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It Was Only a Kiss by Radcliffe_PotterFan319
Chapter 30 : Still Searching
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Disclaimer: Everything pretty much belongs to Jk Rowling. I tweaked it a bit. And lyrics by Senses Fail(great band people).

Chapter Thirty
Still Searching

And oh my god, I've lost control
I stare at accidents in a sick attempt
to feel at all
I'm not the same kid I was when I was younger
I just thought you
I just thought you should know
I'm not the same kid I was when I was younger
I just thought you
I just thought you should know

--Senses Fail "Still Searching"

Sirius was a fantastic father. Sometimes I felt like he did more for Tristan then I did. But I didn’t mind as long as he was the one changing the diapers. He made plenty of time for Tristan between both work and Order business. The Order had become more complex these past few months, for Voldemort seemed to be at his peak.

But I like to think of it like this: Once you reach the peak, the only direction to go, is down.

On Halloween Sirius insisted on dressing Tristan up as a pumpkin. I had to cry when I saw the adorable little face in the orange pumpkin suit. I took pictures just to remember the moment and kissed Sirius. We went to Godric’s Hollow to meet up with James and Lily. They were laughing happily, enjoying their safety. Harry was dressed as a tiger and looked just as cute.

“Are we seriously taking them trick-or-treating?” Lily asked as she took her turn taking countless pictures.

“Of course!” James said, looking at Lily like she was crazy, “Why wouldn’t we?”

“Well, besides the fact that Tristan is eight weeks and Harry is only a year?” Lily asked, but she was smiling.

“Lily, you silly head,” Sirius said, rolling his eyes, “We eat the candy, not them!”

“You’re such children,” Lily said, but she was willing to go out into the night to trick-or-treat. We were able to wear our wizarding robes and all since people would just think we were corny parents. We didn’t care though. We spent the night enjoying ourselves and getting bag loads of candy.

But when Tristan fell asleep in Sirius’s arms and Harry began to get cranky, we went back to Godric’s Hollow. Sirius and I said good night to Lily and left. We were getting ready for bed when something triggered my memory.

An idea to trick the Dark Lord fails as a friend betrays their trust. . .

I dropped the bar of soap I was using into the sink. Fear crossed my face and tears burst into my eyes. The prophecy had finally wedged it’s way from the back of my mind.

“Sirius!” I screamed and ran into the bedroom where Sirius was pulling on his t-shirt he slept in. He looked at me, worried.

“What’s wrong?” he asked. I ran to him, taking a handful of his t-shirt in my hands, putting my forehead on his chest.

“An idea to trick the Dark Lord fails as a friend betrays their trust,” I repeated in hysterics, “The blood traitor of a noble house will find the love of the one who is fated to change the path of the most powerful wizard alive. With great pain and suffering will this love be, for he will take the blame.”

“Libby, no,” Sirius said, I looked up at him, his features were filled with fear.

“Mistress, Master?” Pinky was at the door, hearing my screams.

“Peter’s the one who betrayed us, not Remus. Peter is going to sell them out to Voldemort. We have to warn them!” I screamed.

“Pinky, watch Tristan,” Sirius ordered and then we got onto Sirius’s bike and flew there. Neither Floo or Apperation worked on Godric’s Hollow.

Sirius had never flown so fast on his bike before, and I clung to him in fear of falling off. But then I saw something in the distance as we neared Godric’s Hollow. A green light. The skull with the horrid snake coming out of the mouth.

The Dark Mark.

“No!” Sirius cried as we landed with a jerk.

The only thing that ever told you a house once stood in the destroyed lot, was the way half of the west wing stood. Water sprayed from the pipes and you could see bits of the bed room and library that were destroyed forever. The rest of the house was in a ruined pile. Sirius and I stared at it in fear. Then at the Dark Mark haunting us above.

“They can’t be!” Sirius cried jumping off the bike and running towards the rubble.

“Sirius!” I cried, hoping Death Eaters weren’t lerking.

“James!” Sirius yelled, “Lily?”

He was crying, tears pouring from his eyes. I was crying, too. Ministry officials were arriving, trying to get rid of any signs of magic before Muggles arrived. I had taken to searching for James and Lily, hoping to get an answer from one of them.

“Lily? Oh, Lily answer me!” I shrieked.

“No,” I heard Sirius mutter. He was digging through some rubble and I ran over to help. I gasped and sobbed when I saw he spotted a motionless hand from the rubble. We pulled it off to find and arm and then a shoulder. It was James.

“James,” I whispered. We pulled all the rubble off of him with difficulty.

He was motionless, hazel eyes wide open and empty. There was a look of worry, but courage on his face and I knew he had been trying to hold of Voldemort while Lily went to get Harry. Sirius was crying harder now and we stood looking down at the man that we loved. Sirius pulled me closer to him and we stood for what seemed like forever. We heard a sound.

“Harry,” I said with hope.

“There’s no way,” Sirius muttered, but he too sounded hopeful, “If James is. . .”

But there was no way to mistake that sound. A cry baby was somewhere among the mess that used to be Godric’s Hollow. I ran over to where I knew he room approximately stood. I started pulling up rubble and Sirius soon joined me.

It was practically a miracle. Harry was laying in a small space that seemed to be made for him. Not one part of him was crushed, for pieces of his crib were holding up most of the rubble. I lifted him out of it, trying to calm him down. I noticed a cut in the shape of a lightning bolt on his forehead. A cut that could only be given by a curse. Sirius and I looked at one another.

“Voldemort’s gone.” he said.

“Then why is the Mark up?” I muttered.

“Death Eaters must have been here before us,” Sirius said, he was getting control of himself as he searched for Lily, “They’re honoring their master’s death.”

“But is he dead? Or just weakened?” I whispered, looking at poor Harry.

We found Lily only a few feet away. Her green eyes, so much like Harry’s, were open and empty, just as James’s were. Her wand was limp in her hand and her beautiful red locks were spanned around her head. I began to cry harder and Sirius started to lose control again.

We left the rubble, unable to do anything else. The Ministry had gotten rid of the mark and a group of wizards were around. Hagrid, the gamekeeper at Hogwarts approached us.

“I’m supposed ter take Harry,” he growled with tears leaking into his beard. I looked at the poor orphan.

“I’m his Godfather, Hagrid,” Sirius said, putting an arm around me and Harry, “Give him to me and I’ll take care of him.”

“This is Dumbledore’s orders,” Hagrid said, shaking his massive head, “I have no choice.”

Sirius sighed, knowing that he shouldn’t disobey Dumbledore’s orders. He stared at his bike, arm still around me and Harry. Then his eyes grew wide. He took Harry from me and handed him up to Hagrid. Then he took out his keys to his bike and handed them to Hagrid as well.

“Take my bike. I won’t be needing it anymore.” he said. Hagrid nodded and took the keys. He mounted the bike and started the engine. He flew off before anyone realized the bike was flying.

“Where are you going?” I asked as Sirius began to walk into the street. I was thinking he was going to let a car hit him.

“To find Pettigrew,” Sirius said in a dangerous voice.

“No, Sirius, you can’t.” I said, “You can’t take the blame!”

“Libby. . .” Sirius said, turning around and coming back to me and wrapping me in his arms.

“Don’t go. Leave it to Dumbledore.” I said.

“Don’t you see?” Sirius asked, “Dumbledore thinks that I was their Secret Keeper. Remus does. The whole Order does. We never told anyone about the switch! I have no choice but to go after Pettigrew and make him confess what he’s done. I swear, Libby, I’ll come back to you.”

“Me and Tristan?” I whispered.

“Yes, you and Tristan both.” Sirius smiled and kissed me so deeply I knew, in a way, he was saying good bye to me. I was left standing by the street alone. After a while, I turned back and walked towards the house. I stood among all the other observers.

“Libby?” I heard someone moan. I spun around at the sound of my name and saw Remus, staring at the ruined home before him. I walked over to him.

“I’m so sorry,” I said to him, knowing that we owed him the biggest apology in the world for suspecting him of betraying us.

“You didn’t know. He fooled us all,” Remus said, wiping tears from his eyes, “But how could he?”

“I don’t know,” I said shaking my head.

“Where’s Harry? I’ve heard he survived,” Remus said.

“He did,” I replied, “Hagrid took him to Dumbledore. Everyone is celebrating. James and Lily are gone and most of world is celebrating because Voldemort is gone, too.” I let out a sob, wishing Sirius was there for me.

“He was their best friend,” Remus said, shaking his head.

“I know,” I agreed.

“I guess he never could escape the pressures of his family after all,” Remus continued. I frowned.

“Who are you—?” I stopped when I realized that Remus wasn’t talking about Peter like I was. He was talking about Sirius! I backed away. How come he doesn’t remember? He was in the room! We told him about the prophecy, he has to know this is what it was talking about!

“Libby, are you okay?” Remus asked me, concerned.

“I have to go,” I choked out and apperated back home. I ran up the stairs and into Tristan’s room. Pinky had done what Sirius asked and was sitting in the rocking chair in the corner of the room watching Tristan sleep. He looked up when I walked in.

“Is something wrong, Miss?” he asked me. I looked at Pinky.

“Yes. James and Lily are dead. Voldemort gone.” I said simply and pulled Tristan out of the crib, careful not to wake him.

“That’s horrible, Miss, is there anything Pinky can get you?” Pinky asked, jumping down from the chair.

“No, that won’t be necessary,” I said, “I’m going to spend the night at my Aunt and Uncles, okay? I’ll be back in the morning with Sirius.”

“Yes, Miss,” Pinky said.

I wrote a note for when Sirius returned and Flooed to Aunt Becky and Uncle Scott. I was careful not to hurt Tristan or wake him up. Once I stopped, I stepped into the familiar living room I grew up knowing. I called for my Aunt and she came running, closely followed by Uncle Scott.

“Libby? What’s wrong?” Aunt Becky asked, wrapping me into a hug.

“Did Sirius do something to you?” Uncle Scott growled.

“No.” I gasped, “It’s James and Lily. They’re dead. Voldemort killed them. He tried to kill Harry, too, but somehow, Harry survived. Voldemort is gone!”

I fell into a restless sleep on the couch with Tristan in my arms. He was comfort to me as I waited for Sirius to return. But he never did. I knew it wouldn’t take much to find Peter or even duel with him. Peter was always horrible when it came to duels. As the sun rose, I rose. No longer could I sleep.

Just as people were getting ready to go to work, an owl flew to the window. I let it in, knowing that it had to be from Sirius. It read:

Libby, I’m cornering Peter three blocks from the Leaky Cauldron. I may need help, just so he doesn’t slip off as a rat like he did three times over the night. Please, meet me there in ten minutes.
Love always, Sirius

I immediately stood, tossing the letter to the side. I didn’t realize that it fluttered into the fire Aunt Becky lit during the night, destroying one of the last pieces of evidence that I had against Sirius’s innocence. I found Aunt Becky in the kitchen reading the paper about the death of James and Lily Potter. I handed her Tristan without a word, wrote a quick note the Aurors telling them to get to where Sirius told me, and then apperated there myself.

A giant black dog was on the street Sirius had told me to go. He was chasing something, a small something, down the street. The rat spotted me and turned into Peter. He was smirking. Sirius turned into his regular self, too. Peter was backed into a corner. No one was paying attention. They were much to busy rushing to work.

“Libby, stay over there,” Sirius said, pulling his wand out.

“S-Sirius,” Peter squeaked nervously, “I’m your friend, you can’t kill me!”

“You’re no friend of mine, you murderer!” Sirius yelled, jabbing his wand further into Peter’s neck.

“The Dark Lord made me do it! He threatened to kill me, Sirius!” Peter tried. My anger flared.

“Then you die to keep them safe!” Sirius roared, “You die or you warn us! You’ve been passing information to Voldemort, haven’t you?”

Peter grinned nastily.

“Maybe I did,” he said.

“Why?” Sirius yelled, I could see his tears from where I stood.

“Because the Dark Lord is in his right mind to be rid of people like you!” Peter laughed, “You and James never treated me like a true friend. Even Remus would rather sit by himself then with me. The Dark Lord is my friend. He treats me like I should.”

“You never thought that he would meet his downfall, did you? I should have known you were to weak to deny Voldemort’s powers. You’re nothing but a traitor.” Sirius snapped.

“Does that matter now? What’s done is done, Sirius,” Peter said, still grinning evilly. He looked at me, “Let’s take away the last thing you have left, shall we?” he pulled out his wand and pointed it at me, “OBLIVIATE!”

I ducked just in time, the spell going over my head and hitting a building behind me. I gasped. I wasn’t going to lose my memory. Not like this. Sirius wasn’t going to take the blame. I swear he won’t. Peter cursed and backed away from an angry Sirius. Peter grinned once more and then sent another spell at me. Again, I ducked and Sirius tackled Peter, a few people hurrying away as to not get hit and then yelling for someone to break the two men up. I stood on the other side of a parked car to keep myself safe from Peter’s attempts to take my memory.

Then Peter freed himself from underneath Sirius and ran a few yards away. Then he began to yell.


“Sirius!” I yelled, seeing Peter fingering his wand behind his back, “His wand!”

I was to late.

Peter raised his wand and said a curse that was unfamiliar to me. There was an explosion. I felt myself being picked up off my feet as I was thrown backwards. I hit my head on the pavement and landed flat on my back, knocking the air out of me. I gasped for air and felt tears come to my eyes. But I didn’t care about my pain. I sat up.

Dust was clearing. Bodies, no less then a dozen, were scattered in a very large hole that had appeared in the ground. Peter was gone. All I saw was Sirius standing at the edge of the hole, looking shocked. For a minute, nothing happened. There was a few pops of the apperating Ministry Officials.

They ran past me towards Sirius. As soon as they had Sirius’s hands behind his back, his wand in the hands of another official, and control over the situation, Sirius came back to his senses. I was helped to my feet by Kingsley. In the panic of the streets, I heard Sirius’s bark-like laughter. It echoed over everything else.

“Sirius, have you gone mad?” I asked, trying to make Sirius control himself a bit more. Sirius looked at me, there was no amusement in his eyes. Just hate and anger.

“Sirius Black,” I heard the head of Aurors saying as they lead him away, “You are under arrest for the activity of Dark Arts and use of the Dark Arts in front of Muggles. You are under arrest for the murder twelve muggles and one wizard. . .”

“No!” I said, pulling the head of Auror’s arm, “Sirius didn’t do it!”

“Mrs. Black,” the Head said sternly, “You have hit your head very hard. I assure you, we know what we are doing. We thank you for your help in warning us what was going on here.”

“No, you don’t—” I began, I felt my sanity slipping away fast.

“Libby,” someone said putting a hand on my shoulder, I turned to see Kingsley.

“Kingsley, Sirius didn’t do it. I swear he didn’t,” I shouted.

“Libby, it’s okay. Some Muggles that survived saw the whole thing. They told us exactly what happened.” Kingsley said gently, “Sirius was working for You-Know-Who. He sold James and Lily out to him. Peter tried to stop him, but Sirius won. Don’t worry, Libby, Sirius is off to Azkaban. You’ll never see him again.”

Nothing I did convinced anyone of the truth. Somehow, no one that knew of the prophecy remembered, not even Dumbledore. Everyday more people thought me to be mad and everyday, my sanity got harder to grasp without Sirius. In less then a week, Aunt Becky and Uncle Scott checked me into a long term ward at St. Mungo’s for madness. I had lost so much of myself that I didn’t fight back. I don’t even think I knew what was happening to me.

Everyone said that I was losing my mind because, in less then twelve hours, I lost someone who was like a brother to me, my best friend, and my husband. I “faced horrors that no one should have to face” and that I would be back to normal when the shock of it wore off.

Many said that I didn’t need to be there when they visited. Like when Ben showed up. He would talk to me of things other then what had happened and I would talk back like a normal person. That was when my doctors got excited saying that I was showing improvement. But then when people such as Remus came in, he would tell me that I need to move on and I would go “nuts” again. Really, I just went into hysterics of what really had happened.

I was under so many potions to clam me down and help me sleep. Some days I had no idea that I was even in a hospital. Other days I was full awear of it. Sometimes I was so drugged up on potions that I couldn’t remember anything but the white walls of the room I was kept in.

Everyday, I seemed to forget more and more. Sometimes I didn’t even remember I was once married to Sirius. That would scare me, because I didn’t want to forget the happiest times of my life. Aunt Becky contentiously told me that they weren’t my happiness time if it was all a lie. I would scream for her to get out and leave me alone.

I grew closer to Jacob being locked in St. Mungo’s. He was really there for me. I was there for a year and a half and Jacob came and saw me everyday. He talked of our childhood and told me of the happy times I had with Sirius. He seemed to have tried to learn as much as he possibly could about my relationship with Sirius to tell me of them. I think that’s what helped me hang onto a bit of my sanity. Jacob coming in and telling me stories. He was a Healer, after all, so he knew exactly what I needed.

I loved him for it and was so glad that he had calmed me. Without my little brother, I would have been driven further into madness that I would doubt I would ever find myself again.

I was released finally. I felt like I was re-born.

No longer did I remember the prophecies. Or how in love Sirius and I were. Or that we were betrayed by Peter and I was the one to suggest we should use Peter as the Secret Keeper and not Sirius. Instead, I remembered that I dated Sirius in sixth year to seventh year when we got married. We were never so in love that I couldn’t even sleep without him or that I lost my sanity whenever he left me. We were just a couple that wanted to get married. We had a son and we loved him. Nothing powerful or worth remembering.

I lived with my Aunt and Uncle for a while to make sure that I didn’t go into a relapse or something. But I was fine. I acted normal and everything. When Tristan turned three, Kingsley came back to see me and asked if I wanted my job back. I eagerly accepted, wanting to make things as normal as possible.

I was planning on selling the house that Sirius and I once lived in. But Dumbledore asked me to see him before I did so. I agreed.

Taking Tristan with me, we went to Hogwarts for a meeting. I remembered it all so clearly. But I didn’t remember of my relationship with Sirius.

“Miss Cullen, how are you?” Dumbledore asked. I had gone back to my original last name, even though I was technically still married to Sirius.

“I’m fine, thank you,” I said, sitting down in the chair Dumbledore offered for me.

“And how’s Tristan,” Dumbledore asked, looking at the three-year-old that was looking around him in amazement and looking more like his father everyday.

“He’s fine, as well,” I smiled, staring at my whole life.

“Good, good,” Dumbledore leaned back in his chair, “How’s life outside the hospital treating you?”

“Really well, thank you,” I said, realizing how sort my answers were, “I’m relieved to be out of there, actually. Those last few months were torture, I was so bored.”

“I heard you got your job back?”

“I did. I didn’t think I would because I would be ‘unstable’” I explained, “But they welcomed me back with open arms. I have to say that it keeps me busy. I don’t know what I did without it.” I laughed.

“I also heard your planning on selling the house?” Dumbledore continued.

“Doctors say that it’s best I get rid of everything that once reminded me of Sirius and my life before James and Lily died,” I said sadly. Just remembering gave me a lot of pain. I never really got a chance to grieve the death of my friends and I had been told to stay away from Harry.

“Well, I say you should move back into the house,” Dumbledore smiled softly, “Move back in and remember the man you once loved. Even those in Azkaban need to be remembered sometimes.”

I didn’t know how to reply to that and I spent the next twenty minutes with Dumbledore trying to explain to him that I could not move back into that house if I was constantly reminded of Sirius. Remembering the man that broke my heart and was now rotting away in Azkaban was not something I was supposed to be doing. That could drive me into madness again.

Yet, as I walked down the corridor with Tristan in my arms, I decided not to sell the house. I could use it, actually.

I moved back in a few weeks later. Pinky welcomed me with open arms. He was glad to see Tristan grown up happy and healthy. Over the next few months, I packed away all of the things that once belonged to Sirius and put them in the attic. With his things, I also put my promise ring, engagement ring, and my wedding ring. I even took off the locket Sirius had given me in 6th year for Christmas and put them away. I wasn’t wearing them, but I had been given them back.

All the pictures that Sirius was in were also packed away. Everything. I never spoke of him or even thought of him. That was my goal. And I was succeeding in that goal, too, until Tristan was six years old and saw that many kids his age had a Dad and a Mum.

“Mummy,” he asked me one night when I was tucking him into bed, “Why don’t I have a Daddy?”

“You do,” I said, softly.

“Where is he?” Tristan asked. I hesitated. Dumbledore had told that one day Tristan would ask. I had told him I would hide nothing from Tristan no matter what.

“In jail,” I said, sadly.

“Why? Was he mean?” Tristan look shocked to learn this, he had grown up fast and acted older then he really was. This was one of those rare times he acted his age for once.

“In a way, yes,” I nodded, “But you won’t be like that. I promise.”

Tristan looked just like Sirius. The grey eyes, handsome features, silky black hair, and annoying dimple in his left cheek. But Tristan acted just like me. That I was happy about. I wouldn’t be getting to many letters when he goes off to Hogwarts. I just hoped that day wouldn’t come to soon.

I hadn’t spoken to Remus since he visited me in St. Mungo’s quite a few years ago. I almost ran into him on Christmas when I went to visit the graves of James and Lily and Kirsten. All three of them were together now. I would visit them a lot and tell them everything. Sometimes I would cry, other times I would laugh out loud to myself. I wished I could see Harry and tell James and Lily how he was, but I was forbidden to go anywhere near the Dursley’s home.

Slowly, I made friends with Ben Carlson. He was married to Susan Orrin, believe it or not. Her twin, Samantha, was married to Jeremy Day. This surprised me when I returned to work from St. Mungo’s. Yet, I was glad that Ben was able to move on from me. Though, he was still close to me. I loved him like I loved James. He helped me when I needed it most and I appreciated that. The Orrin twins were no longer mean or rude. They had really grown up and treated me like a sister.

My job at the Ministry was important to me. In a way, I became a workaholic and was crazy about catching as many Dark wizards as possible, having been married to one. I quickly became one of the best Aurors in the Ministry and was even asked to train some willing Aurors. I quickly agreed.

Before I knew it, Tristan and I were buying his school books for his first year at Hogwarts. He was so excited and eager. He didn’t know which store he wanted to go to first. I was sad to see him leaving though. Taking him to the train station brought back memories that I had tried hard to forget. I remembered getting on the train in my sixth year. How I had fallen asleep on Sirius’s shoulder. The sudden memory startled me and I didn’t know how I could suddenly remember that.

“Wow, Mum, this is so cool!” Tristan said as he pushed his trolley towards the train. I was looking around. Jacob had come with me to say good bye to Tristan. The two were nuts about each other.

“It is, isn’t it?” I asked, laughing.

I bumped into someone.

“Oh, sorry,” I said. I looked up into the grinning face of Arthur Weasley. He worked in a Department not far from my own.

“Libby!” he said, smiling. He never forgot to greet me in the mornings. Or nights. Which ever I was working.

“Hi, Arthur, how are you?” I asked, smiling slightly.

“Very good, thank you. Your son starting Hogwarts?” he asked me. I smiled.

“Yes, he is. This is Tristan,” I said, pulling Tristan’s arm to introduce him to Arthur Weasley.

“First year?” a small voice asked. I looked to see a cute red haired girl with freckles. She was obviously a Weasley.

“Yes,” Tristan said shyly.

“I’m Ginny!” the girl smiled looking rather happy to find someone her own age.

“Tristan,” Tristan replied.

“Yes, this is little Ginny, my youngest,” Arthur said, “Then the twins, Fred and George. And Percy, over there. My youngest son, Ron’s, friend Hermione. . .and hmm, where have Harry and Ron gotten to?”

“Got on the train already, maybe?” I suggested.

The train whistled. I quickly said goodbye to Tristan as he mounted the train and then waved good bye to me. I watched him go sadly, remembering the first time I rode on a train. The first time I met Lily, Remus, and Sirius. . .

While Tristan behaved himself in school, like the good kid he was, I buried myself in work. I was beginning to remember more and more things from my years at school and would really rather not remember. So I worked harder then ever. I trained my students harder then ever. The only one that really acted eager to learn any of it was the Metamorphagi, Nymphadora Tonks.

One afternoon, I was working at home, writing up a report. Ace was watching me. Yes, I still had Ace. He was getting old now, being sixteen years old. Without Sirius, I thought he would have gotten sick, but he didn’t. He instead attached himself to me. This was the afternoon I remembered the first time Sirius and I kissed.

That dare. The one that I enjoyed so much, but refused to admit I liked. The one that started this whole thing. The kiss that made my life worth living. I found myself crying, because something in my memory triggered, reminding me how my I had love Sirius and connected myself to him.

I wiped my eyes, feeling pathetic. Do you think Sirius was crying over me? He was in Azkaban, rotting away slowly. He probably didn’t even know his name. I was the only one who remembered the kiss that started it all. The reason why my heart still ached, even if I had forgotten most of my past. Once you’re in love, you never really get over it. But that kiss meant nothing. Not to Sirius and barely to me. Because that was all it was:

It was only a kiss. . .


A/N: Well. tha's it guys. No more.

Thank you soo soo soo soo soo much for all the support you guys offered. I loved reading every last review, even the more. . .critical ones. I'm going to miss all of them and coming home every day to find a whole bunch just waiting to be answered. You guys have been wonderful and amazing through this whole story and i doubt I would have finished posting to quickly if it weren't for you!!

Now, some of you are probably wondering what the sequel is called, since I never exactly stated it. It's called Please, Remember Me based of Tim McGraw's song. The first chapter is titled Sick or Sane?(Fifty for a Twenty) from Senses Fail. Yup, I end with a Senses Fail song and start with one. They're sort of depressing, actually. ANyways, the sequel will be told in Sirius', Libby's, and Tristan's POV and will be from a little before Sirius escaped from Azkaban to a little after he falls through the veil.

So, I guess that is all I have to say. Again, if you want me to email you when the sequel is up and you have not yet left me your email, leave it in a review but you don't have to. I know how risky putting your email up on the internet is. lol.

Now, really I have nothing more to say. Thank you all once again. I will see you in the sequel(and a handful of you in other fics). So until then, good bye. Leave one last review telling me you last thought on the story.

Thanks again!!

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