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Harry Potter and the Power of the Garuda by YelloWitchGrl
Chapter 23 : Chapter 23: The Talk
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The next morning Harry woke up with a smile on his face. He thought about getting up but it was only five in the morning so no one else would be awake and he wanted to reflect on what had happened between them last night. He had asked her if she was going to have Hermione charm her engagement ring invisible but Ginny was adamant that she was not going to hide from anyone, even her parents and she was going to ask Dumbledore to pass along the message that they were engaged. This made Harry extremely nervous. Mrs. Weasley didn’t want Ron and Hermione getting married and they were both going to be done with school in a few months. How was her family going to react? Harry sighed. It was going to be a while before they could hear from her family unless they send a Howler. Harry shuddered at the thought. He looked up as the curtains to his bed were parted quietly and saw that his fiancé’s face was peeking in at him.

Ginny smiled at him before whispering, “I thought you’d be awake. I’ve just had a message from Dumbledore. We’re to get dressed and go to his office.” She leaned in to kiss him briefly before walking over to her brother’s bed and shaking him awake.

After dressing quickly Harry and Ron went down to the common room to find Hermione, Ginny and Pru Scotch waiting for them. “Let’s go then.” The Auror said with a small smile. She walked them silently up to Dumbledore’s office, said the password ‘Twizzlers’ and led them up the stairs. When they walked in Harry was surprised to see Remus leaning against Dumbledore’s desk.

“Remus, what are you doing here?” He went over and gave the man a short hug. The girls came up behind him and hugged the werewolf warmly and Ron shook his hand.

“Hello all. I have come to escort you home for the day. Your mother had decided that she needs to see you and so I am here to collect you.” He replied smiling at them.

Harry froze. How had she found out so quickly that he and Ginny were engaged? Ginny was apparently thinking the same thing. “I’m going to kill Fred and George!” She bit out disdainfully. “Bloody prats can’t keep their bloody mouths SHUT! Oooh they are going to pay for this one! I won’t even need to hex them… I can just kick their stupid arses!”

Remus was looking alarmed and placed a calming hand on her shoulder, trying to stop her tirade. “Ginny calm down! What did Fred and George do?”

“They TOLD Mum that Harry and I are getting married and now she has summoned us home to skin us in person!”

“How did you know I had Fred and George get your ring?” Harry asked her incredulously but the others cut him off.

“WHAT!?!” Remus and Dumbledore exclaimed together. Remus picked up Ginny’s left hand and looked at the ring. “Well…” he said then seemed to gulp. “I see you have found love then Harry.” He looked at Harry and smiled before lowering Ginny’s hand. He then enveloped Ginny in a hug. “Congratulations.”

Ginny beamed at him as he let go and walked over to hug Harry. Harry was a bit apprehensive about this though. “Do you really mean it?”

“Of course I do. I want you to be happy and I will help you to convince Molly that this is the right thing for you two.” Remus said to them.

“Am I to understand that you and Miss Weasley are going to be married soon?” Dumbledore interposed quietly.

Harry looked at Ginny and she answered for them. “This summer. If my parents agree then we’ll marry whenever it can be arranged and if they are opposed then we will marry when I come of age August 11th.” She walked over to Harry and he put an arm around her waist.

“I see.” The Headmaster said quietly. Harry thought for a moment that he was unhappy but then the old man started to laugh. “I must also offer my congratulations. Young love is an amazing thing to witness.” He looked over to Ron and Hermione and smiled. “I am sure that this will only give all of you strength. Now, you will be walking down to Hogsmeade and taking the Knight Bus home. I am not positive why your mother has requested your presence but she was quite vocal in her orders to me that you would be there for the day.” His eyes twinkled as he smiled. “I will see you later tonight.”

The six of them walked out and Pru looked over at Harry. “I am happy for you two.” She then smiled at Ginny who was holding Harry’s hand.

“Thank you.” They said together.

“So are you coming with us?” Ron asked.

“Yup. I joined you-know-what a few months ago.” She replied then she gave Remus a sidelong glance that only Harry saw.

“Come on. We need to get a move on before someone notices that we are leaving.” Remus said increasing his pace as if he were uncomfortable.

The trip on the Knight Bus was uneventful. Harry and Ginny held onto each other as the bus rocketed forward and then stopped suddenly. It was always an adventure when one got on that bus. Ron had once said that riding it was worse than hitting the Whomping Willow with his father’s car and at that moment Harry completely agreed.

They entered Grimmauld Place and walked quietly towards the kitchen where they found Mr. and Mrs. Weasley. When they entered Mrs. Weasley got up and hugged Ron, Hermione, Harry and then she hugged Ginny but pulled back and studied her daughter for a moment. “How are you recovering from your attack? I wanted to come to Hogwarts and be with you but Professor Dumbledore would not allow it! I was going to come anyway but he had the castle warded so that no one may enter without his permission.” She started to cry and pulled Ginny to her again. “I am so sorry that I let this happen to you! I could just hex that horrid boy for what he did! If it wasn’t for Harry…” She sniffed and pulled out a handkerchief.

“Everyone keeps thinking I did something but all I did was get her attacked in the first place!” Harry told her. “Ginny fought him and saved us both.”

Mrs. Weasley eyes gleamed. “I am proud of the both of you! You have shown maturity in… WHAT IS THAT?” She finished in a screech by grabbing Ginny’s hand. “Are you engaged?” She gave her daughter a sharp look. “You are TOO YOUNG!”

“Molly please!” Remus interjected. “It will do no one any good to get angry. I’m sure that they will explain, if you listen.”

“Listen? Arthur, back me up! They are too young to know what is best for them!” She yelled.

“MUM!” Ginny bellowed at her mother. “SIT DOWN!”

Mrs. Weasley was so shocked at her daughter’s tone and for the first time ever one of her children had overridden her. She was not, however, done with her objections. When they had all sat down she started again but in a more reasonable voice. “Ginny you cannot expect us to condone you getting married especially after what you have been through! You need to heal and,” Ginny cut her off.

“Mum, Harry is part of the reason that I am healing from what happened. If I let it stop my life then Zabini would have succeeded in ruining everything for me and I can’t let him do that! I love Harry and he loves me and although you look at me as a child, you are missing the fact that I have not been a child for many years.” Her words caused tears to stream down her mother’s face. “You were married at seventeen Mum. What would your life be like if you had never married dad? Would you trade one day with him for anything?”

Mrs. Weasley looked stunned. She shook her head and then whispered, “No.”

“We want a chance for happiness and we feel that it is important to cherish each moment because our lives are so uncertain. I want you to be happy for me… for us, but we will do this with or without your blessing. I am your daughter and Harry is like a son to you. Do you really want to alienate us over this?” Ginny’s voice was steeled with determination but she gave her mother a pleading look.

“No.” Mrs. Weasley responded with more certainty than before.

“Will you be happy for us then?” Ginny asked her softly.

A few more tears slipped down the older woman’s face. “Of course, Ginny. You are right, of course. I want you to have a chance to be happy and I don’t want this to drive us apart. We need to stick together.”

Ron cleared his throat. “Mum, Dad, Hermione and I are engaged as well. We have been since Christmas and we were planning on getting married right before the end of term.”

Mrs. Weasley opened her mouth as if to yell but Mr. Weasley spoke up. “That is wonderful son, congratulations. My only hope is that you will wait until after term ends so that we can have a proper wedding here with the whole family.”

Ron let out a sigh and Hermione smiled. “Of course we will.”

“You got engaged without telling us and you were going to be married without telling us?” Mrs. Weasley asked them. Harry could see that she was more hurt than angry.

“Well, yeah.” Ron said. “It’s easier to ask forgiveness than permission.”

Mr. Weasley gave a snort of laughter but he quickly turned it into a cough. Mrs. Weasley sighed and looked at Ginny. “I suppose you would like to be married when they are.”

Ginny’s eyes filled with tears. “You mean it Mum?” Her mother nodded. Ginny looked over at Ron and Hermione. “Do you mind being married at the same time as us?”

The other two looked at each other and grinned. “Course we don’t mind!” Ron said.

“Well, now that this is all settled, let’s eat some breakfast.” The matriarch stated while getting up and bustling about making food. “Bill and Fleur are not up yet. Tyler still isn’t sleeping through the night so they usually have a bit of a lie in when they can.” As if Tyler had heard his Nana, a soft cry floated into the room. “Oh dear, let me go and get him.” She smiled and walked out. Harry took over the cooking with Ginny’s help.

Mrs. Weasley came back in with Tyler a few minutes later. Ginny squealed and walked over to take her nephew. “Oh, you are just so sweet.” Tyler cooed at her and waved a fist.

Harry walked over to her. “He is pretty cute.”

“Do you want to hold him?” She asked while handing Tyler to him. Harry automatically put his arms out and took the baby. He burped and then smiled.

“Aww! That is so precious!” Hermione exclaimed.

“Precious? He burped!” Ron said bemusedly.

“Yes well I think you are precious, so there you are.” She replied and then took Tyler from Harry.


“Harry, I’m just not sure that your Animagus form is your power.” Remus exclaimed later that afternoon. Harry, Ginny, Ron, Hermione and Remus were sitting in the library talking. Harry had shown Remus his transformation and while Remus was amazed he did not think it was that significant. “Your love for Ginny is what made you as powerful as you are, right? Well then it stands to reason then that love will help you find the answer to defeating him.”

”But wouldn’t something have shown up by now?” Hermione asked him. “Also, he was able to transform completely in less than an hour which has to be part of his new powers! Maybe their love has unlocked this power, his Animagus power.”

“I do agree that it is an odd form but the animal is supposed to represent the wizard so it stands to reason that the best fit for Harry was this god Garuda. After describing him to me I can understand how he would become this half animal/ half human deity.” Remus reasoned back.

“Maybe it’s a mix of both.” Ron piped in.

Hermione and Remus look intently at him. “He may be on to something.” Remus mused.

“Let’s go down for dinner. Hopefully Fleur will be done nursing Tyler so that I can hold him again.” Ginny said trying to break up the heated discussion and she eagerly hopped up to go to the kitchen.

Dinner that night was a great experience. The family talked and laughed. There toasts made to the two couples and everyone fussed over Tyler when he cried. Fred and George had shown up half way through dinner and the laughs increased. It was a normal family evening of celebration amidst the horror and war that surrounded them and Harry knew that each person was remembering that the family had lost loved ones but in baby Tyler a new generation had started and in him was hope that life would continue.


It was after dinner and Harry had noticed that Remus had left the kitchen. He wanted to talk to him more about being an Animagus so he set off to find him. He walked up to the library and found that the door was slightly ajar. He went to push it open when Pru’s voice stopped him.

“It was a family moment, I wasn’t going to intrude. I ate when Molly was cooking.”

“You could have joined us, you know. You are welcome.” Remus replied quietly.

“You don’t really want me here.”

“That’s not true.” Remus retorted quickly.

“It is. You have avoided me since I kissed you.” Pru said. Harry almost gasped. He should not be listening to this but he couldn’t seem to pull himself away. “I understand that you don’t want me, you know! I’m not going to do anything else to you.”

“Pru… it’s not that I don’t want you but you deserve more than I can give you.” Remus told her gently.

She didn’t say anything for several moments. “That is a first. Most of the time men just tell me that I’m too much for them, you know. Being an Auror is apparently threatening to some men and they have let me know that my job is in the way. Other men have told me that I’m not exactly desirable to have as a wife. But you are the first who has said that I deserve more.” Harry heard her sob. “Just once I would like it to work! There are four teenagers downstairs who are happy and in love and I want that to be me and I want that to be with you.”

“Prudence…” Remus began.

“No, Remus, I get it. You are a very nice man and what you are trying to say to me in your nice way is that I look like a troll and that I’m really not good enough for you… just like everyone else.” Harry heard her get up and he was about to make a break for it when Remus’ call to her stopped him.

“NO!” The werewolf’s voice sounded strangled. “Please don’t go! You really are too good for me! You’re beautiful and smart and so strong and I do not deserve you!” His voice broke on the last word.

There was silence. “You really mean that?” Apparently Remus had nodded because she went on. “Then why can’t I decide if you are not good enough for me?”

Harry heard them move towards each other. Remus’ voice once again floated out into the hallway. “I really want to be with you too.”

Harry quietly backed away from the door to find Mr. Weasley and an unhappy looking Ron watching him. Mr. Weasley motioned for him to follow and they walked up to Harry and Ron’s bedroom. Mr. Weasley sat on one of the beds and the two best friends sat on the other.

“Now boys, since you are getting married it is time that we have a little talk.” He began. Ron groaned and Harry blushed. “Your mother and I feel that you are all very young but we understand that given the times we are living in that you have been forced to mature faster than you normally would have. Mum is really worried about your hearts being broken but she is more concerned about keeping the family as together as possible so we accept that you will do as you feel is right. That being said, I want to tell you what is means to be a man and what I expect both of you to act when you are husbands.”

“Mr. Weasley, I…”

“Call me Arthur or Dad, Harry.” He interjected.

“Right, well…” Harry didn’t know exactly how to put this and was really embarrassed. “I know pretty much nothing. I had only Uncle Vernon as a role model for all those years and… I want better than that so can you…” Harry stopped. He wasn’t sure what exactly to ask.

“I understand Harry.” Mr. Weasley said kindly. “We’ll go over as much as we can tonight and then finish it up after term ends. So let’s start with sex.”

“Dad!” Ron whined. “We know all about sex, don’t we Harry?”

Harry stayed silent and looked down at his feet; he could feel his face turning red. All he knew was the very basics and he wasn’t even sure he had that right.

“You don’t know about sex?” Ron asked incredulously.

“Who the bloody hell would I have learned it from Ron?” Harry snapped at him. It was mortifying to be so clueless. “It’s not like my uncle ever sat me down to have a nice talk with me and Sirius died before I needed to know and he wasn’t even married so it’s not like he would have had a lot of experience!” Harry glared at his best friend. “Where did you gain all this knowledge from then?”

“Bill told me about it when we talked over Christmas.” Ron said quietly. “I’m sorry mate, I wasn’t thinking.” Harry just nodded, as he was still too angry to speak.

Mr. Weasley, who had been observing up till that point cut in then. “Right, well Ron you can listen to everything again. It won’t hurt you to hear it twice and then we can talk about other things. I also want you to ask me questions because the only person you are going to hurt with your ignorance is your wife, so don’t think that any question is too silly to ask, all right?” Harry and Ron nodded. “One last thing. Don’t think you are alone in this torture. Your Mum is talking to the girls right now as well.”

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