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Zink An Unfamilar Face by nazozink
Chapter 6 : let the games begin
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Let the games begin!
Chapter six: Truth or dare? Or should that be scare?

Nazo was extremely hyper. Just being around all the happy people and the strong beats of the music seemed to be enough to get her jumpy. Sirius looked at her and noticed that she was practically vibrating in her spot.

“Oh come on Zink lets go!” The small, tiny, weak looking girl pulled Zink on to the dance floor straight past Sirius in less than a blink of an eye effortlessly. Nazo circled Zink dancing and jumping around as the older sibling stood still. When the song ended Zink looked at her sister with a quizful face.

“Let the games begin!” Sirius bellowed making sure to motion every one to sit. Every one sat in a circle. Nazo wrinkled her nose, but sat anyway. Next to her was Remus and of course Zink.

“So what would we be playing today?” Nazo asked knocking Sirius out of is trance. After fidgeting to fix his hair, He cleared his throat. He clapped as a command and the lights dimmed their self setting the “mood.” In a weary voice worlds began to crawl out of his mouth.

“We are playing truth, dare or-“ He was interrupted by peter. Who in joyful glee had informed that he loved that game! Sirius grumbled. “We are playing truth, dare or scare! You haven’t played that game you should let me finish.” Peter sighed and agreed that he had not played that game once in his life. “Continuing the rules are as fallowed. First if you so chose truth you must take a swig of veritaseum. Second if you chose dare you must do it no matter what. Third is the twist. Scare is a combination. First you take a gulp of the truth potion, then you tell us your worst fear then you have to perform it.” Everyone had blank faces. Sirius lifted his right eyebrow. “ Example, James truth, dare or scare?” James pondered this for a moment.

“Dare.” He said finally.

“ Hmm… then I dare you to fly over to the Slytherin and recite Romeo and Juliet to Bellatrix!” James narrowed his eyes. Winded them then smiled.

“Okay dokey!” He said jumping up and running for his broom. He flew out the room and across the way and recited the elegant poetry that he had been assigned to. After seeing Bellatrix draw her wand he quickly flew away and into the room, to be greeted with laughing and a slightly annoyed Lily.

“Okay now James you may ask someone.” Sirius told his grinning friend. James looked around the room eyeing everyone. Trying to decide whom he was going to ask.

“ Lily truth dare or scare?” The fiery red head glare slightly and thought of what to choose.


“ Drink up my dear.” James handed the vile of potion over to Lily who hesitated but drank it in one gulp. “ Okay Lily how do you really feel about me?” Without hesitation Lily’s mouth flew open.

“I think you are an attention seeking pesk who I can’t help but love.” When realization sunk in to what she had just said her face matched her hair. James however had a smirk that wasn’t possible to copy. It slightly resembled a wolf. His ego was about to reatch a new leavel.

Lily trying to change the subject turned to Nazo. “Would you mind tribally if I asked you?” Nazo shook her head. “Well then, truth dare or scare?”

“DARE!” Nazo Proclaimed jumping to her feet and running in circles.

“I dare you to umm… I dare you to ..” For the life of her she couldn’t think of a dare that didn’t break any rules.

“ Go down to the kitchens and bring up us all some pie.” Sirius commanded. In a flash the hyper active girl ran out the door. In a matter of minutes they all had Blueberry pie rested in their hands. Nazo who had engulfed a whole pie was more hyper and more jumpy then ever was bother Sirius, who was now regretting that dare.

“ OOOOOOKKKKKKAAAAAYYY!!!!!! Zink a dink your turn truth dare or SCARE. Waaa.” The girl asked her sibling making sound effects at the end of her sentence. Rolling her eyes at the innocence that played threw out her Zink chose truth.
“What do you really think about me?” A mellow voice said.

“I think your cute but I will never like you I can’t.”

A/n note who is it? What do you think? It is pretty obvious who but maybe that’s just me. Any who like it dislike it want to bake it a cake or burn at the stake I’d love to hear from you either way anything that might help my writing you know?

Disclaimer: I may try to but I will never own Harry Potter I could try, yes, but I would be fruitless partly because there is no fruit. But hey that’s not the point. I do own Nazo and Zink and any other random odd stupid or emo characters I might perchancely add to it.

Ps I know Parchancely is not a word I don’t care it should be

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