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Demons In The Dreams by YelloWitchGrl
Chapter 19 : Chapter 19: Hid From Your Life
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“You are sick.” He whispered huskily in her ear.

Ginny frowned slightly but tightened her arms around his neck as they danced in the sunny meadow. “I thought you said I was going to be fine.”

He twirled her expertly and then dipped her. She looked up into his green eyes that glinted behind his glasses. He smiled benignly and gently kissed her neck before raising her upright again. “You will be fine but you might not have been. I love you and I don’t know what would have happened to you if you had been hurt. We need to get Malfoy so that we can be happy together. Forever.”

A cloud passed overhead as a cool wind blew around her skirt. “We have to get him.” She agreed slowly but something began to feel wrong to her. A chill ran down her spine and she twisted her head frantically to look over her shoulder.

“Ginny!” She looked back at Harry but his eyes were harsh. “We need to get him or we won’t ever be happy.”

“Mummy!” Her breath caught as she wrenched herself from Harry’s arms. She turned to see a small, black haired boy crying near the tree. Instinctively she ran towards him and scooped him into her arms.

“I’m here baby! Mummy’s got you.” She crooned softly to the boy.

“Please don’t listen to him. He’s bad! Please don’t, Mummy! Don’t forget me.” His sobbing words slowly penetrated her brain but the cold voice that floated down from above her drowned out her little boy.

“It doesn’t matter.” She looked up into Harry’s sneering face as he spoke to her. “I won’t let you remember this anyway.” He winked and waved her hand over her eyes and the world went black.

“Good morning beautiful.”

Ginny opened her eyes slowly and smiled dreamily up at Harry. “Good morning.” She stretched lazily and looked about her to realize that she was in an all white room. “Where am I?” She gazed up at him quizzically.

“St. Mungo’s.” He replied before sitting gingerly on the bed. “You were hit by an Aconitum curse.” Explained as he softly touched her cheek. His eyes wore bags under them and she could see the worry lines that had not yet left his face.

“Oh. Is that why I felt like death last night?” She thought back about what she recalled vaguely about the curse she had been hit with. It was a spell that caused the body to shut down outwardly and slowly poison itself using the body’s own defenses against itself. Muggles called it cancer but the spell worked a lot faster than the muggle illness. Still, it was only dangerous to a wizard or witch if they weren’t treated within a few days of being hit with it. Ginny grinned and turned her head to kiss the palm of his hand. “Where are my clothes?”

“Uh… I’m not really sure where they are but it doesn’t matter because they aren’t releasing you for a few days yet.”

“Bollocks!” She sat up and motioned for him to move. “We are leaving.”

“Ginny, I really think you should stay.” He said quietly. “It’s a nasty curse and…”

“They cured me. We are going home.” She stood up and grabbed the back of her gown to keep it closed.

“Your Mum will go spare if you try to leave.” He reminded her. “We were supposed to have dinner with them anyway today. The entire family is outside waiting for you to wake up.”

That caused her to pause and think. “Where is my wand?”

He pulled it from his pocket and handed it to her. “Why?”

She winked at him. “I’ll see you at home.” With a small pop, she Disapparated back to their flat. Slowly she walked down to her room and pulled out some cotton pants and an old, soft jumper that had once belonged to her eldest brother. By the time she was fully dressed again, her legs were beginning to shake.

“Ginny?” She heard Harry’s voice calling for her.

“In here.” She answered weakly as she sat on her bed.

He came in hurriedly and relaxed visibly when he saw that she was all right. “Please… don’t do that to me.” He tried to smile but it faltered almost immediately. “You should still be in St. Mungo’s.”

She sighed and held up her arms to him. “Probably.” She conceded and another wave of exhaustion hit her. “Bed.”

He walked over and scooped her up into his arms and took her back to his room. “Your Mum is making supper for us tonight. I held her off that long. It will be us, your parents and Ron and Hermione at six.” He informed her as he gently laid her down on the bed.

“Fine.” She answered. Suddenly she looked up into his eyes and studied him although she could not say way. The emerald green was warm and soft as he studied her. “I love you, Harry.”

A chuckle escaped his lips and he bent down to kiss her tenderly. “I love you too but you are still in trouble with your Mum for sneaking out. She was hopping mad at you and it took me five minutes to convince her not to come after you.”

She yawned and reached out for his hand. “Will you stay with me for a while?”

“Always.” He moved around to the other side, kicked off his shoes and got in behind her. He pulled her to him and put an arm around her waist. “Sleep love. I’ll watch over you.”

“Oy!” Ron’s sharp voice came from above her and she looked up groggily at her brother.

She felt Harry stir behind her. “Sod off Ron.” She grumbled and closed her eyes again.

“We need to get up.” Harry whispered in her ear. “If you don’t feel up to it, though, I’ll bring you a tray.”

“What were you two doing, sleeping together?” Ron demanded, not even paying attention to their private conversation.

“Shagging,” Ginny bit out. “Where is your wife?”

“Kitchen. She’s making tea.” He retorted. “Why?”

“Hermione!” Ginny called as loudly as she could. “Get this git out of here before I hex him.”

Ron took a step backward and seemed to falter. “You should not be sleeping with him!”

“Why not?” Ginny asked him impatiently. “I know that you and Hermione were together way before you got married.”

“Come on, Gin. Quit baiting him.” Harry got out of bed and came over to her side. “Do you need help?”

She sat up and swung her legs over the bed before standing up, slowly. “No. I feel all right.”

“Is everything all right in here?” Hermione asked from the door. Her face was awash with concern as she looked at Ginny. “I thought I heard you call.”

Ginny glared at her brother. “Ron does not think it is appropriate for Harry and I to sleep together. I would like to emphasize the word, sleep.”

“Ron!” Hermione turned to her husband in exasperation. “You cannot be going on about that! They are adults and we were barely that when we…” Ron clamped a hand over her mouth to stop her rant.

Ginny and Harry laughed at his red face. “Ron, really.” Harry put an arm on his shoulder. “We sleep better together when the dreams get really bad. The both of us can actually rest when we are in each others arms.”

Hermione quickly removed Ron’s hand from her mouth. “Really?” She scrutinized their faces as she asked it and started to pace when they nodded. “This…” She turned to them and ran a hand through her hair. “Oh… now it is starting to make sense. Maybe but I will need…” She left the bedroom and went back to the kitchen. They followed her silently and sat at the table, waiting for her to speak again. Hermione had walked over to the small window over the sink to stare out of it. “I need to research some things at work but I still don’t have answers for you.” She turned back to them and sighed. “I might know how to stop the dreams but I don’t know if you are ready for it.”

“What is Hermione?” Harry asked her as he took Ginny’s hand.

“I really think that the best solution is…”

Hermione’s voice began to fade and Ginny’s mind began to drift. The battle yesterday had been mostly successful but they had still not gotten Malfoy. She was starting to feel that he was setting all of these traps for her to lure into a false sense of security. They had easily escaped each of his traps but it almost seemed like…


She jumped and quickly turned on Harry who was gazing at her in alarm. “What!?!” She was breathing heavily as she glared at him. “You scared me.”

“Oh my!” Hermione’s hands were over her mouth and Ron’s face has gone white. “We need to do this but… does she do this every time?” She directed her question at Harry.

“No. We have talked about getting…”

“SHH!” Hermione hissed at him. “Don’t use the word and maybe she’ll stay with us.”

Ginny was close to losing her temper. “Neither of you are making any sense!” She growled slowly.

“Your eyes lost their focus and you were not listening to what we were saying.” Ron informed her steadily.

“No!” She denied vehemently but knew, deep down, that they were probably right. She turned desperately towards Harry. “Please…”

“You did Gin.” He told her. “Hermione thinks we can stop this but you’ll have to trust me.”

“I do trust you.” She answered immediately.

“It would stop the dreams.” Hermione answered. “It is more extreme and certainly archaic but you are Harry Potter so I can pull strings for you.”

“I appreciate it, Hermione. We’ll do it and then worry about whether we are ready later.” He leaned down to kiss Ginny’s cheek. “She’s getting worse and I don’t know how much more she’ll be able to take.”

“I hate this.” Ginny muttered. “I wish I knew what you were talking about.”

Ron started to laugh. “Don’t worry about it, Gin. You’ll be happy about it later. Oh, Mum’s going to be, OW!” He turned to Hermione. “What did I do?”

Her scowl softened. “We need to be as vague as possible. Whatever is causing this is more powerful than I previously thought. If we aren’t careful she could be gone forever. We just don’t know so we have to be careful.”

Harry sat up straight. “Wait a minute, Hermione. Can she do this if she doesn’t know what is going on?”

“Oh yes.” Hermione smiled derisively. “It was used long ago to, uh… keep things together. Just one had to be willing for it to happen. One of them had to be… well. In this case, it is the both of you and for that, I am grateful. I do think that it would be for the best.”

The absurdity of the conversation that they were having suddenly hit Ginny and she did not know if it was that or the fact that she was so ill but she began to giggle; she could not stop, even when her sides began to ache. “This is ridiculous.”

“I’m sorry, love but you’ll just have to trust us. When will we do it?” Harry asked Hermione.

“Tomorrow. As soon as Molly and Arthur get here, I will explain what we are doing and why. No one else but the six of us will know until it is done. This should ensure that we are able to carry it out uninterrupted. I think I should have it arranged by tomorrow evening. I will come for you tomorrow after work and we will go straight down to do it.” She stood and went the kettle that was starting to whistle. She removed it from the burner and poured herself a cup of tea.

“You could do that with magic.” Ginny reminded her.

Hermione grinned. “I like to do it the muggle way.” She prepared the tea and passed out the cups before sitting. “You do know the condition, though. You understand the repercussions of it. If you don’t then the old law’s curse will still affect you.”

“I understand and it is not a problem. If this works then we will be fine and if it doesn’t… well those curses will be the least of our problems.” Harry brought Ginny’s hand to his lips and looked deeply into her eyes. “I will not be sorry about it at all and I don’t think that Ginny will be either.”

“I…” She tried to answer, to speak but the look, the love in his eyes, held her silent and in awe.

“I still don’t see how she blanks out now but didn’t before. This really makes no sense to me.” Ron grumbled.

“I think it has to be the seriousness of the discussion.” Hermione replied evenly.

“Hello?” Mrs. Weasley’s voice came from the living room. “We are here and I need to get supper on the table soon.” She came in and saw their faces. “What’s wrong? Ginny?” She looked over at her daughter. “I knew you should not have left as soon as you did!”

“No.” Hermione interrupted and stood up. “I need to speak with you and Arthur.”

Ginny felt tears well up in her eyes although she could not identify the emotion that was fueling it. “I want to lie down again.” She whispered and felt Harry move to pick her up. She rested her head against his broad shoulder as he carried her down to his room. She felt him set her down again and she grabbed his hand. “I can’t… don’t leave!”

“I wasn’t going to.” Harry assured her as he kissed her cheek. She let go and tracked him as he moved around the bed to get in with her again. He cuddled up to her and kissed her neck. “I love you so much Ginny.”

“I love you too.” She sniffed. “I feel so lost and I hate this. I never feel helpless! I have not since I was small.” She started to sob and he tightened his arms. “I have not let myself be this weak since I was eleven and I do not want this right now.”

“I know. I feel helpless too but I trust Hermione and I think that we should just go with what she feels is best.” He reasoned soothingly. “I will be there will you and hopefully it will help us to not feel so hurt all of the time.”

“All right. I trust you and I trust her.” Ginny tried to calm herself but started when her she heard her mother scream. “What was that?” She tried to sit up but Harry held her back.

“I promise that she is okay. I imagine that she is thrilled. We will talk about it tomorrow after work. Rest for a while and then we’ll get something to eat.”

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