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Meet the Potters by Dreamer_girl
Chapter 1 : Morning pumpkin juice
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Gemma sat in her room waiting patiently with a smirk on her face 'five, four, three, two, one....' she counted down in her head. Sure enough, as if he heard the counting her brother Harry wrenched open the door as soon as the number one came into Gemma's head. Gemma looked up at her brother and couldn't help but laugh which, to her amusement, made Harry madder then ever.


It was indeed funny. Gemma had slipped a sex-changing potion into her brother's morning pumpkin juice, which of course turned Harry into a girl and he did not like the result of her little prank at all.

"I was only trying to help you," Gemma said in mock innocence which didn't fool Harry at all,

"HELP? HOW'S THIS HELPING ME?" He said outraged,

"By releasing what you truly wanted to be of course Harriet!!" Gemma retorted grinning.

Harry pulled out his wand and advanced towards Gemma with an almost murderous look in his eye, "So you lost your bits, that’s no reason to go and murder me, I don't have anything you want, murder dad he has what you want," Said Gemma trying to reason with him, her grin faltering. She slowly backed out the door and started running through their family's rather large house with Harry on her tail searching for her parents all the while yelling, "HARRY'S TRYING TO KILL ME BECAUSE I MADE HIM LOSE HIS BITS!!!"

Gemma finally found her parents in the kitchen, they were having a cup of tea with their friends Sirius black and Remus lupin. Gemma ran to her mother lily potter who was sitting in a chair in the back of the room and crouched behind her mother's chair.

"Gemma, what on earth are you doing?" said lily turning around in her chair to look at Gemma, puzzled as to the fact that her daughter was now crouched behind her chair pink in the face and breathing extremely hard, climbing out from behind the chair Gemma started muttering at this point with a guilty look on her face but Lily distinctly heard the words “potion”, “morning pumpkin juice”, “Harriet” and “made him lose his bits”.

Gemma’s father James who had also been listening intently to her ramblings felt at this time the need to ask “What bits?” Every one looked curiously at Gemma but she turned a darker shade of pink than she already was from running and looked determinately away from her father. Lily had of course figured out what Gemma meant and was trying hard not to laugh when her now daughter Harry entered the room furious and red faced, “How do you run in these?” Harry asked pointing at his chest frustrated.

James, seeing the look in Harry’s eye and recognising it as the one the lily has when she’s furious about something, like when he left his wand near baby Gemma and Gemma accidentally set the curtains in the nursery on fire, step in front of his daughter (the real one) to protect her.
“LOOK WHAT SHE DID TO ME!!” Harry yelled

Sirius and Remus were openly laughing by now, and Harry, noticing they were there turned and glared daggers at them,

“You think this is funny do you? You try drinking your morning pumpkin juice only to realise seconds later that bits that were there before have gone and bits that weren’t are appearing!!” yelled an obviously upset Harry.

“Oh bits” said James as a look of dawning passed across his face and he looked around the room seeing that everyone else in the room was looking at him as if he was the most stupid person in the world.

Harry now had tears in his eyes and looked like he was going to cry. "Harry calm down, the effects of the potion will ware off in about half an hour." Gemma said to her brother, she was feeling really guilty now as harry obviously thought that the effects of the potion were permanent, "though serve him right when he didn't listen to snape last year," She thought.

Harry was visibly happier after he found out that he would not remain as Harriet for the rest of his life and sat down where his father was sitting and took a bite out of the toast James had been eating, "Hey prongs jr, that was mine!" said james and stuffed it in his own mouth before harry could snatch it back, harry sat back down grumpily.

"I still don't see why harry gets a cool nickname like prongs jr. and all i get is stoner. Harry may be a maurauder's son but I'm a maurauders daughter, plus I have loads more mischief than Harry will ever have," Gemma whined to no one inparticular. she hated her nickname, "Stoner" was what the maurauders had called her for as long as she could remember simply because the name Gemma meant "Precious stone" in italian.

"How bout we call you Maurauderette?" Suggested Sirius, "I mean you do have more mischief than Harry in you-" "Hey!" Shouted Harry indignantly, "Just because I don't go around playing childish pranks doesn't mean I'm not mischeavious!" "Ahh... my dear boy that is where you are wrong," mused Sirius as he walked around the kitchen table and put his arm around his godson, " Being mischeavious is all about playing childish pranks on people - well for maurauders it is anyway,"

"Yes I think Maurauderette can be my new nickname," Gemma said causing a stop to Harry's and Sirius' bickering on whether or not you could be mischeavious if you didn't play pranks on people, "Cool," Sirius grinned, "Now we have a prongs jr. and a maurauderette!"

"Well I'm off," Lily said to the room, " I'm going to the muggle shops to get some snacks for the sleepover party gemma is having tonight, which means no magic you two," Said Lily threatingly to James and Sirius. She knew Remus was too smart to cross her but the other two were too stupid at times to realise no means no.

Eyeing the two men suspiciously, Lily grabbed her bag and headed for the door. After they heard it shut james said to sirius, "It just means that we'll have to do some pranking the muggle way," "Yeah!" agreed sirius excitedly and the two men skipped out the door to prepare for tonight.

"I didn't know you knew any muggles Gemma," Remus said conversationally, "Oh yes, you know the dance class I started last summer?" Replied gemma. "Ah... yes of course how silly of me to forget, I mean your recital is in just a week's time," "That's ok remus I'm just worried about what dad and padfoot are going to do to them," Remus chuckled and the two went off to go find James and Sirius before they did something enen more stupid then normal.

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Meet the Potters: Morning pumpkin juice


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