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Harry Potter and the Fulfilled Prophesies by GRWeasley
Chapter 24 : From the Ashes
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AN- There are lots of mistakes, I know this i just didnt want you to wait any longer...will fix in the future...enjoy

From the Ashes

The Healer stood in the secret bedroom of his patient; the walls shook every so often he had to grasp onto them to keep his balance.
“He is still unconscious, “ The Healer said to the air. A medallion was around his neck it was glowing slightly
“Is he getting weaker?” A voice said bouncing off the walls. The Healer looked down, his face looked confused “Weaker?” how can you tell if Albus Dumbledore is Weak? He thought.
“Well?” The voice demanded.
“I honestly don’t know, he is the most powerful person I have ever seen…mentally and magically. If he is getting weaker I can’t tell.”
They Castle roared again and pieces of the ceiling started to crumble.
“Minister!” The Healer said suddenly “We can’t stay here, Mr. Dumbledore condition might grow worse, I don’t know but the wards are failing around me, we soon will be exposed.”
“Mister Adis, can you move him with out causing more damage?
Adis was shaken to his knees cutting him of, he moved quickly from his crouched position to catch the still unconscious Professor before he fell to the floor.
“Adis…Adis! What happened?”
“I’m sorry sir, But the attacks on the school is getting worse” Adis said moving Dumbledore back up fully on the bed. He wiped his forehead as mortar showered around him.
“I fear you are right my boy, It’s seems that Voldemort had some tricks up his sleeve”
“What?” Adis yelled holding on to the wall again as he stood up.
“William you have to listen to me…” Adis started sweating even more now, his robes were soaked and he eyes burned. I’m going to die here.
“William…. William can you hear me?”
“Yes Minister” Adis said barely above a whisper. The walls shook hard again, whole stone slab removed them selves from the walls crashing next to where he was standing.
“William, it’s come to the point where you need to move Dumbledore, do it and do it quickly then get to the teachers tell them a anitaipration charm has been put around Hogwarts…”
“William” Fredrickson’s voice was calm yet it was deep with command. “ You can do this…I trust you…you must get to the order…is he movable right now?”
Adis’ heart was beating a million miles a second, they trained you for what they thought would be any experience you’d face in the field. All the scenarios that they placed in front of him, he breezed through, he thought they were a cake walk, but this, the ear splitting explosions, the claustrophobic feeling of this room. The walls crumbling around him, and the person that he read about in textbooks when he was child, unconscious.
“AHH!” he was pulled from his chaotic thought by something touching him.
“William what, what happened?”
“He was startled Jensen, I apologize Mr. Adis”
“Yes my friend” Dumbledore said weakly, he was sitting up in the bed leaning on the wall. Dumbledore turned and looked at the confused Doctor fully.
“William the medallion please?” Dumbledore asked with his hand extend.

The shaking of the school was starting to knock stones from the walls.
“We can not stay here any longer” Madam Pompfery said. “We must move the children!”
“Where?” Yelled Professor Filtwick.
“We have to move them to the forest behind the school, make a portkey and get them to St. Mungo’s” Madam Promfrey Demanded.
“I don’t-“
“Listen to me…we can not survive here anymore, we need to move now! This school is no longer protected by anything, do you under stand me?”
Professor Filtwick looked around the room at all the scared children. They had been his responsibility for the last seventy-year, but now their very lives were in his hands.
“You’re right. Lets move them” He breathed.
In the Gryffindor corner Ron was holding Hermione and Cho, trying to shield them from the spraying mortar and the shaking of the walls. Duncan had regained consciousness and was being looked after by Keria. She was absentmindedly combing his hair with her hand. Suddenly his eyes started to flash blue.
“Duncan… what’s wrong?” Keria asked snapping out of her trance.
“I feel him…” Duncan said in a faraway voice, he sat up slowly looking around the room, Ron, Hermione and Cho noticed and were now concerned.
“Who baby?” Keria asked looking where he was.
“He’s out there…. waiting…”
“Baby” Her voice was starting to crack “Who’s waiting?” In a blink, Duncan was standing his eyes glowing blue.
“He wants a fight!” Duncan growled.
“Fight. Duncan no!” Keria screamed standing up, staring at his glowing blue eyes.
“I have to fight him…. or…or...He will destroy everything” Duncan said calmly, letting her search his eyes. She did, looking for a way that she could persuade him.
“Please!” Keria begged, finally seeing it in his eyes that there wasn’t. Duncan sighed and walked up to her, she was shaking and jerked away at first, but when he hugged her she melted in his arms. He kissed her on the forehead.
“I love you,” he said pushing away from her. “I will come back” He said and quickly disappeared. Keria froze where she stood looking at the spot that he once stood. He was gone, going to fight a war that was not his, and battle they he couldn’t win; he was going to his death. She looked over to the other three that were also now standing. She tried to speak, but the words weren’t coming out, they choked in her throat. As soon as the tear form in the corner of her eyes she was in Hermione’s arms
“Oh god, he’s going to die!” she sobs as she clutched on to Hermione. Hermione was silent, she couldn’t say anything to comfort the girl, because she to knew that everyone out there was probably not going to see day break.
“Everyone!” A commanding voice said. “Attention. EVERYONE! We are exiting the school it is no longer safe. I need everyone to remain calm.” Instantly a panic ensued younger students started to cry, older students broke down in hysterics.
“LISTEN!” Madam Promfrey demanded, the room went abnormally silent as all the students looked at her.
”Older student, sixth and seven and all Prefects I need you to organize the younger students, get them prepared for the quick move, we will be leaving in five minutes.” As she finished she looked around the room at all the young people staring at her, she sighed.
“We will be ok. Just do as we say” She said in addition hoping it would calm them. She sighed again and looked at Filtwick.
“I did all I can do until we move.”
“Lets just hope we can get out and to the forest safely.”
Everyone scrambled to get ready, Prefect were rounding up first and second year. Seventh years were controlling the fifth year. Hermione, Cho, and Keria snapped in a different mode.
“We have to get everyone out” Hermione said.
“I gotta find Ginny” Ron said looking into Hermione’s eyes.
“Ok, find her and then find me”
“Right.” Ron said leaving the three girls to help with herding younger students. He found Ginny quickly even after all these years their red hair was still a sore thumb at Hogwarts.
“Ginny! Ginny!” Ron yelled. Ginny turned to see her brother running towards her, yet she could see it in his eyes, something was wrong.
“Ginny” he said when he got to her. “Listen to-“
”Ron no!” she gasped seeing it in his eyes again, knowing full well what he was going to say to her. He just looked at her for as second anger lined over her whole face.
“I have to Ginny, I need to protect you…and I cant do that here” he looked over at Seamus.
“Go with Seamus and the students, he will keep your safe. Right?”
“I will do my damnest” Seamus said nodding his hand.
”Good. I- “
“I’m going with you” Ginny growled.
“Damn it Gin, I need you for once in your life to listen to me…I cant be out there knowing you out there too.
”What about me….Harry is my friend…YOU’RE my brother…and you want me to just sit back watch you DIE!” Ginny screamed. There was a silence for a second, the anger in Ginny’s face hardened; yet the determination in Ron’s was harder.
“Ron” Ginny started again her voice soft “I don’t want you to die”. Ron looked over to Cho and Hermione helping the younger students. He shook his head.
“Neither do I Gin, but this is something I need to do and I need you to”
“I will stay” Ginny whispered.
“Stay because I cant…. wait what?” Ron asked.
“I said I will stay with Seamus Ron” Ginny said again wiping a tear from her cheek.
“Oh thank god.” Ron said. He quickly grabbed her and shared the hardest hug a brother and sister could.
“I love you Ron”
“I love you to Gin, so very much” He let her go and ran over to Cho and started to help her.
“Come back to me, all of you” Ginny whispered.

Harry Stumbled out of the grove, back into the middle of the war. He scanned the battle; seeing Aurors and the Order fighting off Death Eaters left and right, but there were to many.
‘We are losing’ Harry thought to himself ‘we need reinforcements’ he thought again. His eyes flashed gold and noticed a little black hue on the magic that was in the sky. They were some how blocking all travel in and out.
“Damn you” Harry snarled out loud. He gripped his wand and ran towards the battle, it was time to even the score. With out him even thinking his shield went around him as random spells and cruses bounced off. As he made his way towards the middle he saw that Sirius and Lupin were engaged in a battle with six Death Eaters and losing.
“HARRY!” Lupin screamed as he saw Harry running towards them.
“STAY-“ Lupin started but was cut off as he got struck in the ribs by a red spark.
“REMUS!” Sirius screamed. He turned fire erupted behind his eyes.
“DAMN YOU….Avada Kadrava” He screamed again and Harry watch as the lifeless Death Eater slumped to the ground. Harry stopped dead as the Death Eater’s head turned and his empty eyes stared at him. Harry didn’t morn for the Death Eater, he mourned for the fact that a good person had to use such a horrible curse. If it was going to be that kind of war then, Harry could deal with that, he gripped his wand his shield intensified and he pointed his wand, making sure that all his shots would count.

There was a dark and ominous cover over the halls of the collapsing school. Ron gripped his wand tighter; it had only been minutes since they snuck away from the rest of the school going the opposite way, the way they thought brought them to the front door. But nothing seemed right, left turned seem to take you right and right turns seem to take you down, Ron was confused.
“Come on” He said as he led them down another hall. Ron’s mind race as they made their way, He thought now it might have been a bad idea to go and find Harry, they had never verbally stated that was the reason they were doing this, but Ron knew Hermione well enough to know that she was not going to have him alone out there with out their help. But what in the hell could they do? Hermione, of course knew spells and curses that Ron couldn’t fathom and Ron believed that Keria was stronger then she appeared, but he was useless, he was a mediocre wizard who most of the time could not find his way out of a paper bag. The more he thought about it, the worse of an idea this was becoming.
Ron…” Hermione breathed suddenly snapping him for his reprieve.
“How are we going to find Harry?” Hermione asked tripping on some loose stones.
“Careful” Ron said grabbing her arm and steadying her. “I dunno Hermione, maye if we wi-”
Ron was cut off as another quake shook the school sending all three of them to the ground. Coughing and rubbing his eyes Ron stood up.
“You two ok?” Ron look to see Hermione wincing in pain.
“Hermione?” He jumped over to her.
“Im…ok…I just twisted my ankle”.
“We should go-” Ron clamped his mouth shut as he looked into Hermione’s eyes the determination was a fire.
“Never mind. Come on lets get you up” Ron heaved Hermione off the ground and watched as she tried to place pressure on her ankle.
“Can you walk?”
“I think so,” Hermione said putting all her weight on her foot. It didn’t feel quite right but she believed, or made herself believe that she was ok. Ron looked left and right.
“Keria?” Ron said suddenly it echoed down the hall. They stood in silence for a second.
“Keria?” Hermione said this time. Mortar showered down over them as a distant attack rocked the school. An alarm went off in Ron’s mind as the moments became longer with no response.
“Keria where are you?” His voice was an octave higher as the fear started to rise in him.
“Ron you don’t think…” Suddenly a groan from the other side of the hall caught their attention.
“Keria!” they both screamed as they ran over to the girl lying on the ground. She stirred blinking very slowly.
“Wha…what happened?” Keria asked looking around with unfocused eyes. Ron looked around quickly.
“Keria can you walk?” Ron asked quickly, clutching his wand tighter.
“I…I think so” she said slowly standing. The ground shook again knocking Keria back into the wall. Hermione grabbed her to steady her.
“We need to get out of here,” Hermione said. Ron’s mind was all over the place with the shaking of the school and the adrenaline that was pumping through is body.
“Ok” He said grabbing Keria’s other arm. “Lets keep moving.

As he appeared he was struck off guard as a rouge cruse ricocheted off his shoulder knocking him straight the ground. In reflex he reached for his shoulder instantly recoiling as he felt charred flesh fused together with his torn robe.
“Ah…shit,” Duncan growled looking at the blood that now covered his hands. Dazed, Duncan looked around the lawn of Hogwarts. Smoke and curses filled his vision, screams and yells filled his eyes.
“Oh. My. God.” He whispered as the pain started to register in his brain. He stood up as another shot raced across the sky; anger poured into his blood as he scanned the grounds. The distance memory of being in her arms slowly disappearing from his thoughts; he would see her again but now there was only on thing to do. Find Harry. The pain in his shoulder was getting worse, Duncan looked down at it, and it was bleeding freely. He placed his wand up to the opened wound, muttered a spell and instantly his wand start glowing yellow. His wound was starting to hiss and bubble. The heat was intense making his vision blur and his knees weak. Yet he held fast the wand so that it would heal it fully. Then the yellow light vanished and his wound was cleaned and cauterized, looking like an ugly scare. Pain, still remain in his arm, making it completely useless to him, he tried to lift it but it remained limp at his side.
“Great” He cursed. Sweat was pouring down in his face, yet he looked as if he were freezing; his whole body shook as if in an earthquake. He slowly closed his eyes and started to control his ragged breathing, his breathing slowed down and his opened his eyes a blew hued ringed his eyes as the shaking subsided in his body, his magic aura reached out feeling many different types of energies strong and weak alike, finally he found him in the middle of the field.
“Here I come” Duncan said gripping his wand, and then he disappeared.

The Hallway was quite as they tipped-toe their way to what they hoped was the front door. The castle again seem to be converted into a mind-numbing maze that none of them could figure out. Staircases that they knew would take them to the main hall were gone; completely erased from existence.
“Ron, where are we?” Keria asked still slightly dazed. Ron didn’t answer her, he had been in Hogwarts for seven years but now it looked like a foreign land to him.
“I don’t know. Maybe by Ravenclaw” He said looking back down the hall from which they just came, then he looked forward again.
“Hermione?” He asked without looking at her.
“I don’t know” She said flatly. Since they started again Hermione hadn’t said a word. She helped Keria until she was able to walk on her own, yet she just walked ahead following Ron in her own little world. Ron was about to say something when they came to a “T” in the hallway.
“Nothing look right!’ Ron said frustrated, his voice echoed down bother hallways.
“Which way?” Keria asked. Ron looked down on dark hall, then down the other. He looked out the window the night was black no moonlight was visible. Ron’s heart started to beat faster again.
“Ron?” Keria asked again.
“Come on” He sighed shifted to the left and walked that way. His eyes tried to adjust to the darkness that was infront of him but they just couldn’t do it fast enough so he was left to walking blindly till they did.
“Lets go this way,” He added thinking the girls were following him. He took three steps and realized that they weren’t. He turned to see Keria and Hermione ridged stiff eyes wide.
“What-“ He was cut off as he dropped unconscious to the ground, the girls screamed as a being materialized from the darkness.
“Hello my sweets” The voice was a husky growl. The white mask seemed to be illuminated as the weak moonlight started to filter into the high windows. Hermione started to bring her wand up.
“Ah…ah…ah” The Death Eater said. He was standing over Ron’s body his wand point at his head.
“Advada Kadrev-“
“STOP!” Hermione screamed her voice cracking. The emotionless mask looked up. The light gray eyes behind the mask sparkled with a giddy anticipation.
“Stop?” He said with a giggle. “Why on earth would I stop? I’m going to kill you all, might as well start with this one” The Death Eater looked back down at Ron to see him blinking back.
Ron suddenly jerked kicking out other mans legs, knocking him off balance.
“RUN!” Ron screamed as the large body fell on top of him. With out thinking the two girls turned and sprinted down the opposite end of the hall. Hermione turned back around seeing Ron and the Death Eater fighting to stand up. Their wands lay on the ground, Hermione was about to stop and go back when Ron punched the Death Eater right in the eye, scrambled to his feet.
“Hermione GO!” Ron yelled again as he saw her slow down. Ron grabbed the wand that was closest to him pointed it at the Death Eater who was now slowly standing up his white mask cracked and broken, blood was dripping from his eye.
“You son of Whore” the Death Eater growled pulling his mask off and throwing it to the ground.
“I’m going to rip your heart out. Then I will pleasure my self with you friends”
“FUCK YOU!” Ron said pointing the wand to the Death Eaters temple.
“Do it, you don’t have the balls to kill me” The Death Eater pushed his head into the Wand.
“You can’t kill me!” A smile rose on the Death Eaters face as he saw the look in Ron’s eyes knowing that he was right.
“Your right” Ron said, but suddenly Ron’s elbow connected with the Death Eater sending his sailing back into the stone wall blood sprayed all over Ron and down the wall. With a sickening smack the Death Eater hit the wall and slid down it.
“But I will knock you the fuck out!”

Duncan materialized in the middle of the battle, the smell of death filled his nose making him choke. A second later all his senses returned too normal and he realized where he was.
“Duncan move!” The voice shouted, Duncan quickly jumped to the ground as a multi-colored bolt of energy sizzled past him.
“Duncan…Run to me!” The voice said again. Duncan looked right then looked left, he could see the person who was calling him; he was stuck behind a large tree that had been shot down. Duncan closed his eyes and sighed then an instant later he was up and running to towards the person.
“WHAT IN-“” Remus Lupin started as Duncan jumped behind the tree.
“GOD’S NAME ARE YOU DOING!” Lupin finished in a growl.
“I needed to be here” Duncan said with a hard face. A explosion from behind them caught their attention, they both shifted to see Harry and Sirius standing in the middle of a ring of smoke. Harry looked to be the walking dead, he had no shirt on bruises and burns littered his body, he skin looked to be white as if all the color and blood was drained from it. His glasses were missing and part of his hairline was charred away. The boy that Duncan remembered meeting two years ago was completely gone now, this being, this creature was the only thing left.
“He’s dying isn’t he?” Remus’ voice was low and choked. Duncan moved to look at him, the man looked as disheveled as Harry his ragged clothes were even more torn and missing in most places. He had deep cuts on his face that even with his werewolf abilities he couldn’t completely heal. Yet, none of that could compete with the haunted looked that Duncan saw in the aged man’s eyes. Duncan could feel it, he knew that the closest thing Remus had to a son was lost, and fading faster every second.
“Yes Remus…he is killing himself.”
A second later a wild looking Sirius and a slow moving Harry, pulled themselves up next to Duncan and Lupin.
“We are outnumbered. 100 to 1” Sirius growled looking straight at Duncan but not really seeing him.
“Harry are you ok?” Remus asked disregarding Sirius completely. Harry turned and looked at Lupin his violent green eyes seemed to be almost non-existent as his power was seeping through his barriers.
“Yes Remus I am fine” Harry said flatly. Remus was about to say something when Sirius grabbed him and Duncan by the arm.
“Listen!” Sirius almost squealed. Duncan and Harry tilted their heads, Remus’ eyes narrowed.
“It’s silent” Remus whispered.
“What does that mean? It was the first time since they all came together that Duncan spoke. They looked at him, Sirius was about to say something when…
“HARRY POTTER!” The scream echoed over the sky as if it were thunder, without blinking Harry’s eyes faded completely away as he stood up; Duncan was sweating now in the heat of the night and the magnitude of the situation. Remus and Sirius looked at each other and then stood up after Harry, Duncan closed his eyes gripping his wand again to make sure he still had it he slowly began to ascend to meet the rest at their standing height. He instantly regretted it when he saw what was positioned in front of them, standing not 100 yards away was the creature himself bent of killing Harry and making the Wizarding world his own playpen. Behind him was a sea of black and white masked specters, Duncan watched as Harry walked around the tree defying the stance that Voldemort was making.
“Ah…There you are!” Voldemort said, he voice amplifying over the fields. Duncan noticed the order members standing next to, behind and semi in front of Harry.
“Always protect by fools aren’t you?”
“No foolish person project the things they love” a voice said from the wreckage that was once a school.
“Shame, I thought that destroying the wards would kill you” Voldemort said lazily.
“No Tom, it did not once again you were wrong,” Dumbledore said simply, the young doctor standing nervously next to him.
“You are too late this time Dumbledore, you will not be able save the day, I con-“
“You still believe you are a god?” a demonic growl came from the line.
Voldemort’s eyes shifted from when Dumbledore was standing to where Harry Potter now stood shifted from behind the order to in front of it. He looked a general leading his army in a hopeless war that they all knew they couldn’t win, yet would fight anyway.
“Could a mere human man destroy you precious school as I have done Potter?”
“You broke wards, any person could do that…. you fought against children, only the weak would do that, you are no god, I will show you that truth!” Harry Yelled. Thunder boomed and lightening streaked across the sky.
When the thunder subsided a bone-chilling laugh from Voldemort filled everyone’s ears, Voldemort stepped forward a few inches. He blood red eyes set on Harry.
“Let me show you boy; the powers of a god!” Voldemort lifted his hand and a smoky orb appeared in his hand.
“Wandless magic, I can do it too” Voldemort said as the orb started to float out of his hand. The orb started to spin in mid air, it started slow and increased in speed with every rotation, as the spinning became faster a faint light started to shine in the middle of it.
“NOW I END THIS!” Voldemort boomed, instantly in a blinding flash of light the orb was glowing as if it were a small…
“Moon!” Sirius breathed. As he turned to Remus he could hear the snapping and growling from the darkness and then out of the corner of his eye hundreds of hunched over bodies poured out of the forest attacking Death Eaters as they ripped towards the Order.
“WEREWOLVES!” Some one screamed.
“REMUS!” Sirius screamed running towards him, yet he was already in the middle of the change.
“No!” Harry said.
A millisecond later Harry was standing next to Duncan his green eyes were completely gone.
“Duncan” The Demon that was Harry Said “You need to destroy that orb” Duncan looked at Harry sized him up and knew that his was fading quickly. Duncan nodded knowing that Harry wasn’t going to take any argument, there wasn’t time for arguments.
“I’m on it” Duncan said and with a puff of smoke Duncan was gone.
“HARRY!” Sirius screamed as he turned into a black dog, Harry turned and saw a large black dog attacking one of the larger werewolves, all the sudden a green eyed lion was charging towards them, when Harry reached Sirius and Remus, Sirius was losing. Harry growled rumbling the ground knocking Remus off of Sirius. Harry sprung forward and slammed his large head into Remus’ chest knocking him to the ground. A squeal behind Harry made him turn to see Sirius limping on his hind leg. Harry turned to go towards the dog when he felt the pain of teeth sinking into his shoulder. Harry roared, shook once and flung Remus towards the limping dog. To Harry horror the dog morphed back into a man and collapsed on his back. Remus slammed on the ground and slowly stood up, shook himself and reared back snapping at Sirius.
“REMUS!” Sirius said in a strained voice. He tired to morph but the pain in his leg was too much.
“You are not…” Sirius tried to stand but crumbled under the weight of his own body. Remus advanced on him snapping and growling. With out warning Sirius’ heard noises that made his heart stop, behind him and from the side he could feel more of them advance on him, all snapping and growling.
“Shit” Sirius sighed. He could feel the end, the pain in his side was starting to fight against his conscious, and consciousness was losing. He turned and saw that there were four of them, even as a dog he could not fend off four werewolves.
“I’m sorry Harry…” Sirius said as Remus sprang for the attack.

Hermione and Keria sprinted down the first staircase they saw, the sound of Ron and the Death Eater completely dead to their ears. The only sound Hermione could hear was the pounding of her heart and the rhythmic breathing of Keria next to her.
‘Ron!...what do we do now?” Hermione thought as they made their way off the staircase Keria stopped suddenly “Hermione!” Keria screamed. Hermione turned and finally noticed that she had stopped. Hermione slowed down her whole body was shaking still. They stood in completely silence just looking at each other a blanket of fear was falling over them smothering them.
“What do we do?” Keria asked in a whisper. Everything that had transpired in the last few hours was finally mentally slapping Hermione in the face. She started to feel dizzy as she realized that they were in the middle of a war zone. She faltered grabbimg the wall and leaned her whole body against it.
“Hermione!’ Keria said frantically. Moving quickly as she could Keria slid next to Hermione leaning on the wall too.
“What’s wrong?” she asked. She knew it was s dumb question, but she needed to get Hermione to talk. Hermione looked into Keria’s eyes and tears started to stream down her cheeks.
“I’m so scared” She finally said. “We…we”
“Are going to make it” Keria said cupping Hermione’s cheeks.
“We are going to get out of here and we are going to see Ron, Harry, Duncan and everyone else.” Keria said, her voice wavering slightly for she did not believe her own words.
“I…. can’t”
“You have to…I cant do this on my own” Keria said ending barely above a whisper. Hermione sighed and wiped her tears away.
“I’m sorr-“
Hermione was cut off by the sound of foot falls echoing in the upper level that they had just come from.
“Ron…” Keria whispered. Hermione’s eyes narrowed, her heart started to beat quickly again. The footfalls were to heavy to be Ron, something was wrong.
“That’s not Ron” Hermione said grabbing Keria and bolting for the recess under the stairs. When they were veiled in the darkness the footsteps stopped and the blanket of fear started to choke at them again. A laugh, starting quietly at first then it rose in volume and as it rose the blood in the girls veins started to freeze. This was bad.
“Come out…come out my sweets” The thick voice told Hermione that this Death Eater was on a different mission now.
“I will find you…and-” HE suddenly had his knees kicked out from underneath him by an invisible force; he fell over and toppled down the stairs.
“Run” Hermione screamed pushing Keria from the darkness; they sprinted down the hall Hermione looked back as saw the Death Eater slowly standing up as if he was taking all the time in the world. Her last sight of him before she turned the corner was the terrible smile on his face; Malfoy had worn that same smile.

Duncan watched in a disbelieved shock at the scene in front of him. He scanned the field; there in the middle of a circle of black robes a man stood holding the orb. With another twist of smoke Duncan was gone as a blast of the Killing curse charred the ground. When Duncan materialized he was pushed painfully to the ground.
“ow…fuck!’ Duncan moaned as his shoulder spiked with pain. His eyes focused and saw that he was on the edge of the forest, the group of Death Eaters still 100 yards away.
“What in the hell?” Duncan said straining to get up. When he was at full height he had a feeling that some one was behind him, spinning quickly his blue-yellow-green eyes were met with four red ones. Suddenly a growled ripped through his bones. Looking quickly behind him he saw that the Death Eaters were moving away. A split second before it happened Duncan heard the movement and disappeared as the two Werewolves jumped slamming into each other.

The pain never came, he should have felt sharp teeth ripping into his arm, should have felt the heat of his own blood as it oozed out. There was nothing, Sirius slowly opened his eyes to see the four Werewolves were in fact biting and slashing at a large golden lion.
“Harry…” Sirius sighed wiping sweat and blood from his face. The pain in his leg shot to his brain again.
“Son of a bitch” he groaned, more sweat started to form on his face this was not from the heat this was from the pain, he was going into shock. Gritting his teeth Sirius stood, he blinked back the tears of pain, his head was swimming, and he gripped his wand tighter to tell his mind that he wasn’t going to give up now. Sirius watched though blurred eyes as Harry slapped one of the Werewolves to the ground knocking over two other ones. He stood entranced as they bit and growled at each other, and then turned back on the large lion. Sirius watched as Harry reared back waiting for the attack, not attacking them first.
“What in the world is he doing?” Sirius said out loud. Sirius tried to change into a dog again, but his mind was unable to make the transformation, when he opened his eyes he saw the demeanor in the werewolves change and they attacked. In the blink of an eye Harry’s wings exploded out from his sides knocking all other them in to a confused pack. A second later Harry launched forward mouth open sinking his teeth into the neck of the closer one. Pulling the animal off the ground Harry shook twice and on the second shake Sirius could hear the magical bones snap, and saw that beast’s body go limp in Harry’s mouth. Harry flung the dead Werewolf at the smallest one in the pack knocking it over and out at the same time. Two left, an unknown and Remus, the unknown stood up on its hind legs howled once and then ran away towards the woods. Harry quickly changed back to human and turned to Sirius.
“That was is Remus! Help me!” Harry screamed. He morphed back into a Griffin. Sirius could hear the weakness in Harry’s voice.
“Fuck” Sirius sighed. He closed his eyes controlled his breathing and willed himself back into the form of a dog, it was slower and more painful then it usually was but he did it, and then he limped his way over to Harry.
When he made it to the stand off Remus was in a defensive position. Harry would take a step forward and Remus would take a step back. When Remus noticed the black dog it glared at him looking deep into its gray eyes. It looked back at the growling Griffin and was entranced by the green eyes. Suddenly the hunger left him. Something changed, the red in his eyes lessened and he submitted, laying down.

When Duncan materialized again he was surprised when he again was at least 100 years away from the circle.
“What in the fuck” Duncan groaned in frustration. He rubbed his shoulder trying to figure out what to do, his Elven eye slid out and the land changed before him. Things became clearer and more focused. Duncan watched as the Order fought werewolves and giants, he looked over and saw Dumbledore assisting Aurors and teachers. Then he found Harry and Sirius in Animagus form with a large Werewolf lying on the ground.
“Remus, Thank god” Duncan sighed. Suddenly a magical essence ignited behind him; thinking it was another werewolf Duncan spun around wand out pointing in the direction of the aura, but all that was set in front of him was a lonely dark forest. Nothing was behind, beside or in front of him. Yet that spark of powerful magic raged deep inside the forbidden forest. Duncan felt a sudden terrorizing fear as he peered into the darkness. Even with his enhanced vision the forest was void of life, yet that magical energy was familiar.
“Valfar!” Duncan shuddered. Before he could react the energy was gone, he scanned quickly nothing, it had completely disappeared. Duncan caught himself shaking, he swallowed trying to wash away the fear but he couldn’t, he slowly turned not wanting to have his back on the forest, he saw the circle as it walked towards Hogwarts. Duncan quickly got a hold of him and took off running towards the orb.

Ron was turned around again, completely lost in the vast school.
“Damn it! I’ve been here for seven years” He said still running as fast as he could. He finally stopped garbing the wall for support as he caught his breath. He held his breath for a second and listened to the hallway. The silence was overwhelming.
“Lumos” Ron said. His wand lit up the hallway around him.
“Which way…Which way” Ron said to himself, directing the light one way for a second then back another direction, and then back to the first direction. He sighed, he needed to get back to Hermione and Keria, he needed to know that they were safe.
“Mr. Ron sir!”
Ron screamed at the voice and pointed his wand left and right as if attacking the air with his light.
“Down sir!” The voice said. Ron flicked down the wand to about three feet off the ground. Ron screamed again and jumped back.
“Dobby is sorry sir, to scare sir”
“Dobby…Jesus Christ…. what are you doing?” Ron asked clutching his heart to make sure he wasn’t having a heart attack.
“I is helping friend of Harry Potter sir” Dobby said again. Ron blinked and rubbed his eyes.
“But what are you doing in the school…its been evacuated.”
“Dobby sir is rounding up the others, try to makes them leaves, they not listen to Dobby”
“There are still House elves in the castle? Ron asked.
“Yes Ron sir, They not runs away, like Dobby tells them too”
“Why? Don’t they know they will die” Ron said grabbing the small elf shaking him.
Ron stopped shaking him and placed him on the ground.
“I’m sorry Dobby, can you help me if I help you?”
“Dobby do anything for sir Harry Potter Friend” Dobby said his eyes lighting up and he started to do a dance.
“Dobby…. Dobby…. DOBBY!” Ron finally screamed. Dobby stopped and looked up at Ron.
“Now would be a good time for us to go” Ron said.
“Yes sir Ron sir” Dobby said grabbing Ron’s arm.
“Holds on” Dobby squealed, and with that Ron and Dobby vanished from the hall.

Hermione was extremely relieved when they turned the next corner and saw a stair well that wasn’t block off or broken that lead down to the main hall.
“Thank god” Keria moaned through ragged breath.
“Come on” Hermione said as she took Keria’s hand and lead her down the stone steps. In the dark shadows dead gray eyes watched as his prey ran wildly down the stairs.
“Malfoy was right… very sweet” The nameless Death Eater said stepping out from behind a statute.
“This will be ever so much fun” taking an old can from his robe he muttered and incantation, the can shined for a second and when the light disappeared so did the Death Eater.
Hermione senses where in overdrive, every noise, every moment a shadow made her want to scream. Yet, she kept her composure and kept moving. One more twist of the stairs and they would be in the main hall and then one more turn after that and they be out the front door and that much closer to Harry. One more-
“Going some where?” The growl made them both trip on the stairs falling on each other. Hermione grabbed the railing and pulled herself and Keria up. They slowly stood to their full height staring as if a deer in headlights at the person in the middle of the Main Hall half veiled in darkness half covered in moonlight.
“Oh…god” Keria whimpered grasping Hermione’s hand. Behind the Death Eater where the exit from this house of horrors should have been was now just a wall of rubble, the front door was completely collapsed in they only way out was completely gone. They were trapped.
“No where to run” The Death Eater said in a lazy tone. Hermione’s eyes darted back and forth trying to find a way out, every corner loomed with the same notice as the first, dead end. What are we gong to do? Hermione thought, then she saw a large whole were the door to Great hall once stood; she tried to move but she couldn’t, she willed her legs to move but they didn’t budge. COME ON! Her mind screamed. MOVE! Her legs finally listened as she grabbed Keria and they took off quickly towards the large hole disappearing in the darkness. The smile never vanished from the Death Eater as he watched them disappear, he was going to get them and he was going to taste their sweet nectar.

Harry materialized back into human form, his green eyes focused intensely on the submitted werewolf. Abruptly he faltered falling to his left knee, dropping his wand as his hand slammed on the ground; Remus’ hunger flashed in his eyes as Sirius growled and moved in front of Harry.
“Back off Sirius” Harry whispered trying to get up off his knee. The black dog looked quickly at Harry then shifted back to Remus.
“NOW!” Harry yelled standing up. With hair still standing on end Sirius backed off and Remus’ eyes set on Harry, his snarling mouth dripped with glistening drool.
“I will not let you hurt anyone Remus, I wont do it” Harry said looking around noticing for the first time that Aurors and the order were losing the battle with the magical creatures.
“Damn it” Harry said looking back at Remus, his green eyes slowly vanishing behind the white.
“I’m sorry Remus” Harry said lifting his hand and a white light snapped off flinging Remus fifteen feet back, when he landed he was dead still.
“Remus!” Sirius cried out as he morphed back into his human form limping his was to Harry grabbing him.
“He is not dead.” Harry said in a feeble voice.
“Then why?”
“We need to help the other…we are losing” Harry said pointing his wand towards the battle. Sirius looked and saw for the first time since Remus had changed what was happening. Sirius watched as two werewolves quickly attacked an Auror ripping him to shreds and then tearing through the pieces and eating them. He stood stupefied as Order members were in the in-between realm of their first change screaming in pain. Dumbledore and other were trying so hard to fight as many as they could, but they were losing. At the far end of the field close to the school Sirius saw Duncan charging a large circle of Death Eaters, the orb in the center of the circle. And there, standing in the middle of the field watching the same thing through red eyes Voldemort had a small smile on his face.
“We are failing” Sirius choked out.
“I know” Harry said, “We might lose.”

Hermione and Keria popped out of the hole into the moon lit Great Hall and stopped.
“My god” Keria gasped. They saw an alien world in front of them; the head table was completely crushed under part of the ceiling that had collapsed in. The light was coming from the hole that was once a magical ceiling.
“Totally destroyed.” Hermione said looking at all the tables and windows broken on the floor. Tears started to run down her face. A laugh echoed through the empty hall making Keria scream pushing her self against the nearest wall.
“You’ve trapped your selves my darlings,” The voice mocked.
“Come on” Hermione said running with Keria towards the front of the hall, where she knew the anteroom stood. She had to stay by the south wall moving cautiously along, as the floor had been rocked so much there were no large fishers in the ground.
“Where are we going? Keria asked.
“There is a passage to the dungeon in the anteroom…we can take that to the forest”
“What about Duncan…What about Harry?”
“We need to worry about us right now” Hermione said climbing over a large part of the ceiling. They got up to the front of the hall standing in the moonlight exhaustion fell over Hermione again. She could feel it flood over her, consuming her like a wraith taking its prey to hell. Hermione clutched the wall as another spell of dizziness washed over her.
“Hermione!” Keria yelped.
“I’m...ok” Hermione said as dizzying effect knocked her equilibrium completely off pushing her to the ground.
“Hermione” Keria said again running to grab her. Missing, Hermione fell completely over and laid on the ground. Keria looked down into Hermione and noticed her eyes spark green for a fraction of a second then fade. Hermione shook herself the dizzy spell fading slowly from behind her eyes.
“Hermione what was that?” Keria asked. Hermione pressed her thumb and forefinger against the bridge of her nose.
“I dunno” Hermione said. Gripping the wall and Keria’s arm Hermione stood up and leveled her self.
Keria surveyed to room, looking at the once gorgeous room. All the high stained glass windows were now shattered and laying in disarray on the ground.
“Where are we going?” Keria asked with her eye closed, she couldn’t look at it anymore. Hermione shook her head again blinking twice she scanned the room then looked behind where the teacher’s table once stood.
“We are-“ she stopped and her breath caught.
“What?” Keria asked opening her eyes looking at Hermione. “What?”
“Trapped” Hermione said in a flat tone. She walked up to what Keria thought was just a wall of debris.
“What should be there?” Keria asked walking up behind Hermione. Hermione placed her hand on the wall, tears started to stream down her face like a waterfall.
“The door” she said in a barely audible voice.
“Door? What-oh no” Keria gasped. Hermione looked at Keria the exhaustion that she felt was completely flooding out in the tears the flowed freely down her face. The dizziness started to creep back into her mind. She closed her eyes and fought it off, she needed to be strong; she was not going to die here.
“I told you…completely trapped” The voice ripped through the silent room. Hermione’s eyes snapped open and her head turned quick. With his sick smile taunting them, the Death Eater stood arrogantly in the middle of the room.

With the thought of that magical essence in the back of his mind Duncan tore off towards the circle. He thought it was odd that no one was trying to stop him, he was sure the Death Eaters saw him, for they turned and looked at him, he could even see their eyes notice him and the disregard him.
“What is gong on?” Duncan thought out loud as he pulled out his wand and pointed it at the back of the closest Death Eater. He was about to spit out the stunning cruse when, SNAP! Duncan felt himself fly through the air, heard the wind whip past his ears and right before he hit the ground.
“Qta, ssitay” he said, and disappeared. He reappeared on one knee his fingers in the ground as if a football player, Confusion and anger lined in his face.
“FUCK!” Duncan bellowed Shaking himself. HE gripped his wand, knuckles whiting. He scanned the field more and more people were dying, and the more he stood around the large the number got. He eye shifted from human to Elven. He found Harry, Sirius and Dumbledore scattered across the large field all-fighting for their lives. He looked back at the circle they had stopped, he pointed his wand towards the back of the circle his eyes flashed blue and a large red spark erupted from his wand. In seconds it traveled the distance from Duncan to the circle then as it reach the circle it vanished as if it had never been fired.
“DAMN IT!” He screamed he eyes flashed again.
“Now I’m pissed” He stood up and disappeared.
He reappeared directly in front of them, his eyes glowing with a hit of blue. The front Death Eaters pulled out their wands and the shorter man with the orb moved closer to the rear.
“Foolish boy!” a faceless Death Eater yelled flicking his wand sending a green bolt at Duncan. Duncan disappeared as the green bolt struck the ground blowing a large hole. He rematerialized to the right of circle surprising the Death Eaters.
“You Nuisance” A Death Eater screamed. Two Spells were shot from the right side, they hurdled towards Duncan, again he disappeared; Now the Death Eaters were getting nervous. They started to move in a tighter circle looking around wildly.
“Where is he?”
“What is he?”
“Protect the orb” The short man said. All ten Death Eaters pulled out their wand and pointed into the darkness.
“Oh shit!” a Death Eater on the left side screamed. They all turned to see blue glowing eyes floating in the darkness taunting them. All the death Eaters pointed their wands at the glowing eyes. The short one in the middle snapped his fingers and the orb slowly floated down into his hand. Wormtail had warned him about these insufferable children and then magical powers they had. He could feel the orb start to slip in his hand.
“Shoot him” The shot man commanded.
A myriad of curses shot into the darkness lighting up the ground in a rainbow of color. The center Death Eater watched as the blue-eyed boy stood strong waiting for the curses; was he foolish? Or was he smarter then any of them? In a blaze the cruses struck their target, a fire erupted right where the young wizard once stood. The circle of Death Eaters started to relax but the center one looked around nervously.
“Stay alert,” He warned. The Death Eater in the front of the circle raised their wands nonchalantly looking lazily back and forth. They had killed him he was just a kid a worthless Hogwarts student, nothing to worry… Then they saw it, froze and gripped their wand.
“OH FUCK!” one of them wailed. Before they could even blink the blues eye vanished again, and reappeared right in front of them.
“I need that orb,” Duncan growled. Before they could figure out how a boy got through their defenses one was on the ground nose bleeding and the other one felt his feet snap out from underneath him and felt the sharpness of an elbow as it connected with his back slamming him to the ground. The orb wielding Death Eater tried to hide the orb in his robes but before he could a hand was around his throat picking him off the ground.
“I will take that now”

When Ron materialized he was dizzy and thought he was going to throw up.
“Mr. Ron sir, we is here!” Dobby said. Ron blinked focused and noticed he was in the kitchen. He looked around everything was flung on the ground, the walls were cracked and crumbling away. Huddled under one of the bed were fifteen shaking house elves. Once all the confusion from his transport faded Ron realized how was he going to get them out of here?
“How am I supposed to do this?” Ron asked out loud.
“Tell them to leave” Dobby pleaded. Ron looked around for a second thinking, he needed to think quickly, he needed to get out of here.
“I cant…I’m not their master”
“TRY PLEASE!” Dobby pleaded again. Ron sighed walked up to the bed and looked underneath.
“Come out” he said quietly. The doe eyed elves looked at each other and then slowly started to crawl out of from under the bed, huddling together looking at Ron.
“Yous student…. all student masters”
“WHAT DIDN’T YOU TELL ME THAT!” Ron yelled. Then he thought for a second. “Oh god…. Don’t tell that to Hermione” Ron chuckled. Then remember HERMIONE! KERIA!
“Elves!” Ron shouted suddenly; making the elves jump.
“GO TO SAFETY!” He yelled again, they looked at him nervously.
“Uh…oh I got it…. Elves go and protect the students of the school in the forest…ONLY LISTEN TO TEACHERS…GO NOW!”
They looked at each other and back at Ron and in a blink they vanished.
“Thank you Mr. Harry Potter friends”
“Your welcome Dobby…now can you help me?”
“OH YES…yes…Dobby helps”
“Good, help me find Hermione!”

The moonlight shifted through the Great Hall leaving Hermione in the shadow and illuminating the Death Eater, who hadn’t moved since the last time he spoke. Hermione could see the gleam in his eye, she had seen that gleam before, and a shiver with through her spine.
“Hermione…what are we going to do?” Keria asked. Hermione didn’t look at her; she didn’t want to lose sight of the Death Eater.
“I don’t know” She whispered. Then a movement was seen and Hermione move quickly in front of Keria. Stones and part of the ceiling were being lifted off the ground and was thrown against the wall; which made a clear path from him to them.
“I told you that you couldn’t hide” The Death Eater said his wand pointed at Hermione. Hermione moved closer to Keria and could feel her shiver. The Death Eater kept approaching.
“This will make the night worth it” He said creeping up the stair his eyes never leaving Hermione’s. The air in the room felt like it was being sucked out. It was getting hard to breath and the shallower her breath got the more the dizziness came back. Every step he took Hermione and Keria took one back till they were stopped back the stone outer wall.
“Perfect” He groaned. With a flick of his wand and a flash of blue light Hermione was cast aside her hip hitting the edge of the stairs as she rolled down. She landed on her shoulder, and with a crack pain ripped through her body.
“Now my dear, shall we?” He said walking up to the shaking blonde girl. His rough hand brushed her cheek and she started to cry, too scared to move.
“Shhh…hush my dear…everything will be ok” He said in a husky voice. He started to caress her shoulder.
“Malfoy where ever you are, you would be Jealous” he said, and she started to cry louder.
“Shut up!” He said slapping her. “You’re ruining it for me.”
Hermione started to pull herself up to her knees, he hip protested everything she did but she fought through in was now on her knees, she rubbed her shoulder and felt that it was probably dislocated. She fumbled on the ground for her wand finally grabbing it and pointing it at the Death Eater, abruptly it snatched from her hand flying across the room slamming again the wall snapping in two.
“Wait your turn” He said waving his wand; Hermione was pushed to the ground unable to move.
“Hermione!” Keria screamed. The Death Eater spun and his wand was pointed under her chin.
“I said shush” With the wand still pointed under her chin Keria’s eyes drifted to the struggling Hermione.
“Don’t bother” He said removing his wand from her chin.
“Now my dear we will not be interrupted anymore” He said with a grin. He started caressing her check again and then gripped her neck choking her; he pushed her up against the broken front table laying her down on it.
“I promise I will be gentle as possible.” He said kissing her neck.
“Don’t…” she sobbed. He didn’t respond he just kept kissing her neck. Hermione was helpless again struggling against the invisible force.
Damn it she screamed mentally. She couldn’t see Keria very well there was part of the roof blocking her view. The Death Eater was in clear sight bent over the table. Memories started to flood back into her mind. Malfoy pinning her to the wall placing his hand everywhere, ripping her clothes from her body. Anger rose in her bloodstream making her heart beat fasters and her adrenaline flow. She strained again the force. Pushing, pulling uselessly, that was it, she snapped and for the first time she could actually feel the power rise inside of her. Her body started to tremble her blue eyes slowly morphed to green; then they flashed and her body was free.
From the other side of the room he wand surged and repaired itself and flung into her hand, she wiped it around and pointed it directly at the Death Eater.
“YOU FUCKING BASTARD!” A Deep voice boomed. “AVADA KADREA” The Death Eater was thrown against the wall and will a sick smack; he slid down his lifeless eyes staring out into the darkness of the great hall. Hermione blinked twice and then turned.

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