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To Every Guy by Pipperstorms
Chapter 4 : To Every Guy That Hugs Her When She's Sad
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AN: This is an Ammie & Sirius flicklet. You know them if you’ve read Pretending to be Perfect. If you haven’t, you might like to :-) All other characters are from Pretending to be Perfect as well, but you can still enjoy this as a stand alone.

Mandatory Disclaimer: Everything Harry Potter, including the characters and settings do not belong to me, rather to the wonderful JK Rowling and her affiliates

To every guy that hugs her when she's sad.
~Sirius and Ammie~

It was a quarter past eleven on a Friday night in the Gryffindor common room. The students, especially the older ones, were still up scattered around the circular room, talking and laughing with their friends, butterbeers, courtesy of the Marauders, held by almost every hand. Everyone was having a good time, easily letting go of the stress that had plagued them through out the week while plans for the next two days were discussed in perfect detail. In all their fun no one seemed to notice the lone girl with platinum blonde locks nestling about her shoulders. In an over stuffed red chair on the very edge of the room, Ammie sat with her knees tucked to her chest.

Today had been a very long day. First, she had woken up later then everyone else in her dorm only to be stuck with cold water for her shower. But Ammie had been able to make do, shivering for only ten minutes, enough time to quickly clean herself. She did have to admit though it had woken her up. But her troubles had not stopped there. After slipping into a crisp white dress shirt, her uniform sweater vest, tie and woolen skirt she headed down to the Great Hall. Lily and Amia greeted her with their usual smiles and hugs as she came to sit between them.

“Hey there Sleeping Beauty,” Amia had said with a wink, before graciously handing her friend a mug of spiced coffee. Ammie had just rolled her eyes already beginning to lose herself in her ritualistic cup of morning coffee. But the first sip was disaster. Somehow the warming spells had been to strong and the normally perfectly drinkable coffee had burned her tongue. Ammie had dropped the offending drink out of shock only to realize too late where it would land, her lap. With a shriek Ammie jumped from the table as the hot liquid made its way down the front of her skirt and uncovered legs.

She had sworn so much drunken sailors would have blushed to hear such fowl language from such a pretty mouth. By the time her two friends had managed to calm her down and magically banish both the coffee and stain a teacher had already come over to inform her that her “inexcusable” actions had resulted in the loss of twenty-eight Gryffindor House points, one for every profanity she had said, well more like yelled at the top of her lungs. From that point on Ammie had know it was going to be a miserable day. And she was rarely ever wrong.

Her classes had been as menacing as usual, with all of her teachers now trying to cram even more work in to the semester, claiming they were aiding their students in their preparation for the N.E.W.T.S. Ammie felt that this was a lot of bull, but gracefully refrained from admitting her true feelings to the class for fear of losing more points.

With about seven hours of homework awaiting her, Ammie severely doubted she’d get much time to enjoy her weekend. As it was both Lily and Amia had their noses buried in books in the library trying to get a head start on their own work loads. Ammie had declined the invitation and was now regretting that fact, if she hadn’t felt so lethargic perhaps she would have walked down to join them now. However Ammie suspected at least one of them was no longer sitting in the high backed chairs of the library, but rather tucked away into some remote corner of the castle locking lips with their boyfriends.

Not that she could really blame them. No, she figured she’d probably be doing the same thing right now if she even knew where the elusive Sirius Black had scampered off to earlier this evening. He had promised to return, but that had been at least three hours ago. Ammie was beginning to worry he was off trying to prank one of his own three best friends. Cringing at this thought Ammie chanced a glace around the common room. The Marauders were undeniably missing in action.

She continued to gaze out longingly at her classmates around her, but she didn’t say a single word. That small feeling of depressions she sometimes got was beginning to creep its way into her chest weighing her down like a rock. Ammie hated feeling like this, she felt like she was going to cry. Feeling the tears burning her eyes, she covered her face. If she had even just a little more energy at the time, she would have dragged herself from the chair that was now swallowing her up, and gone up the stairs to sleep. But feeling rather lethargic she stayed even as the tears spilled from her eyes down her face and onto the cream colored sweater she’d changed into after her classes. No one seemed to notice her, and that suited her just fine; she hated to cry in front of anyone.

Wallowing in her self pity and frustration, Ammie jumped when she felt a pair of muscular arms pull her up from her seat only to redeposit her now quivering frame in their owner’s lap.

“S’matter Rose?” the voice of her captor asked soothingly as his hand began to stroke her back. Ammie buried her head into his chest inhaling deeply the familiar scent of mint, aftershave and the forest that always accompanied Sirius Black. She didn’t answer him, she didn’t want to, all she wanted to do was stay there held in his arms until the feeling of being an over worked seventh year student subsided.

Sirius didn’t press her for an answer; he was content to know she would tell him in time. For now his job was to wait for the tears to stop doing what ever he could to make her happier. He kissed the top of her head lightly as he continued to rub his hand in comforting circles on her back.

“It’s okay Rose,” he whispered, tilting her face towards him so he could wipe her tears off with his handkerchief. He gave her a reassuring smile before kissing her forehead. Ammie smiled back at him her eyes beginning to dry, she closed them, her head resting against his chest.

“I love you,” she whispered, “thank you.” Her eyes popped open when she felt something drop into her lap. There, sat two premium Honeyduke’s chocolate bars wrapped in silver and gold foil.

“I love you too Ammie Rose,” Sirius replied. “This is where I was, you looked like you needed something chocolaty to make you better.” Ammie laughed at this kissing the boy’s lips her hands already working to unwrap the first bar.

“And here I was happy just for your hug,” Ammie laughed. A sound Sirius loved.

AN: Just something cute, I never claimed that these had substance. But it might help you get to know the characters of Pretending to be Perfect a little bit better


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