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Good-Bye by Fuego
Chapter 5 : Hole in his Heart
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Disclaimer- I think you have figured it out! I'm Fuego...NOT JKR!!!

When Harry awoke from his dreamless sleep, the first thing he did was roll over and squint at the clock. He couldn't read the numbers even if he tried. He rolled over again, grabbed his glasses and then looked at the clock 10:49 AM! He couldn't believe he had slept that long. He was starting to sit up in bed when he heard someone at the door. It was Ron checking on him.

"Hey it's about time you lazy bum!" called Ron. He turned around and motioned for someone to come in. In came Hermione.

"Morning Harry," she replied.

"Morning," yawned Harry.

"How did you sleep?" Hermione asked.


"That's good. Mate, you haven't had a perfects night sleep since Cedric, you deserved it. In fact, you and Lupin both. Mum had to give him one, much to his dismay," replied Ron.

"Are you hungry? Mrs. Weasley saved some breakfast. We wanted to wake you up, but she told us not to. She thinks like us, you could have done with a good-nights sleep,” responded Hermione.

“Yeah, I’m starving.”

“Here I’ll get it,” volunteered Ron.

Hermione sat at the edge of Harry’s bed, near his feet. She sat Indian style, smiled, then asked the dreaded question, “How are you feeling?”

He wanted to say he was fine and be done with it, but Hermione had known him to long to know that if he said that he was fine, she’d keep on instigating him. So, for once, he answered truthfully.

“I’ve been better.”

“Well, at least you’re being honest,” replied Hermione.

Harry laughed.

Ron came in a few minutes later with a tray that was presumably Harry’s breakfast. The tray included eggs, bacon, sausage, pancakes, toast, waffles, and pumpkin juice. Harry’s eyes widened at the sight of all the food. Hermione’s laugh rang throughout the room.

“I’m supposed to eat ALL of that!?”

“I’m guessing so mate, but never fear, Ron and Hermione are here, we’ll help you chow this chow down.”

Harry laughed.

After eating some eggs, bacon, sausage, pancakes, and eventually forcing down some waffles, and slurping the juice, Harry felt like if he ate anything else he’d be sick all over the place. Hermione had only eaten a bit of bacon, but she claimed she was full from breakfast. That didn’t stop Ron though, he ate his breakfast, plus at least half of Harry’s and still gazed at the clock waiting for lunch to be served.

“Hungry Ron?” questioned Hermione.

“Yeah. Why do you ask?”

“Well, considering the fact that you not only ate your own breakfast a few hours ago and now you’ve eaten at least half of Harry’s breakfast, and your looking at the clock and thinking if Remus has finished eating yet, I think you’re hungry,” replied Hermione in a matter of fact tone.

Harry laughed at Hermione’s little speech.

“Hermione, could you help me with lunch?” called Molly Weasley’s motherly voice.

“Coming!” Hermione called and climbed off the bed.

“Oh thank you dear, did Harry eat? Remus simply picked at his food.”

“Well, Harry ate a bit, I ate a strip or two of bacon and Ron ate about half of his food and Harry ate the other half and left a piece of toast, half an egg, and three strips of bacon untouched,” reported Hermione.

“At least he ate a little bit. Are you sure that he wasn’t going to eat that food, he could have been saving it.”

“He looked like he would be sick everywhere if he ate anything else.”

“He does look awfully thin, but he always gets thin during the holidays. I’m just afraid he’ll make himself sick or something. I think it’s just because of what happened last night, give him a few weeks and he’ll be better.”


“Here take these upstairs I know that a certain 16 year old son of mine is very hungry,” joked Mrs. Weasley.

“Too true.”

For the rest of the day the trio just hung out. They pretended like yesterday never happen and that seemed to help Harry, he was so much happier. They knew it would still hurt, and there would always be a hole in his heart, but right now, that hole was starting to close.

A/N- TA-DA!!!! It’s the end…I’m so sad!!!!

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