoot,” Remus said closing his book, “Stayed out of trouble this summer?”

“Of course,” Sirius laughed, “The cops lied, I never charmed that muggle.” There was a round of chuckles, before there was a loud yelp,

“I’m late for the heads meeting,” James said, “Lily’s going to kill me.”

“You’re shagging the girl and you still can’t cut a break,” Sirius stated.

“Hey, were not shagging,” James said before stalking out. He poked his head back in and added, “Yet.” Then it was gone.

“I still can’t believe he made head boy,” Sirius shook his head with laughter. Once he stopped laughing he realized how quiet the compartment was.

“Padfoot,” Remus’s quiet voice came from the side of the compartment, “I’m not sure if you want to here this. It has to do with J.S.”

“Just shagging is very inappropriate, who are you shagging my dear friend?” Sirius joked; Remus took this as a sign to continue.

“The word going around is that Jamie Smith is back.” Sirius felt his heart rise, thinking he had a chance. Then it quickly dropped remembering, ‘Oh yeah, she hates me.’

Jamie Smith was a girl not many people had liked when she was 15. She was quiet, enjoyed class, and was Tyler Smith’s little sister, the only competition the Marauders had for detention, and girls. James, and immature 15 years old, bet Sirius that he couldn’t sleep with her. Sirius did, but fell in love with her quirky, sarcastic, but life is good attitude. He went to tell James it was off but James mentioned the bet while Jamie was behind him. Jamie was so upset the last thing she said to him was, ‘If you only knew how big of a mess you made.’ He was ready to apologize but she avoided him, and then didn’t come back. To Lily, to the school, or to him.

“Cool,” Sirius said indifferently.

“Are you ok with that,” Remus said watching his face for any sign of hurt, or excitement. It was stone, showed no difference.

“Why wouldn’t I be,” Sirius asked, “Hey I’m going to go find James.”

“James just went to his head meeting,” Remus said, but it was too late, Sirius was gone.


Jamie stood up to stretch while the train began to move.

“Tyler, love,” She said while turning to Tyler who was reading his books while muttering, ‘Bloody hell, this is insane!’ “Will you first stop swearing in front of my kid, and number two watch her while I find Lily?”

Tyler gave her the sad smile that so many people give her and whispers, “Be careful.” She just prayed that she would find Lily before anyone else.

“Jamie,” A voice yelled down the hall. Jamie’s head shot up to see a red head boy tackling her.

“Colin,” She hugged him, “How are you.” Colin Tutee was Tyler’s best friend.

“Fine, your brother back? I hear when you were in Africa he didn’t do work,” Colin said grinning. Jamie held back a snort, only her brother would say they were in Africa.

“Yes, he’s back, have you seen Lily?”

“Yeah, she’s in there,” Pointing to the compartment behind him, “Tell your brother to come by C13.”

Jamie nodded to him and pulled open the compartment door.

“OY!” She screamed. Pulling apart was Lily and a boy with really messy black hair.

“Hey, Smith, welcome back,” The boy, James Potter, said awkwardly. Jamie looked at Lily in shock before turning around and running.

“Jamie, Jamie, wait,” Lily screamed behind her.

“The boy who made the bet, James Potter,” Jamie whirled around and yelled in Lily’s face.

“I’m sorry,” Lily said, “It just happened, I was going to tell you, but… Jamie he grew up. So did you, he feels so bad. I had no one here when you left.” Jamie sighed she knew they were all going to grow up. She would never be able to forgive James, though. Or Sirius, what they did was inhuman. It was like they didn’t get it. Jamie was someone’s sister, someone’s child, and now someone’s mom. How would they like it if someone did that to their sister, or their mom, or their child? They would try to kill them. But Jamie had a decision to make, her best friend, or her pride.

“I didn’t miss the irony,” Jamie said after a long silence, “James, Jamie? You’ve missed me. Pining for me!” Lily laughed and hugged her. Over Jamie’s shoulder Lily saw James pointing towards them talking to Sirius.

“Which way to your compartment?” Jamie pointed to the opposite direction of Sirius and James, still not seeing them. Lily grabbed her hand and pulled her that way. It was too early for her to face Sirius.


Sirius listened to James while looking down the hall. James was right, it was Jamie. There was no doubt. He remembered her pretty hair and beautiful eyes. He wondered what to say as he walked towards her, ‘I guess I don’t have to,’ He thought as they turned around running.

“Tough luck, Padfoot,” James said clapping his hand on his shoulder. Sirius didn’t say anything before shrugging,

“She’s just a chick, right?”

“Yeah she is,” James said before they walked back to their own compartment.


“She started talking, and almost can walk,” Jamie said handing Rory to Lily, “Isn’t that right?”

“No,” Rory giggled while clapping.

“Aw, I missed you, love,” Lily said while twirling Rory around.

“Why, thank you,” Tyler said smiling.

“Not you,” Lily said then saw Jamie open her mouth, “Or you.”

Jamie and Tyler tried to mock hurt as Rory said,

“Tyler! Mommy!” Rory pointed at them while saying it.

“Can she say Lily,” Lily said excitedly like a little girl on Christmas.

“Who’s that,” Tyler pointed to Lily. Rory scrunched up her face then clapped,

“Lily!” The spent the rest of the time catching up with Paris, Petunia’s fiancée, Vernon, Rory, Tyler, and The year off. The train rolled into the station at 6 pm. At 5:45 the conductor came into their compartment.

“Hello,” He said, “Mr. Dumbledore has asked me to let you off first. He told me to give you this, and to say as soon as you get off get into a carriage, he will be at the doors.” He left handing them a cloak.

“It’s an invisibility cloak!” Tyler said taking it, “He must want you and Rory to hide under it, Jamie.” Jamie nodded and threw it over her and the baby.

“Will you guys grab the stuff,” Jamie asked before hearing a crackle on the speaker above,

“This is your conductor,” Came the voice booming throughout the train, “I am sorry but when the train stops you will not be able to get off, Dumbledore has a special guest at the castle would like you all to wait until they leave, I will tell you when to go. Thank you.”

Lily and Tyler followed after Jamie and Rory with the baby’s stuff in case she needed it.

“Lily,” James yelled as they were right at the exit. He gave Lily and Tyler (he couldn’t see Jamie) a confused look, “The conductor said we couldn’t leave.”

Tyler glared at James before grabbing Lily’s arm, “Come on Lily.”

“We’re rebels,” Lily shrugged, “What can I say?” With that they were gone. The carriage went up and there standing at the entrance was Dumbledore, waiting for them.

A/N: There it is chapter two! I hope you all like it. Please remember to review, because it makes my heart swell with happiness. Thank you to Hibiscus,  Innocences Shadow, brunettebarbie, The Junebug, Kaysn, ron_hermione_fan, preppypotterchick, mint_43, anotherpadfootlover, and any one else who reviewed! Ok as some of you may have read I have decided on some chapter to ask a question, and first to answer it right/ preditice it right gets a preview, or any question they want answered so this weeks question, well start off easy, with something you read: What are the colors of Rory/ Jamie's room back home? First answer gets a preview/question. For all you that don't win here is a small preview of next chapter! REMEMBER REVIEW! 

“What the hell do you want, Potter,” Tyler spat like venom. 

“Oh go play with someone, Smith,” James said turning to Tyler. 

“I thought that was your job, Potter,” Tyler bit back.

“Oh please,” James snarled, “You probably have four kids by now.”

“Excuse me!” Jamie said. Both Lily and Tyler could see that James struck a nerve.

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