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Meet Me in St. Mungo's by YelloWitchGrl
Chapter 3 : Chapter 3: Big Problems In Tiny Packages
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The past two days had been busy for Voldemort. He had stepped up the Muggle killing, increased the wizard torture and had stopped two giants from killing each other by ordering Wormtail to feed them a cow. Most unfortunately the little rat had made it back in one piece.

Overall it had been a productive few days and he had just received news that Snape was bringing in the youngest Weasley for him to question. Voldemort rubbed his hands together, feeling the frigid cold that permeated his entire body. It was as if he were touching a corpse when he touched his own skin but oddly, the sensation made him smile. It represented power to him; a power that Snape could never possess, no matter how many Dumbledores he killed.

Voldemort paced the private sanctum that he had claimed in the dilapidated, moldering castle that had once belonged to Grindelwald. He felt vindicated and stronger, knowing that he was among his predecessor even though Grindelwald was a fool and had gotten himself killed by that Muggle lover, Dumbledore.

Dumbledore… Voldemort shuddered slightly, thankful for the privacy that this room allowed him. Thinking of the old Headmaster always brought up thoughts of his death and the fact that one of his servants had succeeded in killing the old man. Is Snape a threat to me? He had wondered that thought many times over the past few weeks. Truth be told it was keeping him up at nights, wondering if Snape would try and overthrow him.

“My Lord.”

The voice came from behind him, belonging to the man that had been disturbing his slumber. He started at the intrusion on his thoughts and turn to face Snape. Only he was not alone. In his grasp was a short, redheaded girl who appeared to be about sixteen years old. She would have been comely too if the look on her face had not been murderous.

“This is Ginny Weasley, my Lord. She is Potter’s former girlfriend.” Snape shoved her forward, possibly expecting her to trip but she merely took a step forward and stared at Voldemort.

Voldemort took a slow breath, easing the tension from his body. “It is a pleasure to meet you in the flesh Miss Weasley.” He smiled in a way that made most of his Death Eaters quake.

The girl looked at him for a moment before cocking her head to the side. “The last time I saw you, you didn’t resemble bat droppings. You’ve really let yourself go.”

Her voice was cool and unconcerned but it held a hint of steel. This girl was obviously not going to be easy to break and her confidence told him that she was unafraid. Voldemort ignored her words and turned to Snape. “Has she been searched?”

“Yes my Lord. Draco and I both searched her. We have her wand and we found two portkeys on her. They have been confiscated and shall be used to locate where the rest of her family is hiding.” Snape’s voice was clipped as he spoke but his eyes danced with amusement.

Voldemort turned back to see that her brown eyes had clouded over and she was biting her bottom lip. He chuckled softly. “You did not expect to get away with that, did you little Ginny? No one can fool Lord Voldemort!”

She sniffed but straightened her shoulders and met he eyes again. “You are a git and you’ve been a pain in my arse since I was eleven.” She raised one eyebrow and crossed her arms across her chest. “Those aren’t portkeys that lead to my house though.”

Voldemort smiled at her daring attitude. “Snape, send Malfoy to wherever that portkey goes.”

“Yes my Lord,” was the reply and the door to the room closed behind him.

Voldemort began to slowly walk around the girl, noting that she had waist length hair that was pulled back with a butterfly clip. It looked like a gift that a lover might give and he felt joy consume him. He very much doubted that her relationship with Harry Potter was over. Voldemort decided to try another tactic. “It is a shame Miss Weasley, that you are a blood traitor because you are quite pretty, but wholly unacceptable because of your family.”

The girl let out a loud, unladylike snort. “Believe me, I don’t regret it at all. It would be truly a shame if you saw me as fit to be with any of your Death Munchers.”

Voldemort felt his eye twitch ever so slightly, a bad habit that had been forming over the past few months. She was insulting him. The small wench was playing with him and he needed to regain control over this interview. “I want to know what you know about the prophecy and where Harry Potter is located and I want to know right now!” He got straight into her face and was surprised when she actually stepped backwards.

Ginny raised a hand to her nose. “You need a breath mint.”

A rage filled him and he pulled out his wand, holding it to her throat. “No more messing around you filthy, blood traitor! Tell me about the prophecy or I’ll convince you.”

She rolled her tongue around in her mouth, sticking it out a bit, before biting her lip again and finally smiling. “We want many things in life. I want a Hippogriff, for example and also some new dress robes and it would have been really nice if Harry wouldn’t have broken up with me but life rarely gives us what we want. If we get it easily then we don’t appreciate it.” Her face lit up with a smile. “I don’t think you’ve had to suffer enough for getting that prophecy.

His eye twitched again. Obviously this girl has no fear. He had suffered, including a rebounded Death Curse, a year of putting up with Wormtail, being spotted at the Ministry and having to listen to Snape. Voldemort definitely considered all of those things to be ‘suffering’. “If that is your decision then I’m afraid I have no choice but to-“


Voldemort spun and saw a small, pale girl with long blonde hair, lying at his feet. He was so completely stunned that for a moment he could not react.

The girl looked up and Voldemort was stunned to see that it was Malfoy on the ground dressed in a wig and long dress.

Malfoy looked up at Voldemort before turning slowly to Ginny. He jumped, let out a squeak and began to back up along the floor.

Voldemort glanced over at Ginny and saw that she had a broad grin on her face. She opened her mouth and yelled, “BOO!”

Draco screamed an ear piercing, high-pitched scream before backing up until his hit the wall and folding himself up into the fetal position. Voldemort was disgusted to note a wet trail following the boy. He had clearly wet his pants.

Expelliarmus!” Voldemort’s wand flew from his hand and he spun to find the girl holding it, along with another wand.

His mouth dropped open in shock. “Your wand was taken.”

She chuckled. “Those morons took a fake wand that has undoubtedly turned itself into a tea kettle by now.” She leveled her wand with his face, her gaze never faltering and her eyes never wavering. “You are a pathetic fool Tom but it matters little because the Order will make sure you fail.”

Voldemort was too stunned to do more than gape at her. She had tricked him into sending Malfoy off in that portkey. Damn this girl was a good liar.

“I’ll tell you something else Tom, I don’t know anything about a prophecy and if you think I would tell you then you are slipping. I love Harry and I would never betray him.” Her eyes glowed with an inner light as she spoke and although he could hear the passion, she did not move. “You are obviously losing your touch and we are going to make sure you go down for good this time.”

Voldemort flinched. Her words were the exact inner demons that he had been fighting over the past few weeks. Would he be able to maintain control over his Death Eaters if Snape was perceived to be more powerful? He knew that at least Bellatrix would never abandon him. A fine sheen of sweat broke out on his body.

“When you understand love Tom, then you’ll know why you were never going to win.” Ginny finally said. She smiled before moving something around in her mouth. He watched as a bubble appeared from her mouth as she blew on what appeared to be chewing gum.

It kept growing until finally a POP and a spell flew towards him, covering his face with flying bogeys. He had blinked and she was gone.

Voldemort was momentarily stunned and what was worse was that she had taken his wand with her! Seconds later he was bellowing for one of his Death Eaters. Instantly Snape and Wormtail were in the room.

“Yes, my Lord?” They both asked simultaneously.

Voldemort pointed at Draco while speaking to Wormtail. “Get that idiot out of here and get him cleaned up.”

Wormtail moved towards Draco and put a hand on his shoulder and the boy jumped nearly out of his skin. “KEEP HER BACK! SHE’LL KILL ME! FLYING BOGIES EVERYWHERE!!” He began to sob as Wormtail dragged him from the room.

Voldemort turned towards Snape. “Where is Ollivander being kept?”

“He is currently residing at an estate in Kent. He is still refusing to make more wands but we have all of his stock, my Lord.” Snape was studying him, the curiosity plain in his eyes.

Voldemort shook his head and wincing as the bogeys that were still attacking him. He was doing his level best to ignore them in a more dignified manner. He knew that this particular curse only went away with time. “We will make him cooperate with us. That girl stole my wand.”

Snape’s mouth dropped open at the news and he flinched as one of the bogies flew off of Voldemort’s face and hit him in the cheek. He raised his hand to wipe his face and Voldemort nearly laughed at the sallow man but then he remembered how he had gotten hexed.

“She was searched for a wand and portkeys and yet she managed to slip both by you.” Voldemort accused him harshly.

Snape nodded slowly. “We thought we had her wand and she did not have any portkeys on her, she must have Disapparated.”

“She is a child and she would not know how to Apparate! She…” Voldemort’s voice droned off as he remembered the chewing gum. “It must have been the gum that gave her the ability to leave here.”

“I am sorry my Lord, I thought she could not escape.” Snape bowed his head. “It will not happen again.”

“See that it doesn’t.” Voldemort replied imperiously as the door flew open.

“My Lord!” One of his newer Death Eaters came into the room. “There is a ghost of a girl here demanding to see Draco Malfoy and a poltergeist that keeps chucking things through her head!” He paused, clearly out of breath. “What shall I do master?”

Voldemort went to rub his throbbing temple and got a hand full of snot for his trouble. This was not going well at all.

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Meet Me in St. Mungo's: Chapter 3: Big Problems In Tiny Packages


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