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Keep Me Coming Back For More by MrsTomFelton
Chapter 1 : The Deal.
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"How can I trust you? After all these years, I'm supposed to just believe that you will help me? It makes no sense. I won't do it," Hermione replied to the boy's request. Was he mad? Why would she all of a sudden believe his excuses for his ways. It was impossible.

"Not impossible. Just not probable. But why in the bloody hell would I confront you otherwise? I wouldn't be cought dead talking to a mudblood, let alone the best friend of the Golden Boy. Believe me. I'll make it worth it." he replied dryly, waiting for her to accept his request. She would eventually. He knew how to make it worth it for her.

"And even if I did trust you, what would I get for helping you? And what do you want from me, if I do decide to help you out." she said, trying to sound as if she wasn't that interested in the idea. Why should she be? It was a deal she was making with a boy she had loathed from the first day she had met him. The boy who had tormented her for her upbringing, her friends, her brilliance. It was the reason she shouldn't be interested in the idea, yet it also happened to be the reason it made her so curious.

Her curiosity got the best of her.
"You'd get. Me." he replied, with a smirk on his face. "And what I want? You."
How did he decide to make this the deal? It was the devious side of him, that wanted what he couldn't have. He could never have her. And it made him curious as to what she was like.

"You get, me? And I get, you? I don't comprehend what you're trying to tell me." she said, furrowing her brow. She didn't understand what he meant by any of this. It didn't make sense. What from her did he want? And what from him would she be getting? The only thing keeping her there was the chance of getting information to help Harry James Potter, the Boy Who Lived, kill Tom Riddle, also known as He Who Must Not Be Named; Voldemort.

"Don't understand? Maybe this will help." he said, walking towards her briskly, pushing her against the wall of the library, forced his leg in between hers, and began to force himself onto her. He heard the material of her skirt rip where he knee was, and he forced his tongue into her mouth. He kept her arms above her head so she couldn't move, and he listened to her moan. He figured she would be reluctant, but she kissed him back. He let up, and she fell to the ground below him.

"Understand this now. This is a deal between you and I. Nothing gets away from us, and the information we provide each other will be told to those it will help, but the source of the information never reavealed. I give you information, you give me what I want from you. You give me information, I give you want you want. And don't even try to tell me you didn't enjoy that. I won't buy it." he said this and turned to leave. He stopped, took out his wand, and repaired the rip in her skirt, smirking. "Wouldn't want anyone to be suspicious of what the precious mudblood has been doing in her spare time."

He grabbed his books and walked towards her. He bent down, ran his wand along her wrist, and blood started to seep out in a slow manner. He ran her blood along a bit of parchment, containing the deal they were to abide by. He ran his wand back along her wrist and the bleeding resided. He did the same to his own wrist, and took the parchment with him. He rolled it up and stuck it under his robes.

"Don't forget. You talk to Potter about his next move. We talk again tomorrow. Same time. Astronomy tower. We'll have homework anyways, so no one will suspect anything." He looked her up and down, a heap still on the floor, breathing in deeply. "Granger," he said, and left.

"What in the bloody hell just happened," Hermione said, not comprehending if what just happend was reality or a nightmare. All she knew was, Draco Malfoy had just kissed her. And she could find absolutely nothing wrong with it. She sighed and gathered her things. Her hair was a mess, so she decided to just return to the common room to do some work in Advanced Charms.

Tomorrow would be an intersting day, and she had no idea how this deal was going to turn out. All she knew was, she better get something from Harry that would please Malfoy, because she didn't want to wait too long to have that feeling again.

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Keep Me Coming Back For More: The Deal.


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