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Harry Potter and the Power of the Garuda by YelloWitchGrl
Chapter 4 : Chapter 4: Full Impact
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All in all, Harry thought he had handled Ginny’s tears very well or as well as could be expected for his first time at trying to be comforting. He had put his arms around her and had held her; the enormity of what Hermione had said left him speechless and any comforting words that he might have offered never came. The thought of anyone wanting to hurt Ginny in that way left Harry feeling livid and troubled. It did always seem to him that in his life the crap just kept piling up.

They left the house with a hug from Mrs. Weasley and Fleur, who was waddling slightly as she walked, but still smiling and as beautiful as ever. Ginny kneeled in front of her sister-in-law and said goodbye to the baby. “Now you be good and don’t kick your mum too much. Remember not to listen to anything your uncles tell you and also remember that we love you.” She then kissed Fleur’s belly and gave it one last pat, before hugging Fleur again and grabbing her bag.

“Gone completely round the twist, that one has,” was all Ron said but not loud enough for anyone but Harry to hear.

They caught the Knight Bus with Remus, Bill and Mr. Weasley. By the time the four got back to the castle it was almost lunchtime. They deposited their bags in their dorms and headed down to the Great Hall for some food. After eating, they played some games and in the case of Ron and Harry, finished some last minute homework for McGonagall. Hermione was refusing to help them this year if they procrastinated, so the boys did not even bother asking her. Ginny and Hermione ended up having a discussion about babies, which left Ron looking slightly ill and uncomfortable. They all decided to make it an early night and each went to bed soon after dinner.

Harry tried to clear his mind. Normally this was not such a difficult task, as he had mastered Occlumency last year while under Dumbledore’s tutelage but the thoughts of what Hermione had said that morning still swirled in his brain. He was sure that she was right; Ginny was what the Death Eaters would consider a ‘blood traitor’ and things that Draco Malfoy had said before Christmas were coming back to him that had not made sense at the time.

Harry and Ginny had been walking down to the Quidditch pitch right before Christmas break, talking and joking about nothing important. A drawling voice behind them stopped them.

“So Weasley, I see that you finally snagged Pot Head. It only took you six years to do it. Did you have to shag him before he’d give you the time of day?”

Harry had drawn his wand but Ginny put a refraining hand on his arm. “What do you want ferret face?”

“You know, it amazes me to think that you are a pure-blood but you’ve made your choice and Potter is not good enough for you, as ironic as that is. You know his mother was a mudblood right?”

“Piss off Malfoy!” Ginny screamed at him, still holding Harry back. It was amazing what someone so small was able to do. “Do you have a point?”

Malfoy looked her up and down, leering in a way that made Harry very uncomfortable. “You will get yours, it’s a pity you are so skinny, not much to turn a man on.” Ginny flushed bright red when he said this but continued to meet his eyes while he spoke. “At least it doesn’t have to be me who does it. I know you could not do anything for me. I’ll just have someone else… yes, that way I won’t even have to try and fake it.” And with this last cryptic pronouncement, he turned and strode away.

Harry looked at Ginny, angrily. “Why didn’t you let me curse him?”

“He’s not worth getting expelled over. What do you suppose he meant by that last part?”

“I don’t know but who cares, let’s go fly.” And they had continued on their way to the pitch.

Back then Harry had been confused but now that he thought about it, he knew now what Malfoy had meant and cursed himself for ignoring it at the time. He had thought that it was just Malfoy running his mouth. But now, thinking back, it made sense. Ginny was a pureblood and someone was probably going to try and get to her. A sense of determination filled him and Harry vowed then that he would protect her at all costs. He took a deep breath, trying to remain calm, cleared his mind and fell dreamlessly to sleep.

The next morning Harry was getting dressed when Ron came barreling back into their dorm. “Hermione and I just met with McGonagall and you’ll never believe this, Susan,” Hermione and Ginny burst into the dorm, at that moment.

“Hermione, Ginny I’m not dressed yet!” Harry yelled at them, he still hadn’t put a shirt on but thankfully he had already donned his pants. Hermione ignored him but Ginny blushed slightly and looked away.

“Did you tell him?” Hermione asked, looking at Ron.

“I was about to when you burst in.” Ron exclaimed in an exasperated voice.

“What are you two talking about?” Harry probed as he pulled on his uniform shirt.

Ron started to say something but Hermione interrupted him. “Susan Bones has dropped out of school.”

Harry, who bad been trying to button up his shirt hastily, looked up startled. “WHAT? Why?” Susan Bones is a Hufflepuff in Harry’s year but she was also an active member of the D.A.

“She’s pregnant.” Hermione informed him sadly.

“No, she can’t, she wouldn’t…” Harry said, trying to comprehend what she had said.

“Harry,” Hermione said slowly. “Susan is a pureblood.”

Harry was baffled for a moment but then the full meaning of what Hermione had said, hit him. “No… NO! This just can’t be happening!” He turned to look at Ginny who was gazing at the floor. Almost as if she felt his eyes on her, she slowly lifted her head and he could see the despair in her eyes. “Ginny, it will be okay, we won’t let this happen to you. We stick with you at all times.” Ginny gave a half sob and ran straight at him, throwing her arms around him. Harry enveloped her in his embrace.

Ginny voice was slightly muffled but he was able to make out what she was saying. “I know Harry. But I don’t want to live this way.” She took a big breath. “I’m not really afraid because I can take care of myself. It is all the other girls here, who are purebloods that I am afraid for.” She gave him a watery smile as she looked up at him. “They didn’t have six older brothers to keep in line like I did.”

“HEY!” Ron yelled at her. Ginny turned and gave him a saucy smile.

“We need to get down to breakfast.” Hermione interrupted them before they could start arguing.

“Right,” said Harry letting go of Ginny, who frowned slightly, “I’ve got lessons with Tonks today and I’m going to need food to keep up with her.” He ran a hand through his hair and hastily tied his tie. “That woman has the most energy of anyone I have met. I bet she could even take on a Blast-Ended Skrewt and would have a fighting chance if she didn’t trip every other minute.”

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