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It Was Fate by BrooklynDyme
Chapter 1 : Prolgue pt. 1
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A man, 22 years old, groggily got up from his, and walked towards the bathroom; it was five o’clock am. He lived in a large three-bedroom apartment on the West side of muggle Manhattan, New York. The living room was huge, well furnished with Mahogany floors and 2 white couches. There was an entertainment room where he had a large plasma screen television, a Play station two and an XBox. It was obvious that he was a bachelor, despite his gorgeous physique and ice blue eyes. He had platinum blonde hair, which was shaved short. He was a very attractive man. As he stepped out the shower and wandered his way to the kitchen, he thought what the hell do I need this big place for anyway? Guess it’s just another perk of being a Malfoy! (Sarcasm). Yes, this heavenly man was a Malfoy, Aristo Malfoy to be exact, the first son of Lucius Malfoy, older brother of the infamous Draco. As a matter of fact, that was the only reason he had woken up so early this Saturday morning. Today was June 9, which meant he had to go collect his living money from his father in England. Aristo was expected at the manor at exactly 12 o’clock in England time; meaning he only had an hour to get dressed and apparate half way across the world. Once he put on a black oxford shirt and a pair of loose light blue jeans, he apparated to his old home.

Upon arrival Aristo was immediately drawn into a warm embrace.

“Hello mother,” he said smiling.

“Oh Aristo dear it’s so wonderful to see you. Have you been eating? You seem to be getting a little thin?” Narcissa Malfoy questioned worried.

“Yes mother I’m fine, how are father and that idiot brother of mine?” Narcissa hit him playfully and Aristo laughed in amusement. However deep inside he felt his brother was an idiot. Numerous times when he had come back home, he offered for Draco to live with him privately to the boy. But every time Draco responded no, and added as an afterthought that he would not abandon his family and morals for mud bloods like he, Aristo, had. And now, because of his ignorance, Draco had received a mission from the Dark Lord that could result in his death. Aristo hated the Dark Lord and the principles he valued. Having been born six years before Draco, Aristo had gotten a chance to get to know the Dark Lord at the height of his career. To this day he could not describe how much he rejoiced at the news of Voldemort’s demise.

“Hello father,” he greeted Lucius in an icy and cold tone.

“Aristo,” Lucius replied the same way. Aristo looked up to Draco seated in the other couch. He acknowledged Aristo’s presence with a simple head nod. Aristo simply walked over to where his father stood and stuck his hand out.

“Now Aristo, don’t tell me those Americans have made you lose your morals already. You are a Malfoy, Malfoys’ do not beg”. A smirk played on Lucius’ lips.

“Well father, I wasn’t born a Malfoy by choice”. The comment hit Lucius expression became rock hard.

“Take your money and go!” Lucius replied handing Aristo the key to his Gringotts vault roughly.

Through a hate filled smile Aristo responded, “Gladly”. He seized the key and walked to the door. “Goodbye mother,” he said, “Draco,” he said acknowledging Draco; Aristo then apparated to Gringotts Bank.

* * * *
Meanwhile, Hermione Granger had just awoken in her own bed at home. She was in her sixth year at Hogwarts, however she had returned home for the weekend to visit her father, who had fallen ill with lung cancer. She took a shower and dressed herself before walking downstairs to the kitchen. Her mother stood at the stove making chocolate chip pancakes, her favorite. “Morning mum,” Hermione chimed while pouring herself some orange juice.

“Hermione, I didn’t know you were here yet, I thought you were coming this morning?” Hermione shrugged her shoulder and walked over to the stove where her mother stood.

“I decided to come last night instead. It was late and I didn’t want to wake you guys. How’s dad doing?”

“Well he’s taking it day by day. The doctor says he might not have that long though”. Hermione’s mother began to sob and Hermione hugged her.

“Mum don’t worry he’ll pull through,” she whispered, although she herself doubted he would. “Why don’t I go take him his breakfast?” Hermione suggested in hope of lightening the dull mood. Her mother nodded and Hermione gathered the tray of food sitting on the kitchen table. She walked into her parents’ room and gently placed the tray on the bedside table. She sat on the edge of the bed and watched her father sleep peacefully. Tears came to her eyes as she thought of losing him. As her tears fell, his eyes slowly fluttered open.

“Hermione”. His voice was quiet and delicate.

“Yes daddy I’m here,” she said through tears.

“Don’t cry dear,” he said. “Smile, I want to see that beautiful smile”. Hermione slowly smiled at her father’s simple request. “There we go. There’s more beautiful girl”. Hermione’s smile got wider as she saw her father’s eyes slowly light up. “Baby there’s something I have to tell you,” he started.

“I’m listening daddy,” she replied.

“I don’t have too much longer…”

“Daddy don’t say that, you’re going to be fine,” Hermione almost screamed.

“Hush child,” he responded. “I don’t have much longer but I want you to do me a big favor”. He paused and took Hermione’s nod as a sign to continue. “I want you to sit here with me and hold my hand until I fall back asleep. And then, when I’m sleeping, I want you to go out and have fun like there’s nothing wrong. Please Herms, can you do that for me?” Hermione nodded her head once more and her father smiled again. They sat there in complete silence for hours.

By the time her father was asleep, it was already five o’clock pm. Part of her wanted to just sit there and hold on to her father until he awoke again, but instead she honored her father’s wishes. She rose from his bedside and went to her room, where she put on a pair of jeans and a white t-shirt. After drying her eyes as much as she could, Hermione walked out towards the door. “Dad’s asleep,” she told her mother. “I’ll be back late tonight don’t wait up for me”. With that she walked outside of the house and towards the tube to get to London.

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It Was Fate: Prolgue pt. 1


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