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How To Save A Life by goodbyetoyou
Chapter 1 : He Wouldn't Care
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How to Save a Life

Chapter One: He Wouldn’t Care

Disclaimer: I don't own anything you recognize. That is the amazing talent of J.K Rowling. This goes throughout the story, I DON'T OWN HARRY POTTER. Ooo, but the things I would do if I did... AMAZING CHAPTER BANNERS BY COURTNEY A.K.A. overdose x3!!!!!!

She sighed throwing the last of her stuff into her trunk. Her beautiful brown hair in a messy bun and the grey faded sweat pants she was wearing made her look tired. She heard a whimper from the corner of the room and rushed over there. Her daughter was awake.

Conceived when her parents were only 15 and born when they were 16. Of course the father knew nothing about the child. The mother, Jamie Smith, fell in love. ‘Fell in love with a boy out of her league,' she would say. Found out it all was a bet in the end. Jamie’s daughter, Lorelai Lily Smith, was almost a year.

Jamie’s parents, Ryan and Laura, were average people. Two middle class workers trying to get by. They owned a small coffee shop. They lived in the outskirts of London. They both were purebloods, but believed that muggle borns were just as good and raised their children that way. When Jamie’s parents found out they were shocked, Jamie was always a quiet, brilliant child. They tried to help though, and let her be home schooled for a year. They loved their grandchild very much.

As Jamie rocked the child there was a knock on the door.

“Come in,” Jamie called rubbing Lorelai’s back, Lorelai’s nickname was Rory.

“Hey, it’s my favorite girls,” Smiled a blonde boy sitting on Jamie’s bed. Jamie’s room had been turned into a nursery when she had the baby. Bright yellow walls, with tons of children toys. Jamie said she didn’t need stuff for her, just a cot. ‘I have Rory,’ She would say, ‘that’s all I need.’

The boy who had sat on the cot was Jamie’s brother, Tyler. He was her hero. He took off his 7th year of school to help Jamie with everything. Although her parents were great about it, Tyler was different. He didn’t talk about how much she would miss school, like her parents did. He talked with her about her fears: Giving birth (it was supposed to hurt like, hell, and it did, she would say), would she be a bad mom, what would she say to everyone? Stuff like that.

Anyway unlike Jamie, who did all her 6th year work so she could go back to 7th year, Tyler just didn’t do his work. So he could go back with her. Although they were a year apart they were closer than twins.

“Hi,” Jamie said talking Rory’s hand and waving to him. Jamie was happy, although going back to her school, Hogwarts, would be hard, sneaking around, she was happy.

“Packed for school?” Tyler asked rhetorically, it was obvious because her trunk was closed and sealed.

“That’s so weird,” Jamie said, “School. It seems like we’ve been gone forever.”

“Seeing McGonagall again, that’s weird, and Slughorn,” Tyler shouted and lowered his voice when Rory let out a, ‘No!’ He gave a disgusted look to Jamie, “Why are we going back?” Jamie ignored him and went on to talk about how much she missed her best friend, Lily Evans. She hadn’t seen her since Easter Break; Lily’s parents had taken her to Paris for the summer.

Lily Evans was the most gorgeous girl with long red hair and sparking green eyes. Jamie had been best friend with her since they were 11. Lily believed that what the guys had done was wrong, but he never mentioned the guys in the bet, and for that Jamie was grateful. She was ready to move on, but having a little brown eyed girl made it hard. Lily hated both the guys, just like Jamie did, and Tyler. Jamie also suspected that Lily knew she still had a thing for that horrible guy.

“You are going to behave, right,” Jamie said tensing up and suddenly feeling nauseous at the though of seeing him again.

“Yes mom,” Tyler said sighing.

“You know what I mean, Tyler,” Jamie laid Rory back down.

“Yes, love, but are you going to tell him,” Tyler said, although he wanted to kill the boy who bet on his little sister he was worried. Jamie had a child and the father was going to be in the same school with her for a year. Tyler never voiced his opinion on the subject; he remembered the first time he did. He ended up with purple hair, but that was back when she was crazy hormonal. He was so torn, he thought that the guy should know, but the same time he didn’t want such a bastard around Rory. If this was the conflict in Jamie’s head, he would probably die.

“No,” Jamie said immediately, not looking at Tyler, “Would it make a difference? He’s all about the party. Sirius Black wouldn’t care if he had a child.” The more she said it, the more she believed it.

A/N: WELCOME! To how to save a life! ok hii i'm goodbyetoyou! Ok you guys see that little box at the bottom? that is my best friend. I really love reviews. If you guys have anything to say to me please review, because it is so important to me. I'll try to update about once a week, but school gets hard sometimes so if I don't I'm sorry! Ok well I know it's short but it will get longer, ok please go write something in that little box! Preview of next chapter:

“Tyler, love,” She said while turning to Tyler who was reading his books while muttering, ‘Bloody insane!’ “Will you first stop swearing in front of my kid, and number two watch her while I find Lily?”

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