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Scream My Lungs Out by Missus Moony and Padfoot
Chapter 24 : "The World Has Been Turned Upside Down!"
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A/N: Both Missus: Hey, folks! Missus Moony: Sorry for the hold up - like we said, we're going to have to hold out a little bit on the updating cause we're just behind and you guys have pretty much caught up to us. Missus Padfoot: It's terrible! We only have about half of chapter 25 written! Eeek! Missus Moony: College will do that to you. Missus Padfoot: It's not our fault! But it's ok, cause this chapter is long! Woohoo! So, that should tie you guys over for a while, right? Missus Moony: And, no worries, cause we're going to write a lot this weekend... unless we get writer's block. Missus Padfoot: Which we haven't yet, so it's all good! Anyway, enough of our blabbing, you probably have already skipped our author's note and are already reading the chapter... Missus Moony: Yeah, ever wonder how many people actually read our A/N's? Missus Padfoot: Boy, do I ever! Ok - go read! AND REVIEW!!! Please? *puppy face*

Chapter: 24: “The World Has Been Turned Upside Down!”

Rebecca stumbled up the stairs towards her dormitory, rubbing her pounding head, trying to alleviate her pain. She was so distracted by trying not to miss a step and tripping that she didn’t even realize that she had drifted too close to the wall until her left shoulder ran into the stone rather painfully. Letting loose a string of words she was sure would have made McGonagall’s sleek hair curl, Rebecca stormed up the last few steps as best she could until she reached the door to her dormitory.

Sighing in relief, Rebecca shoved open the door and practically tumbled into the room, only to be attacked by a shout.


After quickly covering her ears to protect her ears from the banshee-like screech, the raven-haired girl glowered at her blond friend, who smiled cheekily in return.

“Rebecca! I was wondering where you’d run off to this morning, especially since it seemed like you would be way too trashed to go anywhere. I guess you found the energy despite the hangover, huh?”

A grin never left Marissa’s face as she continued to ramble on about nothing in particular and rummage around the room, to all intents and purposes looking as if she was trying to clean up after their party.

Rebecca wasn’t fooled in the slightest.

Rebecca knew anytime Marissa cleaned, she would use her wand with the smallest of chores to save herself of having to do it the “muggle way”. Obviously, Marissa was using cleaning as an excuse to prance about and annoy her roommates, who were all still laying on the beds, groaning.

“Good god, Marissa! You are way too perky this morning for someone who was slobbering drunk last night!” the gothic girl growled as she made her way over to her bed and sat down heavily, still rubbing her temples with one hand while she shoved Lily’s legs away with the other. Apparently, the Head Girl had finally passed out last night on Rebecca’s bed and still hadn’t made it out yet.

“I don’t see why you’re all acting this way; I had just as much to drink as you and I feel perfectly fine!!” Glancing down at the lump under the blanket on Katherine’s bed, Marissa’s grin widened and she leaned over the bed.

“Wakey wakey, Katherine!!” Marissa cooed and tried prompting the hiding girl to show herself. Before Marissa could continue, a pillow flew out from under the blanket and smacked the blond girl in the face.

Sputtering, Marissa grabbed a handful of the blanket and promptly snatched it off the poor girl. Since Katherine had a strong grip and was entangled in the blanket, she ended up falling off the bed with a loud groan of pain.

While she watched Katherine struggle out of the blanket so she could escape from Marissa’s relentless proddings, Rebecca sighed. “I love it when Marissa is annoying to someone other than me.”

“You know,” grumbled Lily as she carefully sat up and leaned against the headboard of Rebecca’s bed, “Rebecca’s right - you are entirely too cheerful for someone who was so drunk they couldn’t walk and had to be carried to bed by Sirius, Marissa.”

Marissa faced the girl with confusion and shock written across her face. “What the blazes are you talking about? Sirius was here?!?! In this dormitory?! I don’t remember anything about Sirius being here last night!!”

Lily snorted ungracefully as she too started to rub her temples to try to alleviate her hangover. “Marissa, in all the years I’ve known you, you’ve never once been able to remember anything after you’ve consumed anything stronger than butterbeer.”

Shrugging and waving her hand dismissively, Marissa didn’t notice Katherine crawling under her bed to escape while the blonde girl was occupied so that she would stop being tortured.

“Oh, bollocks! It’s a shame he didn’t figure out how to get past the stairwell while we were going out. Just imagine the possibilities if he had figured it out!”

Lily groaned and looked fairly green in the face. “I don’t want to think of the possibilities! I’m sick enough as it is!”

Snickering, Marissa leaned against Katherine’s bed post. “Well, as exciting as this subject is, we really need to plan how the prank is going to work tonight.” Lily glanced up in shock.

“Prank? You mean after all this time, you’re still going to go through with it? I thought you’d forgotten about it!!” Rebecca and Marissa shared a smug grin.

“Of course we didn’t forget! We just waited until we felt the boys thought we’d forgotten about retaliation completely, and then wham!” Marissa slammed her hand down on the side of the bed for dramatic effect. “Attacking them when they least expect it! We’re going to be spikin-”

Lily frantically waved her hands at her friend. “Don’t tell me!! I’m still Head Girl! I don’t want to know anything about this, otherwise I’ll be compelled to tell McGonagall!”

Laughing, Marissa shrugged in agreement. “Okay, Lils, if you insist. I guess it’s for the best - what you don’t expect you can’t preve-AAAAHHHH!!”

Suddenly, Marissa screamed as a hand shot out from under Katherine’s bed and latched onto her ankle. All three girls quickly looked towards the floor and saw Katherine’s face peeking out from underneath the edge of the bed, looking rather demonic and frightening with her hair disheveled and her face creased in anger.

“You. Have. Hangover. Potion.”

Marissa nervously glanced around towards the other girls in the room and tried to pry her ankle away from the enraged Beater. “Of course I don’t have hangover potion! Why would you say something like that?”

Katherine’s glare intensified.

“Because I can see the empty vials under you bed, and we all know from experience that you brew your own hangover potion. There’s no other reason for there to be vials under your bed!”

The blonde was looking more cornered by the second as she tried to bluff her way out of the hexing she was bound to recieve if she didn’t think of an excuse fast enough. Though as soon as she saw Lily and Rebecca fingering their wands, she threw up her hands in defeat and laughed uneasily.

“Okay! I give up, I just thought it’d be a good joke to mess with you guys while you all were suffering from your hangovers and I wasn’t! I was going to give it to you eventually, I swear!!” Katherine, Rebecca, and Lily leveled three identical glares at the nervous girl.

“Er, right, so since I’m getting you guys the potion, is there anything else you’d like me to do? Pick up the room? Do your homework? Fluff your pillows?” Rebecca snickered and swallowed the potion that Marissa quickly retrieved from under her bed.

“Oh god, Marissa, you’re pathetic!” Smirking under Marissa’s glare, Rebecca continued. “But I guess we love you anyways.”

Marissa pouted and flopped down on her bed while rolling her eyes sarcastically towards the Potter twin. “Mmhmm, I can really feel the love. Don’t know how I could have missed it, with all the death glares and wands pointing at me.”

Rebecca shrugged and settled down on her bed. “It’s nice to know you can spot the obvious. Now stop complaining - I want my pillows extra fluffed!”


Later that morning, the Great Hall buzzed with chatter as the students gathered together for a healthy and hearty breakfast, owls swooping in to deliver letters and newspapers to their prospective owners. Marissa, Rebecca, and Lily were sitting at the Gryffindor table, immersed in their discussion over their prank, or in Lily’s case, the Daily Prophet.

“…no, that won’t work, Rebecca, the house elves will never -”

“I swear, it will work!” Rebecca interrupted. “They practically worship me!”

Lily looked up from the article she was reading to hiss at her two best friends. “Will you guys shut up about the stupid prank? Someone will hear you and therefore will be able to pin the prank on you! Idiots, discuss this in a more private setting!”

“Good morning, you lovely ladies!” Lily jumped in surprise as Sirius jovially greeted the three girls with Remus and Peter in tow. “Mind if we join you?”

All three girls stared at the handsome chaser with befuddled looks. “Er…”

“Great! Of course you don’t mind!” Sirius exclaimed as put his hand on Remus’ shoulder to force him down on the bench next to Marissa. Remus eyed Rebecca across the table, who was avoiding eye contact with him and nervously strumming her fingernails on the oak table.

“So, how was everyone’s evening last night?” Sirius asked conversationally as he helped himself to a large plate of bacon. “You girls sure were having an absolutely quirking time with your little bubbly treat!”

Marissa choked on her orange juice while Rebecca quickly stood up, gathering her book bag, aware that the whole group was staring at her, apart from Remus who was slapping Marissa on the back to try to help her with her coughing fit.

“Where are you going?” Lily inquired as she glanced up at her friend.

“Er, I’ve got to go… er, to the library… yeah, the library.” Rebecca replied, her pale complexion accompanied with a shade of pink across her cheeks as she determinedly looked anywhere but at Remus.

“But you’ve hardly eaten your breakfast!” Lily called after Rebecca’s retreating back as she headed toward the doors to the Entrance Hall.

“Jeez! What’s up with her?” Sirius asked the two remaining girls with a mouth full of kippers.

Lily and Marissa shrugged, just as confused as Sirius. Remus was suddenly very interested in his food as he started to mumble.

“What was that, Moony? I didn’t quite catch that,” said Sirius as he put his hand to his ear as to hear more efficiently. “You know, you sort of slur your words together when you talk with your mouth full. It’s not all that becoming of you, Remus.”

Remus sighed, trying to ignore the fact that he was really embarrassed to have Lily and Marissa there for this conversation. “I said that she’s probably upset because, well, we sort of woke up together this morning...” he trailed off slowly.

“WHAT?!?!” the whole group exclaimed as Remus winced.

“You shagged Rebecca?!” Marissa yelled, her whole body twisted around in her seat to face Remus on her left.

“You bastard.”

Everyone was shocked to see James standing behind where Peter and Lily were sitting, with a look of absolute hatred shot at Remus, his fists clenched in fury, looking as if it was taking all his self control to not jump across the table and strangle Remus right then and there. Taking his furious gaze off Remus, he noticed Lily looking up at him and rolled his eyes. He stalked off angrily, glaring viciously over at Remus while pointedly not looking at Lily, and went to sit with Daphne amongst her other Ravenclaw friends.

Lily turned back around to look down forlornly at her food. Tears were starting to gather in her eyes as she hoped desperately that no one noticed how upset she was at James’ cold reaction to her.

When all he could see was the back of James’ head, Remus shook his head and glowered into his breakfast. “Nice going, Marissa,” he muttered. “Way to scream it out so that the whole bloody school could hear you – including James.”

“Wait, so you did shag her?” asked Sirius as Marissa, who looked truly ashamed of herself, covered her mouth with her hands.

Remus whipped his head around angrily to snap at Sirius. “No, of course I didn’t!”

“Okay, good!” Sirius replied, reaching for his goblet. “I was just making sure! You know, I would have had to pummel you if you had!”

“Me too,” said Lily quietly, not looking up from her food. She had seemed to have put herself back together, but was still very melancholy from her unfriendly encounter with James. She surprised everyone when she suddenly put on a cheerful face, looked up at Remus and winked. “You would have been limping for weeks when I finished with you.”

Sirius and Marissa burst into laughter as Remus felt a grin creep up on his cheeks. “Honestly, though, guys, nothing happened,” Remus said as they sobered up from their laughter.

“We know, Remus,” Marissa said, putting her hand on his arm in a friendly way. “That would have been a very brazen thing for our Mr. Lupin to do!”

Sirius chuckled. “No kidding! Especially considering that you’re still a vir -” Remus elbowed Sirius really hard in the stomach, causing Sirius to wheeze from having the wind knocked out of him.

Remus blushed as he looked away from Sirius and glanced shyly at Marissa and Lily, who were nonchalantly trying to hide huge grins. “I’m going to go study for that nasty Arithmancy test. See you.” He hastily got up and exited the Great Hall, his cheeks still burning with embarrassment.

Marissa watched him as he left, her chin resting on her fist as Sirius was slowly regaining his ability to breathe. “Poor bloke. Doesn’t know what he’s missing.”

Lily looked appalled. “Marissa!”

“What? It’s true!” Marissa exclaimed as Peter started to giggle nervously. Seeing Peter’s strange reaction, Marissa quickly changed the subject. “So, um, Sirius, were you really up in our dormitory last night?”

Sirius grinned and nodded as he took a swig of his pumpkin juice.

“See? I told you!” Lily said as she looked at Marissa, incredulous that Marissa had not believed her.

“Well, I just wanted to make sure!” Marissa complained to Lily and turned her attention back to Sirius. “So how exactly did you get up there?”

“I told you last night that it was my trademark secret!” Sirius replied, finally recovering from Remus’ nasty blow. “Don’t you remember?”

Marissa looked away from Sirius as if she were trying to hide something from him. “Er… Of course I remember what happened last night! Clear as crystal!” She quickly took a long draught of her juice.

Lily snickered as she shook her head. “You’re such a bad liar.”

“Oh ho!” Sirius exclaimed, turning his attention toward the redhead. “So she doesn’t remember what happened last night?”

Lily leaned over the table and spoke quietly, “You know as well as I do, Sirius, that whenever Marissa drinks, she doesn’t remember a thing the next day.”

“Shut up, Lily!” Marissa whined as she reached across the table to hit Lily on the arm.

“Ooh, now, violence is not the answer, love,” Sirius tisked.

Marissa sighed. “Okay, so I don’t remember a blasted thing from last night!” she relented. “So what did happen last night?”

Sirius slyly slid down the bench to sit right up close to Marissa as she took yet another long swig of juice from her goblet. “Well, love, we sort of, er, got back together last night…” Sirius trailed off.

Marissa spit out her juice, which got all over Lily who was sitting directly across from her. “WHAT?! WE DID?!” she exclaimed, looking utterly shocked.

Lily glared at Marissa, juice dripping down her face as she got up to leave. “You guys can work this out on your own. I’m going to go see where Rebecca went.” She was about to leave when she paused to look at Peter. “You coming, Peter? Perhaps we should leave them alone.”

“Huh?” Peter looked extremely confused that Lily was inviting him to go somewhere with her. He looked at Sirius as if to ask permission to go with her.

Sirius waved his hand at Peter. “Go if you want to! It’s not like you need my permission! Such a little girl…” he muttered.

Peter stumbled out of his seat and followed Lily like a shadow out into the Entrance Hall.

Marissa was staring at Sirius with her mouth wide open. “Did we really got back together last night? Are you being serious with me?”

Sirius simpered and put his arm around Marissa. “Actually, no. We didn’t get back together,” he said, leaning in closer to Marissa’s ear. “I just like seeing you freak out like that,” he whispered.

Smirking, Marissa pushed Sirius away and pointed her finger at him. “You jerk! I knew that I hadn’t remembered us getting back together!”

“Ah, but that doesn’t mean that you didn’t ask me to shag you in the bathroom!” Sirius laughed.

Marissa put her head in her hand. “Oh, bloody hell, did I say that?”

“Yes, you did – can’t say I blame you! Who can resist this absolutely gorgeous body?” Sirius started to flex his muscles.

“Get over yourself!” Marissa laughed, and then quickly sobered up. “But we didn’t do anything right?”

Sirius looked Marissa in the eyes for a moment, and then looked away, saying in a very somber voice, “No. Don’t worry, we didn’t.”

There’s something different about Sirius…” thought Marissa. “I can’t quite put my finger on it.

"Thanks for not taking advantage of me, Sirius," she said in a quiet whisper, looking down at her hands.

Sirius cleared his throat and quickly changed the subject. “So, Lily was kind of acting strange when James was over here… any idea as to why this is?” Sirius had regained his goofy-like manner.

Marissa tensed up. “Oh no! Did I tell him something last night that I shouldn’t have?

“Uh… I don’t know what you’re talking about! Lily was acting perfectly normal to me.” Marissa said, quickly trying to figure out how to get Sirius off the subject of Lily.

“Lily’s right! You're a really bad liar!” Sirius laughed. “And if you ask me, it’s pretty obvious that she has some sort of feelings for James…”

“Tsh, it’s not that obvious!” Marissa muttered and then gasped, clasping her hands over her mouth for the second time that morning.

“Ha! So it is true! She likes him!” Sirius exclaimed.

“Shhh!!! Not so loud!” Marissa whispered, frantically looking around to see if anyone was eavesdropping on their conversation. “Ok, so she likes him! So what?”

“So? SO?” Sirius looked at Marissa like she was crazy. “This is huge! For once, Lily likes James and James can’t stand Lily! The world has been turned upside down! We’ve got to do something about it!”

Marissa scoffed. “Like what? What would we do? Sabotage James’ relationship with Daphne and force James and Lily to be together? Yeah, like that’s going to work!”

Sirius looked like a light bulb had just been turned on over his head. “Yes, Riss. That’s exactly what I’m saying.”

A/N: Missus Padfoot: Wow, crazy stuff! You know, there's a lot of emotion in that chapter - it's really quite draining actually. Missus Moony: Yeah, uh huh. So, we're thinking that this chapter will be posted around Thanksgiving, so we just wanted to wish everyone a happy turkey day and for those of you who don't celebrate Thanksgiving, we're sorry, cause you're missing out on one of the best holidays ever! Missus Padfoot: Yeah! The one day you get to stuff your face and not feel guilty about it and eat all the wonderful pumpkin pie you want! Plus, I get to go home and see my family! And my boy! :D Missus Moony: Yeah, don't rub it in that I'm going to be stuck here... Missus Padfoot: Sorry, Moony. So yeah, this chapter was your holiday treat from us! Hope you enjoyed it! Missus Moony: Yeah, tell us how you liked it! Oh, and it would be totally sweet if you told us your favorite quote from this chapter or even predict what you think is going to happen next!!! Missus Padfoot: Yeah, so get writing those magnificent reviews! Oh, and did we tell you that you're amazing and we love you all to death? Well, you are!!! Thanks to all you wonderful faithful readers who inspire us to write more!! Cause without you guys, it wouldn't be worth writing! Missus Moony: Well, that's not true, cause we love writing... oh well. It's the thought that counts, though, right? Both Missus: Happy Turkey Day!!!

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