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Demons In The Dreams by YelloWitchGrl
Chapter 18 : Chapter 18: In It Lies A Truth
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“Look it’s the smallest Weasel.” Bellatrix taunted before throwing a killing curse at her. Ginny dodge and attempted to stun her but she blocked it easily.

“Bellatrix!” Voldemort yelled at her. “Dumbledore!”

The older woman turned to the Headmaster who was now engaging Voldemort in the duel along with Harry. Ginny took her chance and yelled, “Reducto!” She spell went straight for her but not before Bellatrix shot off one last spell.

“Avada Kedavra!”

“NO!” Ginny screamed as she watched the green light sail towards their Headmaster. He was hit and fell immediately. Ginny turned back to curse Bellatrix again but was surprised to see the woman thirty feet away, not moving. She turned back to Harry and began firing spells at Voldemort. Harry withdrew the large sword that he always carried with him.

“You silly girl! Do you honestly think that you can defeat me?” The cold voice that had once belonged to a sixteen year old that she had trusted, floated to her as he blocked a banishing spell.

“You owe me!” She screamed at him. “You stole my childhood you asshole! Detrimentum Capis!” She shouted the spell at him and he started to shake violently before he was able to throw it off.

“So the little girl knows a few dark curses. How informational. But I am finished with you.” He raised his wand towards her.

“NO!” She turned towards Harry to see that he was looking at her and his eyes were filled with fear. In an instant he had turned back to Voldemort and was swinging the sword wildly. Voldemort tried to throw a curse at the enraged young man but it could not reach him. Harry advanced on him on and thrust the sword at the stomach of Voldemort who was trying to retreat. Ginny acted without thinking and sent another banishing spell at his back, forcing the man to stumble forward. Harry sunk the sword in to the hilt and twisted it around. “You are finished.” He growled and he let go of the sword.

Ginny swallowed and watched in horror as the man before them disintegrated and a pale green wave shot out from him, hitting her and Harry and knocking them to the ground. For a moment Ginny felt as though she could not breathe. Her chest constricted and her vision began to blur. Then just as soon as it started, the pain stopped and she was able to focus beyond the pain.

“Harry?” Her voice was hoarse as she turned over and struggled to her feet. She looked up and saw him also fighting to rise from the ground. Ginny watched in fascinated horror as he finally teetered to his feet and looked down at the empty robes that once housed Tom Riddle. “Are you okay?” She called over to him but again he did not react to her voice. She followed his gaze and noticed that the sword, which had been Harry’s constant companion for the past year, was now covered in blood. Suddenly the blood seemed to run from the blade of the sword. She blinked, sure that she was seeing things but when she opened her eyes she gasped to see that the sword was shimmering. A screamed rippled through the dusk and her head snapped back around to the others who were dueling near the castle.

“We have to go!” Ginny screamed at Harry, ignoring the roaring in her ears. “He’s dead but Ron and Hermione are still holding off the others!” Tears were streaming down her face, leaving trails through the grime that covered her from head to toe. She stared in horror at the tall, dark haired teen that was not moving amidst the chaos. They were in the middle of the battle and if they did not go soon they were going to be killed. “It isn’t over Harry! Please!” She smacked his face before she pulled him into a quick hug and whispering in his ear. “We need to go.”

She seemed to have finally reached him because he nodded and took off running for where Ron and Hermione were fighting side by side with the DA and faculty, against hundreds of Death Eaters. Ginny glanced back, not even seeing the Forbidden Forest in the distance. She saw first the empty robes that had once belonged to Tom Riddle and then finally her gaze was drawn unwillingly to the still body of their Headmaster. She held in a sob and turned back to the fight. It was not over; not even close to finished.

Ginny’s eyes opened slowly and she drew in a slow breath. As she expelled it out the dream slipped slowly from her consciousness. She turned her head and was surprised to see that Harry was not in bed with her. She got up and ran her hands through her hair, trying to fight off the dregs of sleep that still remained. She yawned and stretched her arms up before standing and padding softly out towards the kitchen.

She reached their small kitchen to find Harry sitting despondently at the table. He had been upset by her lapse at the Mind Healer’s office the day before but he had not wanted to talk about it the night before. She moved slowly towards the kettle to pour herself a cup and turning, she moved to the chair across from him. “Mind if I sit?”

He shook his head and she sat down. “Did you sleep well?”

“Yes, I did. I know I had a dream but it must not have been important since I can’t recall what it was about.” She turned the cup around between her hands, warming her fingers on the heat of the cup.

“I just don’t understand why you would repress it.” Harry said suddenly. He took a sip of tea before setting it down and standing up to pace.

Guilt filled her as she stared into her cup of tea. “What would you like me to say?”

He stopped moving and unwillingly she felt her eyes drawn to his. Ginny could see the pain that he was in. Harry walked slowly over to her and sat on the edge of the table beside her. “I want you to be happy but you did not want to listen to Jane and I discussing our relationship. How am I supposed to react to you ignoring the feelings that we have?”

“I’m not!” She denied vehemently. “I want to be with you and you know that. I don’t know what made me…”

“Ginny!” He put a hand on her cheek. “You don’t have to explain that. I know. I am just worried about. Jane and I were talking about our plans to marry. I wanted her advice on when she thought we would be ready but when I looked over at you, I could see that your eyes had gone blank. We have to figure out what is wrong with you.” He stood and moved over to the window to look out at the gray day. “I’ve sent an owl to Hermione, asking her to come and see us when she has a chance today. I really think that you need to talk to her.” He sighed heavily. “I also want to know if she has found anything.”

“Hello?” Hermione’s voice floated through the flat.

“We’re in here!” Ginny called and she got up to make another cup of tea.

She walked in and sat at the table. “Thank you.” She took the cup from Ginny and sipped it tentatively. “I am glad that I got your owl, Harry. I find it very curious that Ginny would repress that particular conversation.” She looked up at Ginny who was standing awkwardly near the table. “Both of you sit down please. I’ve had an idea.”

“What is it?” She asked hopefully as she sat next to her.

Hermione took a deep breath. “I want you to tell me all of your dreams about marrying Harry and having children and then I want you to tell me what you feel the practical route to accomplishing this would be.”

She heard it but her mind started to blank again. It would have if Harry had not grabbed her arm roughly. “Ginny!”

She turned her head slowly to face him and was relieved to see that his face was coming into focus. “Ow!” She grumbled as she rubbed her arm. “That bloody hurt!”

His face was contrite. “I’m really sorry! I just didn’t want you to leave us.”

“All right.” She tried to remember what they had been talking about but it was getting hard to think again. Unconsciously she pinched her arm and jumped at the pain. Hermione’s face swam before her. “I…” She almost had it if she could stop the dull buzzing that was filling her ears.

“Ginny!” Hermione stood up and pulled off her jumper to reveal a t-shirt. Ginny looked at her in surprise but Hermione was turning sideways and pulling her shirt taunt against her stomach so that Ginny could see the small protrusion that signified that a baby was growing in there.

Memories began to swim back to her mind. “Damn!” She swallowed hard. “I want to get married and have a baby. It is a need in me.” She moved a shaking hand to cover her heart, which felt as it were beating twice as fast as it should have been. “I’ve felt this way for a few years now but… it got better when I moved in with Harry.”

Hermione smiled and let go of her t-shirt. “That is progress. You both have said before that you feel better when you are together and I think that is the key to healing you. If I only knew what was wrong!”

“The dream.” Ginny answered glumly. “The last battle.”

“What? Did you remember your dream from last night?” Harry asked in concern. Thus far he had only been watching them interact.

“Bits of it, I think. I remembered the green light hitting us and cursing Bellatrix.” She rubbed her hands over her suddenly tired eyes. She now wished she could forget the dream… the dream where she had helped Harry kill Voldemort… the dream where she had damaged Bellatrix so badly that she would spend the rest of her life in St. Mungo’s. The evil woman would never be able to harm another person again. She could not move from her bed and she never woke from the battle.

“The green light?” Hermione probed carefully.

“Buggar!” Harry exclaimed and he slammed his flat palm against the counter. “How could I forget that?”

“You… you forgot?” Hermione’s face was filled with concern. “Where did this green light come from?”

“Voldemort.” They answered simultaneously.

All three started as a pop came from the other room. Each was on their feet with their wands drawn when Ron’s call came. “It’s Malfoy!”

“This needs to end.” Harry muttered darkly as he and Ginny moved to the other room. “Where?”

“Small muggle town called Belstone.” Ron replied morosely. “The town was destroyed.”

“No!” Hermione gasped and covered her mouth with her hands. She walked hastily to her husband and they embraced. “How many?” She whispered.

“We don’t know yet. The fighting is still going on, love. We need to go.” Ron informed her quietly.

“Right.” She sniffed and wiped her eyes. “I need to go to the Ministry and start some research. Be careful.” She looked around at them all before moving over to the fireplace to floo out.

“Why doesn’t she Apparate?” Harry asked suddenly.

“She’s pregnant therefore she can’t but we’ll discuss that later.” Ginny replied quickly. “Let’s go.”

The three friends Apparated to where the town had once stood. They landed right in the middle of the fighting. Ron ran for his partner while Ginny and Harry began to work their way through the several dozen Death Eaters. They worked together to incapacitate one, bind them and then move on. It was a system that they had discovered worked best when they were greatly outnumbered.

“Reducto!” Ginny cried and shattered a conjured wall. Harry had been ready for this. He quickly stunned one while Ginny got the other with a Bat-Bogey Hex.

“That was very mature.” Harry chuckled as they worked to magically bind them.

“I enjoyed it.” Ginny grinned but jumped when she heard Ron yell.

“Dementors! Harry, get your arse over here!” Ron cried through the chaos. She and Harry took off towards the end of town where Ron had pointed and Ginny was horrified to see twenty Dementors gliding towards the Aurors who were still dueling with the Death Eaters.

“Expecto Patronum!” Harry yelled as he pointed his wand at the creatures. The enormous silver stag erupted from the end of his wand and charged them down.

Ginny put her back against Harry as he urged the Patronus to hunt down all of the Dementors. She watched two Death Eaters take down an Auror before moving swiftly in their direction. Thinking fast, she pointed her wand at the ground. “Vipera Aedifico!” She called. A large snake emerged from the end of her wand and fell unceremoniously to the ground. “Engorgio!” The snake enlarged to be fifty feet long and hissing madly. It was as if she were back in the chamber and for a moment she froze.

“Shit! Ginny, what the…” Harry’s voice snapped her out of her reverie.

“Time to play dirty.” She called quickly. “Order the snake to attack them!”

Ginny listened as he began hissing orders at the snake that quickly bit both Death Eaters. They had tried, in vain, to defend themselves from the attacking serpent but most spells flew right off. More Death Eaters were heading towards them and while Harry directed the snake, Ginny deflected the curses from it that could potentially cause damage. After shielding the great snake from the third Conjunctivitis Curse, she heard Harry calling her name.

“Ginny! Get back from there!” Confused, she turned and ran towards him to the rear of the snake. Harry started to hiss again and she realized what his plan was. The Death Eaters were surrounded. Behind them were the rest of the other Aurors and the snake in front. The black robed figures had been so busy fighting off the giant snake that they had not noticed that they were being flanked.

Ginny pointed her wand at the sky above the serpent’s head. “Apparatous Infringo!” She looked back at the battle to see a blue light streaming towards her and she knew no more.

“Ouch.” Ginny groaned and tried to roll over. Her stomach churned ominously. “Sick.” She whispered and someone pulled her hair away from her face.

“There is a bowl, Gin. Go ahead and throw up if you need to.” His calm voice reassured her and she let it go, becoming violently ill. When she had finished, he wiped her face down with a damp cloth and helped her to get back under the covers.

“Wha…” She tried to ask but her mouth was not functioning well.

“Nasty curse. I’ll explain it later but don’t worry, you’ll be fine.” His voice had started to lose volume and once again she found herself in the haven of oblivion.

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