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Married By Mistake by TrevorTheFrog
Chapter 8 : Chapter 8: Moving Out
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Hermione set out to find her own apartment the day after they came back from the carnival. She knew that she was becoming attracted to Draco. Now the only way she could think of to keep herself away from him, was to move away. And that is exactly what she did. She found a tiny hovel-like suite down near the swimming pools. It was quite funny, really how she wanted to pick a place near the swimming pools where she knew Draco went every single morning. It was even more interesting how the window to her bathroom looked over the swimming pool.

She opened the door to Draco running around shirtless rummaging under the sofas and tables.

Noel was running around with one shoe on.

“Found it, Daddy!” she screamed, pulling a shoe out from under a sofa cushion.

He collapsed onto the sofa right there, “What is it doing in the sofa? It should be in your closet.”

“Hey, y’all,” Hermione said enthusiastically.

“Hi, ‘Ermione,” Noel beamed with a giant grin and a tight hug. This is how she greeted Hermione every morning and wished her good night, every night.

“Howdy,” Draco said lamely. “Breakfast on the table if you want some.”

“Noel, your bus is going to come, you’re going to be late,” he said, pulling a stretchy Under Armor shirt on. His hair was open, not in his usual pony tail (more like little tiny thing at the back of the head).

“I’m going,” she said, stuffing a donut in her mouth. And the little girl picked up her Dora the Explorer back pack, took her dad’s hand.

“I’ll be back in a second,” he said to Hermione.

And he really was, back in a second, multiplied by like 500.

Hermione sat, her legs crossed, in her yoga pants and a giant Quidditch sweatshirt, when he came back.

He sat down across from her. “I never got a chance to say, with Noah and all, how much fun I had yesterday.”

“Yeah, it was real fun,” she said. “Uh…I’m moving out.”

His eyebrows went up way high, “Really?”

“Mmhmm. Today, actually, I signed all the paperwork,” she said. She didn’t want to leave, honestly. This place was so homey with its squishy leather sofa and big blue coffee mugs. When she was living with Viktor, she drank from china tea cups all day long. And it was a terrible insulator.

“And we were just beginning to have fun as a married couple,” Draco said.

“Hmm, yeah.” Hermione was scared she would say something stupid.

“Do you need any help moving in? I mean, I could help if you want,” he suggested casually. He was kind of sad inside; he did not want her to leave him. She was beginning to grow on him.

“It’s really okay, I could easily magic it into the new place,” she said, and his face suddenly went sullen.

“I cannot believe I forgot you still did that crap. My bad,” he said, getting up and gathering his hair back into a little pony tail at the back of his head. He left to his room and she stood a bit shocked. She could not believe that he had truly given up magic after the horrible incident during the war. Sure, she had been affected dearly too, but she would never give up her powers.

And he was such a talented man. She felt regret, though, when she had denied his help and aroused the “M” word that she knew tortured him.

She knocked on his door. “What?”

“I would love some help,” she said persuasively.

“I thought you could use your pressure rod for that,” he said, obviously referring to her wand.

“It’s not a rod, just because you gave up magic, does not mean that others cannot use it. I happened to love who I am, and I do not need your approval for it.”

He opened the door, already dressed in his work clothes, a brown leather blazer, a white shirt and black jeans.

He looked at her with pained eyes, “Hermione, I’m sorry if I offended you, but you know what happened. And nothing is going to change my decision. Now if you need help, I’m happy to lend a pair of hands.”

He opened the door to her room, “Sure isn’t a lot in here.”


Hermione stood on top of the toilet seat looking through the window from her bathroom.

If Hermione had a hand gun with her, she would surely shoot that flirtatious bitch that was sitting next to him on the pool ledge.

The brunette woman sat with her long hair hanging off of her shoulder and her black Speedo curving over every curve on her curvy body.

Draco’s hair was open and plastered all over his head, and he threw back his head and laughed at something she said to him.

“Stupid bastard, flirting with some next chick,” Hermione muttered. The woman kissed him on the cheek, smiled and left the pool. He sat, smiling like a doofus.


There was a knock at her door. Hermione opened it to see Draco smiling like a fool at her.

“Can I come in?” he asked her, and invited himself in.

She did not have any furniture to sit on for the time being, so he hopped onto the counter.

“I wanted to ask if you wanted to come with me to a dinner party tonight,” he asked her out.

She was totally dumbfounded. What had happened to the brunette babe?

“Uh. Yeah. Sure…I mean…that would be wonderful.”

a/n: I know this was not a greeeeatttt chapter but I promise the next one will be spectacular. This is just a fill in, and the main plot will start from the beginning of the next chapter.

PLEASE REVIEW…good or bad…I love them.

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Married By Mistake: Chapter 8: Moving Out


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