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The Satanic Flobberworm: The Boxed Set by Erika
Chapter 1 : Part One
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disclaimer: i dont own anything but the flobberworm.

“flobberworms have got to be the stupidest, most boringest, pointless things to ever walk the planet,” said harry one day in care of magical creatures.
“no they aren’t! look at this one! it keeps spitting cabbage at me, and biting me,” said ron dodging cabbage pieces and flobberworm spit.
“ron, honestly, if only you knew how to control it,” said hermione in a tone that said ron-don’t-be-so-damn-stupid-these-things-can’t-do-anything-to-you.
“i can’t control these one! no one can! its--its the satanic flobberworm!” replied ron.
“ron, you are seriously over reacting, there is no such thing as a satanic flobberworm, flobberworms are just little pieces of crap that eat cabbage, they do not worship the devil, ok ron?” said harry.
“it doesn’t worship the devil, because it IS the devil, i tell you!” said ron as the bell rang.
“right, ok, whatever, i have to go to arithmacy now,” said hermione as she hurried off.
“a flobberworm is the devil? you keep thinking that ron,” said harry as he heading back up to the castle, leaving ron to his own thoughts.
‘that flobberworm is so evil, tiny but evil,’ he shuddered, ‘there is something seriously wrong with it.’
then that night, ron had a dream, about the *gasp* SATANIC FLOBBERWORM! he toshed and turned in bed, it was some what of a nightmare. ron was just feeding it cabbage when suddenly it kept growing and growing until it was 300 feet long. then it swallowed ron whole and took ron back down to hell with him. then all the flobberworms in hell got to eat ron. ron woke up screaming.
“ron, shut the hell up, we are trying to sleep,” said harry.
“harry! it was that damn flobberworm! it ate me, then fed me to the other flobberworms in hell!” said ron, very frightened.
“ok, whatever ron,” said harry.
“oh my God, oh my God, OH MY GOD! LOOK HARRY! THERE IT IS!” ron was pointing to dean’s scarf.
“oh boy, we are all gonna die, its THE SCARF FROM HELL!!!!!! oh no,” said harry as he turned around and fell back asleep.
“be afraid, you damn flobberworm, be very afraid.” said ron.

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The Satanic Flobberworm: The Boxed Set: Part One


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