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Harry Potter and the Power of the Garuda by YelloWitchGrl
Chapter 28 : Chapter 28: Fairies and Lillies
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The morning of the wedding dawned sunny and warm. Harry got up and woke up Ron and the two of them headed off for showers before heading down to breakfast. Mrs. Weasley was already in the kitchen laying out a large breakfast. Harry and Ron dug in and were half way through their meals when Bill, Fleur and Tyler appeared.

Tyler was giggling and trying to reach for things on Fleur’s plate while she tried to eat. “Here.” Harry said finishing his eggs. “I’ll hold him so you can eat.” He took the baby and cradled him in his arms. Harry walked around the kitchen pointing out all of the things to him while Tyler gazed up at him in fascination as he talked. “This is called a pan but you don’t want to touch it cause usually they are hot. This is the sink and you get water from it to wash dishes and to drink. And this is your nana’s wonderful eggs that you are too little to eat but some day you are going to really like them.” He turned around when he realized that no one was talking. He saw that everyone was watching him. “What?” He asked self-consciously. “Ginny did this with him in the library and he liked it.”

Bill smiled. “It’s nothing Harry. We’re all just thinking that you’ll be a great dad some day.”

“Oh.” Harry replied. He looked down and Tyler and smiled and the baby smiled back him. He felt something against his hand coming from Tyler’s bottom and when he inhaled deeply through his nose he caught a whiff that confirmed his suspicions. “I think he needs a new nappy.” Fleur made to get up but Harry stopped her. “Ginny made me change him several times yesterday. I can do it.”

“Are you sure?” She asked him skeptically.

“I’ve spent several detentions with Snape cleaning the floor in the dungeon. If I can do that then one nappy will be fine.” He smiled at her before heading out of the kitchen and walked up to Tyler’s nursery. Harry went through the routine that Ginny had drilled in his head the previous day. Take off the nappy and place new one on Tyler so that you do not get hit. Then he needed to cast a cleaning spell and then a drying spell, apply ointment and fasten the new nappy. He did up the snaps on his outfit before putting the small trousers back on him.

Harry picked him up and he giggled. Ron had refused to do this but Harry didn’t really mind, although it certainly was not what he would classify as enjoyable. Tyler cooed and played with some of the toys that were on the changing table. He was cute and it was fun being with him. “So Tyler do you think we should go back to the kitchen or try and find your aunts?” Tyler burped. “That’s what I think too. Let’s go find your aunties.”

“So a burp means he wants me?” Ginny asked him from the door.

Harry turned around and smiled. “Hey there beautiful. I didn’t see you at breakfast.” He walked over and gave her a kiss.

“I got down there and was informed that you were changing him. I think you had Fleur a bit nervous so I told her I would come and check on you. You did a great job.” She told him as she took Tyler from him. “You didn’t even mess up the snaps.”

Harry laughed. The first time he had tried to dress the baby he couldn’t seem to align the snaps. Ginny was giggling so hard at his mistake that she wasn’t even able to help him fix it. He smiled at the memory. “So are you excited?” He asked her.

“I am very excited to be marrying you today.” She told him as he bent down and kissed her. Tyler poked him in the chin and then cooed. They both smiled at him.

“Shall we go down then?” Harry asked her.

“Yes, let’s.” She walked out.

“Did you know that muggle brides and grooms don’t see each other before they get married?” Harry asked her as they down the stairs.

Ginny looked stunned. “Not at all?”

“Well, not on the wedding day.”


“I don’t know really.” He told her.

“Muggles have strange customs.” Ginny told him and Harry agreed.

When they reached the kitchen Fleur took Tyler back and told Harry that he, Ron and Bill were going to start on the decorations. “So you are going to tell us where to put things, right?” He asked her anxiously. He didn’t want to be responsible for messing up the decorations.

She smiled knowingly at him. “Of course. I will make sure it looks superb.”


The decorations were starting to come together nicely. Harry had set up tables with Ron and then put chairs around them for the guests. Fleur told them to put on table clothes and then she had them fill clear glass bowls with water. She put a charm on the water that made it shimmer like glitter before adding white floating candles. Several of these went on each of the tables. They had hung strands of ivy along the ceiling so that when they had let the faeries out of their boxes the small glowing creatures had flown immediately up to the ceiling to house themselves amongst the greenery. Fleur had adored it. “It looks like twinkling stars in the night sky!”

“This is a lot easier than I thought it would be.” Harry told Ron when they were almost done. “It hardly took any time at all.”

“The flowers haven’t arrived yet.” Ron muttered.

Harry looked over at the door as it opened and felt his mouth drop open. Mr. Weasley, Remus, Pru, Bill, Fred and George came into the room each carrying huge arrangements of flowers. “Right then.” He said turning back to Ron. “So glad we were almost done.”

Ron grinned. “At least it won’t take us five hours to get ready. I can’t believe they have been getting dressed since lunch.”

Harry shook his head. “I can’t either but somehow they manage it. Come on, let’s put the flowers out.” Harry and Ron started placing the flowers around the room. He got his first good look at a calalily and had to admit that they were nice. It was a white flower that looked almost like a cup but he still didn’t see what was so special about them. After the flowers had been arranged Harry and Ron were told to go get changed.

“Why do we have to get changed now?” Ron asked his father incredulously. “We still have a whole hour till five.”

“Because little bro it will take you at least that long to look good!” George told him as he put an arm around his shoulder.

“Yeah, you weren’t born with our dashing good looks!” Fred exclaimed after he pinched Ron’s cheek. Ron’s face went red and he shook his brothers off.

Mr. Weasley smiled. “It’s best to be early rather than late. Your mother had laid out your clothing for you on your beds.”

They left and went up to find that Ron had dark silver dress robes on his bed while Harry’s were the black velvet that Ginny had shown him. They cleaned up a bit, shaved and then got dressed. “We need the wedding bands.” Ron told him as he plucked two small boxes out of a drawer. Harry dug around in his trunk until he found the wedding bands that Fred and George had picked out for him. He opened them up and looked at them for the first time. His was a simple band made of platinum but Ginny’s was a more intricate. It did match her ring in the pattern and it was also platinum.

“I have them.” He told Ron and a wave of anxiety hit him. He looked over to see that Ron he was also looking anxious. “Why did it hit us now?” He asked his best friend.

Ron looked for a moment like he might answer but instead he burst out laughing. Harry felt a grin form on his face and soon after, he too was laughing. “Mate I really needed that… thanks.” Ron told him clapping him on the back when he had regained his breath. “I’ve wanted to marry Hermione for years and now that it is here I just want it to be over with.”

“Yeah. In less than an hour we’ll both be married.” Harry studied his friend for a moment and could still see some apprehension. He was also feeling it although the laughter helped. An idea came to him and with the straightest face he could manage, he asked, “How do you suppose we got out of wearing pink knickers?”

Ron burst out laughing again and Harry followed suit. It felt good to laugh and let out all of the nervous tension that he had had moments earlier. Ron finally managed to speak. “Hermione ordered them with the bridal robes.”

Harry paled. He had been joking this entire time but if she actually bought them… Ron again started laughing madly. “Harry… your face… she ordered them for herself and Ginny!”

Harry laughed in relief. “Good. I didn’t fancy you having to wear them. OW!” Ron had punched his shoulder.

Ron smiled. “Let’s go down.”

When they entered the room where the wedding was being held it was to find that the room was starting to fill up with people. Several came up to greet him and Ron before making their way back to their seats. Harry saw Mad-Eye walking over towards them along with Hagrid who looked too large to be in the room. “’Arry! Ron!” Hagrid cried. “Congratulations te the both of ya!” Hagrid wiped his eyes with a towel-sized handkerchief. “Remember you when you were just little first years!” He blew his nose loudly before pulling them both into a crushing hug.

“Thanks Hagrid.” Harry managed to say.

“Ron, Harry.” Mr. Weasley said as he walked up to them. “Ginny and Hermione are ready.”

“Right.” Harry said rubbing his side from where Hagrid had squeezed. They followed Mr. Weasley out into the hallway and found the two ladies waiting for them. Harry noted briefly that Hermione looked beautiful but his eyes were drawn to Ginny. She looked stunning. Her hair was half pulled away from her face and was curled all the way down her back in fat curls. She had her emerald necklace on and the earrings that he had given her. He looked down at her bridal robes, which were pure white and had embroidered designs woven through it that shimmered when she moved. Her smile was radiant as she gazed at him. “It was worth the five hours.” He told her as he moved to take her in his arms. “You look so beautiful Ginny. I love you.” He bent down and kissed her.

“I love you too and you look really amazing too, Harry.” She told him with a smile. “I appreciate that you tried to comb your hair.”

He ran his hand through it self-consciously, unknowingly ruffling it. “I did try but you know…”

“I know. I love your hair!” She reassured him. “I’m just hoping that none of our daughter have it!”

Harry laughed. “Your hair is so beautiful. What are these little flowers called?” She had small white flowers pinned where her hair was tied back.

“Baby’s Breath.”

“Are you ready?” Mrs. Weasley asked as she came out into the hallway followed by Professor Dumbledore.

“We’re all set.” Ron told her.

“Excellent.” Dumbledore said. “You will follow me in and I will go through the marriage ceremony with you together. I will ask you individually if you commit yourself to the other person then I will bind you before going to the next couple. Do you have the rings? Good. Follow me.” They walked in arm in arm as Molly went to take her seat next to her husband. They moved towards the center of the room and Dumbledore turned to face them. “Welcome to this blessed event!” He looked around and smiled at everyone before turning back to face the two couples. “We are here to witness the joining of two couples; Ronald Bilius Weasley will be joining himself to Hermione Jane Granger and Harry James Potter will be joining himself to Ginevra Molly Weasley.” He paused for a moment. “Young love is an amazing thing to witness and I have watched these four as they have grown in their love for each other. Marriage is a binding of the souls and a joining of the hearts. It is a blessing and a gift to have someone to share your life with. One will never be complete without the other of his soul mate. I now ask you Ronald and Hermione. Do you come to this union freely and with love?”

“Yes.” They both replied in unison. Harry noted that both of their voices sounded strong and sure.

“Then I marry you and bind your souls. Exchange rings.” Dumbledore replied and they slid the wedding bands on each other’s fingers. He moved his wand in front of them and spoke the incantation to bind them. “Semper Fidelis, Semper Eternis, Semper Amor.” They were bathed in a pure white light. “I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss.” They beamed at each other and kissed. The assembly clapped for them.

When the group became quiet again Dumbledore turned to Harry and Ginny. Harry turned and grinned down and Ginny who was smiling radiantly. “I now ask you Harry and Ginevra. Do you come to this union freely and with love?”

“Yes.” They both replied together and he heard their solidarity. The emotions flowing through him were pure and overwhelming. He loved Ginny with his entire being.

“Then I marry you and bind your souls. Exchange rings.” Dumbledore instructed them. Harry turned to Ginny and slid the wedding band on her finger before handing his ring to her. She slid it on his ring finger and lightly squeezed his hand. The Headmaster moved his wand in front of them and spoke the incantation to bind them. “Semper Fidelis, Semper Eternis, Semper Amor.” The light surrounded them and Harry felt his heart opening up and uniting to hers. He felt all of the love that she had for him move through him and it was incredible. “I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss.” Harry put his hand on the side of Ginny face and kissed her tenderly. She was now his wife.

“I love you Ginny Potter.” He whispered against her lips. He felt her smile.

“I love you too. The room looks beautiful and the faeries look amazing up there. You all did a great job.” She told him with sparkling eyes and Harry gave into the urge to kiss her again.

Everyone who was present stood up and began to cheer for them. Harry and Ginny turned to Hermione and Ron who were beaming at them. “Congratulations.” All four of them said together before laughing. Soon they were enveloped in the arms of family and friends. After about ten minutes they moved over to a table to eat dinner. Food appeared magically on the tables and Harry had a feeling that Dobby was in the kitchen helping Mrs. Weasley arrange the food and it was excellent.

Harry kept looking and Ginny… his wife. She was so beautiful as she laughed happily at something Ron said to her. She was so amazing. She turned and looked back at him. “I love you.” She said as she pulled his face down to hers for a kiss.

”I love you too.” He told her. He looked over at the plates and realized that they were clean. As he watched chocolate wedding cake appeared. “So you did decide on chocolate then?” He asked her.

“Well we weren’t ever going to change that.” She told him as she took a bite of cake. “Several of the girls told us that white cake is the tradition so we had to debate it.”

Harry laughed and then took a bite. “This is really good.” He told Mrs. Weasley.

She smiled indulgently at him. “I’m glad you like it dear. You four need to eat quickly though. It is almost time for your dance.”

As Harry took his last bite of cake the bridal song began to play. Harry and Ron stood up and pulled out their respective wife’s chairs before offering them a hand. Harry led Ginny to the dance floor and pulled her into his arms to begin their dance. “You have to be the best dance partner I could ask for. You dance so well that all of my mistakes don’t show.”

Ginny giggled. “You aren’t that bad.” He raised an eyebrow at her. “Well you are terrible when it isn’t a structured dance but right now you are doing beautifully.”

Harry pulled her close to him as the song ended and kissed the top of her head. “I love you so much, my love.”

“I love you too.” Ron came over with Hermione and they switched partners as others joined them on the dance floor. Harry danced with several others including his mother-in-law and Pru but most of the dances belonged to Ginny. This went on for several hours. They talked to everyone and had an amazing time. For that day nothing existed outside of his happiness.


Harry and Ginny walked hand in hand into their new room. Ginny turned to look at him. “Are you nervous?” She asked him.

Harry looked at his wife. “I’m more nervous about you enjoying it.”

“I will Harry.” She walked into his embrace. “I am really excited.” She looked up at him with mischievous eyes. “Let me go change. You should also get out of your dress robes.” She walked over to the bureau and took something out of it before walking over to their adjoining bathroom. Harry looked around their room and realized that all of their things had been moved up for them. Dobby…

He walked over a wardrobe and pulled it open. He took off his black robes and hung it up next to his other robes. He opened the dress shirt and took it off as well, revealing a white under shirt. He closed the wardrobe and looked around again. Ginny seemed to be taking quite a while to change, so he started to pace. When he finally heard the door to the loo open, he spun around and found Ginny standing there, looking nervous in a silky pink robe. She had taken her hair down and she bit her lip as she walked over to him. “Have I told you how beautiful you are?” He asked her.

She gave him a small smile before undoing the belt of her robe and dropping it off of her shoulders so that it pooled on the floor. Harry forgot to breath. She was so lovely. She was slim but she had a beautiful body with small curves and a flat stomach. Harry looked down and saw the lacy pink knickers and smiled. He looked back at her face and saw that she looked unsure. “I take it back. You are the most stunning woman on the face of the earth. You are perfect.”

Her face alighted with happiness. “I love you so much Harry. I am so glad that we are married.”

“I love you too Ginny. I could not ask for a better wife.”

Harry and Ginny made love to each other slowly tonight. Their bond sealed between their souls and they both felt happiness that they had never experienced before. The love that flowed between then and through them and Harry knew that forever he was one with this woman.

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