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Harry Potter and the Power of the Garuda by YelloWitchGrl
Chapter 36 : Chapter 36: Build Up
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“The article was printed.” Hermione said to them the next morning at breakfast. She seemed to be scanning it quickly. “The Goblin story made the front page.”

“What about the other?” Ginny asked as she played with Tyler so Bill could eat.

Hermione laughed. “You were relegated to page two.”

“Can you read it aloud?” Harry asked her as he spooned porridge into Nicole’s mouth.

“Sure.” She replied, looking back at the Prophet and she began to read.

Goblins Force By Ministry To Aid You-Know-Who!
Last weeks attack on Diagon Alley was a forceful reminder to the wizarding community that no one is safe, write Rita Skeeter, Special Correspondent. It has long been believed that Diagon Alley was a haven from Death Eater attacks but we were proven wrong when a brutal and deadly attack shattered our sense of security. But wizards were not the only ones who were hurt. Death Eaters blackmailed the Goblin community before the attack for an undisclosed sum of gold. “We did not want to pay but feared for our safety.” Said Head Goblin of Gringotts, Grasnig. “We feared that there would be no support from the Ministry should we be attacked.” As the reader knows, Goblins and other magical creatures have been segregated from witches and wizards for many years but this isolation has caused fear and mistrust. This reporter feels strongly that the attack from last week could have been prevented if the Ministry were not so intolerant of magical creatures such as Goblins, Centaurs, Giants and House Elves.

“I can tell you wrote this for her, love.” Ron interjected with a laugh. Hermione glared at him but continued to read.

The Goblin community has felt threatened by the Death Eaters but did not feel that they would receive adequate support if they reported their suspicions about a forthcoming attack. I believe that the time has come to end the bigotry that has plagued the community for so long. “This is what the entire war is about.” States William Weasley, a manager at Gringotts. “Death Eaters believe that only Purebloods are worthy and should be allowed to practice magic. The Ministry has done the same thing to the magical creatures, believing that humans are the superior beings! The Ministry has suppressed them just as the Death Eaters want to suppress the muggleborns.” This reporter believes that it is time for Minister Davies to take action in support of our magical brethren and forestall more conflict in our world.

“Well, I would never have suspected she could write something so noble.” Mrs. Weasley said with a smile.

“That’s because she didn’t.” Bill informed her. “Hermione and I wrote it out.”

“Ah.” Mrs. Weasley remarked. “Well, at least it will get the point across. It was very well written, you two.”

“Thanks.” They replied together.

“Hermione read the one about us. I’m really curious to see what she came up with.” Ginny told her, bouncing Tyler, who was giggling. Hermione turned the page and began to read.

Harry Potter, Family Man- Rita Skeeter
This reporter sat down with the boy-who-lived for a personal and in-depth interview on his relationship with his wife, Ginny. Harry gushed endlessly about how in love he and his bride are and the romance of it all brought several tears to his eyes.

Harry gasped in horror. “I did not cry!”

“Shush!” Hermione told him. “It probably gets worse so we’ll discuss it when we are done!” She continued

“My wife is wonderful. I love her very much. I was first attracted to…” Harry had to pause to wipe the tears from his face. “I was first attracted to her because she is an amazing person.”
Harry Potter has grown into quite the dashing young man and girls all over England were disheartened to learn of his nuptials. “It’s not that he really loves her!” Comments pretty and vivacious Pansy Parkinson who is a school friend of Potter’s. “He only married her to be a part of her family, although I can’t really see why he would want to. She’s really ugly and skinny so I doubt he really fancies her.”

The entire table erupted in outrage but Hermione stopped it. “WAIT! Let me finish.”

When asked to comment on his decision to marry so young, Harry would only say evasively “We were ready to get married.” I asked if he found his wife attractive and he replied, “I think she is beautiful, of course.” But added later when asked about why he married her, “I don’t much fancy dating a lot of girls, especially if they are only dating me because I’m Harry Potter.”
I asked a Mind Healer, who is an expert on relationships at St. Mungo’s, what he thought about the newlyweds. He asked to remain anonymous but did comment for me. “It is obvious to myself and several of my colleagues that Harry Potter married the girl to get away from the pressures that come from being famous. He has girls chasing him often and not knowing who really cares about him and not his fame, would be stressful. I am sure he loves his wife but it is doubtful that the love he feels for her is substantial enough to sustain their relationship. She is likely a timid, unassuming and impressionable young woman that Potter would consider safe because she is his best friend’s sister. It is also likely that she idolizes him and will bend to his wishes.”

Harry gave a snort of laughter at the erroneous description of Ginny. Hermione looked up at him with a small smile but then continued.

Clearly there is room for concern over the relationship between Harry and his wife. When asked if he could have possibly been slipped a love potion, Harry assured me that he had not been. Has Harry Potter truly found happiness, as he has claimed? Or has to bonded himself for life to a woman he does not really love? While there is no way of knowing for sure, it is this reporter’s opinion that Harry Potter has been forced into a marriage that he does not want to be in. Could it be his attempt to become part of a family? Did they marry because she was pregnant? “He was raised by muggles and muggles do have fewer moral restrictions than we do.” Comments the anonymous relationship expert. What the public can only hope is that Harry Potter will be able to find contentment from this unfortunate situation that he finds himself in.

The table sat in stunned silence for several moments. Nicole reached for Harry who extracted her from the high chair. “Dada.” She told him before she hugged him. Harry held onto her and rocked her gently. He was so angry about the article and he needed to get his temper in check.

“I knew she’d accuse me of being pregnant.” Ginny finally muttered. “I can’t believe she called Pansy Parkinson pretty!”

Harry felt himself smile and then he laughed. “I can’t see how anyone would mistake you for timid. That has to be the stupidest thing I have ever heard! Imagine thinking that I married Ginny because she is safe.”

“What?” Ginny asked him in confusion.

“You’ve flipped me several times in karate! You punch harder than Ron does! How does that make you safe?” Harry grinned at his wife’s expression.

“I’d doubt we’ll ever see the day when she, uh…” Ron grabbed the paper from the table and checked the quote. “Right, the day she ‘bends to his wishes.’ I mean Harry does exactly what she tells him to, not the other way around.”

“Hey!” Harry laughed. “I don’t…” His voice faded off. He did.

Everyone else laughed. “I love you.” Ginny told him as he reached over to give him a kiss.

Harry smiled at her. “I love you too.” Nicole tried to remove his glasses. “No, no princess.” He told her as he kept his glasses on his face. She pouted for a second before she kissed him and gave him a hug. Harry tightened his arms around his little girl and sighed. “I think it’s a good thing that I listen to Ginny. She is smarter than I am.”

“And better looking.” Ron informed him.

“That too.” Harry agreed. “I still can’t believe she said that I cried! What good does that do?”

“It shows that you are emotional but not really stable. Of course, since you didn’t cry it doesn’t much matter but she was just trying to make you look like you were being used by Ginny.” Hermione said.

“But I thought she was supposed to be timid? How is she using me?” Harry probed.

“Oh, that’s just what the expert had to say. Rita wants to paint the picture that Ginny is actually using you for your fame.”

“This is a ruddy mess.” Ron said darkly. “Oww!” He looked at Hermione. “Whad’ya hit me for this time?”

Hermione glared at him. “Do NOT swear in front of the children!”

“They can’t understand what I’m saying.” Ron said in a feeble attempt to defend himself.

“Nicole can!” She insisted. “And woe be unto you if she starts saying that word because you will be sorry!”

“Alright, alright.” He told his wife trying to placate her. “Don’t get your knickers in a twist. I’ll watch my language.”

Her eyes narrowed. “My what in a twist, Ron?” She stood up. “We need to talk.” She informed him before walking out of the room.

“Right.” Ron told her sheepishly and followed.

Harry looked over at Ginny. “Glad to see I’m not the only one.”

“Only one?” Ginny asked with a smile.

Harry grinned. “Yeah, I’m not the only one who does exactly what his wife tells him to do.”


“It’s bedtime.” Harry told Nicole later that evening. He picked her up from the floor and moved over to the changing table. He took her out of the dress she had been wearing that day and changed her nappy before pulling her nightdress over her head. “We are all set.” He told her and she smiled sleepily at him.

Ginny walked in. “Oh good, I was about to come in and change her. Shall we read a story?” She took Nicole from Harry, grabbed a book and started to move to the rocking chair.

“Wait.” Harry told her and he sat down. “Okay.”

“Harry, we can’t both sit on you.”

“Sure you can.” He patted his lap and Ginny sat hesitantly.

“We aren’t too heavy?” She asked.

“No. You are both perfect.” He shifted Nicole so that he was holding her and Ginny could hold the book to read. He listened to his wife read the now very familiar book about owls. Nicole loved it and wanted it read to her every night at bedtime. He felt the baby start to nod off and he smiled in contentment. The love he felt for the two that he held in his arms was overwhelming. He couldn’t imagine being happier than he was right now.

“I think she’s out.” Ginny whispered.

She carefully got up and Harry stood with his baby in his arms. He moved over to the crib and gently lowered her into it. He kissed her forehead. “I love you.” He told her softly.

Ginny moved to where he was and also kissed her. “Good night sweetheart. Mummy loves you.”

Harry took her hand and they moved into their adjoining room, closing the door softly behind them. “We need to find a nanny.” Ginny told him as she sat on the couch in their room.

“I forgot to tell you, I spoke with Dumbledore about that and he gave me the name of someone.” Harry told her.

Ginny raised one eyebrow. “You forgot?”

“Well…” Harry grinned. “I got a little distracted last night.” He kissed her smiling mouth. “It’s not my fault that you are so beautiful.”

“You are getting off the subject Harry… but I’ll let you get back to it after we have talked about a nanny.”

“Right, well Dumbledore said that Professor Ford’s wife would probably be willing to do it.” Harry told her as he ran a finger through her long hair.

“The Muggle Studies teacher? I didn’t even know he was married.” Ginny mused. “She’s probably about his age, so in her fifties then?”

“Maybe. Dumbledore said that she used to teach primary school to Professor Vector’s children when they were small.” Harry moved in to kiss her neck.

“Her twins are going into second year right?” Ginny asked breathlessly.

“Mmm.” Harry murmured. “Dumbledore said that she had six children who are all out of Hogwarts now so she has a lot of experience. I’ll owl her tomorrow if that is fine with you.”

“That’s fine Harry.” Ginny assured him. “She sounds perfect.” She titled her head so that Harry had better access to her neck. “Let’s take this to our bed.”

“Good idea.” Harry agreed in a husky voice. He picked her up and moved them over to their bed. He laid her down gently and positioned himself next to her. “I love you. You are too good for me.”

“I am not Harry!” She replied adamantly but softened immediately. “I love you too.”

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