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Demons In The Dreams by YelloWitchGrl
Chapter 20 : Chapter 20: Bound and Free
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“Dear Tom.” Ginny felt her hand shake as she wrote out his name. “I got you back from Harry today but I had to steal it from his trunk.”

Tom’s reply came quickly. “Hello Ginny. That is all right. I understand why you would want to come back to me.”

“You didn’t tell him anything, did you?” She wrote out hastily.

“Slow down. Your hand writing is nearly illegible.” He replied and she felt her heart constrict. “But to answer you, no. I did not tell him about you. I told you that I would not betray you. Don’t you trust me, Ginny?”

She sat back on her four-poster and thought about what he had asked. “I suppose that I have to trust you. I was terrified when I saw Harry with you. I was so scared that he would figure it out. He can’t know how I feel about him or I’ll just die of embarrassment!”

“Do not be so dramatic. I doubt that you will die of humiliation.” His words were smooth and curved. He seemed very confident and in control. “No, I am quite certain that you will die by some other means.”

“AH!” Ginny cried as she sat up quickly and just as swiftly she felt Harry pull her into his arms. His arms gave her strength and she was able to stop screaming.

“It’s all right, Gin. I’m here for you.” His words soothed her and helped to calm her racing heart.

“Tom… telling me that I was going to die.” Sobs wracked her body as she spoke. “I was so stupid! Why couldn’t I see what he was doing to me?” She began crying even harder but then suddenly stopped. This was so familiar and yet… “Harry?”

He kissed her brow. “I know. We will get it fixed, though.”

Horror and disgust seeped into her as the weight of why she was suffering overwhelmed her. “I’m being possessed, aren’t I?”

“That is what Hermione thinks.” Harry answered softly and he moved the hair from her face. His touch was so loving that despite herself, she felt heartened by his presence.

“Why can I remember this?” She asked suddenly.

He stilled in his movements. “I don’t know exactly but Hermione thinks it is because together, we can fight it.”

“Together.” She mumbled. “Why is this happening to just me and not you as well?”

“It is unfair. Again, I can only tell you what Hermione has speculated.” He took a deep breath. “She does not know exactly what is causing the possession but she does not feel that it is complete. She had first suspected that the green light from the last battle was what was controlling us but I am not affected as badly as you are. I have forgotten some things, though. This has led her to believe that the possessor is not inside of us but an external influence. Since I am trained in Occlumency, she feels that is keeping my mind clearer than yours. This is all speculation anyway. We don’t really know what is wrong but I think that tonight will solve at least a few of our problems.”

The injustice of the situation welled up in her. “When did she tell you this?”

His voice was muffled as he buried his head in her hair. “While you were sleeping last night. You didn’t wake for supper so she brought a tray in for me and we talked it through. I tried to wake you but you did not even stir.”

“So we’ll be able to stop this today?” She asked quietly.

“Yes, or at least, we hope it will solve it.” He turned his head and kissed her gently. “Go back to sleep.”

“We are here today to mourn the loss and celebrate the lives of so many who were lost in the final battle that happened right here just three days ago.” McGonagall’s voice boomed over the grassy area where all of the students and professors were assembled.

Ginny looked up at her on the podium, through a haze of tears. It had been a hard few days and she was not sure how she would make it through the last few days of school. If it weren’t for Harry, she doubted she would have made it this far. His arm was firmly fixed around her shoulder, lending her support as they listened to their new Head Mistress.

“I would like to start our tribute with Professor Dumbledore and Professor Snape. They were both amazing men who were fighting diligently to end the war. Let us take a moment of silence to remember our two fallen teachers.” McGonagall bowed her head and the rest of those assembled did the same.

“Did you fill out that injury report from the attack?” Tonks asked Ginny as she casually leaned against her desk.

Ginny looked up and grinned. “I am working on it right now. I’m sorry I didn’t get to it before lunch but I had to go through the debriefing. Did we need it for the…” She stopped when an alarm went off. “Damn.” She stood up quickly and the three of them took off at a run towards Kingsley’s office. The rest of the Aurors were also assembling quickly.

“Department of Mysteries.” Kingsley answered and Ginny heard Ron gasp. She was also feeling the licks of concern. Hermione was down there right now. “The Hit Wizards are heading down right now to secure the entrance and then I want all of you in there to find the intruder. The emergency Anti-Disapparation wards have also been set so please be cognizant of that fact when you are tracking down the intruder. When you get down there, split up with your partners and follow one of the Unspeakables who will lead you through to search. I know we have discussed this before, but we have not had to search that Department in many years. Please be careful and vigilant.” He looked around the group. “Let’s move out.”

The Aurors moved silently to the lifts that were waiting for them. The all entered and descended to the Department of Mysteries. As they exited the lifts they were greeted by one the Hit Wizards and a man whose last name was Croaker. He was an Unspeakable but Ginny did not know anything else about him. “The area is secure, sir.” The Hit Wizard informed Kingsley. “We have had a development that I feel I should alert you to.”

“It is alright, Devons. I will inform Mr. Shacklebolt about our discovery.” Croaker answered benignly. “We shall not require a full search of the Department, just a few to take him into custody.”

“I see. Well, I shall personally see to…” Kingsley was interrupted.

“I would also like Ms. Tonks, Mr. Potter, Ms. Weasley and Mr. Weasley to accompany us so that you can arrest the man. I believe that shall be sufficient. I shall, of course, explain it to you at a later time.” Croaker gazed expectantly at the head Auror.

“Of course. I understand the need for secrecy.” He turned to them and they nodded before moving to follow him into the Department of Mysteries. Once inside the circular room, he walked swiftly to a door and removed his wand before touching it to the door. It clicked open and he stepped aside to let them through.

“Hermione!” Ron called as he ran up to his wife and hugged her secretly. “Are you all right?”

“I’m fine.” She answered weakly. “We’re fine.” She turned around and pointed at a man who was bound in a chair. “He tried to attack me but he was not really a match for me. I was able to subdue him quickly before sounding the alarm.”

“Excuse me.” Mr. Croaker interrupted. “Mrs. Weasley, I have done as you asked and now I would like a really good explanation as to why you have had me bring Aurors into the Love Room?”

“Yes sir.” Hermione answered quickly and Ginny finally looked at the man that she had captured. She gasped softly when she realized that it was the same man that they had seen in the Hogs Head Inn. “As you know, I have been arranging something for Mr. Potter and Ms. Weasley today. About twenty minutes ago this man snuck in and attacked me. Obviously he was not successful.” She turned on her boss. “I have been trying to help Harry and Ginny with a problem and I have come up with several solutions. I think he wanted to stop me from completing their bonding.”

“What?” Ginny asked her. “Bonding?” She had heard of bonding but… her eyes began to lose their focus and her mind started to drift. Vaguely she was aware of arms circling her waist and lips being pressed to hers. Lips that she knew; they belonged to the man that she loved and her vision cleared.

“What is the meaning of this display?” Croaker asked, referring to their kiss.

“She is being possessed and that is a way to keep her head clear.” Hermione explained patiently. “We are using the ceremony to rid her of it. Harry is also suffering from it but not as severely. I feel that to delay it could jeopardize it further. Clearly someone is trying desperate measures to keep them from recovering.” She motioned towards Kingsley and Tonks. “This prisoner needs to be kept under constant security for the next several days. Keep in the holding cell on the floor below this one for the next hour and then we will be down to question him. I want you two to guard him personally. This is vitally important and I cannot think to trust anyone else with it.”

“Right-o then.” Tonks agreed as she moved towards the bound man. “Well, Paulson Niggs. I have not seen you in my custody in quite some time.” She pointed her wand at him. “Let us go and have a nice chat down in the dungeons. You do remember what the dungeons are like here, don’t you?” The man flinched visibly.

Kingsley’s slow voice floated throughout the room. “Now, Tonks. Don’t torture the man… yet.” Together they left.

“See me tonight before you leave, Mrs. Weasley.” Croaker ordered before he left, closing the door.

“Let’s get started.” Hermione began. “I will say the incantation and then it will be finished. Hopefully it will solve some of the problems that you have.”

Harry took Ginny’s hand and brought her around to face Hermione. Ron stood behind them. “What if Ginny looses consciousness again?”

“She does not have to be awake for this. It was used several thousand years ago to secure families and the woman was not usually given a choice in the matter. I called in several favors today and was able to get a special permit for this.” Hermione gazed at them in compassion. “Let’s begin before we are interrupted again.”

“We’re ready.” Harry squeezed Ginny’s hand but she found that she was unable to speak, so she just nodded.

She held up her wand and took a steadying breath. “Amatoris Adiunctum Pectus Fertilitatis.”

A blinding light surrounded Ginny and Harry and she felt herself being pulled towards Harry although her body was not moving. It was an amazing feeling and she could sense the love that he had for her, filling her, consuming her and… she gasped as the bounds that had so long held her heart, broke. She gulped in the warm air around her and for the first time in several years, she felt free. A green haze slowly filled the room but the pure glow consumed it until there was none left.

The light faded slowly and she turned to look at Harry. “Did we just…”

“Yes.” He smiled and leaned down to kiss her. “I love you so much. I would do anything for you.”

“We bound our souls?” She gazed up at him dreamily and did not really need an answer. She could feel it within her as she felt her own soul. “I feel… whole again.” She went into her love’s arms and held on to him. “Thank you.” She whispered. “I’m happy!”

“As am I.” He whispered against her cheek.

“So it worked then?” Hermione asked anxiously. “Your mind is clear?” She probed as she studied Ginny.

“I’m fine and so many things are starting to make sense to me now. I was passing out when you would discuss marriage, right?”

“Right.” She confirmed but she still seemed anxious. “We need to discuss the conditions.” Hermione voice caused her to look up at her sister-in-law. “You are now married and it can never be broken. You understand that, right?” Her face was grave as she spoke. “With this spell, there is no divorce and no infidelity. If you were to stop living together, or cheat on each other, you would both die. Your souls are joined now and need each other for survival.”

“I understand.” Ginny beamed at her sister. “Does that mean we can never be apart?”

“No, it just means that you cannot stop functioning as a married couple. You don’t even have to like each other, but you have to stay together.” A soft laugh escaped her lips. “A separate holiday would not be a problem.”

Ginny felt Harry’ chest rumble as he chuckled. “We will manage.”

“The last thing is the baby.” Hermione said.

Ron grunted. “I still think that is barbaric. She shouldn’t be forced in to this.”

“Baby?” Ginny looked around at him before turning back to Hermione. “I have to have a baby?” Several more things fell into place. She had known that. Her seventh year she had studied ancient magical communities and she had written a paper on Bonding. The pregnancy was to ensure that the couple was fulfilling their duties to propagate pure wizard bloodlines. She needed to birth a baby within a year and her dreams returned to her. “Oh my!” She clasped her hands to her mouth and stifled a sob. She had been dreaming about marrying Harry for years. She had been longing for a baby and she had known, somewhere in her head, the solution to ridding herself possession the entire time. “No wonder I always felt so unsettled.”

“Are you all right, Gin?” Harry’s hand came up to rest upon the side of her face.

She nodded eagerly. “Our soul bonding expelled whatever had been inside of us! That… that green light had to have been living in us since the last battle but because we bonded, it was forced out.”

Hermione seemed to be almost jumping in her excitement. Ron had to put a calming hand on her shoulder before she would stand still. “I had hoped this would happen!” Then she ran to them and hugged them both. “I am happy for you and that we were able to stop him from harming you.”

Ginny’s face fell slightly. “We need to go and question Niggs.”

“Yes we do. We still need to figure out who was doing this in the first place. Obviously it was not Voldemort since there are wizards who are still out to get you.” Ron moved towards the door, holding Hermione’s hand. “Someone who is alive has to be issuing the orders.”

“I hate Malfoy.” Ginny muttered.

Harry chuckled and pulled her into a passionate kiss before leaning down to her ear. “Think of the positives love. Tonight we get to try and make a baby.”

She blushed before laughing. “I love you.”

“I love you too.”

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