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The Next Attack by LillyRoseanne
Chapter 17 : Faith, Hope and Love.
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Chapter 17
Faith, Hope and Love

A/N: O.k. guys this is it, please don’t kill me, but this is the final chapter, and if I get enough reviews I might do a sequel, but you’ll have to beg…lol, only joking so anyway, on with the final chapter…

All the death eaters that had been caught were escorted to Azkaban, Draco only had his hands bound, and his wand had been confiscated, after he had removed the curses from Ginny and Willow. Everyone else was back at Hogwarts in the great hall. Mr and Mrs Weasley were fussing over their daughter, and the bruise on her cheek. Willow was in the Hospital wing being looked over by Madam Pomfrey. Ron was with his parents, Ginny and Hermione. Harry was sitting in Professor McGonagall’s office; she was sitting behind the large desk in what used to be Dumbledore’s office. Harry had his head in his hands and was shaking.

“You need to go to the Hospital wing Potter.” She said

“I’m fine Professor, honest, it’s just the adrenaline.”

“If you say so Harry.” There was a long pause. “I’m proud of you, extremely proud of you, you were very brave today, and as your sister’s guardian, I would like to ask permission for her to come to school here.”

“Of course Professor, and as an honorary Auror, I must inform you that Draco Malfoy has been arrested, and will not be attending his final year of schooling.”

“Thank you, we will arrange for your sister to have private lessons, and if she can play she will be allowed to join the quidditch team as she is considerately older than a first year.”

“Thank you Professor. I will of course be returning for my final year, but I must ask, that I be able to go off site when I need to, and no restrictions to be imposed on when I have to go to bed. I would also ask for the same for Ron, Hermione, and Ginny.”

“Of course Potter, now if we are finished, we should go and check on your sister, then make our way down to the great hall, I think someone is looking for you already. Before we go, I want you to know that all the staff have faith in your abilities as Head Boy” she smiled, one of her very rare smiles

They both rose, and walked out of the office, down the spiralling staircase and along corridor after corridor, till they reached the hospital wing. Harry pushed the door open with a shaking hand and walked in. Willow was lying in the bed at the far end of the hospital wing; she looked around at them and smiled. Harry ran to her bed.

“It’s gone.” She said smiling. “It was dead, but now it’s gone, Madam Pomfrey sorted it all out.”

“I’m so sorry.” He said

“Why, why are you sorry?” she asked perplexed. “Harry, you rescued me when I thought there was no chance of it, you rekindled the flame of hope in my heart when it had gone out, I owe you everything, and I don’t blame you in the slightest for what happened with Mum, or Dad, all it shows is how much they loved each other, and us. I love you, brother.” Harry sighed in relief, she loved him, she had never known him, but she loved him. “I knew there was someone out there who wouldn’t desert me, I knew about you all along, in here.” She pointed to her heart. Harry grasped her hand.

“Thank you Willow, thank you for not breaking down in there, for looking me straight in the eye and showing no fear, you gave me the strength to fight for your survival, to bargain with him, knowing that you would cope if you did have to marry Malfoy, thank you.”

“And thank you for saving me.” she said hugging him. “Now, I think you’d better go and find Ginny, before she explodes with worry, she loves you Harry, don’t throw that away.”

He grinned at her and ran out of the Hospital wing. He ran all the way down to the great hall, and arrived in the entrance hall out of breath, to find himself face to face with Ginny. He immediately wrapped his arms around her, and hugged her, not wanting to let go. They looked at each other and smiled, Ginny closed her eyes and put her head on Harry’s chest, and listened to his heart beating.

“Thank you Harry.” She said. “Thank you for everything.”

“I Love you Ginerva Weasley.”

“I Love you too Harry Potter.”

A/N: There you go, that’s it, bit of a soppy ending, and yet again I find myself writing something that would NEVER happen nothing has a happy ending NOTHING! Except in the world of films and books where everything is predictable and all goes exactly to plan, Harry potter is slightly more realistic than that though, at least people die like they do in real life, but anyway, I will stop rambling like I do in my blogs sometimes, so, Thanks for reading, like said earlier, if you want a sequel, BEG! Lol thanks to all my readers! Now click in the review box, write one click submit, go on make my day, you know you want to!
Thanks * ~ Lilly Roseanne~*

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