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Torn In Two by Nessa Elendil
Chapter 4 : Battle of Secrets
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Petunia had thrown down a magazine she was holding and jumped out from behind the couch on which she was sitting slumped over so Lily wouldn't see her.

"You're-" she eyed James apprehensively "-friend can leave now," Petunia said, face flushed with triumph.

"He doesn't have to leave!" Lily screamed back at her. "You have friends over all the time!"

"Oh, really? Well, I think Mum and Dad would be very interested to hear about how you've been attacked by something out of that freak world, then sneaked around with, spent the night with, and invited over to our house you freak boyfriend also from that freak school of yours!" Petunia hollered back.

"You wouldn't dare! Petunia, please! They'll pull me out!" Lily could feel hot tears rising in her eyes because of her sister for the second time that week.

James had no idea what to do. This had to be Lily's sister, and he didn't think it would help Lily's situation to hex her mouth shut, even if he did hate how she could stand there and insult Lily, this girl was obviously more of a freak than Lily could ever be.

"The better for all of us!" Petunia screamed. "I'm calling them now!"

"Petunia, no!"

But it was too late, Petunia was already dialing the number. Lily ran upstairs to her parents' room and James followed. She sat on the bed and grabbed the phone.

"Don't listen to her, Mum! She's exaggerating, she always does!"

"Lily, darling-"

"Lily, what's this about you being attacked by some inhuman creature?" her father asked.

"Dad, no, I'm fine! Really! Everything's ok!" Lily sobbed into the phone.

James gently laid a hand on her shoulder.

"And sneaking off and around with some boy we've never met?"

"But Dad, I wasn't sneaking! Honest, I was going to-"

"Lily, this isn't like you. We expected better from you. I have half a mind to pull you out of that school now."

"Mum! No! Please, I just made prefect." Lily was crying even harder now.

"Lily, we've been very supportive of you, you know that, but if this school is putting your life in danger and causing you to do uncharacteristic things that lose our trust, we don't have much of a choice. I'm sorry, Lily, but Petunia was very responsible in telling us what she did."

"Petunia's on the pill!" Lily shouted into the phone in effort to turn the conversation away from herself.

The silence over the phone said it worked.

"Girls, we will discuss this when we get home! Lily, you are not to go out with a boy we've never met, and Petunia, no friends over!" Lily's dad said sternly.

The protests began at once.

"Enough! We'll discuss this when we get home! We love you, good-bye."

The line went dead.

"I hate you, you freak! Look what you've done!" Petunia screeched through the phone.

"This was your fault! Don't blame me!" Lily slammed the phone down and began crying harder still.

James felt horrible. It was awful the way Lily's sister was treating her. Sure, he had friends who were hated by their family, but they were never told that. He didn't even care that rule-abiding Lily had just been banned from their date. He scooted closer to Lily and put his arm around her. "Shh, Lily," he said tenderly.

She cried harder. "I won't do it, James."

"Do what?"

"Sneak out, I won't, so don't ask. My parents are already thinking of pulling me out, and they will for sure if I sneak out with you."

"I wouldn't ask you to sneak out. I heard your parents say no, and I know you didn't want to go out with me anyways. But I can get my parents to come over once yours are back and explain what happened so you won't get in trouble for being out all night."

Lily looked at him, her body still shaking from crying. "You would, really?"

James nodded.

Lily stopped crying just enough to smile.

"Thank you," she said.

Her eyes were red and puffy, and tears still sled down her cheeks as she sniffled. She still looked so beautiful to James, he couldn't help himself.

He kissed her.

At first, Lily was going to push him back and slap him, but then she thought, 'Why?' After all, his hands stayed on her shoulders and his tongue behind his lips, and while she didn't quite understand the tingling sensation that started at her mouth, she did understand that she liked it.

James didn't know how long it took him for him to come to his senses, but when he did, he pulled back, planning to apologize before Lily really did hate him. "Lily, I'm-"

But he had pulled back too soon for Lily's liking. "No," she barely whispered, cutting his apology short and gently grabbing the collar of his shirt and pulling him back to her.

A/N: Sorry about not updating sooner, next chapter might take a while too cause I still have to write it. (Even then...)

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