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Vanishing Act by blackcat05
Chapter 12 : Like Father like Daughter
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Chapter 12
Like father like daughter


“So how’ve you been doing?” Claudia asked Lydia over the phone.

“Not bad, still adjusting to the whole family thing, Eleanor never stops hugging me and Nathan and Lucy are always asking me questions, it’s kind of annoying, and Eleanor keeps calling me Nancy even though I’ve asked her to call me Lydia, the others do though.”

“What about Gerard?” Claudia asked.

“He’s actually okay, he’s been helping me with all this school work we have to catch up on and he just spent the last two hours explaining qudditch to me.”

Yeah, Harry did the same thing.” Claudia laughed.

They had been out of St. Mungo’s for a few days now. Mrs. T had been trying to get Claudia and Lydia to agree to go to Hogwarts and learn magic. It took some pushing, but they agreed in the end, truthfully, they were both a little excited at the prospect of going to a school for wizards, but wouldn’t let anyone know that. Claudia was staying at her parent’s house and Lydia was at hers. Hermione had been driving Claudia crazy with the schoolwork she had to catch up on. Luckily, Claudia was a fast learner or she’d have probably collapsed under the weight of it all by now.

“So what do you think about all this?” Lydia asked her.

“About what, that we suddenly have families, or that we’re going to go to wizard school?”


“Well for the family part…I’m adjusting I guess, I still can’t call them ‘mom’ and ‘dad’ but they don’t seem to mind, they’re just glad I’m here, and as for this wizard school, it might be fun.”

“Yeah, maybe.”

“By the way, how did you family take the whole ‘I’m an assassin’ thing?” Claudia asked, she heard Lydia sigh over the phone.

“Well Eleanor nearly had a heart attack, and Nathan just stared at me, Gerard and Lucy already knew so they were okay, and then we talked about it, and they said that they figured they couldn’t get me to quit so they’re just gonna let me do it.’

“That’s good, Harry and Hermione are being okay about the whole thing too, and how’s Michael taking it?”

“Not bad actually, he’s shocked, but he says he loves me anyway, so we’re okay.”

“I’m glad to hear that.” Claudia said, there was silence for a few minutes until Lydia said, “Say, you wanna talk about-

“I told you Lydia I don’t want to talk about Liam okay?” Claudia snapped.

“Okay, okay calm down,” Lydia said, “but seriously Claudia, eventually you’re going to have to talk to somebody.”


Claudia sat out in the yard by the little pond the Potters had put in years ago. She looked at her reflection in the water and heard Liam’s words in her head you’re an assassin, you kill people, and you like it, if I’m evil, you’re evil, you’re evil, you’re evil As she thought this, she heard footsteps from behind her, then saw Harry’s reflection standing over her a looked up at him.

“May I sit with you?” he asked.

She nodded a little and he sat down. “What are you thinking about?” he asked.

She shrugged, “A lot of things.”

“You thinking about that boy Liam?” he asked.

She was silent. “I know how you’re feeling.”

She looked up at him, “Yeah how?” she said louder than she intended but he seem to care.

“You feel angry, and betrayed because, this was the person you thought you would spend your whole life with and was your perfect match, but then you find out that they weren’t really what they appeared, and they never really loved you.”

She looked at him with a look of surprise on her face. “Yeah, how do you know that?” she asked.

Harry looked up at the sky and sighed, “Because after I finished Hogwarts, I went around the world looking for horcruxes.”


“Long story, anyway at one point I ended up in France, were I met this girl. She was gorgeous she had this perfect blond hair and blue eyes and I just fell in love with her, well at least I thought I did, you see when I brought her with me back to England, I could see that nobody liked her, but I didn’t understand why. One night I proposed, and she said yes. On the day of the rehearsal dinner Hermione had come up to me and told me that she had seen my fiancée sleeping with another man, I didn’t believe her and told her that if she wanted to ruin my happiness, then I never wanted to see her again.”

“That’s awful” said Claudia.

“Yeah it is, then about an hour later I went to go find her and take her home, and found with another man. I was shocked, but I knew Hermione had been right all along.”

“That must have been hard for you to see”

“It was, afterwards I told that I knew what she’d been doing and broke off the engagement, haven’t seen her since.”

“Sounds like you’ve had trouble with love too, but at least you’re fiancée didn’t want to kill you.” Claudia said bitterly.

“I know but my point is that she just wasn’t the one for me, and Liam wasn’t the one for you.”

“You’re telling me.” Claudia said.

“Look, I know that you’re upset but trust me, someday you’re going to find that guy and when you do, you’ll know, maybe not right away, but eventually you will know.”

“Thanks” Claudia said, truthfully she did feel a little better after talking to Harry, maybe Lydia was right about her needing to talk to somebody.

“Well, I’m gonna go inside now, see you.” Harry said and with that he got up and started for the house.

“Hey Harry.” Claudia called, Harry turned around.

“What is it?” he asked.

“How long did it take you to fall in love with Hermione?” she asked.

Harry shook his head slightly and laughed, “Years, we met on the train to Hogwarts in our first year and it had always seemed like she liked Ron, they dated awhile but it just didn’t work out. Even after that it took awhile, mostly because I was afraid Ron would be angry at me for asking her out, you know since he’d liked her first, but it turned out alright in the end.”

“I see” Claudia said, “Well, goodnight Harry.”

“Goodnight” Harry said and walked into the house.

Claudia stood up and looked at her reflection again, wondering if what Liam had said was true. Was she evil? She didn’t know, maybe she was, and maybe she wasn’t. She looked a little longer at her reflection then turned and started for the house. She was tired and she needed some rest.


A/N: Well, that’s the end of this story, but don’t worry I will write a sequel, but it might take awhile for it to come out. I hope you enjoyed this story, and don’t forget to review please, bye.

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Vanishing Act: Like Father like Daughter


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