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Good Or Bad by posers_sux
Chapter 2 : Pt 2: Traitor
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Disclaimer: Now, do you honestly believe I’d waste my time on fanfics if I were the original author of Harry Potter? Let me answer for you: no! I don’t own the characters.

Posted On: November 16, 2006
Edited On: July 14, 2007

=========== Pt. 2 : Traitor =

Harry and Ginny were seated across from one another in the Room of Requirements eating in candlelight, chatting amiably.

“…and then Lavender walked in. Hermione nearly fell off of the bed in shock!” Ginny said smiling and Harry let out a chuckle.

“That sounds like something Hermione would be embarrassed about." At the mention of Hermione, he remembered what he had told Ron earlier that evening. Now seemed as good as any time to ask.

"Actually, I was hoping you could help me out with something… involving Hermione.” Harry said casually, not wanting to make the atmosphere tense.

“Go ahead then.” Ginny said brightly.

“Well, it’s about… where she is tonight. More so, who she is with tonight...” he feigned relaxed, but spoke with mild caution.

She sigh, clearly not wanting to answer, “Harry, that’s really none of your business. It’s hardly even my business.”

“But then she is with someone?” Harry asked for confirmation.

“Now, I never said that.” She spoke defensively; a typical sign that she was lying.

“Then again you never denied it.”

“Harry, I don’t know what to say except ask Hermione.” She said despondently.

“Who is it?” Harry pleaded, trying not to sound mad or too persistent.

“Once again, I have no right to tell you anything. Ask Hermione.” She said with a tone of finality.

“Is it Malfoy?” he asked, stopping his putting off the inquiry. She glared at him,

“Harry I don’t want to have this conversation with you.” Harry’s eyes widened. They had been right. It was Malfoy. She was with Malfoy. Fury filled his insides almost instantly,

“Merlin, she’s shagging Malfoy!?” He slammed his fist against the table and gritted his teeth.

“Harry, stop. Stop now! You have absolutely no idea what is going on or if Hermione is even with Malfoy. I don’t want to talk about this anymore.” She said sternly, furious at herself and Harry.

So she wasn’t with Malfoy? He didn’t dare ask, he knew how Ginny could get when she was furious, “Alright, I’m sorry.” He said, and silently counted to ten, calming himself. Ginny nodded, forgiving him for his questioning her.

They began a small conversation again and all the while Harry couldn’t help but wonder what, exactly, his best friend was doing right now.


Draco watched, bemused, as Hermione skipped to the next shop which happened to be a book store, BORDERS. She had already purchased four bags worth of clothes, all of which she insisted on modeling to Draco, though he hadn’t mind in the least. But, she had stated once that it was strange showing herself off to someone looking nothing like her boyfriend. Speaking of which, the potion would be wearing off soon and Draco would be back to his normal self.

Of course, Hermione had been correct to assume no one would notice her amongst the millions of others and needed not take the potion Draco had made for her. But, being Draco, he insisted on taking his potion a second time about an hour before. He was convinced his popularity had been so great that he needed to conceal himself from the muggles. Hermione had just rolled her eyes at him; how conceited could one person get? Now he was left potion-less with ten minutes remaining from the one he was currently using.

“Oh! Draco look at this one!” she pointed to an American history book that was no less than 500 pages thick.

“My, why would you buy a history book?”

“It’s American history! I bet this’ll be fascinating!” she smiled brightly and grabbed it off the shelf.

“You’re not going to actually buy that, are you?” Draco asked, almost horrified at her actions. How many people would willingly read (and buy!) a History book!?

“Yes, in fact, I am going to buy this.” She said surely, not approving of his critical tone of voice. Nevertheless, she continued on through the bookstore happily.

“Ooh! I hear this book is supposed to be very insightful.” She grabbed a black, hardcover book titled, To Kill A Mockingbird.

“What’s it ab-,” Draco was cut off by another ‘Ooh!’. Hermione was now looking at a book called Twilight. He sighed and tagged along behind her while she continued on her search. At least she was enjoying herself.

“Ok, I think I’ve got all the ones I need.” Hermione smiled and they walked to the front desk to buy the books she was clinging to.

Once the books were purchased and they were out of the store the couple slid into the nearest alleyway to give themselves secrecy while Draco returned to his normal self for good.

“You’re hair is about three different colors.” Hermione studied Draco’s hair. He scowled at her and she giggled innocently,

“You’re so immature. And here I thought I might just go swimsuit shopping with you…” she taunted, a smile playing on her lips. He smirked back coyly,

“Would this include the modeling part?” he took a few steps towards her and wrapped his arms around her waist.

“Possibly.” She whispered playfully and Draco lowered his lips to hers for a possessive kiss. She moved her hands up his chest and around his neck, tangling her hands into his soft, now blonde, hair and pulling him closer to her in order to deepen the kiss. He traced circles along the small of her back, making her smile against his lips. He pulled away slowly from the blissful kiss and whispered into her ear,

“One more place, remember?” he smirked down at her and she smiled in return. She gave him one last kiss before picking up a few of the bags and heading out of the alley. Draco grabbed a few bags himself and followed after her, now the excited one. This was going to be fun.


The two of them exited the shop happily after an enjoyable time spent with Hermione trying on various 'outfits'.

“If you continue to bring about that proposal I might just become your best shopping mate.” Draco said cockily, slinging and arm around Hermione’s shoulders as they walked down the avenue.

“Sorry, but that was a privilege available only on special occasions.”

“Well, maybe I’ll start buying you all of you clothes.”

“At least you’re forewarning me that you’re planning on bribing me in order to see me half nude!” Hermione eyed him, putting on the most serious face she could conjure at that moment.

“No, I do nice things because you’re my girlfriend and I enjoy spending time with you.” He said sincerely and Hermione smiled and blushed, “but the initial is an additional, very positive, benefit.” Hermione rolled her eyes.

They walked around the streets of Manhattan, stopping often to view some of the sites or to browse through a unorganized store (all of which Draco sulked in). Although plenty of the city was highly unsanitary, Hermione was captivated at the beauty of it in general. They had been walking for about an hour until Draco brought up the inevitable situation that Hermione was dreading.

“You know, we’d better get going soon. The time change between here and England is quite significant; it’s a bit late there and we have classes tomorrow.” Hermione frowned at his words. She didn’t want to leave.

“Okay, five more minutes and we’ll head back to the pub, sound good?” she asked sadly. “It’s nice being here. We don’t have to worry about anyone or anything. It’s almost as if there are no troubles at all. Just you and me together, in public.”

“There is also the small detail that in this country there didn’t happen to be a psychotic assassin trying to kill your best friend.”

“Don’t forget the lunatics who called themselves his followers.” Hermione let out a dry laugh, “More like slaves.” Draco ignored the statement, feeling slightly uncomfortable. Though he was not a Death Eater himself, a majority of his family was.

“I guess we should get going now then…” he paused outside the small pub they had flooed in from. Hermione sighed, but nodded in agreement, opened the door, and stepped into the room. Inside there were a few witches seated at the bar; none of them seemed to notice their presence. Alright, more like her presence. They seemed to have no problem staring at Draco shamelessly, though. He glared at them and tightened his grip around Hermione’s waist to show he was clearly taken and they instantly looked away, highly disappointed. Hermione smiled inwardly. Thank goodness she had withdrawn Draco from that womanizing stage he had been in just a few months before.

“Bloody women.” He muttered while pulling out the bag of floo-powder. After taking a handful himself and allowing Hermione to take some after he put the bag away and stepped into the fireplace.

“Don’t take long, okay? If you do I’m going to come back for you.” He said protectively. Hermione nodded and smiled while Draco clearly spoke,

“Head’s Common Room, Hogwarts.” And disappeared into the emerald flames. She took one last look around and stepped into the fireplace where Draco had been standing not a minute before. While doing so she heard a snip of the conversation the witches at the bar were saying,

“…Malfoy boy… girl… wonder… was…” Well, maybe Draco isn’t that conceited… Though, I'd never admit that to his face! I wonder would that would do to his already inflated ego...

“Head’s Common Room, Hogwarts.” And she was surrounded by green flames.

Next thing she knew she was being thrown out of the fireplace and onto the rug before the fireplace in her common room. “Ouch…” she muttered before pushing herself up.

“Oh, sorry, Mi.” Draco moved towards her quickly to help her up, which was futile since she had already managed to stand on her own.

“It’s okay.” She replied nonchalantly.

“Are you hurt?” he gave her the once-over.

“No, no, Draco I’m fine.” She smiled brightly, making her point. “Thank you. Thank you so much for today. Everything was perfect. Today has been the most memorable Valentine’s Day I’ve ever had and it’s all thanks to you.” She said sincerely and stood on her toes, enabling her to plant a kiss on his lips. He immediately responded to her and wrapped his arms around her waist, pulling her closer. He licked her lips and she granted him permission to move his tongue into her mouth. Their snogging session heated drastically and Draco moved Hermione backwards, causing her to back up against the wall.

Hermione moaned into his mouth, she loved his kisses. Just his touch could make her melt into his arms; and he knew it. Draco’s hands slowly crept up her abdomen and cupped her breast. He caressed her softly, making her moan again. He began leaving a trail of light kisses across her jaw and down her neck. Her hands tangled into his blonde locks and she was panting lightly. She emitted a small “Draco” as his kisses moved lower. He moved his hands towards the back of her neck and began working on the knot in her halter top.

“Hermione! Open up, it’s us.” Harry’s voice could be heard from behind the portrait entrance. Draco immediately dropped his hands and pulled away and moved towards the door, running a hand through his hair. Hermione frantically began straightening her shirt and tried combing her hands through her hair in a desperate attempt to help in even the slightest.

“She’s sleeping, Potter.” Draco said lazily after opening the door.

“Well, could you tell her we came to see her?”

“If I remember.” Hermione rolled her eyes, holding back the urge to scold him; couldn’t he give even a minor effort to get along? Hermione heard nothing more from Harry but looked up when the door shut.

“I wonder why they would come at such a late time?” Hermione pondered aloud. Draco shrugged,

“I don’t know. Now, where were we?” He smirked and moved towards her again.

Knock Knock

Draco let out an irritable sigh and moved away from his girlfriend, once again, to open the door.

“What do you two want now?” Draco asked, annoyed at their second appearance.

“We need to ask you something, Malfoy.” Ron spoke this time; he sounded a bit apprehensive.

Well? ” Draco glowered; how could Hermione befriend such mindless gits?

“Are you involved with Hermione?” Harry spat out. There was an awkward silence. Whatever Draco was expecting to hear from him wasn’t this.

“Come again?” he said hesitantly.

“Are you and Hermione... romantically involved?” he spoke slowly, glaring at Draco. Hermione was awe-struck, on the opposite side of the room, away from eyesight. How could they have figured anything out? They were being so careful!

Draco remained silent, unsure of what to say. Each second passed and the tension grew higher. They knew the answer and Draco knew of their knowledge.

“Where is she?” Harry asked for the second time that night, his voice seething with anger. Draco still remained silent.

“Where is she!?” Harry shouted angrily. Draco took a deep breath, glared at Harry, and looked towards the right to Hermione, sending her an apologetic look, before pushing the door open fully and allowing the two boys to enter.

Hermione was horrified. She was so scared of what Harry and Ron were going to say she stood frozen in place for the first minute or two while they stared at her in disbelief.

Malfoy?” Ron said angrily, questioning her judgment. She snapped out of her temporary trance.

Yes, Ronald, Draco Malfoy! Is that so difficult to believe?” she said sternly.

“Hermione, there are plenty of people out there! Where did you choose him? Remember him? The one who’s been calling you a ‘you-know-what’ for the last five years and has done nothing but make your life hell since you were in your first year!?” With each word Ron’s anger increased.

“Thank you for the overview, Ron, but I assure you I have thought this through long enough to know what the right decision is and which would be the wrong one. And I’ve made my choice: Draco. He’s changed, haven’t you noticed throughout this entire year?” she yelled back at Ron, defending her and Draco’s relationship.

Draco watched from the side, unsure of what to say. Instead, he chose to allow the two of them to fight this out.

“Hermione, he’s probably only being nice under Dumbledore’s orders or maybe even someone else’s order. Or, he might even be using the fact you have a joined common room to his benefit!” Ron said maliciously. Hermione looked at him in disgust and shock,

“You think I would allow anyone to use me like that?” she said in awe; she would have thought her best friend would have known her better than that. This time, Draco spoke up too,

“Nor would I ever do that to anyone because, firstly, it’s just indecent, and second, I just don’t need to.”

“Don’t start bloody telling me what’s decent and indecent, Malfoy! If I do recall correctly you are the one who’s treated Hermione like dung for the past seven years!”

“Enough!!” Hermione shouted above the two boys before Draco could recoil to Ron’s last words.

“Ron, Harry, I’m sorry, but this time, I’m going to have to agree with Draco. You two have made it clear that neither of you are willing to brush aside petty, schoolboy, differences and give a small effort to be civil. I do hope, though, that we can get through this because I though that our friendship was much, much more important than an argument over who I choose to spend my time with. Ginny has accepted it and maybe you’ll understand soon enough as well. Now if you persist on arguing I’m going to have to ask to you leave.”

“But ‘Mione, what about everything he’s-,” Hermione held up a hand to silence him and he stopped his rant.

“Come on Ron, let’s go.” Harry spoke hotly, glaring at Hermione, his eyes clearly saying one thing: Traitor.

The door snapped shut and Hermione let out a breath she didn’t know she had been holding in, “Some Valentine’s Day.”

“I’m sorry, they knew, I had to let them in. There really was no point in lying…”

“I know; they were bound to find out sometime. But why did it have to be tonight? Everything was going to perfect!”

“I can fix that.” Draco purred, closing the gap between them and capturing Hermione’s mouth in another kiss. She was immediately brought back to minutes before Ron and Harry had appeared and she pressed her own lips closer to his. Her hands made it once again into his hair and Draco’s made it to the knot of her halter. Hermione pulled away from him suddenly and he looked a bit dejected, but curious.

“Draco… I, um, I need to know something.” She said bashfully, looking at the ground. He reached up and tilted her chin up so their eyes met. She took a deep breath and continued,

“Do… you… Do you love me?” she said hesitantly, not removing her eyes from his. This was clearly not what Draco had been expecting (honestly, twice within ten minutes? This had to be a Malfoy record). He moved his arm from around her waist and looked down, sideways, past her; anywhere but her.

Hermione took his actions as a bad sign and moved a step away from him, blushing, shamed with herself, “I-I’m sorry. Never mind that. You don’t have to answer.” After a moment longer of silence she turned towards her room to leave, great way to end the night, Hermione! Just bloody fantastic.

“No.” Draco said suddenly. Hermione’s stomach lurched. No? She froze where she was and turned towards him slowly, trying to keep the tears from welling up in her eyes. Silence would have been easier to bear that that revelation.

“No, no! Not no.” Draco started quickly when he caught a glimpse of her face.

“I meant ‘no, don’t leave’.” He reached for her shoulder but she moved sideways, not allowing him to make contact.

“It’s okay, I understand…” she continued on her way. She couldn’t believe she had just told her very best friends she had chosen him over them. How daft could she be?

“Wait, Mi, stop! I love you.” She froze once again where she stood, not trusting herself to turn around. She didn’t know what she’d do, break down crying, or possibly smack him? Or even worse, see that dreadfully seductive smirk playing across his features. No, she would not turn around. Instead he came to her and pulled her around to face him. As it turns out, she ended up staring at him, unable to speak.

“I, Draco Malfoy, love you, Hermione Granger.” He repeated with no trace of a smirk. Her eyes filled with unshed tears and she swallowed hard,

“Yo- you do?” she asked breathlessly. He smirked, lowered his lips to hers for a sweet second, and whispered into her ear, “Yes.” Her eyes were sparkling and she squealed, throwing her arms around him tightly.

“I love you too!” She said genuinely, smiling with relief.

So they stood, holding one another tightly, both afraid to let go. For now, they didn’t care about what the future may bring them; they were in love. And, from that moment on, that would lead their lives into the directions they were meant to travel. Good or bad.


Wow! So when I first started writing this I was planning on having it out on Valentine’s Day, 2006. Now look at the date: November, 2006! A random time for a Valentine’s Day fic but if you’re a true shipper you won’t really care for the date!

So I’ve noticed that a lot of readers are very much against worming in ‘America’ to Harry Potter fics, how did I do critics? Be brutal, be honest, be heartfelt, be MEAN, just tell me! Meaning review! Now, personally, I’m big on 1-page-in-Microsoft-Word reviews, buuut if you’re not like me I’ll totally accept those one sentence reviews as well; I just want some feedback! Please? I’ll promise to reply if you include an e-mail address ((or if you’re a logged in member)).

A/N #2: Heh, I hope you all like it =). I'm sorry I left you all semi-hanging when it came to the Harry/Ron/Hermione ending! I guess you can all use your imaginations with that one, right? Once again, please let me know if you see any typos or grammar/spelling mistakes! Thanks for reading!

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