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The Blood Feud by Fallen Angel
Chapter 8 : A Favor Asked and a Favor Returned
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Author's Note : I'm back! I'm really sorry for the very long delay of uploading this chapter. Please forgive me. I was banned from the internet and I had to attend to a lot of Student Council stuff. Besides that, I was also forced to stop writing for a moment due to my dismal grades... Wahh!! 

OH and before you comment, please remember that I changed Draco, Harry, Ron and Hermione's birthdays to fit the story. Please forgive me.

Exactly fifty-seven doors from the scene of the sad attack towards the royal family, a red vintage book fell from its respectful place, three shelves up the bookcase. Opening to the part where a gold silk bookmark lay, the book showed the information to where the royal princess found the blood curse.

Family: The Malfoys

The Malfoys in the early times have been infamous for their much-destructive blood spell, the Helix Curse. A curse which binds the castor through the victim through blood, it is a very powerful curse that allows the castor to control the victim by means of telepathy, with it’s effects much stronger than that of the Imperius Curse.

People under the said curse were reported to be in a state of paranoia a few hours after the curse was inflicted. No physical damage can be seen from the outside yet great internal problems arise from the person’s mentality. Driven to insanity by the blood bond, the person afflicted may suffer from severe headaches, of which are cannot be cured by medical potions. An extreme case of shock sometimes causes involuntary memory recovery on the affected.

A Malfoy in blood can only lift the said curse. A diluted solution of the Malfoy blood running from it’s heir’s veins, heaveland needle pines, Horntail dragon egg shells and dried flobberworms to lessen the foul odor, brewed for a whole week, is needed to cure the said person. A large risk is to be taken in brewing the potion, for reactions may occur with the Malfoy who’s blood is used if the potion is too diluted, causing the potion to react with the curse and therefore its original bearer accursed as well. A strong solution will immediately cause death with the drinker.

For Instructions, turn to the next page…

The book was in Hermione’s study. The said book was the very first book that she read the whole day. She was lucky yes. But is Draco willing to give his blood for his charge’s father?



Both were walking down the hallways of the famous St. Mungo’s Hospital which was at the moment empty, faces full of sadness as they reminisced the bad memories that arose from the incident. Hermione, fully aware of the curse and it’s remedy was ready to create the said potion. The only ingredient left for her to find is a Malfoy’s blood. ‘Coincidentally’, a Malfoy was in fact walking beside her. If only she had the courage to ask…

She pulled Draco into an empty room.

“Erm, Malfoy?”

The unsure tone in her voice caused Draco’s eyebrows to rise, smirk now out at full force. “Yes Granger?”

“I’m not Granger. Granger is a last name, therefore increasing the number of people also with the name ‘Granger’ in their whole name,” she said with such audacity and irritation. “My own version of Granger is in fact a false name, yes?”

“I don’t bloody care.”

“You will care, Mr. Malfoy for she is your charge to protect,” a voice said from behind.

Dumbledore stood tall, looming over the two seventeen-year-old teens. Great amusement can be found on the old man’s face. “You have no choice, Mr. Malfoy.” Dumbledore turned around and lifted his hand towards the door. A blue flash illuminated the room. Hermione’s eyebrows perked up. “A silencing charm,” she mouthed. With a nod, the headmaster continued his conversation with the young Malfoy. “ You are sworn to the Order.”

The declaration of such absurd information made Hermione gawk at her Headmaster. “Surely you are not serious, aren’t you?”

“Oh I am, Ms. Granger.” Dumbledore said. “A week ago, he swore in front of Alastor and Arthur, including myself, that he was to be loyal to the Order. He even bears the insignia.”

“What insignia are you talking about?” Hermione asked, eyes perked up with interest. She knew what the insignia is; a red and gold phoenix.

“My, I am old already, aren’t I?” Dumbledore chuckled. “It seems that I forgot to tell you all about the new courses of action that the Order is now following.” Hermione was bursting to speak, yet was silenced by the wise old man. He continued, “Due to precautionary measures, the Order has voted in favor of placing the insignia on its members. Mr. Malfoy?”

Draco turned around haughtily and with another irritating smirk, his head dropped low. In the nape of his neck was the mark of the Phoenix.

“What’s its use besides the identification of members?” she said, scared. In her mind, thoughts of the Order’s mark working like those of the Death Eater’s was in the move, and the thought of it was terrifying.”

“My dear Hermione, you did not let me finish.” Dumbledore chastised. “That mark serves as a permanent personal portkey. If captured, the person who bears the mark of the Phoenix will be transported to the headquarters of the Order. The person who is transported will not be able to bring another with him or her, for the personal portkey only works on the person who bears it. This ensures that every member of the Order is protected by the Phoenix’s feather.”

“Wait,” Hermione butted in. “If Malfoy can be inducted into the Order, can I be too?”

“No. I’m afraid not Hermione.”

“Why?” Hermione asked, almost whining.

“You are underage.”

The information she received irritated her more than the others. “And that jerk isn’t?” she said ferociously, teeth grinding.

“I must let you know that Mr. Malfoy is indeed of age, Ms. Argdougne. Harry and Ron, since they are of age, were inducted into the Order as well.”

‘Bottle it up, Hermione. Composure. Never lose composure, especially in front of the Headmaster,’ she said to herself quietly. Unfortunately, Draco heard her and decided to poke the now peeved lioness.

“But Hermione,” he started mocking, eyes glinting evilly. “You’ve already made an outburst. Surely that means loss of composure, yes?”

A sickening smile plastered on her face, Hermione asked the headmaster. “Sir, may I ask you to please excuse us?”

“Go ahead Ms. Argdougne,” said Dumbledore. Note that his eyes were small due to silent mirth and his smile was matching of that of the lioness. And with that permission, she proceeded to pull Draco out of the room and into another empty one.

The aura of the room, when Draco entered, felt really cold. As the door closed with a soft click, Hermione grunted most unlady-like. Turning around to face her protector, she casted an Imperturbable charm wandlessly while her eyes stayed affixed on her prey. Draco unexpectedly shuddered at her glare. ‘I think I poked her a little too much for my own good,’ he thought.

A second later, she started ranting. However, Draco kept his cool and mouthed side comments with every attack from Hermione’s side.


“And what are you, a stuck-up Gryffindor?”

Fortunately for Draco’s safety, Hermione did not hear as she continued her spiel.


“Well, I was expected to do that. I am a Slytherin, am I not?”


“I did. After you punched me in the nose. A few seconds later, I forgot.”


“Having a great time pointing out your arse, eh? I like them too, although I like mine better.”

Now, over that spiel, she definitely heard the last comment.

“ARRGH MALFOY!!!!!!!!!!!”

“Yes Miss Argdougne?” he responded cockily.

“TALKING TO YOU IS JUST PLAIN USELESS…” Once again, she started her rant.

“If you call the way you are saying stuff now talking, then I’m a bird.”


“Wait Granger, you never said anything about a favor…”


“No you did not, you noisy Gryffindolt.” Draco retorted angrily at the girl, obviously losing his cool.

Missing the insult in his reply, she ran over their conversation. With a wince, she realized the truth.

“Oh yeah… Well um…”

“Now ask nicely. What is it?”


“Bloody spit out what you are trying to tell me already!”

Eyes filled with tears, she asked Draco embarrassed. “May I please have a cup of your blood? For my father’s potion?”

He started laughing, rolling on the floor. So not like a Malfoy.

“That was it?”


“Technically Granger…” Hermione glared at him. With a smirk, he continued. “Or should I say, Argdougne, that I wouldn’t have given you your request. Since you are my charge, however, it is alright. But for one condition…”

Hermione looked up to her protector, smiling. At this point in time, if Malfoy didn’t give in to her request, she would’ve attacked him instantly in order to get the blood. Since he did however, she was ready to do anything to save her father from delirium and the risk of being controlled.

“What Malfoy?” Hermione asked with eyes gleaming in happiness. “Please tell me.”

“Don’t hold back.”

And he kissed Hermione with all the love he could muster. Surprisingly, Hermione kissed him back.

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