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The Other Daughter by manic_rage
Chapter 2 : Numbers, Make-Up, Swimming, Promises and Secret Places
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Numbers, Make-Up, Swimming, Promises and Secret Places

Three weeks later Electres had opened up even less, and continued to stay in her room more, only coming out to use the bathroom. Her behavior puzzled everyone, here was a long lost family member, and it seemed as if she wanted nothing to do with them.

Harry stood at Electres’s door, it was the twenty-first time he had done in three weeks, everyday he waited outside her door, trying to get her to talk with anyone, but he was never successful.

Electres was aware that Harry and sometimes even her brother would stand outside her door, she never opened it though, she didn’t need them to smell what she had been doing.

The entire three weeks she had been smoking fags and thinking, and reapplying the make up on her forearm, she had to keep her secret hidden; it would raise too many questions. Just us as she applying the make up someone burst in, yelling about that she needing to come out, it was Harry.

It did not go unnoticed that she was covering her arm with make up, immediately he marched over to her, grabbing her arm.

“You’re a death eater?” He yelled in her face, he could not make out what was on her arm and when he tried to smear the make up, she slapped his hand away.

“No I am not.”

“Then what are you hiding?”

“My past.”

“What is it?” He asked, yanking on her arm, it hurt but she would never admit it. She pulled away from him, giving him an evil glare.

“It’s a number.”

“Why would you need a number there?”

“So when the men would come and buy me, they would know what number to choose. Are you happy now? You know my big secret.” He looked at her, not knowing how to respond, so he did the only thing that came to mind, he hugged her. She did not like that.

“Get the hell off me.”

“I’m sorry for, I shouldn’t have-“

“Its fine you know, I knew everyone would find out soon, it was only a matter of time.” She said grabbing her bag, packing her things.

“What are you doing?”

“Leaving. I have no reason to stay.”

“You have family.”

“Who won’t want me when they find out what I am.”

“What you were. Are you still that girl, being called by a number?”


“Then you are not that, you are you.”

“I don’t even know who that is.”

“Well I was told it was Sue Weasly.”

“It’s not, its Electres and it will stay Electres.”

“Why keep that name?”

“Because it is all I have.”

“Its not.”

“I’m keeping it, there’s no way I would change it.”

“Then your just keeping yourself back.”

“No, when they realized what they did, who I am, they will know.”

“Know what?”

“That they fucked with the wrong person.” She said sitting on her bed.

“So you’re staying?”

“I guess, you convinced me, but once they find out, I’m gone.”

“Where will you go?”

“I have a friend.” He nodded and grabbed her hand.

“Come, we will do something fun, your brother and sister want to know you.” He said pulling her up but she stopped, pulling her hand for his.

“Wait.” She said as she grabbed the make up and finished blending the color to match her skin.

“Ok.” She said following Harry down stairs, where everyone was surprised to see her.

“See I told you I could get her out of her room, I’m good at this.” He said and Electres rolled her eyes, Ron and Ginny laughed.

“So what do you want to do?” Asked Ginny and Electres shrugged, she had never had free time before.

“Let’s play a game.” Said Ginny and Electres looked down.

“I don’t know any games.”

“How could you-“

“I was never given permission to have time to learn any.” Said Electres, she smelled the air and smiled.

“Can we go swimming?”

“You had time to learn swimming?” Asked Hermione, Electres looked at her, walking to her coyly.

“When your thrown into a lake, and the person that threw you in left, believe me, you learn how to swim and you do it fast.” She said, and Hermione stared at her, terrified. Harry walked over and grabbed Electres arm, she looked at him glaring.

“We will go swimming, ok everyone, swimming sounds great.” Electres nodded, she did not need to start a war with these people, she barely knew them.

Harry led them to the lake near the Borrow, and when they got there, Electres was about to jump in fully clothed but Ginny stopped her.

“Just go in your underwear, its just like being in a bathing suit.” Electres nodded, with fear in her eyes she took off her pants, showing off her lacey boy shorts, and she took off no more then that, they did not need to see her marks, even if they were barley visible.

Harry couldn’t help but stare at Electres, her legs were long and slender, and her underwear were more then enticing, but then he thought to why they were like that, and he shook his head.

He continued to strip down to his boxers, Electres could not help but stared at everyone, their bodies were all different. In the Covey house, almost every girl had the same body, just different hair, eyes, and style.

“Electres why don’t you take your shirt off too, its really hot today.” Said Hermione, taking her own shirt off; she knew there was something about this girl, her best friends new sister, she wanted to know what.

“No, I am fine.” She said walking to the edge of the lake, then jumping in, the water perfect.

Even though her first experience in the water was not great, she felt safe there, in the water, because there, no one could get her if she swam hard enough.

She went under and when she came back up, slicking her hair back, just in time to see Harry, Ron, Hermione and Ginny jump in, and she could tell by the way her sis- Ginny looked at Harry, she knew that look, she liked him.

Electres floated in the water, just relaxing as she felt someone touch her leg and flip her over, but she reacted quick enough to take the person down with her. While under water she opened her eyes to she her bro- Ron. ‘God damn it, Electres, do not get attached to these people.’ She thought as they came back up, Ron gasping for air.

“How did you do that?” he asked as they swam towards Harry, Hermione and Ginny.

“Fast reflexes.” She said as she pushed herself on the beach of the lake, laying down peacefully. She quickly snapped her eyes open and looked at her arm, it was still covered, she had feared the make up was not waterproof, now she knew. She looked over and saw Ginny staring at her leg intensely.

“Excuse me, but why are you staring at my leg?” Asked Electres, she hated to be stared at. Ginny looked at her and smiled slightly.

“You have a tattoo.” Electres looked down at her ankle, she had forgotten about that tattoo, it was a drawling of a snake, black and green and under the snake, it said something in Latin, no one knew what it said.

“When did you get that?”

“A while back.” She said as they came closer to examine it, that’s when Hermione got close enough to Electres to see there was make up over her forearm, on her wrist and ankles were fait scars, as if something tight had been wrapped them for a long period of time.

Hermione made the mistake of grabbing Electres’s hand look at the scars more carefully, running her fingers over them, Electres snapped her hand back and received a sympathetic look from Hermione.

“Don’t ever do that again.” She said standing, grabbing her pants, and spiriting back to the house.

Everyone looked at Hermione, confused. “I forgot that she does not like to be touched.” She said as she picked up her clothes, realizing what had happened to Electres.

They all stayed at the lake for only a few more moments before heading back to the house, Hermione running up to hers and Ginny room, straight to her books. Ron, Harry and Ginny all went to their own rooms, changing into dry clothes, then going to Electres’s rooms, knocking slightly on the door.

“Electres why don’t you come out?” asked Ginny, but she heard no response. Then Ron tried, “Electres on come, we just want to know you, you are our sister.” No response, so Harry tried.

“Electres, you can’t let your past do this to you, it will kill you.” He said pleadingly. They heard nothing and then the door opened and there stood Electres, in her clothes that were still wet.

“My past will not kill me, it is what keeps me going.” She said opening the door wider, so they could come in. Ginny and Ron looked at Harry, amazed.

“Where’s Hermione?”

“She’s in our room, changing.” Said Ginny and Electres nodded, she knew the girl would find out soon, she could tell that girl was smart.

“Why do you have a tattoo of a snake?” Asked Ron and Electres looked at him, smiling.

“An old friend of mine gave it to me for my birthday, well what I think is my birthday, I’m not very sure when it is.” She said looking down, embarrassed.

“Oh, well I like it, mom would never let me get one.” Said Ginny, Ron looked at her opened mouthed; his little sister wanted a tattoo.

“Well if you ever want one, I have connections.” She said smiling wickedly. Ginny smiled at her and had the feeling to hug her, but kept still.

“So do you have any friends?” asked Ron and Ginny instantly hit him on the arm.

“What?” He asked and then he looked at Electres, and instantly knew why.

“I had little time to make friends, but I have two.”

“What are their names?” Asked Harry, and she looked at him, her eyes sad.

“Jake and Dragon, but Jake died years ago and Dragon might as well be dead.”

“Why?” Asked Ginny and Electres frowned.

“He’s in danger where he is, and there is no one to protect him, but I have hope he will escape, and finally be free.”

“I’m really sorry.” Said Ginny, she looked at her, her face grim.

“I would give my freedom for his, god I would give my freedom for Jake to be alive again. He was the first person to ever care for me.” She said, realizing what she just said and instantly her face became hard.

“Forget I said anything, its not important.” She said walking out and to the bathroom, locking the door behind her. Ginny turned to Ron and hugged him.

“Oh god, she’s so-” She said crying.

“Shh, I know.” He said hugging her back, stroking her hair, and there sat Harry, completely silent, he knew her secret, but he understood that if they found out, they would react and she would leave, and he did not want that.

Electres sat in the bathroom against the tub, wishing she was able to cry, but she could not, she had cried all the tears she had years ago. She held a shinny object in her hand; gently dragging the blade across her skin, just feeling the cool metal was bliss.

She had been refused the pleasure of self-mutilation when living at the Covey house, it was undesirable to have a girl who was all hacked up, but once she was bought, they could not tell their wounds from her own. Once she had been found with the razor and blood dripping from the shallow cuts and her master laughed in her face, and then beat her.

She looked down at her arm, and dropped the blade. She could not do it; she could not drag the blade across her skin, push it down, and make it bleed, she had promised she would not, and if it was something she could do, it was keep a promise.

She made the razor disappear, and then banged her head against the tub, her head spinning. She could not do this, she was not used to a family, and it was something she did not think she could get used to. Her hair fell in her face and she blew it out of her eye, smiling. She finally got ride of her hair, the one thing she absolutely hated.

She heard someone knocking and stood up, opening the door to reveal her brother Charlie. “I was told you hiding out in here.”

“I am not hiding out, I am simply relaxing.”

“That’s what a bedroom is for.”

“Yes and it was invaded by others, I like to be alone.”

“Come with me, I have something to show you.” He said, looking at her, she new this was a brother and he would not try anything so she followed him to a room and he closed the door behind him.

“This way.” He said opening the window, and looking everywhere.

“Coast is clear.” He said stepping out of the window and up on to the low roof, then to a higher part.

“I, like yourself likes to be alone, this is where I used to go when I needed space back in the day.” He said laying down, staring at the sky, she followed suit and lay down, staring at the sky.

“You remind me of someone I used to know.”

“Who?” He asked looking at her, smiling.

“Just a friend.” She said her eyes on the sky.

“Not much of a talker, that’s ok. I understand, Dumbledore said-“

“He said what?” she asked sitting up slightly.

“That you had been through a lot, that we should not crowd you. Why what happened?”

“One day you will here the truth, from me, but not today, and not any time soon.”

“Ok, you need time, ok. I’ll be around when you’re ready.” He said and she laid back down, and they spent most of the day, watching the clouds.

When it began to get dark outside, Charlie made Electres come back in and change her clothes before going to dinner. When she came down, everyone was sitting around the table, waiting for her.

She was wearing a pair of guys black jeans and a guys white beater. She took a seat left for her and was handed a plate, everyone looked at her, puzzled at why she was wearing all guys clothes.

“I had nothing else.” She said and Molly looked at her, her eyes soft.

“No its fine dear, this is nothing fancy.” However, to Electres it was, it was the best dinner she ever had, but she only gave small compliments, they did not need to know exactly how bad she was treated before.

“Electres the kids are going to Diagon Alley tomorrow, would you like to join them?”

“Where?” She asked looking up from her plate.

“A place where witches and wizards buy their things.”

“That would be nice.” She said returning to her food. Molly looked down; she was already struggling with money, now they added another child on top of that.

“I have my own money Molly, you don’t have to worry.” Everyone looked at her; there was no way she could have known that.

“How did you know that was what I was thinking?”

“I could read it in your face, I know that look.”

“When did you get money?” Asked Ginny and Electres looked at her, slightly ashamed.

“There was a point in time when I was given a lot of money, no one knew about.”

It was part true, the other part was there was some half decent men who gave her tips that Master did not know about.

“Oh.” Said Molly and everyone returned to their food, trying not to think about her.

At the end of dinner everyone left except for Electres who, stayed behind and helped clear the table, Molly looked at her in shock, she was helping her.

“Dear you don’t have to do this.”

“Yes I do.” She said her tone final. Molly nodded and allowed herself to be helped, but when she is cleaning is when she is most talkative.

“So where were you, living?” she asked, stressing the word ‘living.’

“A work house in France.”

“So you are fluent in French?”

“Oui, ma Madame.” She said, perfect accent.

“Where did you learn English?”

“We were taught to be well rounded.” She said wiping down the table, Molly looked at her oddly, something about how Electres spoke did not sound right.

“So they took good care of you?”

“No, we were a work house, we worked day or night, no matter the day or conditions.” Molly looked at her sympathetically, and Electres glared slightly, she hated sympathy.

“Don’t look at me like that, please. I do not like or need it.” She said stacking the dishes she had finished and walking to her room.

Molly sat down defeated, all she wanted was her girl back, her first baby girl back, but she knew that it was impossible.

Electres sat in her room, digging through her small bag, looking for something she needed to look at.

When she found it a smiled broke out across her face, it was most of a shirt that was covered in blood; she rested her head on her knees, pressing the cloth to her forehead.

She missed him more then she will ever miss anyone in her entire life. She never noticed the person standing in her doorway, because she could have sworn she locked it.

“Electres are you ok?” asked Charlie, she looked up at him, her eyes sad, but no tears.

“I am fine, thank you Charlie.” She said, never moving from her position.

“Then why do you look like your going to cry?”

“I can’t cry, so that is not an issue.” She said, she hated to be asked so many questions.

“Ok Electres, I won’t push, but could you please tell me why you have a bloody shirt?”

“It is none of your concern.”

“Ok.” He said walking out, closing the door behind him. She laid her head back and stared at the ceiling; she could not do this.

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