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Healing, Living, Loving and Life by YelloWitchGrl
Chapter 1 : Chapter 1: New Life
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Disclaimer: JKR owns everything. This goes for the rest of the story as well.

A/N; This story has a different format from Garuda but I hope you like it!

Monday August 10th, 1998- Diagon Alley:

“You need new robes, love.” Harry informed his wife as he was measured for his new robes at Madam Malkin’s Robes For All Occasions. “You might as well get them.”

Ginny shook her head at him. “I only have one more year! There is no sense in my getting new robes for only one more year.”

“But I’m getting new ones.” Harry argued.

“You need them to teach!” She threw her hands in the air.

“Mummy?” Erik looked up at her from the floor. He and his sisters were playing with a few toys while they waited. “Is it time for lunch yet?”

Ginny grinned at him. “Not yet sweetie. I have some biscuits if you would are really hungry.”

He seemed to consider it. “How long till lunch?”

“Not long. As soon as we are finished here.”

“He’s done.” Madam Malkin informed them. “I will have them ready in an hour. Did you decide Mrs. Potter?”

Ginny smiled politely at her and shook her head. “I won’t take anything today, thank you.”

“Very good.” The seamstress moved on to help another customer.

Harry walked over and picked up both his daughters who squealed in delight. “Let’s head to the Leaky Cauldron.” He kissed each of their cheeks and was grateful, once again, than Emily had finally let him hold her. He looked over at Ginny who grabbed the toy bag and took Erik’s hand as they left the store. “What else do we have to do?”

“We have to pick up my new broom and I need the new text that you ordered from Flourish and Blotts. Oh and a few potion ingredients.” Ginny informed him as they moved down to the street.

“Don’t you need other books?” Harry asked in confusion. He was sure she had three other classes.

“They are the same books that you have, so I’m going to use yours. Bill decided to use the same text as Flitwick did.” She moved around a large man with a beard to get to the brick wall that guarded the entrance to the Leaky Cauldron.

Harry chuckled at her thrifty tendencies. “You don’t have to use mine Ginny; you can get new ones.”

“You won’t be using them so I might as well.” She moved over to a large table and helped Erik into a seat before going to get two highchairs for the babies.

Harry set the girls down before he kissed Ginny’s cheek. “I’ll go and place an order.” He walked up to the bar and told Tom what they would be eating when he noticed two familiar faces smiling next to him. “Neville, Padma!” Harry greeted his friends with a smile. “How are you two?”

“Hi Harry.” Neville grinned at him and looked sheepishly at Padma. “We are wonderful.” He kissed her cheek.

Harry looked quizzically at them. The two looked like newlyweds and reflectively he looked down and saw that his friend was wearing a wedding band. “You got married?” He asked in amazement. He knew they had not been together long.

Both blush but Padma spoke. “We got married almost a month ago. When we got home and parted it was just so hard and… well we decided that you had to right idea. Being married is amazing and we weren’t sure how much time we would have so we wanted it to be together.”

“It was a small ceremony at St. Mungo’s so that my parents could be there. We didn’t spread the news around because we didn’t want to become even bigger targets.” Neville explained. “Being married is brilliant… although I’m sure you know that.”

“Yeah.” He chuckled. “That’s great you two! I’m glad you are happy. Congratulations.” Harry as he shook Neville’s hand then kissed Padma’s cheek. “Listen, you two have to come and say hello to Ginny and meet our kids.”

He watched the twin looks of surprise spread over their faces. “You have kids?” Neville questioned him.

“Yep, three wonderful munchkins.” Harry thought of them as his children but he knew it would be strange for everyone else to learn that he and Ginny had adopted them. He also knew that some might not consider them to be as important as biological children. Harry loved them so much and looked at them as if Ginny had born them. The fact that she had not, did not matter in the slightest. “We adopted them.” He explained as he looked over at the table where his family sat. He saw that Erik was coloring and that the babies were eating some snacks that Ginny had set out for them. “They’re wonderful and we love them so much.” He looked at Neville head on, knowing he would understand. “They lost all their family and so we’ve made them a part of ours.”

“Ah.” Neville said in understanding before giving his wife a loving smile. “We’d love to meet them.”

“Here’s your food Mr. Potter, Mr. Longbottom.” Tom informed them and the two men took the trays and moved over to the Potter’s table. Harry set the food down and grabbed a chair for the other two.

“Hello Neville, Padma.” Ginny gave each of them a hug. “I’d like you to meet our kids.” She told them as she sat down again between Erik and Nicole. Harry sat down next to Emily and started to feed her as Ginny was feeding Nicole. “This is Erik, Nicole and Emily.” Ginny introduced them as she pointed to each child. “Can you say hello?” The babies were studying the new adults but did not saying anything.

“Hello.” Erik mumbled before he buried his head into Ginny’s side. She smiled and put her arm around him.

“That was very good Erik.” Harry heard her whisper to him and saw her kiss the top of his head.

“Hello.” Neville and Padma said together. Harry saw Padma gaze at each of the children with a look on her face that he could not identify.

“How are you two?” Ginny asked them and moved her arm as Erik sat back up and started to eat quietly.

“Well… we’re married.” Padma finally said before holding up her left hand to show Ginny her ring.

“Really?” Ginny squealed in excitement before taking her hand to examine her engagement and wedding rings. “They’re beautiful! I,” Ginny looked up at the other woman curiously. “You’re… you are, aren’t you?” She probed.

Padma looked startled and her mouth fell open. “How did you know?” She whispered in amazement.

Ginny’s face split into a large smile. “Congratulations you two, that is so wonderful!”

Harry glanced between them in confusion before looking over at Neville to see that he was also confused. He could not help but laugh as he spoke to his friend. “At least I’m not alone in my ignorance mate.”

Neville also laughed. “She and Pavarti do that all the time and I’m always lost. It’s worse with twins though. They don’t have to say a word and they understand each other.”

Padma kissed her husband’s cheek. “Ginny knows our secret.”

Neville looked flummoxed and stared at Ginny. “How did you know?”

Ginny shrugged her shoulders in dismissal. “I just knew. It is my job, you know.”

“But I’m only a few weeks along.” Padma argued.

Understanding washed over Harry. Ginny was a Matron in training, someone who delivered babies. “You two are expecting?” At their nods of affirmation Harry laugh quietly. “That’s great. Congratulations again.” He looked at each of his children. “Being a parent is wonderful.” He blew a raspberry on Emily’s cheek and she giggled and then reached out for him. He lifted her from the highchair and held onto her as she snuggled into his chest. He kissed the top of her head.

“We are looking forward to it.” Neville informed him as he looked lovingly at his wife.

“Yes we are.” Padma replied and the two kissed.

Two Hours Later:

They had just finished all of their shopping when Emily spoke. “Keeeee! (Kitty)” She squealed from Harry’s arms and pointed excitedly at a shop. Harry looked down at her in surprise. She was never this excited about anything.

“Oh Harry, look at the kitten!” Ginny exclaimed before she carried Nicole and led Erik into the shop.

Harry grinned at them and followed his wife to the Magical Menagerie. “Do you want to look at the kitten, baby?” He asked his little girl. She smiled shyly at him before nodding. When they entered the shop they found a witch with thick spectacles holding a small black kitten for Erik and Nicole to pet. He set Emily down and she moved over to join them before reaching her hand out to stroke the kitten’s soft back. Harry walked behind Ginny who was standing over the children and slid his arms around her waist before softly kissing her neck. “Are we going home with a kitten?” He asked her quietly as she leaned into his chest.

“Do you mind?” She whispered as she turned his face up to him.

“Nah.” He chuckled. “I know you love cats and they seem to love that little thing as well. Look at Erik and Emily.” He looked down on his two elder children. “Emily was actually excited about the kitten and she has not shown this much enthusiasm before. Erik is obviously smitten with it. Nicole is as well. I think this will be good for them.”

Ginny nodded. “Maybe if the kitten slept with them Erik might feel secure enough to sleep by himself.”

Harry kissed her cheek. “And if not then we’ll have three children and a kitten in bed with us.”

“Mummy, Daddy.” Erik looked nervously up at them. “Can… can… we really like the kitten.”

“Keeee!” Emily giggled before looking up at Harry and giving him a wide smile, her innocent blue eyes alight with joy. “Keeee Dada!”

Harry felt his heart swell. That was the first time she’d called him Dada. He dropped to his knees and pulled her into his arms, giving her a kiss on the cheek. He reached over and pulled Erik and Nicole to him to also give them a hug. He managed to hold the tears back before murmuring. “We can have the kitten.”

Emily patted his cheek before she squirmed from his arms and moved over to the kitten and patted it softly. She examined the kitten for several long moments before finally saying. “Boo.” The kitten meowed and jumped from the shopkeeper’s arms and into Emily’s.

Ginny moved to help Emily better hold the kitten. “Gently baby. Good.” The kitten meowed again started to purr. “So are we going to call you Boo?” Another meow. “Boo it is then.”

Later That Evening:

“Who was that owl from?” Ginny asked him later that evening as they lay in bed together. The children had just fallen asleep when Mrs. Weasley had knocked softly on their door to tell Harry that he had an owl.

“Oh, well…” Harry smiled sheepishly. “It was from Mr. Lansing.” Lansing was in charge of making sure that all of the orphans, from the war, had a home.

Ginny sat up and looked at him. “Are there more children?”

Harry knew she was referring to orphans and he shook his head. “I sent him a note to check on that. I was concerned. He sent Hedwig back with a letter assuring me that the other children were in happy homes. He made sure of that.”

“How many were there?” She rested her head on his chest and ran a hand soothingly along his side.

Harry took a deep breath. “Surprisingly only seven other children besides ours and Liz.” He kissed the top of her head. He was able to find relatives for the children so it was not a problem.”

“Are any of them with muggle relatives?”

Harry smiled at her perceptiveness. That had been his primary concern. “One boy went to live with a squib aunt but the boy had mentioned her to Mr. Lansing. She’s apparently his favorite aunt.” He ran his hand through her long, beautiful hair. “Mr. Lansing’s job is new. There was no one to check on the children after the first war and he assured me that he would make sure that all the children were being loved.”

“Have you heard anything more about the Order of Merlin?” Ginny asked him suddenly. When he didn’t answer her she poked him in the ribs.

“We’re all getting one.” Harry informed her slowly. “I tried to talk Minister Davies out of giving it to me but he wouldn’t listen.”

Ginny sat up and glared at him. “You deserve one!”

“I guess.” He muttered before smiling roguishly at her. “I’d rather have you though.”

A grin lit her face and she leaned forward to kiss him. “You can have me any time you want.” She slid a hand along his torso and began to kiss his neck.

Harry groaned quietly. “Now would be good then.”

Tuesday September 1st, 1998- Platform Nine and Three Quarters:

“It will be fine Liz.” Ginny reassured her newly adopted sister. Harry saw that Liz was looking apprehensive and Ginny must have noticed as well because she went on. “We will be on the train if you need us or if you want a break from your friends.”

“I know.” Liz sighed before closing her eyes. When she opened them again Harry could see that she was more in control.

“Bye dear.” Mrs. Weasley sniffed as she hugged Liz close to her. “Have a good term and don’t forget to owl us, all right?”

“I will.” Liz told as she held on.

Hugs were given all around and soon they were making their way onto the train. Harry and Ginny, along with Bill were all in one compartment with the four children. It had been decided earlier that week that traveling any other way to Hogwarts would be impractical for the small children. Harry and Bill had already moved everything to their new quarters at the school. They had even managed to set up the basics for what they would need that first night. Harry had met with Mary Ford, the new nanny, and she was a wonderful woman who was greatly looking forward to taking on more children. He could see that she was bored without children to look after.

“Here’s our compartment.” Ginny told him and slid the door open. She walked in with Emily and set her on the floor. Erik walked in and sat with his sister. Harry put Nicole down with them and stored the large bag Ginny had packed for their trip. “I’m glad we don’t have luggage.” Ginny said as she let Boo out of her basket.

Harry stared at her incredulously. “You don’t think that is luggage?” He pointed up at the large and very heavy bag.

“Not really. It has all the things we’ll need for the trip. Nappies for the three babies, formula and baby food for Tyler, snacks and lunch for all the children, blankets for nap time, spare clothes, coats and toys.” She rattled off the list as if they were obvious necessities for the train ride. Harry just stared at her in bewilderment and wonder. How did she remember all those things?

“Mummy can we have some toys?” Erik asked her as Bill came in and sat down across from Harry and Ginny with Tyler.

“Right.” Harry got up and hefted the bag down so Ginny could rummage through it. She handed several things to Erik and the girls before passing a rubber dragon to Tyler who gazed at it in fascination before sticking it in his mouth to gum. “Why does everything go in his mouth?” He asked Ginny.

Ginny looked up from the bag and glanced at Tyler with a smile before going back to searching for something. “He’s probably teething.

“He chews on my finger when he can get a hold of it.” Bill told Harry with a smile. “I haven’t felt any teeth yet but I’m sure they are coming.” The train started to move. “Where’s Hedwig?” Bill looked at Harry.

“She was out delivering a letter but I warned her that we might be at Hogwarts before she got back so I’m sure she’ll find us.” Harry said with confidence. He had an extremely intelligent owl. Nicole was quite smitten with her and Hedwig with Nicole. Two nights ago Hedwig had sat still so that the little girl could pet her.

Three Hours Later:

Harry looked up as the compartment door slid open. He held a finger to his lips to indicate to Colin Creavey that he should be quiet. The young man wearing the Head Boy badge walked in and closed the door before sitting next to Bill who was asleep with Tyler in his lap and Emily asleep leaning against his side. She’d fallen asleep there while Bill had read a story. Erik and Nicole were curled up together with several blankets on the floor also fast asleep from the lulling motion of the train.

Ginny smiled widely at Colin. “Congratulations on making Head Boy.” She whispered to him.

“Thanks.” He replied quietly before looking questioningly at all the children. “Who are they?”

“Harry and I adopted three kids. Erik, Emily and Nicole and the baby is Tyler, my nephew. That’s my brother Bill… oh uh, Professor Weasley. He’s the new charms teacher.” Ginny explained softly. Colin smiled at them but Harry could see that it didn’t reach his eyes. Ginny must have seen it too. “Colin, what’s wrong?”

He shook his head. “It’s nothing Ginny. I just wanted to check on your and Harry… er I suppose it’s Professor Potter now.” He grinned and this time it was genuine.

Harry chuckled softly. “In class that’s what it will be. Otherwise I don’t really care. I know you and Ginny are really close friends so I’m sure you’ll be visiting our rooms some times.” He looked over at the compartment door as a Hufflepuff girl he vaguely recognized opened the door and took a look around at all the sleeping people and the two Professors.

“I’m sorry to interrupt Professor Potter but I need Colin up front.” The girl said also in a whisper to not wake the children. Harry could see that she had the Head Girl badge pinned to her robes, which were perfectly in place and neat. She was pretty with blonde hair, hazel eyes and a warm smile.

“That’s okay Natalie Rose. I’m coming.” Colin turned to Harry and Ginny. “I’ll see you two later.” He smiled sadly again and left the compartment quietly.

“What’s the Head Girl’s full name?” Harry asked his wife.

Ginny eyed him suspiciously. “Natalie Rose Rite.”

“Oh.” Harry said with a shrug. He had seen the girl around but never knew her name. “Does she always go by Natalie Rose?”

“Yes.” She replied slowly. “She’s quite pretty.”

“Mmm.” Harry muttered. He’d stopped really listening to her and was studying her mouth longingly. He hadn’t been able to kiss her properly in several hours.

“Harry!” Ginny bit out quietly. “You aren’t even listening to me, are you?”

“I’m sorry love.” He looked into her eyes so she would see that he was sorry. “You were distracting me.”

One of her eyebrow’s raised questioningly. “Don’t you think that she is pretty?”

“Who?” Harry asked in bewilderment before the previous conversation came back to him. “You mean the new Head Girl?” She nodded and he continued. “She’s pretty, I guess.”

Ginny’s face turned mutinous. “I see.”

Realization hit him. His wife was jealous and that meant that he would have to do something about it. “But I think you are beautiful.” He kissed her and lingered at her lips, enjoying the sensation. “I could look at you forever and never tire of it.”

“Enough of the mushy stuff.” Bill murmured from his seat and opened one eye to glare at them. “I need some sleep and I can’t do that if you two are talking.”

At The Start-Of-Term Feast:

“Have you got everything set for tomorrow?” McGonagall asked him over dinner that evening.

“Yes. I set up my classroom up when I moved our stuff yesterday.” Harry replied as he took a bite of roast chicken and looked over at Ginny. He could see the worry in her eyes as she tried to make conversation with Colin at the Gryffindor table.

“Are you all right Potter?” The Transfiguration teacher asked.

Harry shrugged. “We took the kids up to our rooms to have dinner with Mary Ford.” The kids were technically not allowed to interact with the students. Ginny had wanted to stay with them during dinner, rather than go to the feast but Mary had insisted she go and enjoy herself. He could tell that neither he nor his wife were enjoying their dinners. He just could not stop worrying that the kids would miss them.

“I see.” Her severe expression slipped slightly. “She is wonderful with children. I am sure they are fine.”

“I know.” Harry sighed as he thought about the new nanny whom he liked a lot. He looked at Ginny and saw that her back was straight and she was staring at the door to the Great Hall. He looked to the door and was on his feet when he saw it open. Standing in the door was their smiling nanny holding Tyler. His children peaked out from behind her legs and Harry started to move towards them, he noted that Ginny was almost there and Bill got up to follow behind him. He watched Ginny take the children into her arms as she spoke quietly to them. “What happened?” He asked Mary quickly when he reached them. Bill came over to take his son who was babbling happily.

“They wanted their parents.” Mary told him simply and sighed but she kept a small smile on her face. “I should have foreseen this occurring, with what those tikes have been through.”

“It’s all right.” Harry reassured her before he kneeled down to eye level with his children. He could see they had all been crying. “What happened?” He opened his arms and they all went to him to be held.

“We… we just wanted you.” Erik told him as he sniffed and buried his face further into his father’s robes. “Can we stay with you please Daddy?” His son looked up with frightened eyes.

“Of course. Mummy and I will come…” The Headmaster interrupted Harry.

“Students!” The booming voice silenced the chattering students throughout the hall. “As you can see, Professors have lives outside of teaching and small children often do not care for protocol. Professor Weasley, Mrs. Ford if you would care to join us at the staff table, I believe that Gryffindor table can make room for the Potters.”

Ginny picked up Emily and Harry picked up Erik and Nicole before walking back to where Ginny had been sitting. Harry saw Bill up at the Head Table showing off his son to the other teachers and Tyler was giggling at their attention. He sat down in the space Colin had made and sat Erik down on one side while holding Nicole. Ginny had Emily in her lap on the other side of Erik. “I think we’ll just skip meals in the Great Hall and eat in our rooms from now on.” Ginny told him over Erik’s head. Nicole picked up a green bean but Harry stopped her before she could throw it and she stuck it in her mouth instead.

“I think that is a wise idea. I know Dumbledore wanted me to eat here but I’d rather eat with my family. Bill probably will want to eat with us as well.” Harry grinned at her before leaning over to kiss her cheek.

Colin laughed. “That’s fraternization Professor.” He winked at Harry.

“Yes but my wife is too beautiful not to kiss so I’ll risk punishment.” Harry informed him with a grin and was promptly distracted as Nicole tried to chuck another green bean across the table.

Late That Evening:

“I like our rooms.” Ginny commented as they readied for bed. “Several spare rooms.” She commented casually.

Harry laughed and walked over to her to wrap his arms around her waist. “We wouldn’t have nearly as many if the kids wanted their own room.” Erik had insisted on sleeping in the same room as his sisters. Harry bent down and planted a kiss on her collarbone and she shivered. “Were you thinking of things we could put in those spare rooms?”

“Maybe.” She turned to face him. “Just another year and we’ll add a baby to our family.” She kissed him deeply. “We may not need the room if the baby is like the other children.” She and Harry laughed at the image of all their kids sharing a room.

“I’m sure Erik will want his own room soon enough.” Harry told her as he gazed lovingly into her eyes. “I love you.”

“I love you too.” Ginny pulled him to her and she hugged him tight. When she looked up at him with a sexy grin that made his breath hitch. “Shall we practice making a baby?”

Harry kissed her before picking her up and setting her on the bed. He lay down next to her and began to kiss her neck. “I think that practice would be an excellent idea.”

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