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The Polyjuice Potion Baby by dragonpen
Chapter 1 : The Night it All Went to Heck
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(a/n: Takes place in the trio's sixth year, not HBP compatible. Happy reading!)

Disclaimer: The characters and the magical world they live in belong to J.K. Rowling. I am not her therefore I stake no claims on this story except it is my plot.


She was so incredibly thick. She was so worried about getting in trouble that all she could think was stay in character, stay in character. What was being expelled compared to THIS!

Well, as this thought formed in her mind she rethought it quickly. They were probably both equal, or maybe this was better than expulsion even. In her first year she had thought expulsion worse than death, and though now she would rather live, death was about the only thing that could top expulsion. Well personally speaking. Anything happening to her friends or family also topped expulsion, but for her personally- other than death expulsion was the worst thing.

Reminding herself that her friends and family were all safe and happy, well as much as they could be with Voldermort skulking around, and she was still attending the best school in the world, and had the highest grades there, everything suddenly seemed great.

No, rephrase that; everything seemed better. She still had a problem, a BIG problem. ‘ NO!'  She immediately scolded herself. There was enough self-pity, depression, gloom, and problems around already with the war looming overhead. She refused to add to that. It was not a problem, it was a blessing. Yes! A blessing!

About three months ago Dumbledore invited the parents to stay at Hogwarts for a week to try and convince them how safe Hogwarts still was, and how it was the best thing for their children to stay there and learn. Most parents had allowed their kids to come back this year, but a few months ago attacks were becoming more frequent. These attacks had hardly ever gone against witches and wizards but rather Voldermort's recruited creatures attacking muggles. These attacks were warnings to the wizards and witches, telling them they could be next if they didn't rush to support Voldermort. When this had happened more and more parents wanted to take their kids home and not send them back to school the next year. Hence Dumbledore's parent week.

Overall it had worked magnificently! The week had been a bit fake, all the kids smiling extra to convince their parents they were happy here, not sending a single jinx or starting a single fight in the hallways, and the professors had ensured fun, safe lessons not wanting parents to see kids going to the hospital wing. Even Hagrid's lessons that week were surprisingly harmless. None the less, these extra measures the school took had worked. Very close to all the parents seemed pleased by the end of the week and had retracted their threats to take their children home.

Most enjoyed it, her especially showing her muggle parents the wonders of magic. But the last day the week quickly grew into a nightmare for Hermione.

Ron and Harry had been contemplating on it since parents week was announced. Weeks and weeks before the parents week actually started. They had starting mixing the potion the day Dumbledore announced it in the Great Hall, and the potion was ready just in time for the last day of it.

All parents had come, including Slytherin parents, and Harry and Ron quickly concluded those parents would spend the week bragging to their kids about all their death-eater plans, in the safety of the Slytherin common room of course. So what did they want to do? Sneak into the common room of course. And how? Polyjuice Potion.

In short the trio had gotten hair from Crabbe and Goyle again, having proved it easy to take it from them and distract them back in second year, and Pansy. Hermione had refused to take a chance on Millicent Bullstrode again after the cat incident in second year. Hermione was sure Pansy did not have a cat.

Of course as Harry, Ron, and Hermione were gulping it down in Mrytle's bathroom once again, this time in their sixth year, Hermione was panicking. She had not forgotten this could get them expelled and so once they had changed and sprinted to the dungeons, all Hermione could do was hope the closet they had stuffed the three unconscious Slytherins in would stay locked, and mentally train herself to be a perfect Pansy. No matter what she would not break Pansy character for one second, the fear of someone noticing and her ending up expelled petrifying her. 'Oh why am I doing this!' she thought as they approached the room.

They walked in with a second year Slytherin and they all celebrated victory dances in their heads. The parents were indeed sitting around the room telling their sons and daughters about their dark adventures. Best of all there seemed to be alcohol laying around meaning some of them were even drunk. They all started walking to hear conversations better when suddenly Hermione was pulled back by a pale arm that slipped around her waist turning her around to face....Draco Malfoy.

"Pansy? You okay? You look a little, no a lot frazzled." Hermione panicked, her emotions were showing! She had been so sure she had control over her face but apparently all her nervousness and fear had been to much to hide and now someone was noticing there was something wrong! ‘Act like Pansy, act like Pansy!' she repeated to herself.

"Aw. Don't worry Dracy-poo I'm fine!" She said with a smile, realizing the only thing she really knew about Pansy was she liked Draco.

Draoc eyed her warily. Something seemed off, he knew his girlfriend of sorts. "No you aren't" he stated in a clear voice pulling her towards the girl's dormitory staircase. "Go drink one of your calming potions and then try and get some sleep, maybe you're just stressed."

And before she could argue she was being gently, almost lovingly like how an older brother would she noticed with amusement, pushed up the stairs. She realized to act like Pansy she would have to drink it as he was following her to make sure she did it, surprisingly being let to by the stairs which remained stairs.

She quickly spotted the chest that had ‘Pansy Parkinson" engraved on it and rummaged through it finding the calming potion realizing maybe she did need it, all this nervousness threatening to make her brain explode. She chugged it and immediately felt the effects. Apparently Pansy brewed these herself as they were quite strong. She felt like giggling and wasn't worried at all.

"Draco!" Someone shouted from downstairs.

"I'll be right back." He told Hermione before shooting down the stairs and out of sight. There he was greeted by his intoxicated father who pushed a bottle of firewhisky into Draco's hands grinning and clinking his own bottle with his son's saying sloppily "Cheers! To getting to see you and your...muther-again!" Draco had only had a few sips of the stuff before and was wary to drink from the bottle. But as his father noticed Draco not moving his face became one of sadness. "Don't you want to celebrate my getting out of Azkaban?" he asked softly, looking hurt and almost sober, despite the fact he was too drunk to realize he was telling his son to drink a whole bottle of firewhisky, something he would never normally do.

Draco couldn't help it. "Of course!" he said chugging the whole bottle making his father smile again before he waltzed off to where many others, parents and students alike, were drunk. Some more than others.

Draco sighed and went back up the stairs to make sure Pansy had gone to sleep, feeling dizzy and drunk by the time he got to the top. He had never consumed so much alcohol in his life. Even though it had been one bottle, it had been one full, strong, bottle.

There he saw Pansy sitting on the edge of her bed smiling and looking calm. It made him smile too and said "Feeling better I see. That's good." He went over to her taking a seat himself. Once there he pulled her into his lap nuzzling her neck. Hermione caught a whiff of his breath and noticed he was drunk but thanks to the calming potion the information had no affect on her. Neither was she worried when he started kissing her neck making it up to her mouth, only feeling giddy and excited. It felt good. Neither was she worried when he leaned her back onto the bed, which was followed by him getting on top, effectively straddling her. As it was Draco was too drunk and Hermione too giddy to realize that their clothes had been taken off either.

Hermione awoke the next morning feeling odd. Very odd. There was a warm arm around her waist and a warm body next to her that she suddenly realized she was cuddled into. Last night came back to her in flashes and she felt pure panic. The calming potion had worn off, as had the polyjuice potion. "Ek!" was the first thought running through her mind. Realizing she needed to keep a level head, she decided to wait and mull over last night later. She quickly scampered out of the bed tossing on her own uniform and Pansy's robe, which was what she had worn last night. Looking back at a sleeping Draco, she ran from the room, grateful she had woken up early and the Slytherin common room was lifeless. Correction, there was life in the form of snores. It seemed half the parents and students had passed out down there and to her horror, she spotted red hair in one of the armchairs. She tiptoed her way over and found it was Ron, and not far away was Harry.

She quickly whispered the levitation charm and levitated them out of the common room all the way back to the Gryffyndor common room once again praising the fact she had woken up at 5 that morning.

She whispered the password to the fat lady and dragged herself inside taking Harry and Ron up to their dorm.

It was true she had woken up at 5 but she was still tired and couldn't help but fall asleep on her own comfy, safe, common room's couch.

A few hours later Harry and Ron woke up finding themselves hungover and in very big shoes and cloaks. They both took them off not wanting their room mates to see the Slytherin robes and transfigured them into socks, not knowing what else to do. Though they got drunk, their night was still a success and had heard many death eater plans. They walked down to see Hermione sleeping on the couch, and smiled to each other knowing it was her who had gotten them back to their rooms. Thankfully she was sleeping on her stomach hiding the Slytherin symbol on her robe meaning no one had seen it as they got up to go to breakfast.

They magicked it off her turning it into a sock and decided to let her rest. It was Sunday after all. This also meant the two boys had a load of homework to do and figured they had already missed breakfast. Not to mention the train taking the muggle parents back home; the magical ones just apparated after walking off the school grounds. With these thoughts they started their homework despite the headaches having nothing else to do. Hurting heads made it go by much slower and it took all day. Hermione simply smiled at them working when she woke up before going to take a shower. She then made her way to the library where she was hoping to be able to think in peace and quiet.

In the library she was not met with peace and quiet as she had hoped but rather news that almost made her faint. Ginny was there and zoomed up to Hermione looking excited meaning only one thing, gossip. Apparently that morning Pansy, Goyle, and Crabbe were found locked in a closet and the furious parents immediately took them home. How could they have been so stupid! Hermione thought to herself. Forgetting to release the three Slytherins! Honestly! Inside she was petrified someone would now realize what she Harry and Ron had done. On the outside though she controled her expression to just appear shocked. As if she had no idea why those three would be locked in a closet.

After Ginny left she buried herself in books in a secluded corner where she let her mind wander. As last night replayed in her head she couldn't hold it any longer. She burst into sobs, trying to make them quiet so no one would hear her. She had just lost her virginity and the guy thought she was someone else the whole time!

After a good cry, she tried to think logically. She decided the only thing she could do was to go on with life like last night never happened. It would be her secret, and hers alone, for the rest of time. Hopefully she would eventually even be able to forget about it. Even as she thought this she knew she could never forget, unless she oblivated herself. Something she stubbornly refused to do, no matter what.

In a last attempt to calm herself she tried to think of the big picture. So she wasn't a virgin anymore, expulsion would have been worse. She stuck stubbornly to that opinion and read as if everything was normal, though inside she knew she didn't really believe that first part of her statement. Loosing your virginity is so not a 'so what' but she pretended it didn't bother her. She couldn't stop her emotions though, and inside she was wracking with sobs. Her face had a gloomy expression. An expression she couldn't force off until hours later when she went down to dinner, smiling big for the sake of her friends and the rest of the school.

At supper Draco was contemplating what to write to Pansy. He had found out she was found locked in a closet and decided she must have gotten up that morning where something odd happened to her. It made sense to him who had woken up that morning on Pansy's bed alone. Gratefully her room mates had been passed out downstairs. No one had gotten a chance to talk to them before the three were brought home. He really didn't know what to write. He wanted to mention last night but was worried her parents would read it, or more likely the ministry. The ministry of course would not normally have been so nosey, but ever since the attacks, they were well known to intercept owls to inspect things. He had no intention of some ministry guy reading about his private affairs.

Still, he really wanted to write something about last night.  He wasn't sure what to make of it. It felt odd, different than before. It was still Pansy, but she seemed...different. After mulling it over for a while he decided that was just because he was drunk and she was full of potion.   Maybe the incident shouldn't be mentioned.  He nibbled on toast debating the matter, until eventually coming to a decision.  He'd only mention it if Pansy did first.

He knew last night had only happened because he was drunk and she was hyped up on her calming potion. Draco and Pansy had been dating since they were 14, but this past year they seemed to have been going back to just being friends. They hadn't had an ‘intimate' relationship for 2 or 3 months now. It was a gradual thing that he supposed had started around...winter? He wasn't sure and neither was she, it had been a slow thing. They never officially ‘broke up' though and the school all thought they were still dating. Honestly Draco and Pansy weren't sure what they were anymore, only that they still cared for each other. Having decided not to mention last night, he simply wrote he was worried and wanted to know if she was alright.

Two days later her response came saying she wasn't sure what happened, but she was fine. Then she proceeded to describe her paintings. Yes, Pansy liked to paint and was quite good too. Unfortunately she never mentioned she was locked up not that morning but at night, and he never mentioned that night, so both remained clueless to the fact something fishy went on that night.

Now it was 3 months later and Hermione had a big problem, no wait- a blessing. She firmly reminded herself it was a blessing. It was a baby.

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