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Cultures Collide by Demonic Angel
Chapter 5 : The Accident
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Chapter 5 - The Accident

The three men arrived in Dumbledore's office he looked at each of them before he said "Ok, now that you are all here I need to talk to you so please have a seat."

The guys looked at one another then Remus spoke up. "What's wrong Albus, it's not Harry is it?"

Dumbledore sighed "I'm afraid it is. I just heard from Molly, turns out that Harry's appearance has been changing more drastically than expected. Are you three ready to answer his questions?"

They all nodded slowly and Snape replied. "I believe so. Do we know how much of the diary he has read?"

"From what I understand he has only read about her first year at the most."

Severus walked over to the window and looking out he said "He must have more questions than ever now. You understand he will never accept this."

"Severus, please have a seat. There is more" Snape looked at the Headmaster then sat back down. "It has also been brought to my attention that Harry has been severely abused over the years that he has stayed with the Dursley's."

"Abused???" Sirius questioned

"WHAT?" Severus exclaimed

"Do you mean it is still going on?" Remus asked as everyone looked at him.

"Do you mean you knew about this and didn't even tell me?" Sirius screamed

Remus sighed. "Back in Harry's third year I noticed some strange bruises and marks. When I confronted him he was very hesitant on telling me anything. The only reason I was able to get him to tell me about what the Dursley's were doing to him was if I promised not to tell anybody else. I agreed to that promise on the condition that if it ever happened again then he would owl me immediately. I thought the abuse had stopped because I hadn't heard from him during the summer holidays."

Dumbledore replied. "I wonder. Hermione and Ron use to tell me how they never hear from Harry during the summer either. He probably didn't want you to tell anyone about the abuse because of the thought of having to go into an orphanage. Needless to say, we will have to take it slow with him to get him to earn our trust."

"With the way I have treated him, that is never going to happen." Severus stated

"I have a feeling once he learns more from Lily it will happen sooner than you may realize or expect it to." Albus stated, "Now Molly is going to make sure Harry is ready and we will be meeting them in Hogsmeade in the morning. Severus, I must ask that you remain here."

"I understand. I have to start preparing the Wolfsbane potion for next week anyway." Severus replied.

Dumbledore looked at Sirius, "How are the ladies adjusting to the grounds?"

"Well, Dannie is very hesitant on changing still but as I have noticed by the way she keeps watching her daughter it won't be much longer. As for the little one, I never realized how out of shape I was until I tried keeping up with that pup." Sirius continued while glaring at Remus. "You really have your hands full with that one so you had better start getting into shape."

"How'd you..?"

"Remus, I have known you in your wolf form half your life. She may have your eyes as a girl but when she transforms she also inherited a lot of your markings. There is no doubt in my mind who fathered that cub." smirked Sirius.

All Remus could do was smile with pride. Not pride in not knowing his daughter but pride in the idea that his daughter was a bit much for his old wild friend.

"Well gentlemen, I suggest we end this meeting. Besides Sirius, I believe you have some ladies waiting on you." Dumbledore stated just before there was a knock at the door.

Sirius turned around and as he opened the door he said, "I'll be there in just a moment." As Remus shyly peered around his friend. "Albus, will there be anything else?"

"No, go on ahead."

Sirius jumped up and headed out the door with Bria closely behind him all ready to run off a day's worth of being stuck inside buried under books. Dannie quietly approached Remus with only Severus noticing with a slight smile. "Would you care to join us tonight?" She asked.

Remus looked at his feet and replied. "It will be another week before I can transform. I'd just slow you down."

"To tell you the truth" she replied. "I just sit back and watch them run around."

Remus nodded, grabbed his cane, and then offered her his arm in which smiling she took.


1 September 1978

Dear Diary
Well this summer was the best. Tuna tried her usual attitude towards me as soon as I walked in the front door. As usual mum and dad didn't interfere at all but dad did warn her about everyone coming over at the end of following week. You should have heard the fit she had. Luckily by the time James, Remus, and Sirius came over nothing from her had changed, in fact I do believe she actually got worse. Sirius was shocked, he never thought that any Muggle would be worse than Malfoy. Great thing was that since we aren't allowed to do magic away from school the boys came prepared with all sorts of stuff from the joke shop back at Diagon Alley. Tuna actually learned her lesson while they were there.
The first night she decided to climb up onto her soapbox and started calling all of us nothing but a bunch of no good freaks. Well, James and Sirius changed out her toothpaste with some sort of concoction that by morning she actually had a horse-head to match her teeth. Mum didn't hesitate at all in reprimanding each and every one of us. We almost were grounded until dad came in and made it clear that Tuna deserved what she got what she deserved with her nagging at my friends. We were then all sent upstairs while mum and dad argued. Needless to say it was decided that Tuna was sent to her friend's home until the boy's visit was over.
The following weekend dad too us to the mall to get them some Muggle clothes, jeans and t-shirts (hmm.not a bad memory), then we went to the driver in where the boys saw their first movie which was a double feature of Grease and Saturday Night Fever. Grease was pretty cool but too tell you the truth, I can't stand the disco music. ICK. Dad spent pretty much the rest of the visit trying to teach them the rules of football and rugby and then the last weekend they were there dad took them to a football game.

Pretty much nothing too exciting happened at Remie's or Siri's homes except we all did our school shopping the last day that we were at Remie's. We worked together on our summer assignments and the boys taught me the basics of Quidditch.

Finally it was time to visit James' home. WOW was his parent's home huge. While I was there I got the shock of my life. I knew there was a reason I thought that James and Sev looked alike. Turns out that James' mum and Sev's dad are brother and sister. Well, Sev's parents had to go out of town on a business trip again so he stayed with the Potters. We wound up getting along great, he helped me to understand potions somewhat better and I got to help him on his Charms assignment (although I really don't think he needed it). We finally got to talk about what went on during the school year. Turns out his dad is in this purest club along with Malfoy's dad. Well Lucious is also trying to get in on this club so he keeps a tight eye on everything Sev does at school. I really think Sev is afraid of his dad and the way he squirms when Mrs. Potter hugged him as he arrived, I think he beats him too.
Well, we spent a lot more time practicing Quidditch there, the guys are talking about trying out for house teams. Finally we had to go pickup dad (mum and Tuna refused to come) so that he could visit. Teaching dad of the magic world was just as fun as teaching the boys of the Muggle world. At the end of the week we had a huge Quidditch match between us kids and the adults, dad couldn't play so he just watched in awe. I really think I scared the shite out of him a few times. Oh well ( I know I could write forever about this past summer but I have to get to sleep, we have classes in the morning and I have to get use to Sev ignoring me again. ~sigh~)

Good night,
Love Lily


Holy Shite! Thought Harry. So maybe Snape is that 3rd uncle my mum mentioned. It still doesn't answer why he hates me so much. I can't believe he and dad were cousins. Harry packed up his belongings once more and went to sleep early since he was once again moving back to Hogwarts.


~Meanwhile at Hogwarts~

Remus and Dannie sat outside and visited with Hagrid while Bria and Sirius ran around playing hide and seek. While the couple sat and got to know each other Sirius came running up "Has Bria been by here at all?" he asked.

"Don't tell me you lost her." Remus replied.

"Well we were playing hide and seek and I cant find her any..." when a painful howl interrupted Sirius.

Dannie panicked and for the first time in years she transformed to go hunt down her daughter. Sirius joined the hunt as Padfoot while Hagrid and Remus followed behind on foot. Finally with what seemed like forever, Dannie and Remus finally found Bria out cold at the bottom of a ravine.

"Sirius, Go get Poppy!" Remus shouted as Dannie jumped down to her daughter's side to look her over.

"Her leg is broken and her head is bleeding." she called out.

Remus helped Dannie out of the ravine then pulled out his wand and levitated their daughter to the infirmary. Remus, Dannie, and Sirius quietly waited in the hallway.

"She will be alright, Madam Pomphrey is the best healer in the magical world. Sirius why don't you go onto bed, you have to get Harry in the morning." Remus told his friend.

Sirius agreed and hugged his friends to apologize and then left.

Remus sat there comforting Dannie as she cried into his shoulder. About a half-hour later Pomphrey came out. "I'm sorry it took so long. I was able to bandage her head right away but as for her leg, I had to wait for her to transform on her own before I could set the bone."

"But isn't there a potion that would make her change back?' Remus asked.

Severus walked up answering, "I have one that would work if she was just and animagus but, because she's a shape shifter and werewolf combination, we didn't want to risk any side effects."

"When can I see her?" Dannie asked.

"Well, she's resting now but if your quiet and don't disturb her I'm sure you can go in now."

As Remus and Dannie started walking into the infirmary, Pomphrey started to stop Remus when Severus quietly told her "Let them have their family time."

Pomphrey looked at him startled "You mean.?" Snape just nodded. "Oh boy, here we go again." She said as she collapsed into her chair. "I'm getting too old for this."


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