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Lost by jesi lily
Chapter 8 : Bridget
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As it was only Saturday, most of the older Gryffindors were hanging out in the common room, recovering from terrible headaches. Lily who was a whiz at potions eventually took pity on them, not after singing the national anthem very loudly, and made several cauldrons of hangover potions.

“Aw Evans, you’re a star.” Fabian said as Lily passed him a goblet full of the potion.

“Well it got boring singing all the time.” Lily chuckled. When Lily walked over to Morgan, Katie and Natalie with the potions everyone was very shocked. The three bimbo’s gaped at her.

“Well do you want the potion or not?” Lily asked shortly. She raised an eyebrow as Morgan reached carefully for a goblet.

“It not got poison in it?” Katie said before drinking her potion.

“No.” Lily said and left as all three of the girls drank from their goblets.

“Does anyone not have a goblet?” Lily asked.

No one said anything, which was good because Lily had run out of potion. The red head walked over to the couch which was now clear and jumped on it.

Ok so maybe it wasn’t clear. James Potter was sitting on the couch and Lily jumped on him.

She got off when he groaned painfully.

“Opps, sorry my bad.” Lily said before stalking off to breakfast.

Once there Lily heard her name being called.

She turned to see Alice towns sitting with her new boyfriend, Frank Longbottom.

“Oh hey! Alice, Frank.” Lily said sitting by the two, Sirius had found his way to Lily’s side and Remus was sitting opposite her.

“Where’s James, Lilykins?” Sirius asked poking Lily in the side.

“Common room I believe.” Lily said with a shrug.

“You believe.” An annoyed voice said from behind Lily. The little red head couldn’t help but smirk.

“Oh James you sound, annoyed? Why on earth would that be?” Lily said in mock innocence.

“You’re arse is bony and it fell on my groin.” James said his voice was rising.

“Opps… That must have hurt.” Lily said.

“You bloody well know it did!” James bellowed at Lily but shut up immediately when he saw her flinch and allow fear to pass over her face. But Lily soon recovered.

“Oh I’m sorry did I hurt you. Did I cause you a few minutes of pain?!” Lily screamed him standing up; she wasn’t as tall as James but nearly.

“Did it hurt?! Because you bloody well know you hurt me! How about most recently when you put me in hospital! Smashed my head open then James! But fuck that! As long as I don’t cause you pain! How about the time you got peeves to drop twelve books on my head?! Cause that was so fucking funny! You’re unbearable, so fucking unbearable!” Lily screamed at him, and then she did one of the things she did best and ran, she ran from the great hall, she ran from the watching eyes, she ran from her friends, she ran from James.

Tear were running unchecked down her face, stinging her pale skin, she was so distraught that she hadn’t notice James running after her.

She reached the lake shore and fell to the ground.

She was sobbing and that when she heard it.

“I’m sorry.” He sat down next to Lily and pulled her into a hug, she didn’t care that it was him. She just didn’t care.

She didn’t care that it was James sitting there and rocking her back and forth.

“Come on Lily. I want to make it up to you.” James said and then led Lily all the way to Gryffindor Common room with his arm around her shoulders.

“We leave tomorrow, to go home for summer. The Marauders and I have some news.” James said. “Wait here while I get them.” James ran up to the Gryffindor boy’s dorm and then came back down grinning.

“Lily Evans we have some news for you.” Sirius said grinning.

“We hope you’re excited.” Remus continued grinning also.

“You’re moving in with me. Your sister approves, Dumbledore and my parents.” James announced. Lily sat in shock.

“I’m moving out of my sister’s house?” Lily asked quietly.

“Yes.” James said suddenly unsure, Lily didn’t look too happy.

Then suddenly she jumped up and threw her arms around James’ neck and hugged him tightly.

“Thank you! Thank you so much!” Lily said over and over as James wrapped his arms around her waist.

Sunday came and Lily found herself sitting with James, Sirius, Remus and Peter.

Lily was explaining some charms to Peter.

James and Sirius were playing a game of exploding snap.

And Remus was reading.

Half way through the train ride Lily turned to James.

“Will your parents like me?” Lily asked.

“My parents will adore you.” James laughed.

Lily nodded and waited anxiously for the train to pull into the station.

Eventually Lily found herself standing on the platform next to James. Sirius was holding her trunk and refused to let her carry it.

“James! James Honey!” Lily turned to see a woman with long brown hair and hazel eyes coming towards the five teenagers.

“There you are! I missed you.” James’ mum said wrapping her son into a tight hug.

“Hi mum, where’s dad?’ James asked once Mrs. Potter had released him.

“He’s at work.” Mrs. Potter said.

“Now is this Lily?” Mrs. Potter said turning Lily.

“Yeah mum that’s Lily.” James said.

“Wow. You’re very pretty Lily.” Mrs. Potter said to Lily.

“Thank you Mrs. Potter.” Lily said.

“No please, Mrs. Potter is Harold’s mother. I’m Bridget.” Bridget said and then wrapped Lily into a hug.

“I’m glad you’re coming to live with us.” Bridget said smiling. “I will admit Dumbledore informed us somewhat of your situation, we won’t make you visit you sister, but well if you at some point feel the need to see her, and you’ll have our support.” Bridget said smiling kindly at Lily.

Lily nodded and Bridget led the three teenagers away, Remus and Peter had already left to meet their parents.

Sirius still had a tight hold on Lily’s trunk and only put it down when they reached a limo.

“Where’s your car.” Lily asked looking in front and behind the limo. Bridget laughed.

“This is our car sweetie.” Bridget said as Lily blushed the same colour of her hair.

Once seated the limo left the train station and drove away. Lily was left to wonder what they were heading for.

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Lost: Bridget


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