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It Was Fate by BrooklynDyme
Chapter 2 : A Night to Remember
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Aristo had decided to hang out in London for the night and checked into a decent muggle motel. While at Gringotts, something had prompted him to take more money than was necessary, a lot more, as if there was something in the future he’d need it for. Once he’d gotten some clothes, Aristo went out into muggle London for a night of relaxation. He brought a book along with him, and went into an Irish pub where he sat at a back table, ordered a light beer, and began to read his book. About an hour later, he saw a girl enter the pub and order a drink. She came and sat at the table beside him while she waited for her drink. Aristo watched her curly brown hair bounce up and down as she walked. Her skin was flawless with a creamy look. As she sat down, he thought to himself, this girl couldn’t be a day over 18. But she does have the body of a woman, a very attractive woman. His eyes trailed along her body. Her breasts were round and the perfect size, not too big not too small, accentuated by a slim waste. She was the epitome of his perfect woman. But she’s just a little girl he thought. Once she was served, he watched her take a good chug of her whiskey. Maybe she’s not so little after all.

Walking over and taking a seat in the chair across from her, he said, “Had a hard day?” She looked at him before turning her head away. “I’m only asking because you seem a little too young to be chugging down whiskey”. When she didn’t answer he started to get up from the chair. That’s when he noticed a wooden stick protruding from her pocket. His curiosity got the better of him and he decided to test his theory just to see what would happen. “You ever hear of Hogwarts?” Her head bolted up immediately and their eyes met, she had beautiful eyes.

“What do you know about Hogwarts?” she asked slowly, even her voice was angelic.

“That really depends on how much you know?” Aristo replied.

“Are you a…”

“Wizard?” he finished, she gasped. “So I’m guessing you’d be a witch?” All she seemed able to do was nod her head. “Name’s Aristo,” he said holding out his hand.

“Hermione Granger,” she replied. Aristo was stunned. Here in front of him sat Draco’s least favorite person in the world, next to Harry Potter. He began to laugh out loud, quietly but heavy at the same time. “What’s wrong?” Hermione questioned.

“It’s nothing really,” he answered. “I just can’t believe I’m sitting here talking to the Hermione Granger. Your name’s almost as famous as Potter’s in my household.

“And what household would that be?” Hermione asked, curious herself to who was talking about her.


“What!” Hermione almost screamed.

“Calm down. My full name is Aristo Malfoy, first born of Lucius, your arch enemy’s older brother”. Hermione was stunned. She could barely gather herself to ask all of the questions swimming in her head.

“I never knew Malfoy had a brother,” she sneered.

“Yeah, dad doesn’t like to talk about me too much. I’m the black sheep of my family; you know the one they disown. Plus I was in my seventh year when you were in first, and right after graduation I moved to America to live on my own. I actually live in a muggle part of New York, I’m only in England to collect money from Lucius”. Hermione was once again speechless.

“So, your not an arrogant, pompous, self-centered, jackass like the rest of the Malfoy’s?” He laughed again and Hermione couldn’t help but smile. One of her first genuine smiles since she’d learned of her father’s illness. He has a nice laugh, and a beautiful smile she thought. However she quickly abandoned these ideas when she remembered her boyfriend Ron who was back at Hogwarts worried sick about her.

“No I’m nothing like that,” Aristo said snapping her from her thoughts. “However from what I hear about you, you’re supposed to be the rule abiding book-worm in your year. So, that being said, why are you in here chugging down fire whiskey like there’s no tomorrow. I mean after all you’re only seventeen”.

She turned her face away and looked out the nearby window, it was getting dark outside. How could she answer that? The truth was she ha planned to get as drunk as possible tonight and eliminate all her problems from her mind. Hermione felt a tear slip down her cheek and moved to brush it away, when she felt the fingers of another wipe it away. Hermione looked up and met Aristo’s eyes immediately. On any other night she probably would have slapped him, but tonight she needed comfort more than anything. Hermione began to gently sob as Aristo moved to the chair by her side and draped his arm around her. He looked around quickly and noticed the pub was almost empty. When the bar tender went to the back, he quickly apparated Hermione and himself to the room he had rented out for the night.

She never moved from his side, she actually dug her body deeper into his embrace once they were on the motel bed. Aristo couldn’t stand to hear her cry. She’s an angel he thought. No angel should ever have so many tears in their eyes. He mentally laughed at himself. This is wrong, she’s only seventeen, still a baby, I should not be thinking of her like that. But I can’t ignore, there is the strangest attraction I have to this stranger. I think it might even be love.

Once her sobs began to lighten up a bit, Aristo asked her what was wrong. Hermione never answered, instead she looked up and met his eyes. He was undoubtedly a Malfoy, with those ice blue eyes. But at the same time they were so different, so soft and warm. Hermione lost herself in them. She needed their comfort; she needed his strong arms wrapped around her. She couldn’t comprehend this feeling that was taking her over. It definitely wasn’t love, how could it be when she loved Ron? But she couldn’t ignore the feeling either.

They stared into each other’s eyes, no souls, with such intensity that neither of them noticed their faces moving closer and closer. Before they knew it, Aristo and Hermione were indulged in a heated kiss filled with passion and desire. Their bodies slowly lowered onto the bed, never breaking the kiss. Hermione lay on top of Aristo as she felt his hands begin to roam. His hand trailed down her back, and then came back up rubbing her sides. Holding on to her, Aristo flipped Hermione over with such agility and skill Hermione gasped into his mouth.They stopped kissing just to look at one another again. Yes, this is love, Aristo thought. They kissed once again

An hour or so later, Hermione lay on top of Aristo, both naked. He was breathing heavily, and so was she. They both fell asleep quickly, holding each other as they did so.

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