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Harry Potter and the Power of the Garuda by YelloWitchGrl
Chapter 11 : Chapter 11: So Sweet
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Harry had lasted seven minutes in the duel against Dumbledore and on the whole, he was quite proud of how he was done. The Headmaster was the most powerful wizard in England and he knew more spells and techniques for dueling that Harry figured would take him about fifty years to learn. Ginny had cheered Harry up quite a lot by reminding him that Dumbledore was a hundred and sixty years old and that he had defeated Grindelwald when he was over a hundred. In their discussion that night with Ron and Hermione over the events of the day, Hermione had seemed surprised that Harry had even lasted that long and that he had not ended up in the hospital wing.

“Nah, he didn’t have to hurt me… it wasn’t necessary. All he had to do was sneak a stunner in and I was lost.” Harry mused trying to hide his smile.

“Mate, I reckon that if we start studying and picking out books in the library, that you could be giving Dumbledore a run for his money in a few weeks.” Ron looked down at his feet. “I think that Hermione should make a list of the books you need to read, maybe she and I can do the leg work on finding books for you and make a list of which ones we think you should read first and then work your way through the list. If you pick up material as well as you did with the Auror book then you should easily make it through the library by the end of the year.”

Hermione looked at Ron for several moments before squealing and throwing herself at him. “You are an amazing, Ronald Weasley! That is a brilliant idea and we’ll get started on that tomorrow.” She kissed him soundly and then said that she thought that she would retire. Ron agreed and they went up, leaving Harry and Ginny cuddled together, alone on the couch.

Harry had wanted to talk to Ginny about their relationship. The past week since they had admitted their feeling had been fairly busy. Harry had been reading the book for Tonks and there just had not been the opportunity to talk alone with her. He had wanted to discuss more of their feelings. He looked down at her to find that she was looking up at him.

“What were you thinking about, Harry?”

“I was thinking about us.”

She grinned at him. “So what specifically were you thinking about us?”

Harry thought about all the things he wanted to ask her and decided that he wanted to know about her feelings first. “When did you fall in love with me?”

Ginny blushed and looked down at her lap. “Uhm, it was about a year ago.”

“WHAT!?! It was that long? Why didn’t you say anything to me?” Then another thought occurred to him. “Damn, I really am thick about girls.”

Ginny smiled slightly. “You do have a talent for being the most infuriating man sometimes. I got over my crush on you when I was fourteen and was finally able to become friends with you. The problem with that was that the more I learned about you, the more I liked and at Christmas a year ago I fell in love with you.”

Harry tried to remember Christmas the year before and what he could have done to make her fall in love with him but failed to remember anything specific. “What did I do?”

“You got mum a new clock.”

A light went off in his head and he remembered the tears that had welled up in the older woman’s eyes. She had hugged him tightly and held on for several minutes. He knew that he would always remember what she said to him next. “Harry, that has to be one of the best gifts that I have ever received. I was so upset when it was lost at the old house, but now… now I will always know where all of my children are. Thank you.” She had been even more excited to realize that he had given her several extra hands to add when it was needed. “Yes, I do hope that some day I will be seeing all of my children married and having children.” Harry had also added himself, Hermione and Fleur to the clock before he had given it to her. Bill and Fleur were not married at the time, but only by a week. They had gotten married that New Years. “So, you fell in love with me because I gave your mum a clock?”

Ginny laughed. “I fell in love with you because you helped give my mum back a piece of her life that she thought was lost forever. You made her really happy and the fact that you put yourself on the clock told me that you had really accepted us as family.” She reached up and kissed him. “So what else do you want to know?”

That one was easy. “Why were you so convinced that I wouldn’t be in love with you?”

Ginny looked taken aback. “I… well, you weren’t. Not until Hermione explained love to you anyway.”

“Yes, but you didn’t even try and explain it to me. You just assumed I wouldn’t feel the same way.”

Ginny was quiet for a moment before she spoke and her voice shook slightly when she did manage to get her words out. “Harry… I have a lot of confidence in myself most of the time, but I’m afraid that you are the one exception to that. I had a crush on you for several years and you never gave me the time of day. I don’t mean to imply that you were anything less than polite but you were indifferent to me and that was hard. I thought for awhile that maybe no one was going to want to date me, like maybe there was something wrong with me.” She took a deep breath and continued. “A few nights after Christmas your fourth year, Hermione found me crying. I told her about meeting Michael and how I thought he was cute but that I was afraid he would ignore me like you had. Hermione told me that only we can determine who we are and what we do and that just because you didn’t like me, didn’t mean that I wouldn’t have a hundred other boys throwing themselves at me. I thought a lot about it and realized that my crush on you was making me unhappy. I wanted to try and be with Michael.”

“Ginny… I’m sorry, I had no idea I was hurting you so much.” Harry’s heart was aching. The pain that was in her voice was evident.

“Harry, you weren’t hurting me. You were friendly to me when we were together. You didn’t make fun of me for having a crush on you or anything… you were not hurting me. I was hurting myself by taking it personally that you didn’t return my feelings. I think the reason that I fought Hermione so much, about you loving me, was because I had forced myself to accept that you would never return my feelings and that process had been extremely painful. I had given up all hope.” She gazed into the fire before turning to face Harry again. “Hope is usually a wonderful thing but in my case, it was almost too much for me to hope that you had changed.”

“Okay. I guess I understand that. The funny thing is that I tried not to fall for you because you deserve more than me.” Harry saw that she was about to protest, and he held up a hand. “But I’m glad that you love me, moodiness and all and I am happy to be with you. Your being with me makes me feel amazing. I think… I think that being with you also makes me want to try harder to beat Voldemort.”

Ginny’s smile was wide. “That has to be the best compliment I have ever received! Thank you Harry. You make me want to be better too.” She kissed him softly. “You know I am proud of how well you did against Dumbledore, right?”

“Yeah… well…” Harry could feel the heat creeping up his neck.

“You’re cute when you’re flushed, did you know that?” Ginny whispered in his ear before moving down to kiss his neck. “Is all your homework done for tonight?”

“Uhh… uhm… no, wait!” He was completely flustered by her attention. “Yes, I actually finished all my homework for the week and I’ve read all my books for class.”

Ginny stopped kissing him and backed off slightly. “You finished all your reading for the year? In the past week?”

“Well… I mean, I started on them after I finished the Auror training manual and I had them all read by yesterday.”

Ginny chuckled softly. “If I wasn’t in love with you that would make me sick with envy. However, since I am in love with you and you are my boyfriend I can let it slide.”

“Well that’s nice of you.” Harry replied sarcastically.

“I am being completely selfless here, Harry. This is all for your benefit, you know, that I am being this nice.”

“How do you figure?”

“Well, if we are going to spend time together, you know…” she leaned up and kissed the spot right behind his ear, “then it’s really a good thing that you have all your homework done.”

“Uhm…” Harry’s voice cracked slightly. “Right, I can see that.”

“BUT if I don’t have my homework done then, of course, I’ll have to be slaving away while you sit here, all by yourself.”

When her words finally penetrated Harry’s brain and understanding took over, he laughed. “You little minx! You did all that so that I would help you with your homework?”

Ginny nodded and smiled brightly at him. “So will ya?”

“Do I actually have a choice?”

Ginny thought for a moment. “I suppose not. But it is always polite to ask.” She kissed him again, lingering for a moment. “You are easily distracted, did you know that?”

Harry chuckled. “I think you have that backwards. The truth is that you are a major distraction.”

Ginny’s mouth dropped open. “Harry! That was amazing!! That compliment was sweet and thoughtful! I didn’t know you had it in you.” She kissed him again, as if to punctuate her point.

“I didn’t… before I had you.”

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