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To Lose It All by Nessa Elendil
Chapter 12 : September 25, 1982
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Saturday finally came. Jasmine wondered why she had set her alarm, especially since, on top of being Saturday, she never used it; then remembered that she had given Roppanue a detention - all day.

The Great Hall was clean, Roppanue had enough wits about him to look up how to keep the floor clean, but it wasn't spotless because his spell was sort of semi-ineffective.

Today, Jasmine was going to have a field day - Roppanue would learn to never mess with a Marauder again - even if he didn't know she was one - and she was sure that Roppanue had a surprise for her in her classroom.

As it turned out, she was right. Before opening the door to her classroom, Jasmine lazily waved her wand and a dozen or so dungbombs that were waiting to be set off by opening the door were sent to the caretaker's office. The Marauders and Filch had held many battles when they were at Hogwarts, and Jasmine, having learned he was still around, wanted to be sure the Marauders had the last laugh.

Roppanue wasn't due for another fifteen minutes, and Jasmine would need his copy of class rules she had every student copy down and hand in because they would be a hassle to carry.

She went to her office - which was really more like a closet because all the 'class materials' were kept there because she didn't want to leave everything in the classroom and couldn't be bothered to bring everything back and forth from her room to her classroom. The office door was slightly open and Jasmine guessed that had something to do with a bucket of dirty water or something falling over her head when she opened it. She moved the bucket to fall over the classroom door and went into her office to find the paper. When she came out, she saw a disgusted Roppanue soaked to the bone.

A few floors down, Mr. Filch was talking gleefully to his cat, Mrs. Norris - also there during Marauder time - about how he would finally have Peeves the Poltergeist kicked out of Hogwarts when he opened his office door to be showered by the stench of dungbombs. His screams of troublemakers and disrespectful ingrates could be heard by most of the school for the next half hour.

"Personally, I think it looks rather nice on you," a smirking Jasmine told a disgruntled Roppanue.

He just stood there and snarled.

Jasmine chuckled to herself and said, "Follow me, and take your cloak."

Roppanue reluctantly obeyed, trying in vain to dry himself with his wand. "What do I have to do?"

"Whatever I say."


"But nothing."

Roppanue continued to follow Jasmine out to the grounds, grumbling insults all the ways. Jasmine ignored him and stopped near the Forbidden Forest.

"What are we doing here?" Roppanue asked her in a worried voice.

"Well, Alec, first, I want you to look at this." She showed him his copy of the classroom rules. "Read it out loud."

Roppanue sighed and recited, "One: No disrespect towards other students or teacher. Two: No goofing off with equipment a.k.a. weapons. Three: Follow all the teacher's instructions."

"Not too difficult, is it?"

"No," Roppanue said, having no idea where this was going.

"Well right now, I am instructing you to take this list and bring back a sample of each of the plants on it." Jasmine took a list out of her pocket and ripped it in half.

Roppanue took his half and read it over.

"I added pictures just incase. All these plants can be found in the Forest. Don't come back until you have all of them or it's nightfall. If you're not back by tomorrow morning, I'll presume you're dead."

Roppanue had suddenly gone pale. "Go into the Forest? Are you mad?"

"So they say."

"What will you do all day?"

"I'll be getting the plants on the other half of the list, also in the Forest."

"Why do you need these?"

"Oh, I don't. I told Professor Sprout I'd get her the plants she needs for some of her more advanced classes because I need to punish a student."

Roppanue gulped and looked extremely afraid of entering the Forest.

"Move," Jasmine said and ushered him into the Forest, following behind. "Stay on the path and you should be fine. And f.y.i., I'll know if you leave."

Roppanue couldn't answer as Jasmine had just left the path, leaving him alone.

"Help," he tried to call out.

Jasmine wove between the trees with ease, knowing her way. "Firenze!" she called. "You around here?"

"Hello, Jasmine." A centaur came out from the trees behind her. "It has been a long time since you have been here."

"Yeah, hi Bane. Hey, is Firenze around?"

"He may be near. Firenze does, after all, live in this forest."

"Yeah, I know. That's why I'm looking for him here."

"Why do you wish to find him?"

"I think I should tell him that, you can find out from the stars tonight."

That offended Bane. "The stars are not for recording meaningless talk, they tell important--"

"Yeah, yeah, sorry. So where is he? He can tell you what I say later."

"Well then I am afraid he may have other errands. It is, after all, long hours until the stars and planets show."

"Damn curious centaurs," Jasmine muttered under her breath. Louder, she said, "I need him to help make sure this kid doesn't die without letting on he's there."

That really offended Bane. "You brought a human into our forest and expect us to watch it?!"

"No! Not at all, I 'm just asking Firenze for a favor, that's all. And it's not IyourI forest! It doesn't hurt to show a little dignity, ya know."

"It is centaurs that have dignity, much more so than humans, with little to none!"

Jasmine rolled her eyes. "Yeah, yeah, I've heard this all before."

"Then do not forget it!"

"I don't, I just don't agree with it."

"It would do you well to leave this forest, Jasmine Black."

"Well if I had a knut for every time I heard that."

Bane kicked up his front legs in anger to try to get Jasmine to back away and leave. Jasmine, however, knew he wasn't close enough to kick her, and probably wouldn't, so she stood her ground.

"Leave and take your student with you!"

"There's a student in the forest." Another centaur joined them and said. He wasn't asking a question.

"Firenze!" Jasmine exclaimed. "Finally, sweet Merlin."

"You have seen the student. Did you tell him to leave?" Bane demanded.

"No, I have come to find the one who brought him."

"That would be me," Jasmine said moving around an extremely angry Bane. "Could you please make sure he doesn't die or anything, 'cause I only want to shake him up."

"Of course, I would gladly be of assistance, though it has been long since you or your friends have visited this forest. The stars predicted your return."

"Stars, yeah, that's great," Jasmine muttered, noting how angry Bane was quickly becoming. "Well, thanks for helping, but I have business elsewhere in the forest. See ya."

Jasmine walked hastily away, glad to put the potentially homicidal centaur behind her, she knew what centaurs were capable of. Thankfully, though, she didn't need a path because she had been in the Forbidden Forest so many times, and not only at full moons; the Marauders always enjoyed the forest, especially if they were playing 'Truth or Dare'.

It only took Jasmine about twenty minutes to find the twenty plants on the part of the list Sprout had given her. she took the over to the greenhouses and left them in Greenhouse 4 with a note explaining the others would be dropped off later, smiling at the fact that she had found a new way to punish a student that wasn't illegal, because she had already received a detention doing everything else humanly short of being labeled 'cruel and unusual punishment', and that was before Filch's chains were banned.

Out in the forest, Roppanue was a nervous reck. He never dared to enter before, even if he and his friends were planning on going sometime in the far future, and they weren't planning on going alone. He didn't care that it was morning - it looked darker than night.

Who knew what lives in the Forbidden Forest? It was called 'Forbidden' for a reason, after all, and Roppanue did not want to know that reason.

He heard something walking behind him and jumped.

"Wh-wh-who's-s th-th-there-re?"

No answer. Roppanue couldn't see Firenze watching be make sure nothing attacked him.

Roppanue looked at his list, almost twenty plants were on it. He looked around - mostly behind him - and actually found one of them. He pulled it and stuffed it in a bag he had managed to conjure before he wandered too deep into the forest.

After about eight hours and forty-five minutes, Roppanue had found all the plants on his list; he also found himself lost. He had no idea how to get out of the forest, or even back to the path which he had somehow strayed off of.

"HEELLPP!" he called out to no one, not realizing that probably wasn't the best idea in the book. "HEELLPP!"

Firenze stepped out in front of him.

"AHHH!" Roppanue dropped his bag and fell to the ground, covering his head with his arms.

"You are the student of Jasmine Black," Firenze addressed him.

Roppanue dared to look up and give him a slight nod.

"She is a friend of mine. I will help you."

Roppanue had no idea who this was, but he did want to get out of the forest alive. He grabbed a tree and hoisted himself up, only letting go long enough to pick up his bag.

"Thank," he started in a high, squeaky voice, "thank you."

Firenze nodded. "Follow me."

Roppanue obeyed, using the trees for support. He saw the trees begin to get thinner and could see the afternoon light - or what was left of it - straight ahead. so that was where he ran, into the clearing he thought was the edge of the forest. Surprisingly, to him at least, he saw Jasmine waiting for him. He never thought he'd be glad to see her.

After about eight and a half hours, Jasmine figured Roppanue had about finished his job in the forest. She headed back out to it and into a clearing, figuring Roppanue would eventually be drawn to its light.

Jasmine waited for a couple of minutes before Roppanue - being led by Firenze - stumbled into the clearing, dragging a bag filled with the plants Sprout wanted, a few of them trying to get out.

Roppanue instantly dropped the bag and ran to Jasmine, hugging her like he would his mother, and began babbling extremely quickly.

"Don't make me do that again. Please, I'll behave! I swear! Just get me out of this place! Please!"

Jasmine sighed. "You learned your lesson?"

He nodded into her shoulder.

"Alright then. Let's go back to the school."

What little was left of the day was fairly boring. Jasmine brought Sprout the rest of the plants and ate dinner, always an event worth noting.

Now, she was sitting in a comfy chair by the fireplace in her room. It was dark and a fire was going, she was wearing baggy pajamas and sipping some hot chocolate she got from the kitchens.

Jasmine watched the flames, enchanted by their movement. She had never been so alone, she realized as the heat licked the stone and wood.

Sirius had always been there for her. No matter what. This was the first time she had ever really been separated from him, at least since before they got along. She laughed to herself. Until they were about seven, Sirius had been bloody afraid of her. Jasmine had started rebelling against her parents' ways when she saw them make Andromeda cry by forbidding her to see her boyfriend because he came from a Muggle family. She and Andromeda had never been particularly close, not like Bellatrix and Narcissa, but they liked each other better, but not so much that she hadn't been surprised Andromeda took her in the way she did, or even recognized each other. They hadn't seen each other since Andromeda graduated, eight years before Jasmine did, and after that, Jasmine had only received two letters from her sister: "Got married to Ted." and "Had a daughter, Nymphadora." They weren't signed, and Jasmine never sent anything back. But even though she was young, Andromeda had helped her see sense. Then she helped Sirius see what she had, no one else had ever told him their 'family' was wrong.

When they went to Hogwarts, Sirius and Jasmine were closer than ever; especially since she kicked out McLyion the same night they were sorted before he even made it to the dorm. He didn't mind much though, the kids in the year above him let him stay on the floor, so he had all the older kids for friends. The only reason it was him, though, was because she and Sirius had met James and later Remus in Diagon Alley, then befriended them on the train and Pettigrew was already in the dorm.

When Jasmine and Sirius ran away, they went together. Jasmine had been hit by a curse of some sort and was barely conscious. Sirius took both their trunks - since they didn't think to shrink them in the house, they just needed to get away - and half-dragged her to the Potters' and they stayed there for the last two years of Hogwarts and a couple months after that.

She, Sirius, and Remus were all staying together when they decided to move in with their generation Potters. When Dumbledore suggested they all move out for safety, Jasmine and Sirius had separate flats, but were each over at the other's so often even they occasionally got mixed up on who's was who's.

Now Sirius was gone, and Jasmine was alone. She wished she still had Nymphadora around, just seeing that little girl put a smile on her face, but she didn't even have Harry, whom the law said she should.

She felt like crying, but she didn't. Jasmine couldn't remember crying once in her entire life, except for that week...

Jasmine knew crying wouldn't make her weak, but it made her feel vulnerable, and she didn't like that feeling. She had always been strong, and she knew she could get though this, no matter how little she believed time heals all wounds, she knew crying didn't heal them either.

She put the hot chocolate mug down, and curled up in the chair, falling alseep and facing the fire.

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To Lose It All: September 25, 1982


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