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A Letter Too Late by nazozink
Chapter 1 : What is This, An Elaborate Prank?
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A/n Hi I realize that Hogwarts would’ve sent someone to find out if they were coming. Or at the very least they would send more letters. Well here is my excuse to that.
The letter never made it to her because the letter was never sent. No one ever realized she was a witch until this year. SO with out further ado here is Chapter One of A Letter Too Late. Enjoy
Chapter One: What is This, An Elaborate Prank?

Hi my name is Paula Brook. And believe it or not, I’m a witch. Yes this does sound out of the ordinary I realize. But hey, that’s probably not the least of my troubles is it. I actually took the news pretty well, for the most part. No, the thing that bothers me the most is the fact I’m sitting here as we speak covered in gravy, jellybeans and chicken noodle soup. How you might ask did I wind up in this predicament? Well the answer is quite easy now that I think of it but how ‘bout we take it from the beginning, that way you can get the motive.

It all started on that on destiny filled day when my Letter came. I had just gotten home from the local swimming pool. I let myself in along with a couple of select friends when I saw it. A tiny piece of parchment just lying there on the counter. My mum not so subtly asked my friends to leave. I was a little confused.

“Paula you’re a witch.” I was taken aback by this news. I was not thinking hocus pocus, I was thinking that she was mad at me or something.

“Mum what did I do?” I asked trying to figure out what I did wrong.

“Apparently you were born.”

“What! You’ve been mad at me since I was born!” Mum looked a little confused.

“No, no, no. Sweetie you’re a witch as in you have magical powers and you need to a wand. So we should go shopping.” I looked at her. Then I realized what she was getting at.

“Were are the cameras?” A dashed off, looking for the hidden Cameras of a new reality TV show. I left no stone un-turned. That’s when I realized there were no Cameras.

“Honey, it’s true you are a witch.” She said calmly handing me a letter. I looked at the single piece of paper that was probably going to change my life. I read it over and over in my head. Was it some sort of elaborate prank? No, it didn’t feel like that, I couldn’t explain why it just didn’t. Sure I had pulled some great pranks in my time that mislead people into believing things that weren’t true, but this it felt like if I doubted it, I would be wrong.

I looked at the school supply list. Caldron, Wand, robes, Potion kit, books for all different classes. Were was I to get this stuff? The local pharmacy and bookstores? They were out of their minds if they thought I knew were to get this stuff.

“Uh, Mum? When you said shopping were did you intend on going?” I asked. She stopped in her place. I guess she hadn’t considered that. She stood there for a moment pondering this dilemma.

“They also sent another letter.” She pulled out another note from her bag. “It says if we have any questions to send an owl. They also mentioned a place to get your supplies, it’s called Diagon ally. Funny, an owl? That doesn’t seem logical but-”

“Mom where’s Diagon Ally?” I asked wanting to get to the point. I certainly haven’t gone past it before.

“Oh, yes that, they give us a name of a pub were we should go and the owner will help us from there.” I looked at her again was she serious? A pub with alcoholic beverages? A school wanted us to go there.

“Where is the school?” I asked, trying to figure out if that too was somewhere out there.

“ Oh I don’t know us ‘muggles’ as they put it cant see it for protection of their- your kind. All I know is that it’s a boarding school.” I gasped; she was willing to give up her only child to a boarding school!

“Wait a minute your willing to give up your only child up to a boarding school?” My mom frowned.

“Your not an only child, you have a little sister remember? She about ya high.” She reminded me holding up her hands to show the height of her.

“I don’t consider Lauren my sister, she’s just some random person who lives with us and eats my food.” Simply mum didn’t buy it.

“ Oh that explained how she shares you same blonde hair and the same brown eyes and the same freckles.”

“She does not look like me! I’m much taller! Hey if I’m a witch then is Lauren too?” Darn if she is then she could be even more trouble.

“We don’t know yet. But lets get going to this place.”

After we found a babysitter for Lauren, haha she’s only ten, we got in the car and drove to the place. It didn’t look nice actually it looked horrible. Dusty gross and yuck were just a couple of words that came to mind.

We walked into the place and there were only a couple of people in there and that’s including the manager.

“Hello?” My mom started. “Who is the manager?”
A guy with a big nose and who had rag like clothes looked up.

“I’d be the manager. What do ye want?” He asked sounding slightly annoyed.

“Oh the letter from Hogwarts said that if we needed help to find the place for school supplies to ask you, so how do we find it?” The mans eyes light up.

“Oh are you that Brooks girl? The one they told me about?” he asked me, a nodded my head. “ Oh why didn’t you say so? Just this way Ms.Brook. He lead us to a dead end was he crazy? “I’m sorry Mrs. Brook You can’t come it’s for magical creatures only rules are rules but here let me open the door.” He tapped the wall in several places. The wall began to rearrange it’s self. The bricks went all around until it formed a doorway. “I’ll wait with you Mrs. Brooks for her first stop at Greengotts to pick up some money,” he handed me a key. “Greengotts is a big building, you can’t miss it.” He paused and smiled. “I hope you enjoy Hogwarts. Feel free to buy an owl so you can write home to your mum.”

I walked out into the busy street. People were running about every which way. He was right though; I did find Greengotts right away. After getting my money I set off to get my supplies. I had gotten every thing on my list except my wand, robes and my owl.

I walked into a shop called Olavander’s wands. I got inside to a man helping another kid. After the girl left I walked up to him.

“Hello, Can a buy a wand?” The man who I assumed to be Mr. Olavander himself, smiled kindly.

“Of course.” He turned around and pulled out a tiny wand box. He must be good at the game jingo because not a single box fell when he pulled it out. He handed it to me.

“Take it out and give it a flick, it probably won’t be a match but Ill know were to go from there.” I did as I was told I gave it one quick swish and a glow instantly appeared. The man seemed a little surprised but didn’t react too much.

“I see I have become a better judge at wand giving then I’d ever hoped. It’s a perfect match. That will be 2 gallons.” I paid the man and went off to buy some robes.

I walked into the store and every one was running about. I didn’t have to wait long before some one came to help me. I was put next to a boy who had short brown curly hair. He had both of his arms out to the side of him while some measured his arms length. The lady that was helping me told me to do the same thing.

I did once again as I was told. I looked at the boy he seemed about my age. He was getting some green robes with a Slytherin patch on it. I remembered my Letter and that Slytherin was one of the houses. He must go to Hogwarts too. Before I could say anything I was being told to remain perfectly still because they had to try on a robe for me. It went perfectly over my clothes. It felt great. By the time I could move again he was gone. I walked away from the store with ten new robes. Two were red Two were purple two were green two were blue and two were dress robes, which in my opinion were just dresses. I turned down the street and went into the pet shop.

Once I was in a saw the most beautiful owl I have ever seen it had pure white feathers with just a sprinkle black on the tips of it’s wings it was perfect! I decided right then and there that was going to be my owl. I decided to get one for my mum too. Her owl wasn’t as magnificent it was just a regular white owl with gray specks.

After all this shopping I was tired. I walked back into the tavern and saw my mum. She was drinking a soda. When we got home my mum paid the babysitter and explained to my sister what I was. She seemed happy! Exited even. After the days events I was glad to be home and crashed on the bed right after dinner.

The next morning it was time to get on the train. WE ran off to the station. The only funny thing was I didn’t see a platform 9 ¾.

That’s when I saw him again, the boy from before. I ran up to him.
“Hi I’m Paula you go to Hogwarts right?” the boy stared at me then nodded.

“I’m Neil, I’m in Slytherin. What do you want?” He looked sort of annoyed.

“How do you get on the platform?”

“Easy. You walk through the wall.” He pointed to the wall that designated platforms 9 and ten. I guess I looked confused because then he added, “Just watch okay?” He then ran straight at the wall and disappeared. I said my goodbyes and did the exact same thing. I found my self-standing on the platform I was supposed to be on. I looked for Neil but he was no were I could see. I guessed he was already on the train.

I jumped on the train and found an empty compartment. I sat there staring at my bird. I was trying to see what I wanted to name it. Thinking of a name for a pet is hard. I never knew it because this is my first one but hey I think I’ve got one, Tippy! Because the tips of its wings are black! And just in case you’re wondering my mum wound up naming her owl Ash. Well my sister did.

The door to my compartment slid open. A boy with longish bleach blonde hair walked in. He sat down and we started talking. I found out his name was Lucius Malfoy, he was in Slytherin and he was really nice to talk to.

A/n Yes I realize I didn’t say how she is covered in gravy jelly beans and chicken noodle soup that is for a latter chapter. I have to explain first. Then you will know everything. Please review XP that will make me very happy
Disclaimer : I don't own any of the charcters The names of the charcters are yes my friends namesBUT the last names are not I just needed idea for first names and they fit but they are not their last names

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A Letter Too Late: What is This, An Elaborate Prank?


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