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Faith, Trust, and Pixie Dust by ChocolateHorses
Chapter 40 : Chapter 40
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“Run,” Draco mouthed to her.

“Where?” she whispered.

“Go to my room,” he whispered slowly, “get my broomstick and go off the balcony.”

“I’m not going to leave you here to be killed,” she whispered back viciously.

“He can’t kill me,” he whispered triumphantly. “I’m his only heir, but he will kill you so GO!”

With no other choice, Hermione left her love and ventured up at a sprint to his room.

“Serpent,” she whispered to the door. It opened and she walked in.

She could here the two Malfoy’s muffled conversation, though she couldn’t make out the words. She searched around for his broom and quickly found the Nimbus 2001 hidden away behind his other things.

She ran out to the balcony and mounted the broom a bit uneasily. She hated broomsticks, she hated flying, she hated heights in general. Finally, when she steadied herself and was hovering in midair, she remembered that she’d have to go somewhere. Her mind quickly turned to her friends in the hospital wing and she slowly started heading in that direction.

When she reached the window and whipped out her wand. She yelled out a spell, which whipped open, the window and was reminded of her third year when she and Harry had saved Sirius on the back of a Hippogriff. She hoped dearly that Harry would get over it, he was as mad as a hornet when he first heard.

“Hermione dear,” called an appalled Madame Pomphrey. “What are you doing out there?”

She quickly helped Hermione into the room and was greeted by two freckled faces looking merrily at her.
And of course a rather pug-looking face also.

“You’re okay!” Hermione said, and suddenly burst into tears of happiness.

“Yes we’re fine,” Ron said. “But I’m guessing you’re not?”

“I, I’m fine,” she replied, trying to stop the tears that were flowing. “Oh, Madame Pomphrey, Draco’s father is in our common room and he’s less than happy about our little announcement.

Madame Pomphrey paled, “Oh dear, I’ll go tell the Headmaster.”

“What announcement?” Ginny asked.

“I know this may be hard for you guys,” she started, “but Draco and I really care about each other, in fact we love each other.”

“You what?” they said at the same time.

“Just let me finish,” Hermione said holding up her hand. “We told each other we loved each other right after we took the lust potion. Then, whenever someone came into our common room they would have terrible dreams… as you did. It was a curse Godric and Salazar placed because they thought the two houses should be enemies. The only way to break the curse was one of us killing each other—

“You killed Draco?” Ron asked in disbelief.

“You’ll get in so much trouble,” Ginny said worriedly.

“You’re my hero,” Ron said.

“I did not kill anyone,” Hermione said sharply. “Let me finish. The only way to break the curse was one of us killing each other OR telling the whole school we love each other. We chose plan B.”

“How did everyone react to that?” Ginny asked.

“Not so well,” she said. “You’re not angry at me are you?”

“You saved our lives,” the redheaded girl said. “How could be mad at you,” she issued a jab in Ron’s side, “right?”

“Right,” he grumbled. “How did Harry take it?”

“Not as well as you guys,” she said unhappily.

“Why did you come on a broom?” Ginny asked curiously. “You hate flying.”

“There was a mob of Gryfindors and Slytherins outside the common room door,” she replied.

“Sheesh,” Ron said.

A very flushed Madame Pomphrey appeared at the door, looking quite distraught.

“He can’t get in,” she said. “The students are on a rampage, they won’t let anyone get near the door.”

“I’ve got to go help him,” Hermione said determinedly.

“Be careful dear,” Madame Pomphrey said.

“We’ll come with,” Ron volunteered.

“I only have one broom,” Hermione pointed out. “I’ve got to go.”

“Take care of yourself,” Ginny warned.

Once again Hermione slowly but steadily made her way onto the broom and into the air. She glided gradually up to the balcony and landed lightly, so they wouldn’t hear her. She walked quietly down the stairs and peered into the common room. Draco had a black eye and a split lip, his clothes were tattered, but there seemed to be no major injuries. He was standing over Lucius, who was lying unconscious against the bookshelf, with his wand drawn.

“Draco,” Hermione cried. “Is he dead?”

“I think I just knocked him out,” he said as she ran over to him. He gently put his extra arm around her in a protective manner. “Where did you go?”

“I went to the hospital wing,” she said. “Everyone’s fine.”

“That’s good,” he said softly.

“Dumbledore should come in as soon as he can get through and clear out the mob,” she said, looking into his eyes.

“You know,” he said smiling, “The hard part’s over. It’s all downhill from here.”

“I will never cease to wonder,” she said, matching his smile, “how you can always have a smile.”

“It’s because I always have you,” he said.


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Faith, Trust, and Pixie Dust: Chapter 40


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