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Beautiful Oblivion by Selene
Chapter 1 : Home
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Beautiful Oblivion

I do not own the world of Harry Potter. I only own the Original Characters that enter this magical world.

Summery: School is over and done and the former students of Hogwarts School are slowly piecing their new lives together in the middle of a war with Voldemort. Sirius Black is at ease in her arms, but the memories of those final two years still follow him. Go ahead, take the plunge, and follow him on an adventure through his past, present and his future. A world of beautiful oblivion.

Notes: This story will take place mostly in the past, in Sirius’ memories of the last two years of Hogwarts. On the occasions that a chapter will take place in the present time in his life, I will make it clear to you, the readers. I am willing to update you when this story is updated. If you would like me to do this, please tell me in a review with your email address or email me. The address can be found on my author's page. Reviews are also nice anyway and give me a little perk when I get writers block.

Chapter 1


The floors were like dark rivers of silver and gray currents, moonlight pouring through windows, spilling from one room to the next. Sofas, chairs and boxes scattered like small, battered pieces of shipwreck.

Sirius wandered through the small, cluttered home quietly, barely disturbing the area around him. So many things in this new home, his first real home, held so many memories for him; some good, some bad. Stopping before the empty fireplace, he picked up a simple, metal picture frame, its glass reflecting like a small mirror. He gazed lovingly at the image, dancing and twirling like a feather caught in a gentle breeze. It was a moment he truly never believed would happen for him. Prongs still teased him occasionally about it with a good-natured grin. He returned the photograph to its spot and studied the others around it; this was one of the first things that had been commanded to be done. The images brought dancing memories to him. Memories of Quidditch matches, dates, summer trips, snowball fights and a picture of him studying…wait, how’d that one get up here?

Sirius shook his black hair from his eyes, laughing quietly at the proof that he, Sirius Black, did indeed study in school. Of course, he wouldn’t have admitted it during those years. Ever. Though it was the middle of the night, Sirius finally started closing the window drapes, plunging the room into total darkness. With the tip of his wand, he lit an oil lamp and used it, held tight in his grip, to make his way through the sea of boxes and furniture to the cozy kitchen.

Here was another room abundant in boxes and crates, filled with utensils, pots, pans, bottles and more. Setting the lamp down in the center of a counter, Sirius rummaged through the crates to find his chosen prize.


Sirius had found it; a bottle of mulled mead, Rosmerta’s finest. Removing the cork with a bang-like pop, the young gentleman poured some of the golden liquid into a crystal goblet from another crate. The morning’s Daily Prophet lay nearby, Sirius noted as he took a drink. Reading it had become a difficult choice anymore for the fear of finding a familiar name. Fear of finding a name you could’ve saved if it weren’t for your wedding holiday.

Sirius sighed as he felt arms circle his waist, hands settling against his bare skin; he was dressed only in smooth, red pajama pants. Placing the goblet down gently, he settled his hands over her smaller ones; she was still warm from where he had left her in bed. He felt her bury her face in his back and sigh slightly. Sirius reached around and brought her forward to face him. His fingers brushed against her soft, silky skin that was as pale as the snowdrop blossoms outside. Her hair hung below her shoulder blades, slightly mussed from the little sleep she’d had. The moonlight coming in the window caused a halo to appear around her, making her hair appear blue.

Cupping her face, Sirius leaned down and kissed her gently and with fierce passion. They both returned to work tomorrow, he at the Ministry and she at St. Mungos. Though they were still just trainees, the war with the Dark Lord caused chaos in their work and lives. Sirius was constantly going off to fight Death Eaters while she helped heal those that survived the battles and the victims; he knew her nightmares were plagued by thoughts of finding him there within St. Mungos walls.

Sirius picked her up with ease, breaking their kiss. As he cradled her body to him, while he proceeded to their bedroom, his thoughts drifted to when he realized just how much he truly loved her. That night, only a few years ago, he sat beside her, guarding both her and her mother, while her father raged in his vampiric temper. She just lay there, amongst several other students, broken and tearful from the trials they all faced and beaten.

She pulled him from these thoughts as he stood over her and their bed. Pulling gently on his hand, she coaxed him to bed, smiling softly. Sirius grinned when he noticed her nightwear were boxers and shirt nicked from his dresser.

Lying next to her, his wife and love, he pulled her body close to him, holding her tight in his arms, before the real world, and its nightmares, could catch them again.

Ta da! All done. This was the first chapter of my latest story and I hope you enjoy it. I hope to have more soon. Please, don’t forget to review!

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Beautiful Oblivion: Home


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