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The Marauders in My Torture Chamber by MaraudersRockSTOPKILLINGTHEMJK
Chapter 2 : Gathering Guests to the Show Everyone Wants To See (PETER GETTING BRUTALLY MURDERED BEFORE JAMES OR LILY DIES!!! WHOOP WHOOP!)
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A/N: Hey there, everyone! Sorry I haven’t posted another chapter in a bit, but I was in my own little peaceful world of… I’m gonna stop there because “peaceful” is not in my vocabulary today. Anywhoz, one of my much-appreciated readers asked me a question in a review and I thought I’d answer here. The question was if these were the modern-day Marauders or the school Marauders. They are still in school, let’s say fifth year, just because I like that one! Mature but not too close to the dreaded day of leaving Hogwarts… *shivers at the thought* Okay, so I’m gonna get started with the story. Thank you for reading my pointless blabbing! READ NOW!

Disclaimer: Harry Potter’s not mine. It’s J.K. Rowling’s. No profit intended.

Hey, y’all, it’s Chelsea again! Okay, so, last time we left off with getting James and Sirius (A/N: Had to check the last chapter to see where we were… oh well, no one gives a crap so I’m going to shut up now…)!! I won't have to deal with Peter for a while; he's still in my torture chamber!
Poofs in front of Sirius and James at James’s house, trying to stick a flobberworm into James’s sister’s food.
Sirius: *sees me* HOLY CRAP! IT’S A… *notices I’m a pretty girl* (A/N: YAY! Sorry, everyone, but Sirius is my favorite Marauder…) *makes his voice deeper* Hello.
James: Who the heck are you?
Chelsea: I’m Chelsea. Having fun with the flobberworms? *points to the bucket of flobberworms on the floor*
James: Heck yeah! *picks up flobberworm and starts singing in high-pitched voice, making the flobberworm “dance”* OH YEAH, I’M A FLOBBERWORM, BABY!!! I’M A WORM AND I’D LIKE TO FLOBBER IF THAT WAS A WORD!!! UH HUH, HONEY!
Sirius: James… you’re scaring me…
James: *mock exasperated* SO?
Chelsea: And… I’m… being ignored. So, now we’re just going to go to my place. *evil grin*
Sirius: *doesn’t notice my grin is evil and sounds excited* Ooh… fun…
Chelsea: Shove it.
Sirius: But, why? *pouts cutely*
Chelsea: Stop it!
Fades into the torture chamber again.
Peter: Can I have my cheese now?
Chelsea: Oh, god, Peter, if it means that much to you, I’ll go get it.
Peter: Thank you, honey! *hugs*
Chelsea: OFF!! *claps and Peter flies into the wall* *muttering* Ugly, fat traitor.
Peter: Don’t forget gay!
Chelsea: Oh, how very stupid of me. GAY! *pops off to Peter’s house*
Random Lady I’m Making Be There: Hello!
Chelsea: Who are you?
RLIMBT: I don’t know, but welcome to Cheese Land!
Chelsea: More like Cheesy Land.
RLIMBT: That, too.
Chelsea: I’m getting the cheese and leaving. *grabs cheese and apparates to my chamber again*
Peter: Cheesy!
Chelsea: That’s what you are. *hands Peter the cheese*
Peter: *petting cheese* There, there, baby, I know you were there by yourself except for the lady I put under the imperious c—I mean… the nice lady who buys us ice cream… but you’re with me now.
CHEESE: Get your hands off me, you ugly, fat, gay traitor. And I don’t forget gay.
Peter: *crying* My cheese hates me now!!! WHY? WHY DOES THIS ALWAYS HAPPEN TO ME?
Chelsea: Does this happen often?
Peter: Every time I get a pet… a rock, a slice of cheese, even my button hated me!
Sirius, James, and Chelsea: 0_o…?
Peter: Shut up.
Chelsea: Technically, we didn’t say anything.
Chelsea: Fine, Patricia, keep your bra on.
Peter: I am not “Patricia”, I’m PETER!! *hands on hips*
Chelsea:… I’m not going to say anything…
James: Too late, you already did.
Sirius: DON’T BUG HER!!!
Chelsea: Why, thank you, Padfoot.
We’re now fading to Moony. He’s watching a movie about werewolves. All smiles? Good.
Chelsea: *from behind him* They should.
Remus: Why?
Chelsea: ‘Cause rats suck.
Remus: Hey, one of my best friends is a rat!
Chelsea: I know that.
Remus: …
Chelsea: Shut up.
Remus: Technically, I didn’t say anything.
Chelsea: Oh my god. I said that two minutes ago.
Remus: I said that… *checks watch* thirty seconds ago.
Chelsea: Okay, so we’re going to my torture chamber now.
Remus: 0_o…
Chelsea: No, don’t worry, it’s your rat of a friend who’s getting tortured.
Remus: Why is Peter getting tortured?
Now back to the chamber.
Peter: Oh, hey there, Remmie!
Remus: Hi.
Chelsea: Okay, enough chitchat. Time for the torture.
Remus, Peter, Sirius, and James: … *fearing for their lives*

A/N: So, everyone pretty happy right now? Long enough chapter? Good story line? Tell me everything, even if you want to tell me it sucked. But, please, be helpful and tell me how to make it better and I’ll try my hardest. Bye!

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The Marauders in My Torture Chamber: Gathering Guests to the Show Everyone Wants To See (PETER GETTING BRUTALLY MURDERED BEFORE JAMES OR LILY DIES!!! WHOOP WHOOP!)


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