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Harry Potter and The Kings of Magic. by _Harry_Potter_
Chapter 33 : Second Death
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“In the name of my ancestors, The King of Souls and the Kings of Magic, the gods themselves, I challenge thee Tom Riddle,” called out Harry, in a deep booming voice.

At those words, the skies thundered loudly and bright flashes were visible. People gaped in confusion, unsure if that were the mythical gods themselves. The gods that could do anything they wanted.

“The rules are that no one interferes with the fight and that person who does will instantly be struck down. The duel to death will determine the final ending of the battle. In the god’s name, I challenge thee to a final battle,” said Harry, his voice not matching his usual.

People were still duelling, but only half heartedly. They were more interested in the two legends fighting each other and whether Voldemort would accept the challenge.

“And I accept, under the watchful eyes of the gods,” said Voldemort, appearing instantly several metres away from Harry.

Just before they began their challenge, the entire front wall of the castle was shattered into rubble. The Giants had been throwing boulders and had finally succeeded in ruining the castle.

Screams and cries were heard from inside the castle and instantly Aurors covered the hole, trying to protect the students from any attacks.

However, all duels had frozen, whilst both sides watched their leaders facing each other for the final time. Harry’s eyes never changed from their state of anger.

Harry and Voldemort bowed, walked several steps away from each other and turned instantly duelling. Harry mainly used protection, deflected Voldemort’s spells, so that an opening could be made.

Harry rarely used a spell, as he wanted to take advice from his parents and make sure he found Voldemort’s weakness.

“You cannot defeat me, Harry. I am the most powerful wizard alive and I have too much power for you,” taunted Voldemort, circling to the left, where Harry forced him to go right.

“You are unbelievable at how much you underestimate your opponent. I have been training for some time now and I have more power than you will ever possess. Prepare to finally die this time round,” said Harry, holding his shield securing, as a killing curse was sent in retaliation.

“You may have trained deeply in some areas of your power, but there is no end to the amount you can gain. You haven’t worked with the Dark Arts, so you cannot claim to be more powerful than me. True power lies in the Dark Arts, not in defence.” said Voldemort, signalling to Harry’s shield.

“You see, defence is a natural instinct. If I sent a spell at you, you will either dodge or produce a shield. So, you have just contradicted yourself. Now be quite, Tom, you need to concentrate, as I plan on ending this soon,” said Harry, focusing on Voldemort’s weakness and waiting for the right moment.

“AVADA KEDAVRA!” roared Voldemort, swishing his wand at the same time as his spare hand.

Harry dodged the killing curse and was instantly struck with a powerful smash of a continuous flow of water. Harry felt the water pound against him, injuring his sides.

Harry choked as he felt himself suffocating under the pressure of the water in his lungs. Harry took a moment to gather himself and was finally able to throw off the curse.

He fell to the floor, water gushing from his lungs. He lay there, trying to catch his breath. He wasn’t expecting that and it angered him that Voldemort had struck him. Then again, Harry didn’t actually know what Voldemort was like.

The battle went on. Harry began to get weak with the constant water assaults, followed by Cruciatus Curses whilst he was under the suffocation of the water.

Harry was being beaten and everyone could see it. They all knew that if Harry didn’t do anything soon, he would die and they would all be doomed.

“How ironic, you’re dying with the power of your own blood. I am killing you with your father’s powers. Some famous Harry Potter. Some Prince of Souls and what an amazing King of Magic you are. You dirty those titles and you are not worthy,” hissed Voldemort, pacing in front of Harry.

Harry focused for a moment. Thoughts about Hermione and her being pregnant forced their way into his mind. He looked around and could see Hermione kneeling on the floor watching Harry, crying so desperately and she knew that this time she could not help Harry at all.

Harry got to his feet and looked at Voldemort. His eyes burned once again to flames and he got back into his duelling stance. This received an evil grin from Voldemort.

They circled for some time and neither took their eyes off the other. The next part was caused by Pettigrew trying to get himself a further good mark with Voldemort.

He ran in, waving his wand at Harry. Harry didn’t move an inch. As Pettigrew’s spell exited his wand, Pettigrew dropped dead on the spot, killed by his own spell, altered by the gods.

This sudden burst of death fuelled both Harry and Voldemort to fight each other. Harry and Voldemort swished their wands at the same time.

“STUPEFY!” yelled Harry, bringing his wand back for his next spell. “CRUCIO!”

Voldemort deflected the first spell, but had to jump out of the way for the following. Harry grinned in spite of himself and watched as Voldemort cast his spell.

“AVADA KEDAVRA!” yelled Voldemort, swishing his wand quickly.

“SECTUMSEMPRA!” shouted Harry loudly, casting the spell with all his power.

Harry’s power told him what the spell was and he knew he couldn’t deflect it whilst casting a spell himself. Instead, he allowed his spell to be cast and rapidly cast his wand twice on himself.

A large explosion of light came from the two spells hitting their targets. The watchers had to cover their eyes from the bright light.

Once the light faded, the crowd looked down at two figures on the ground. Harry lay motionless to one side, as Voldemort lay bleeding rapidly.

Some Death-Eaters and Order members began duelling once more. But most people were stunned and felt like crying at the sight of Harry’s dead body. Voldemort was coughing up blood and any help sent his way just made things worse, as the blood pouring from his stomach made him enter a pool of his own blood.

A loud scream filled the air and Hermione fell on top of Harry’s limp body. Ron and Lavender could be seen supporting each other from injuries, as they cried.

All the Order had finished their duelling and most of the Ministry also. They all hovered around Harry’s dead body and looked down as Hermione cried hysterically over his body.

The surrounding people felt tears trickle down their faces as they looked down at their saviour’s dead body.

Slowly, but surely, the students began to file out of the castle, coming to the sound of cries of hundreds of people.

Once they got to the scene, they all felt their hearts fill their mouths and their necks and jaw lock and tighten. They looked down at their hero and they looked down at the one person who deserved to live.

As the entire good side of the world was drowned in their own depression, the Death-Eaters hurriedly made their escape, very few giving the faintest care to their capture.

Ron looked around him, trying to keep the thought of Harry being dead out of his mind. He didn’t want to think about him losing Harry and all he wanted to do, was try and wake up from his hopeful dream.

As he looked around, his eyes landed on a familiar blonde haired Death-Eater, Lucius Malfoy. Lucius was on the floor, his legs bent into a strange angle and his face badly damaged.

Ron walked over and stamped on the broken leg, which received loud shrieks of pain. As Lavender joined Ron’s side, trying to calm him and comfort him, Lucius Malfoy wildly aimed his wand up at Ron.

“Avada Kedavra,” he whispered, before falling into unconsciousness.

Ron jumped to one side at the sound of the spell, but Lavender wasn’t quick enough. The spell landed squarely in her chest and knocked her to the floor.

Ron’s mental state had altered instantly. He watched as his best friend, his brother was murdered for no reason of his own. And now he watched as his love of his life was murdered from a follower of the murderer that killed Harry.

Ron fell onto Lavender, crying so hard that his chest jumped in pain. The entire field went deadly silent and no one said a word. The only thing that could be heard, was the numerous hysterical cries from a few of the people.

Hermione and Ron were the worst of the lot. However, the rest of the Weasley’s and most of the senior Order members were crying hysterically.

Across the field, two figures were stood visibly alone. The two Hunters looked back at the scene that produced only sympathy and sorrow.

The Hunters were made and created to be ruthless and have no feelings, but it couldn’t be prevented. They felt for the surrounding people and they wished they could do more. However, they also knew the truth.

“I want to see his body before we go.” said the calm voice of a legendary hero.

“Harry, its right beside them all. If you were felt or heard, your moment of privacy will be ruined.” said Silina calmly, looking to her side at where the invisible person of Harry was sat.

“Listen, they are all too occupied at crying over my clone; they won’t be bothered about Tom. I will keep my invisibility spell on and I will use silencing spells. Just stay here, I will be back shortly.” said Harry, before casting several silencing spells and walking over to the field.

Harry reached where Voldemort’s body lay. Harry knelt down beside it, mere centimetres from an Auror. He bent down and took the wand from Voldemort’s bloody hand.

“W-who is there?” asked a very faint but visible voice.

Harry froze. He looked at the scared eyes of the darkest wizard to arise. Harry sat down beside the body and looked into the eyes of a shocked, worried, scared and paranoid man.

Harry set his invisibility for Voldemort to see him. Fear spread Voldemort’s face, which soon relaxed as Voldemort seemed to feel something.

“You have been a more than worthy enemy. Do not think me apologising, as I am not. You may have defeated me now, but I will be waiting in the afterlife.” said Voldemort, creating several people to turn around and glare at the blood mess of their enemy.

“And I will be ready. You will now be able to allow my loved ones to live properly and not fill the world with cruelty.” said Harry, placing Voldemort’s wand in his robes and looking around at the people, who couldn’t hear his voice.

“I knew I could have died tonight, Harry. Upon knowing this, I made it valid that you were to receive my journals for over the years. There is many, but I feel you deserve to read them. It is why I did this and why I felt I had to do what I have done.” said Voldemort, reaching out and grabbing Harry’s hand.

Harry jumped slightly and was ready to strike Voldemort. However, Voldemort was weak and this was obvious.

“Listen, Harry. Can you remember when I said I could bring back your parents?” said Voldemort, coughing blood up. “Let me make it clear that there is more than that one Philosophers Stone and that you have so long to discover them. Also, note that there is a way to resurrect the dead.”

“No there isn’t. Dumbledore has told me this for years.” said Harry firmly, looking around at the bewildered people.

“It is very ancient and very dark magic. The deepest of them all. If you travel into the tribes of the world, in the African jungles, you will discover the ancient magic. It is there and it is possible to resurrect the dead. What are the Inferi, if they aren’t a basic resurrection of death?”

“It is time I left, Harry. I will see you again and until then, I advise you live your life to the best it can be. As I will be waiting and I will be ready to relive this time once again.” said Voldemort, before letting go of Harry’s hand, as his life slipped away.

Harry was shocked slightly, but stood all the same. He glanced at Hermione, who was tangled with his cloned dead body. Harry felt guilty leaving her in this state of mind, but he felt he had to.

He needed time away from everything related to this world and he needed time to think over what he plans on doing.

Harry slowly moved away, glancing back guiltily at his friends. Once he reached his two companions, they were holding a cloth, ready to be enchanted.

Harry made the Port-Key and with one final glance at the depressed world, he vanished from sight.
I am not sure how I feel about this chapter. I originally had Harry not reveal himself, until the final chapter. This was just to stir up you readers. However, the conversation between Harry and Voldemort has a lot of importance for the sequal, so I felt I had to enter it. Just one more chapter to go, then I will bring out the sequal. Thanks for reading.

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