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Too young to be a parent by PandorasBox
Chapter 1 : No worries
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Ginny Weasley sat in the Gryfindor common room right next to her boyfriend Harry Potter.It was her first day back at Hogwarts,starting in her fith year.She had changed a lot in the last year.She wasn't Ginerva Weasley the gawky little kid anymore,she was Ginny Weasley the hottest girl in her year,the girl all the guys wanted.But her heart belong to the famouse cute Harry Potter,who she loved dearly.

As she sat there with him she mused on how wonderful it was to be back at Hogwarts,which was basically her second home.Well to Harry it was the only place that had ever seemed like home.
"Happy to be back?"She asked as he pt his arm round her.
"Yeah I love his place so much,"Harry told her."But not as much as I love you."
"Awwww your so sweet,"Ginny said kissing him on the cheek.
"Isn't it great to have privacy though?And not be around my whole family?"
"Yeah it's nice to spend some alone time with you.And it helps that the common room is empty,"Harry replied looking round.
"So where did Ron and Hermione go?"Ginny inquired.
"They went off to the room of requirement for some alone time."Harry said eyebrows raised.
"Ohhhhh I see."Ginny giggled."We always use to go the room of requirment that was our place.But seeing as those two have just got together it's best that we hand it over to them,"
"Yes."Harry agreed."It's getting late you know.And if we have lessons tomorrow then we should get going to bed?"
"Yeah I'm so tired.I'll see ya tomorrow hun night,"She said getting up before giving a kiss goodnight and walking off.

Harry however stayed there sitting reflecting back on the summer,his good memories and his bad memories.The news that Fleur was marrying Bill,Harry laughed as he remembered what a crush that Ron had had on her in fourth year.And he had spent some great time with Ron and Hermione and Ginny in the nearbye Village.But Harry felt a pang of pain in his heart as he remembered Sirius,his beloved grndfather who had been murdered by his cousin Bellatrix Lastrange.And as he remermbered this Harry felt anger rush through him,an emotion he was not new to.Not wanting to remember that Harry focused on how tired he was and slowly drifted off to sleep.

Just half an hour later Ron and Hermione came walking through the dark common room,not noticing a sleeping Harry in an armchair.
"We have to be quiet,"Hermione whispered."So I'll go up to stairs to sleep and so will you ok?"
"Hernione when have you known me to miss out on sleep?"Ron hissed back.
"So true."She said silently laughing."I'm so glad we got together Ron.I love you."
"I love you too,"He said bringing her close to him so that he could kiss her.
They heard somebody cough nearbye they turned around to see Harry sitting down with a smirk on his face.
"Harry didn't see you there.I'm going to bed night."Hermione muttered embarrasingly running off up the steps leading to her dormitory.
Rin turned to and just mouthed the words Shut it as he ran off to his own dormitory followed by a laughing Harry.

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