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Are You Happy Now? by FreakOut13
Chapter 5 : A White Rose
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Disclaimer: Everything you recognize -- such as the characters, certain spells, and the Wizarding community -- belong to JK Rowling. I don't pretend to be the second-richest woman in the world... But I wish I was! Any characters or plots you aren't familiar with came from me.

Note: This story was written many years ago. As the author, I do not wish for you to think that my writing style is this sloppy or that I have no grasp on Mary-Sues or clichés. If I could go back and re-write this story and take out elements that some may find overdone, I would. Please plug through this if you find it somewhat interesting as I assure you that the actual writing gets better. Thanks!

Gorgeous new chapter image by the lovely bellatrixx at TDA! Thanks, Sam!

I grinned to myself as I left the bathroom. Then I gathered my Charms book, The Standard Book of Spells, and my Transfiguration book, Advanced Transfiguration. I went through my schedule quickly in my head before leaving. Charms, free period, lunch, free period, Transfiguration, free period. Today was sure to be boring, right?


I stuffed my books into my bag and fixed the bag's strap on my shoulder. I was just thinking about how even though the school year had barely begun, I was getting more and more distant to Hilary, Savannah, Kamilah, and Leah. All they seemed to do was ignore me. I needed to find new friends.

Surely, that wouldn't be too hard. I already had Remus.

I walked out the door and into the Common Room where Remus, Sirius, James, and Peter were talking and sitting on the lounge chairs.

"I know, I know, I will. Don't get your knickers in a bunch, Moony," Sirius said. "I'll do it as soon as--"

But Sirius never finished. Remus cut him off as I found the first cute guy to flirt with.

"Uh... Padfoot?" Remus said slowly.

"Hmm?" Sirius asked.

Remus pointed at me, as I saw from the corner of my eye. I kept talking to the boy in front of me.

James, Sirius, Remus, and Peter's heads turned to see me with a group of Gryffindor seventh years. I was sitting in one of their laps, smiling and making small talk flirtatiously while the other four guys tried to get my attention.

Sirius saw me and froze, jaw dropped and anger boiling inside of him.

"What is she doing?" James asked rhetorically, slightly stunned himself.

Sirius got up with an angry expression on his face, but the three other guys pulled him back down.

"Sirius -- you two are arguing, remember? It'll just make things worse if you go over there, mate," James said.

"What is she playing at? And why does she have her tie around her head?" Sirius asked randomly and confusedly.

The boys laughed and Sirius looked at all of them, tearing his eyes away from me.

"What are you laughing at? You think its funny she's going to walk around like that all day?" Sirius asked.

The boys stopped laughing but found it difficult to suppress it any further.

"No, not that, it's just... you can be completely off subject sometimes and not even know it!" Peter spoke up, chortling at points with the other guys. Sirius gave in and smiled slightly, anger -- and jealously, no doubt -- still inside him.

He looked at me one more time and then looked away.

I got up off of the seventh year's lap.

"Does anybody want to walk me to Charms class?" I asked sweetly, loud enough for the Marauders to hear.

All the guys in the room (save Sirius, James, Remus, and Peter) rushed over to me, and I smirked. It was all an act, and that was all it would remain.

"Alright, alright, boys, I guess all of you can if you really want to. You don't have to, you know," I said.

"We want to," one guy said.

"Yeah, here, give me your bag, I'll carry it for you!" another one piped.

"Hey, why should YOU get to? Why can't I?" a different one asked.

"Because it was MY idea, you git!"

"Boys! Please, calm down! Thank you for the offer... erm... What's your name?" I questioned.

"Michael!" he said excitedly.

"Yeah, that's it. Thank you for offering Michael, but I don't want my bag to cause too much trouble. I'll just carry it," I giggled, my high pitch a toxic sound.

The boy called Michael nodded, a bit disappointed, along with the rest of the boys.

"Well I can't be late, so let's go, shall we?" I asked, smiling brightly.

They all nodded and assisted me to Charms. I took notice of where their ties were, and all of them were around their heads, just like mine.

I smiled to myself, but I couldn't help but feel that it wasn't in my nature to like all of this attention. I was just pretending so I could make Sirius think I enjoyed it and make him feel like he wished he never said that Matt Findley was wrong for me. On my way out, Potter's crush walked by us without glancing at me.

I walked to the Charms classroom and noticed a girl in the corner, alone. I also noticed Matt Findley talking to his one and only friend, Chase Bryant.

I quickly said my good-byes to the boys and they all left, looking sad. I rolled my eyes and entered my first Charms class of the year.

I knew Professor Mendy was retiring from her post as Charms Professor because she was very old, indeed. Frumpy, even. What I didn't know was she would be replaced by a young, handsome, and fresh Professor.

He smiled at me, looking me up and down.

Unprofessional much? He's not supposed to do that, he's a professor! But he is a very hot professor, I thought, uncertain.

He had sexy, jet black hair that was matted down to the side of his head and in his eyes. His eyes were black and full of mystery. His robes were black and his pants are also black, but the shirt under his robes was black with a white tie.

I stared into his eyes, but my connection was broken, seeing as how Lily Evans stomped into the room, all angry and upset. She chose a seat in the front row.

Wonder what's up with her... better go check it out, I thought, taking charge.

I made my way over to Lily and sat down.

Lily's Point of View

I walked into the common room, hoping to go up to my dorm to get my Charms books together.

"Hey, Evans, come over here," James Potter said from across the room. I rolled my eyes.

What does he want now? I contemplated, walking over to the Marauders.

"What is it, Potter?" I asked impatiently.

"Nothing," James said. I clenched my jaw and stared up at the ceiling for three seconds and looked back at him, mad that he was wasting my time. Always thinking of himself and no one else...

"I just wanted to tell you something..." he said. I looked at him with a Go-On face, and he did just that. "I wanted to let you know... you have the most beautiful eyes I have ever seen."

I rolled my eyes. He was playing mind games with me, wasn't he?

"Well thanks, but I have to go," I said and turned around. James grabbed my arm gently.

"Wait, I'm not finished yet. I have an idea that I thought up. I'd love to share it with you," he said with absolute arrogance.

"What?" I waited for him to finish. Regrettably.

"I think it would be a good idea if you were to be my girlfriend," James smiled.

I narrowed my eyes. "Potter, you need a BRAIN in order to have an IDEA," I said, trying to get away again.

He grabbed my arm gently and asked, "So, that's a yes, right?"

"Potter, nothing can change my mind! I will NOT go out with you, end of story!" I made an uproar, rolling my eyes and trying yet again to get away. He just grabbed my arm again.

"I bet this will," he said and pulled my waist into him with his left hand. His right hand lay on my right cheek, and he kissed me on the lips softly. At first, I did nothing, and then I tried to get away. I succeeded, and the Marauders just laughed at James's attempts to make me fall in love with him the way Sirius tried to get Kris Lupin to fall in love with him.

I hastily pulled away and slapped James's right cheek. He released me, clutching his face. It had a fresh, tingling, pink hand print on it.

"Were you born idiotic or do you have to work at it?" I asked, not expecting an answer. I just walked away with James yelling.

"I know you'll love me some day, and that day will be soon, mark my words, Evans! Oh, and by the way, I KNOW you liked that kiss!" James smiled, despite his printed cheek. He was lucky I wasn't wearing a ring.

I rolled my eyes and went up to my dorm room to find my Charms and Transfiguration books.

Once I got them, I walked down to Charms class, alone, and sat down, angry and upset.

A minute later, Kristin Lupin sat down next to me, probably noticing the mad emotions shining through my emerald-green eyes.

Kris's Point of View

"Lily, are you okay? What happened?" I asked Lily.

"Potter is an ass," Lily said, looking up, and then at me. "Kris, have you gone mad? Why are you dressed like... like... that?!"

"Black pissed me off, so I'm trying to make him jealous and angry," I replied.

Just then, the four Marauders walked into the room and sat down in the back; James and Sirius together, Remus and Peter together.

"Oh, so Sirius has been bothering you, has he?" Lily asked, understanding the feeling.

"Oh yeah," I said, nodding my head up and down a couple times. "Hey, Lily! You know what would be fun?"

Lily looked into my black eyes. Wait... black?

When my eyes were black, it meant I had strong emotions... but none of them were certain. Like... I could feel pain and anger at the same time.

"No, what?" she asked, scrunching up her eyebrows and pulling a loose strand of her auburn hair behind her ear.

"If you dressed like this with me, only for today though, of course!" I exclaimed excitedly.

"I dunno, Kris..." Lily hesitated.

"Come on, it'll be fun, Lily! James won't know what hit him!" I egged her on.

"Well... alright, what the hey, I'll do it," Lily gave in, smiling. A symbol of revenge.

Lily pulled out her wand to make the arrangements to her make-up-less face and full wardrobe. I put my hand on hers.

"Maybe I should do it?" I offered kindly and she nodded, shrugging. It was difficult to do magic on yourself. The position and movements of the wand had to be just right.

I smiled and pulled out my holly wood wand.

I flicked it, and Lily's skirt shortened to the same height as mine. I flicked it again, and her robe and vest disappeared. Her top three buttons were undone like mine, too.

I did it again, and her beautiful face was covered in make-up; gold-glittered cheeks (like mine), heavy black eye-liner and mascara, and dark green eye-shadow to match her envious eyes. She also had clear lip gloss on with tiny, shimmering sparkles in it.

I smiled and pulled out a mirror. The Professor had been watching me the whole time.

"You like it?" I asked her, and she smiled.

"Of course, this is great," Lily said in awe. I smiled widely and put my hand held mirror back in my messenger bag.

The whole class was staring at me when the teacher spoke up.

"Well... what's your name?" he asked me.

"Kristin Lupin, sir," I said boldly.

"Well, Kristin--" he started.

"Call me Kris," I requested quietly, smiling.

"Okay, KRIS, have you always been so good at Charms?" he asked.

"I dunno... I guess," I said, shrugging.

He smiled and said, "Well, would you like to demonstrate how to... change the color of somebody's hair?"

"Umm... I could, but I think Sirius Black can do it better than me," I snarled in disgust, remembering how Sirius changed Severus Snape's hair and robes pink.

"Huh?" the Professor asked.

"Never mind. Fine, I'll give it a go," I said, forgetting about it. "Who do you want me to do it to?"

"Well, how about me?" he asked suggestively, shrugging.

"You, the Professor -- want me, the student -- to charm you?" I asked in utter disbelief.

"Sure. Why not?" he asked.

I laughed. "But you're a -- never mind. Okay, stand back," I said, raising my eyebrows.

He stepped back with his hands up in the air to around neck-length, making me laugh.

"Luminarium capillus!" I said, pointing my wand at the professor's hair. Next, his robes. "Perspicuus sudo!"

Everybody laughed. I changed his hair to blonde and his robes and pants and shirt to a pale yellow, matching his hair. His tie turned a vivid shade of a sapphire blue.

I giggled and smiled at the Professor, and he rolled his black eyes.

"Highly amusing, I think," he said sarcastically.

I curtsied for the whole class and took a seat.

"Thank you, Kris. Oh, that brings me to some explaining. I won't be like those old teachers and call you Miss or Mister; I'll just be calling you by your preferred names. No made up names, though, please," he said. "How rude of me not to introduce myself--"

He noticed the whole class was still snickering about his outfit. He pointed his wand at himself and non-verbally changed himself back to normal.

"--As I was saying, let me introduce myself. My name is Ryan Diffy. As you might have noticed... my last name screams 'make fun of me!' so I will ask you not to call me Professor Diffy. Just call me Professor Ryan. Got it?"

Everybody nodded and all the girls smiled. The boys just rolled their eyes.

"Now -- let's begin. We will be practicing how to change the color of various objects..." He droned on until the bell rang.

"I want all of you to come to class with an object -- any object at all -- next time we'll be practicing! Good day!" Professor Ryan said.

I smiled as I put my book away. I started walking out of the room with Lily when I noticed the girl in the corner spilled some of her parchment all over. So I decided to go and help her. Lily did the same.

"Oh, eww! A spider... there's a spider on my Potions essay!" she shrieked, and I bent down to help her.

"It's okay, just use your wand to make it disappear!" I suggested as Lily picked up the parchment.

"Oh, right! I must've forgotten! I don't really like spiders, guess it freaked me out. Oh, hi, I'm Amber--" she began until I cut her off.

"--Morton. Yeah, I know who you are, Amber. We've been in the same classes since first year," I chuckled, pulling out my wand to make the spider disappear.

She grabbed her Potions essay, free of any spiders. "Right... Right. Heh. Thanks for helping me out, Kris... Lily..."

We all stood up.

Lily replied. "No problem, we're glad to help out a friend."

"Friend?" Amber asked.

Lily and I smiled. "In the words of Professor Ryan... Sure, why not?" I smirked.

"I heard that, Kris!" Professor Ryan said from across the room.

"I know you did!"

Ryan shook his head, smiling.

"Anyway, would you like to join our little group here?" Lily asked, pointing at her clothes. Amber nodded, smiling.

She was a very pretty girl, not that we would really exclude her if she wasn't. She had long brown hair, brown eyes, a pretty face with clear skin, and stood five feet and five inches tall.

"Okay, let's let Kris do it since she seems to be best," Lily laughed.

"Fine with me!" Amber smiled.

"Okay," I said. I pulled my wand out after Lily and Amber nodded, and I smiled.

I made Amber's outfit look like mine and Lily's, then I thought it would be a nice spin to put soft, bouncy curls in her long, brown hair. It looked good like that.

I made her have a small amount of eye-liner, along with mascara, and I made her wear black eye-shadow and the same gold glitter on her cheeks. She also got some dark pink lip gloss. She looked cute. But she was one of those girls that didn't need make-up to look pretty.

"Looking good, Amber, but we have to go, ha," I said and got packed up.

"You curled my hair?" she asked in awe. "Isn't that hard?"

"Not really, it's just the same," I said while Lily nodded.

"Oh, I've never curled my hair with magic before. Maybe I'll do it more often," she shrugged and we all smiled, and the day went on.


As we walked into the Great Hall, all heads turned to us. We all smiled and sat at the end of the Gryffindor table, Lily next to Amber and me sitting opposite them.

Remus kept staring at Amber. It's amazing how one tries doing something such as getting noticed and you succeed in such a way, even if it wasn't the right kind of attention. I already knew we looked... well, cheap. Really, really cheap. We were the press-on nails of the manicure world.

Lily and Amber started chatting up a storm while I just sat there, thinking quietly to myself.

Sirius keeps glancing over here... and he looks sorry. Wait a minute... I care? No way, I could care less! Fine, that's a lie, so shoot me... I can't wait until this fight with Sirius is over... but still! I'm not forgetting what he said about Matt being wrong for me. How should Sirius know? Maybe it's like what Remus said, I thought.

I was so stupid... I'm not going to get Matt's attention looking like this! I should just... be myself. Matt is smart like that and doesn't care if my face is covered in make-up or anything. I can't believe Professor Ryan let Lily and I go through his class looking like this...He must be cool like that, I guess, I thought some more.

I ate lunch and couldn't help notice James staring at Lily in awe. He had hunger in his eyes... and not for food, either.

"Lily, look," I said, pointing at James. James quickly looked away as Lily, Amber, and I giggled.

"What's up with Potter?" Amber asked.

"Huge crush on Lily, but Lily keeps pushing him away for some reason..."

"For some reason?!" Lily asked in disbelief. "Kris, he's been bugging me for SO long! I would think with his brains he'd take a hint, but--"

"Ha! You just admitted it! You said James has brains, even though you told me in Charms you told him he doesn't!" I said in triumph. "When are you going to actually give in to him?"

"When you finally give into Sirius!" Lily said.

"Oh, come on, Sirius is a completely different story, Lily. He keeps--"

"Bugging you? Ignoring your hints that point to No-Way-In-The-World? It's the same story with Potter! They're best friends, they get it from each other," Lily said, the triumph now flowing through her.

"Fine, but he has to know that bugging me will get him nowhere! Same with James..." I said.

"I agree," Lily said. I smiled and started talking to Amber.

"So, Amber, is anybody pestering you?"

"No. But I do like somebody..." Amber said, trailing off. She must have been a trusting person because she only just started talking to us today. And she was willing to admit something like that. I knew I would never have done such a thing.

"Really? Who do you like?" Lily said.

"Er... I'll tell you, so long as you don't tell him or try to hook us up," Amber said darkly.

"Deal," I said immediately.

"Okay. I like... I like Remus," she said quietly.

I gasped. "My cousin?"

"Shh!" Amber said, using her hands to stop me from talking, shaking them like a mad-woman. "Yes, your cousin."

"This is great! Last year, he had the biggest crush on you, ever! He'll be happy to know this information once I -- don't... tell him..." I said, remembering the promise I just made to Amber.

"He had a crush on me? Why? What did he say?" Amber asked, excited.

"He said it started when he asked to borrow a quill from you to do his essay. You remember, don't you?" I asked.

"Hmm... Oh, yeah! That's when it began for me, too!" Amber said.

"Yeah, well, when he borrowed it from you, he accidentally broke it and he felt horrible! And then he told me how nice you were about it and you said 'Don't worry about it,' and that you didn't mind he broke it. He said you were really sweet," I told Amber.

"That's right, he was the same way! It was cute how he apologized a million times after I kept telling him that it was alright," Amber said, practically clapping and jumping up and down.

"D'you think next Hogsmeade trip we can get you two to go together?" Lily asked, also excited for Amber.

"I hope so..." Amber stated.

She smiled along with Lily and me. We finished our lunch quickly and went to the common room.

I decided to at least put a robe on so McGonagall wouldn't get too mad with the three of us.


"When I call your name, you shall answer me with a 'here' or a 'hello'. Understand?" the 35 year old witch with raven-black hair and dark green eyes said.

Everyone in the room nodded their heads, and I noticed Matt Findley in this class.

Butterflies fluttered in my stomach. I barely ever got that feeling... Except when Sirius touched me.

McGonagall quickly took attendance, then proceeded on to the lesson. "Okay, today we will be discussing the importance of this subject and how it will let you further into your preferred field of studies."

She droned on, and at the end of class, I worked my flirty-side and talked to Matt, getting two "good lucks" from my two new friends.

"Hi," I said with a smile.

He looked up and looked into my eyes. Then he looked me up and down. He looked all around to see who I was talking to.

"Hi?" he said uncertainly. He didn't expect me to actually know who he was or talk to him; he was the shy, studious kind of guy.

"Can we talk, Matt?" I asked kindly. He nodded slowly and shoved Chase out of the seat next to him.

Lily and Amber were pretending to gather their books in the front row in front of Matt and I, really trying to listen to how things are going.

The Marauders stayed behind as well, trying to listen to what was going on, if I was finally making my move.

"Well... what brings you to me?" he asked nicely.

"Oh... I just thought it would be nice if we were to hang out sometime, you know, as friends of course," I smiled.

"Ah... Alright, when's good for you?" Matt asked, smiling shyly, but cutely.

"How about tonight? We can... you know... talk in the Common Room or work on our homework, maybe even go for a walk on the Grounds," I suggested.

"Okay, that sounds brilliant, I'll meet you in the Common Room after dinner and we'll decide what to do then," Matt said happily. "You know... I really didn't think you were into me."

"Oh, why wouldn't I be?" I asked.

He smiled, and I heard Sirius come over (with Peter, James, and Remus, of course) and before Matt could reply to me, Sirius sent a hex at Matt.

"Hey! Watch it! That almost hit me!" Matt said.

"That was kind of the point," Sirius said angrily.

"What do you think you're doing?" McGonagall said. "And what are all of you still doing here? Explain."

We can't tell her I wanted to ask Matt out. That would be embarrassing... I thought.

When nobody explained, McGonagall gave everybody in the room detention.

"What? But half of us didn't do anything!" Peter said, and I agreed.

"That doesn't matter! You shouldn't have stayed here, now I will see all nine of you in detention at 8:00pm sharp!" McGonagall said and we all left.

"Thanks a lot, Black," I spat, and he looked sorrier than ever. "Now I won't be having that date with Matt."

"Look, I didn't mean--" he started, but I cut him off.

"Sure, whatever, guess I'll see you in detention," I said and stalked off with Lily and Amber.

"This is so unfair! Chase didn't even do anything accept wait for Matt by the door!" I said to them.

"Yeah, and we were only waiting for you! Now all of us have detention. I've never had detention! I'm a Prefect! I don't do well in detention and I shouldn't have to go!" Lily complained.

"I've never been in detention either... What d'you reckon she'll make us do?" Amber asked.

"Who knows, probably lines or something," I said.

"Have you ever had detention?" Lily asked.

"Unfortunately, yes, I've gotten into just as much trouble as the Marauders have," I said, clenching my teeth.

"That's hard to believe," Amber and Lily said in unison.

"Not for me," I laughed.

We all went to the common room and got situated. I took my things upstairs, and I found a white rose on my bed with a note attached to it.

"What the...?" I said aloud.

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