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Majic With a 'J' by the_spladle_of_doom
Chapter 4 : Gathering the Crowd
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Chapter 4: Gathering the Crowd

*****Syra POV*****

I have an interesting set of new friends. I’ll explain.

Someone grabbed my wrist from within the crowd and pulled me down to sit. I looked around me as the four Marauders, (as they called themselves), surrounded me.

“Hello again, Arias,” James said. He and Sirius were grinning ridiculously.

“Just thought you looked a bit lost,” Sirius said. Remus looked up from his book and smiled pleasantly. Peter… umm… wasn’t really doing anything of importance. He seemed to be somewhat detached.

“Have you seen Nazo anywhere?”

“Nazo Shima?” Sirius wondered. I nodded. He crossed his arms out in front of him stubbornly so he looked bigger than he was. I couldn’t help but notice he looked a bit like a certain annoying acquaintance from where I came from, though his hair wasn’t in his gray eyes. He raised his eyebrows at me.

Damn, I must have been giving him that glare accidentally. I shook my head. It’s just habit, I suppose. Sorry, Black.

“She got in Slytherin,” James said pointedly to me. I froze. Her?

“Yeah,” Sirius put in, leaning his chin on his fist. “I knew there was something wrong with that girl.” I ignored that comment.

“Then I’m… on my own.” It took me a while to process that in my mind. “Ahh…”

The sorting hat sorted the boy behind me into Hufflepuff, and I looked over at the Slytherin table longingly, spotting Nazo’s odd hairstyle in the group. She looked like she was furious with the empty plate before her. Then as the food appeared, she made a motion that signified she let out a big whoop and went for the food.

No. No. No.

No. I covered my face with my hands. The improbability was too much for me. This place was enormous and confusing, almost as confusing as Nazo with caffeine.

I felt a hand on my shoulder. “You know, you never asked if you could join up with us,” Remus said reassuringly. Despite his dreary appearance, when I looked up at him his smile was calming and sweet. Sirius raised his eyebrows from across the table as if he were asking the same thing.

“How ‘bout it?” James said. I shrugged, looking at the empty plate in front of me.

“Then there we have it!” Sirius clapped his hands together. “Now, FOOD!”

And that is why I am now in league with the marauders.

*****Nazo POV*****

The food was great. I almost died when I saw dessert! It was so yummy, though they didn’t have my favorite ice cream. Oh well!

Once I started eating, there was this smelly malfooey dude coming up to me. He makes me mad, and I think he’s just trying to bug me. Well, GET LOST you stinkin’ meanie! Unless you have chocolate ice cream with pecans and marshmallows. Then sit down for a while and gimme some! I don’t mind anymore.

I said exactly that, just like I told you. He looked a little confused, but I don’t know why because everybody knows that rocky road ice cream is not as good as chocolate with pecans and marshmallows. It’s not the same!

I said that too. He’s not very nice. He just walked away. I shrugged and returned to my chocolate pudding. This was one of my favorites.

After dinner was over, everybody was sent to the dormitories. I know the password because I was here a few days before. I even got all my stuff here. When the prefect said the password to us newbies, I just thought about that one ninja dude. I want to meet him one day. You know? He likes cream puffs. Deadly cream puffs.

Where was I? Oh yeah. My bed is purple as it ever was, with purple curtains and a chest at the end with all my stuff in it. Which was purple. Actually, everything was purple! How boring. I’m getting a little tired of purple everywhere. Except for my cute orange bunny! I love my orange bunny.

All the other girls in my dorm are already getting ready to go to bed. There is one fifth year here who looks like she’s OK to talk to. But I can’t push her buttons like Sy. Darn it! How did I get into Slytherin anyway?

*****Sirius POV*****

Was Remus MAD? How could he! There were no cute girls as one of us. None! Why the hell was he so forward with this? Not even consulting us!

Not that I could object right there and then. She was cute, and I couldn’t risk having her mad at me, not if I wanted her to go out with me once or twice. Stupid! Remus is too soft.

We walked into the Gryffindor common room, as a group of FIVE thank you. That girl is actually very interesting. This is why you never rely on first impressions. Lily doesn’t seem to get that concept with James, but what can y’ do? Anyway, she told us a bit about what she did at her old school. She seems like quite the prankster, even if she is terribly modest. Never mind Moony. I don’t mind anymore.

Then it was our turn. We… erm… kind of let it slip that we were planning this spectacular stunt for a back-to-school prank. It would be the best one EVER.

She said we needed work. Never mind again. I don’t like her anymore.

*****Syra POV*****

Those four seemed trustworthy. To a point. They were the marauders after all! They didn’t understand, though. I only became a prankster because I had to follow Nazo around in Meldon’s. It became something of a hobby to me. It was almost like my life back home, though a little mellowed down. However, they still don’t seem to like Nazo, just because she got into Slytherin.

Pettigrew announced as we were entering the Gryffindor common room that they were planning an annual welcome-back joke for the school, as they’d done so many years before. No doubt the administration was wary, watching their every move. Simply put, they needed work with their mediocre plan, and a distraction or something or other.

Then they suggested that I should help them out, if I was so smart. Of course I couldn’t decline.

How stupid was that? I can’t get a bad reputation here as well! This is after all what, the third place to know me anew? Including my hometown. Damn. I can’t back out now. I’m on in five.

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