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One Letter by Broken Forevermore
Chapter 1 : Prologue
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Living the Lie


“I can’t,” whispered a woman with long raven black hair to her best friend, “Cissa please, I can’t.”

“You can Amelia,” said Narcissa Malfoy rubbing her friends back soothingly, “You have to. It’s the only way to keep her safe.”

“Why?” croaked Amelia, holding her daughter closer to her body, “Why my daughter? Why Emily?!”

“Amz,” said the blonde gently, “We must all mak-”

“You aren’t giving up anything!” snapped Amelia harshly causing Narcissa’s hand to drop back down to her side in shame. She looked sadly to her crying friend as she brushed away her own tears.

“Amy. This is the only way. If you don’t, if the Dark Lord thinks she’s alive, it‘s going to be the end of all of us. Including Emily,” explained Narcissa, yet again, in a soft tone.

“But she’s my baby girl!” sobbed Amelia, dropping to her knees and rocking the crying baby in her arms back and forth, “I can’t separate the twins.”

Narcissa dropped to the floor next to her and hugged Amelia close as she rocked her sobbing friend back and forth. “We’ll get her back Amy,” she promised, “We will. If it’s the last thing I do. I promise we will get Emily back.”

“Where would I be without you?” asked Amelia quietly.

“A wreck in the corner of your room most likely,” remarked Narcissa with a slight laugh, “Come now.” She pulled Amelia up with her and walking slowly towards the door, still holding her tightly.

“We have to,” said Amelia slowly and quietly, “We have to.”

“Yes, yes we do,” she responded just as quiet.

With a silent nod, Amelia took her wand from her pocket and waved it over the baby girl in her arms. Instantly the child’s shining blue eyes turned a rich brown and her hair went brown as well. A quiet sob escaped Amelia as she looked up from her daughter and to her friend once more, “I can’t. I can’t.”

“I’ll be with you the whole way,” said Narcissa quietly.

“I can’t. You have to. I can’t.”

“If you don’t do it yourself, you’ll regret it Amy.”

“Then let me regret it!” exclaimed Amelia tears freely falling from her sapphire eyes.

“Amy,” cried Narcissa, just now realizing she was crying as well, “You have to. Don’t you understand that? Don’t you get it? Your life depends on this-”

“Then let me die!”

“Her life depends on this!” said Narcissa twice as loud as Amelia’s interruption. Amelia finally fell silent. She brought her eyes down to the floor shamefully.

“Let’s just get this over with,” said the raven haired beauty quietly. And with a silent agreement among friends, they both disappeared as two cracks filled the air of the now silent mansion. Appearing a little outside of Wizarding London, Amelia sighed deeply as she walked inside a rather large building. Instantly the sound of children filled her ears. She cast a fearful look towards Narcissa.

“We have to,” said Narcissa.

“We have to,” repeated Amelia, quieter than Narcissa had said. She walked up to the desk with silent tears streaking her cheeks. With a final look down at Emily, she sighed deeply as she closed her eyes momentarily. “I have to put her up for adoption,” she said quietly, opening her eyes once more to look at the woman behind the desk, who didn’t appear a day over twenty-five.

“Child’s name?” asked the woman.

“Emily Narcissa Zabini,” replied Narcissa when Amelia remained silent.

“Date of birth?”

“September 19th, 1979.”

“Anything the adoptive parents should know?”

Amelia nodded handing Narcissa the baby girl. Amelia shuffled through her hand bag and pulled out a necklace and a sealed envelop. She handed them to the woman behind the desk.

“Tell them to give these to her one month before her eighteenth birthday. I don’t want them knowing her name. They have to change it.”

“Yes, madam,” responded the brunette behind the desk, taking the things from Amelia, with a soft smile. Narcissa leaned over the child in her arms and kissed her lightly, “Stay safe, Emily,” she whispered before handing the child back to Amelia.

“I love you, my angel, stay safe. I promise I’ll find you. Someday,” without another word, she handed her daughter to the woman behind the desk and turned around sharply, walking to the door without looking back. Because if she did, she would take her daughter back. Narcissa cast Emily one final look before taking off after her friend.

“You did the right thing,” said Narcissa, four hours later inside the study in Malfoy Manor.

“I’m not so sure of that,” replied Amelia, laying across the couch with her head in Narcissa’s lap, “I’m not so sure of that.”

||||The Grangers (About Eighteen Years Later)||||

Hermione Granger woke up as the smell of blueberry waffles invaded her bedroom. She immediately sat upright. Something was wrong. The last time her mother made blueberry waffles, she found out her dog died. She quickly got dressed and ran the stairs to the kitchen to find her mother and father sitting at the table with solemn look on their faces.

“Mum,” said Hermione, her voice shaking slightly, “Y- You made waffles.”

“Yes,” said Jane Granger softly, “Baby girl, I did.”

“W- Why?” asked Hermione fearfully, not sure if she wanted to know the answer.

Jane sighed deeply, “Baby, ther- there’s some- something we need to tell you.”

Hermione stood silently, her mother never stumbled with words. Something was defiantly wrong, “Mum, please, just tell me what’s wrong.” Her voice was begging, pleading for her mother to just tell her and get it over with, yet her body showed no such thing. Her face remained blank.

“Honey, take a seat,” replied Mark, Hermione’s father. Hermione obeyed silently, still waiting in confusion.

“Baby,” started Jane once more, “As you know, your eighteenth is in one month-,” Hermione’s face lit up slightly, but it quickly fell from the look she received from her mother, “-I have something to tell you.”

“Mum,” begged Hermione, “Please, please stop stalling.”

Jane closed her eyes and let out a shaking breath, “You’re adopted.”

Hermione blinked.

“Honey, say something,” said Mark, “Anything. Yell. Scream. Deny it. Just please say something.”

“How- Why- This- This can’t be,” said Hermione, tears threatening to fall from her eyes, “Mum, please tell me this is a joke.”

Jane let out a silent sob, “Baby I’m so sor-”

“Don’t!” snapped Hermione, instantly silencing Jane, “How could you do this? How could you lie to me all this time? My whole life is a lie!” She stood from the table ready to walk out, not sure where she was going to go. Only sure that she had to leave.

“Baby girl-” started Jane once more.

“I’m not your baby girl!” yelled Hermione, her eyes shining bright with tears.

“Fine!” yelled Jane right back, “Here.” She pushed an envelop across the table, stood from her seat, and left the room. Hermione instantly felt sorry for what she said. But she lied to me! she snapped at herself. With a shaking hand, she picked up the envelop and left the room without a second glance at the man she once called her father. Running silently up the stairs Hermione entered her room and opened the envelop in her hand. Taking the letter out, she threw the envelop to her bed, unaware of the necklace that fell out. She sat down on the edge of her bed and let out a shaking breath. She unfolded the letter.

My Dearest Emily,

First I need you to understand that I couldn’t keep you. I need you to know that you, along with your father, brother, and I would have died. Emily, it was for your survival. I promise one day I’ll find you my darling. I promise. That aside, you will be turning eighteen in one month. You’ll be in for a real shock my dearest, I assure you. I can’t tell you what though. I’m sorry for that.

This letter is dreadfully long, but as I write it you’re in my arms at two months old. My dearest, I swear to you I’ll find you. I swear. If it’s the last thing I do. I’ll find you.

Forever My Angel

To Hermione’s disappointment, there was no signature. She sighed slightly and dropped the letter to her bed. That’s when it caught her eye. A beautiful necklace lay on her bed. It was a silver chain with a heart shaped pendant. The heart was a sapphire blue with diamond surrounding it. Without another thought, Hermione placed it around her neck and flashed her eyes over to the mirror. Such a beautiful necklace for such an ordinary girl, she thought in downcast.

||||Malfoy Manor||||

Blaise Zabini groaned in annoyance as he collapsed backwards on the bed of his best mate. “What if we never find her?” he asked for the twenty-seventh time that morning.

“We will,” responded Draco, also annoyed. They’d been searching so long for her. It seemed they would never find her. Though he refused to admit this aloud. In three months it would be eighteen years since either of them saw her. They didn’t even have a clue what she looked like, mostly because of the glamour charm cast by Mrs. Zabini, but also because, well, it’d been eighteen years.

Blaise sighed, “Mum’s been saying that for years, Draco, has it happened yet?”

“Well, no,” admitted Draco with a sigh of disapproval. He suddenly got an idea, “She would be going to Hogwarts, right?”

“I suppose.”

“Then let’s make a list. She can’t be in Slytherin, though. We know everyone in our year. So, she must be in another house.”

“Most likely Gryffindor.”

“Probably,” said Draco with another sigh, this was going to be hard, “It would be easier if we actually knew who else was in the school besides the Slytherins.”

“True,” answered Blaise, “Too true.”


Okay. So. Tell me what you think! This is the first story I’ve ever written without an OC. So. I love it when people review my stories!

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One Letter: Prologue


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