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The Next Attack by LillyRoseanne
Chapter 16 : Down the Aisle
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Chapter 16
Down The Aisle

The music started and Willow took the arm Merin offered her. Ginny walked behind, flanked by Crabbe and Goyle, both of which had their wands up their sleeves. Willow was close to tears, she didn’t want this, or did she, at least then she wouldn’t be a servant, and she could say no to the sex at last.

Ginny was burning with fury, this was wrong; Willow didn’t want this, who would. Stupid Malfoy, why couldn’t he have kept his balls to himself? And she wasn’t aloud further than twenty feet away from him, at any time. Oh how she hated him, and her cheek still hurt.

They reached the other end of the Aisle and the music stopped. Merin passed Willow’s hand to Draco and he went and sat down in the front row with Ginny, Crabbe and Goyle on the other side of Ginny.

Jottry sat in angry silence, he was gonna kill Malfoy, the stupid Git, well maybe not kill him, but at least chop his balls off. How could he ever have felt sorry for him, Voldemort had clearly welcomed him back with open arms, even trusted him with looking after a prisoner.

Wesley sat next to Jottry, and watched the ceremony with mixed emotions, he felt sorry for Willow at being pregnant with Malfoy’s child, but at least she wouldn’t have to marry him. He could see the bruise on Ginny’s cheek, and the sight of it made his blood boil, how dare Malfoy slap her that hard!

Malfoy stood in front of Voldemort, she was standing so close to him he could feel her heart beating with anticipation, he could admit it now, he loved her, with all his heart, with child or without, she would be his.

Merin sat in the front row, barely knowing what to think, he was concentrating too much on the task ahead. Merin glanced at his watch, what was making time go so quickly, it was quarter past, only five minutes to go.

Crabbe and Goyle were proud of Malfoy, even if they didn’t agree with his method, he had found himself a wife, and was getting an heir in eight months time.

Jottry and Wesley could feel their body’s changing, and just in time.

“And so if there is any person here who has reason that these two cannot be lawfully married, may they speak now, or forever hold their peace.” Said Voldemort

Jottry stood “I Object!”

Every one turned to look at him, and looks of horror spread across children’s faces as Jottry Parre transformed into Harry Potter.

“And why do you object Mr Potter?” Voldemort asked slowly

“Because I have claimed legal guardianship over the bride.”

“And how have you managed to do this, you are not of age.”

“I’m hurt Voldemort, does this mean the fact that I didn’t get a birthday present was not entirely deliberate.”

“Get out Potter!” Yelled Malfoy “I won’t let you ruin this for me!”

Harry began to walk down the Aisle towards him.

“And I won’t let you ruin my sister’s life for her.” He said slowly and loudly. The whole room fell deathly quiet.

“You’re mother was pregnant when I killed her wasn’t she?”

“Yes, luckily one of the Aurors who turned up knew, and took her body to the hospital, where they did a caesarean, and saved my Sister.”

While all this had been happening Aurors and Order Members had been creeping in through the windows, unnoticed due to Fred and Georges invisibility devices, and Merin had taken hold of willow’s hand and had moved her and Ginny away from Voldemort and the death eaters. Ron (Wesley) had moved unnoticed round the back of the congregation, and then slipped down the side towards Merin and the girls.

“This is Futile Harry.” Laughed Voldemort. “How are you planning to get away, you’re surrounded.”

“Am I, oh dear, looks like you are too.” With that the Aurors and Order Members all around the hall whipped off their invisibility devices, the wives of some of the death eaters shrieked in horror and their children began to cry. “You are all surrounded and you cannot apparate out of this building.”

Voldemort’s face was contorted with rage.

“By the order of the Minister of Magic, I place you all under arrest.”

“Even the children? You would send children to Azkaban?”

“Unless you have a dark mark on your arm, you will be set free once you have been processed by the ministry.” Said Harry. “Children have time to change, seventy one year old men do not.”


“Seventy one!” Cried Fred from the left of the Room “Seventy one and he’s a mass murderer, shouldn’t he know better by now?”

“Be quiet Fred!” said Mrs Weasley

“Mum, not in front of the Death eaters!” Fred moaned.

“Death eaters!” shouted Voldemort “Attack!” None of them moved. “I said Attack!”

“Not while our children are here.” Said one brave death eater.

“How dare you, you vowed to serve me above everything else.”

“Except our hearts!” he said


“I’d rather spend the rest of my life in Azkaban than see my daughter killed.” Said the death eater.” He looked pleadingly at Harry. “Let our children go, please.”

“We will escort your children to the ministry, to safety. No harm will come to them because of the crimes you have committed.” All the women in the order closed in on the death eaters. “Children, move to the outside ends of the rows of seats, if you stay here, you will get hurt, I suggest that you go with these ladies to safety.” The children began to move and soon there were two queues of children heading up to the back of the hall. Tonks produced a long broomstick

“Now I want all of you to take a hold of this broomstick, it’s a portkey that will take you to the ministry.” She checked that every child was touching it then activated the portkey; the children and the broomstick disappeared.

“Now Harry, what did you really come for?” Voldemort asked in his cold high voice. “Your sister? Or your Girlfriend? Or both? But you won’t be able to take them, they’re both cursed.”

“Cursed?” Harry asked

“Ancient curses, ones that are not easily broken. But ones that are easily activated.” He nodded to Draco who moved towards Harry, closing the distance. Suddenly Ginny screamed in agony.

“She’s not aloud the be further than twenty feet away from me Potter, and the further away the greater the pain.” He moved further away from Ginny, so that for her to be within twenty feet of him, she had to move inside the group of death eaters and her screams of pain increased. “She’d better get closer before I move further.”

Ron helped her forward and once they were inside the group of death eaters Malfoy stopped moving.

“She was supposed to go on her own.” Said Voldemort

“She could barely move because of the pain you Bastard!” shouted Ron.

“Temper, Temper Mr Weasley, you need to watch your manners, especially as you and your sister are now surrounded by death eaters.”

“What have they ever done to you?” shouted George

“Well Miss Weasley, did her best to resist my attempts to infiltrate her body and mind in her first year, and Mr Weasley has helped Mr Potter here foil a number of my plans, in his third, second, and fifth years at Hogwarts.”

“No more than any of us have done!” yelled Fred

“But you see, Mr Potter cares far more for these two than he does for most of the other people here.”

“Let them go.” Said Harry calmly “It’s me you want, I’m the one you want to kill, they’re not part of this.”

“Are they not?” asked Voldemort “They’ve been part of it since they were born, they are destined to die today.”

“No, destiny is only one of many options, free will is what saved countless lives that you could have destroyed, I chose to give Felix Felicis to Ron Hermione and Ginny the night Snape killed Dumbledore, My decision saved their lives.”

“And your decision to come here today, will kill them today.” Voldemort said “Death eaters, seize every person in this hall that Harry Potter cares about, and bring them up here, I want to force him to watch them all being killed!”

“NO!” yelled several people round the hall. The death eaters Attacked.

The Death eaters around Ron and Ginny Grabbed hold of them, and dragged them up to where Voldemort was standing. Harry tried to fight his way through the death eaters to get to them.

“Ginny!” He yelled

“There’s no use shouting Potter! It won’t help.”

“Who says!” said Ginny Venomously. Suddenly all the death eaters holding her let go in shock, all clutching their left arms in agony. Ginny took hold of Ron’s arm and all the death eaters holding him did the same.

“What?” yelled Voldemort.

“It’s the power of Love Voldemort, something you’ll never have!” Ginny yelled

Voldemort Darted to the right straight towards Willow who was hiding behind Remus who was being attacked by death eaters

“Stupefy!” he yelled and Remus, who was trying to dodge two sets of curses already, fell to the floor unconscious. He grabbed hold of Willow and pulled her in front of him. “Don’t come any closer Potter.” He said, Harry froze.

“Let her go” He pleaded

“Give her permission to Marry Draco Malfoy or she dies.” Said Voldemort Cruelly

“No!” yelled Malfoy “Don’t kill her!”

“I will give my permission on one condition.” Said Harry slowly.

“And what’s that Potty?” asked Malfoy

“If the child growing inside her is a boy.”

“And how do you propose to find that out?” asked Voldemort

“With this,” he said pulling four bottles of silver liquid out of his cloak. “A potion that is 75 percent accurate, the highest percentage St Mungos can offer.”

“All right Potter, if it’s a girl, you can have your precious sister.” Voldemort pulled Willow towards Harry, who uncorked one of the bottles.

“Spit in it, Willow.” Harry said quietly she did as he was told, and he swirled the potion in the bottle, it turned pink. “And again.” He said holding out the next bottle. This too turned pink. The third and fourth, however, turned black.

“What does it mean Potter, what does it mean?” snapped Malfoy.

“It means that your baby girl is going to be a miscarriage.” Harry said

“What? Why?” he asked

“Because of you, because of the wedding she doesn’t want to happen, and because of your master, threatening her and the life of her baby.” Said Ginny from behind Malfoy.

“No!” he yelled, he got out his wand and pointed it at Voldemort. “You killed my daughter and threatened to kill my Fiancé!”

“How dare you turn your wand on me boy!” screamed Voldemort

“To prove that I am not like my father, that I am not a coward!” he yelled tears pouring down his face.

Voldemort threw Willow away from him, and turned his wand on Draco. “You’ve made your last mistake Malfoy, your mother will pay for this!”

“She won’t, you won’t be able to touch her.” Malfoy spat in fury.

“Death eaters! Retreat!” Voldemort screamed into the air. Turning and running for the door, no one was stupid enough to stop him or get in his way.

The death eaters were reluctant to go, keen to fight, but they most of them fought their way outside and disapparated. The few that the order and Aurors had managed to maim and disable so that they couldn’t get to the door were immediately bound and had full body binds put on them. Malfoy stayed where he was. Not moving, tears leaking down his face. He eventually lowered his wand and turned to Harry.

“You win Potter, I surrender.” He pulled up his left sleeve. “I’m ready to go to Azkaban, without trial, I don’t want one.”

“Draco, why didn’t you run?” Harry asked

“Trust me Harry, I’m safer in Azkaban.” He replied.

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The Next Attack: Down the Aisle


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