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Marauders and the Phoenixes by Rons_gal
Chapter 16 : A Party Worth Remembering
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“Moony get up!” Sirius said shaking Remus. Remus didn’t budge. “O c’mon mate, we have to get to breakfast! I’m starving!”

Remus groaned and sat up, his brown hair askew all over his head. Remus rubbed his blue eyes and stood up. “That a boy…now hurry up! I’ll be waiting downstairs with Wormtail and Frank,” Sirius left the room with Peter by the collar.

Remus opened his trunk, grabbed a set of clothes and headed for the showers. He turned on the hot water and just stood there for five long minutes. After his shower Remus slipped on his clothes and looked at his reflection. Except now…Remus didn’t see ‘Remus the Marauder’ but ‘Remus the Werewolf’. He was nothing but a monster, a monster who no one wanted for him except his three best friends. Remus slammed his hand into the mirror and the glass shattered into pieces; his strength was incredibly powerful because he was part wolf. Remus’ hand received a massive cut on his palm and blood began pouring into his hand.

Remus didn’t even bother fixing it with magic, he simply wrapped it in a bandage he had in his drawer. He grabbed his cloak with is uninjured hand and continued down the stairs. Sirius was waiting impatiently along with Peter and Frank. “You didn’t have to wait,” Remus mumbled. Sirius ignored him and grabbed his shoulder and began to steer him out of the common room. They ran to the great hall and opened the doors.

Eyes immediately turned toward Remus. He was a Marauder, so naturally everyone knew he had just got out of a bad relationship. Girls would be trying to talk to him, guys will be giving him pats on the back as they passed, even the teachers would be giving him sympathetic looks, and of course don’t forget about the gossip, the rumors! That was the part Remus hated about being popular…everyone knew everything that went on in your personal life.

Ignoring everyone’s looks Remus sat on the opposite end of the table from where the Phoenixes and Alice (who had just came back from visiting her mother) were sitting along with Frank and the other two Marauders. James jumped up and walked over to his fellow Marauders. He settled in a seat between Remus and Peter. He glanced at Remus’ hand and said, “You haven’t been cutting your self have you Moony?” James asked grabbing his left hand.

Remus threw him a look before grabbing a piece of toast and taking a bite out of it. “So I guess we should cancel that Party we been planning huh?” Sirius asked glumly. James started to say ‘Yeah’ but Remus cut him off,

“No, I’ll be fine. A party might just be what I need.”

“Yeah!” Sirius said ruffling up Remus’ hair.

“Party is an understatement,” James stated happily. “This is going to be the Party of the year and everyone’s invited! Except a few Slytherins,” He added glaring at the Slytherin table.

Remus couldn’t help but let his lips twitch into a smile. Just as everything seemed to be getting back to normal a Ravenclaw girl named, Jasmine Hollard came and squeezed between Remus and James. She flicked her long wavy black hair behind her ears and smiled at Remus, her brown eyes sparkling with happiness. “So Lupin,” She began smiling seductively. “I hear you’re a freeman now,”

Remus shrugged his shoulders in a glum way. “I suppose so,” he said. Jasmine smiled again. Remus had to admit she was very pretty. She glanced at Remus hand and took his bandaged hand in hers.

“Aw, you poor baby,” She kissed his hand and smiled. “Don’t worry, I’ll make you feel all better tonight.”

She winked at him before switching back to her friends at the Ravenclaw table. Remus saw them all laugh and giggle together, Jasmine glancing back at Remus. Remus rolled his eyes before settling back to his miserable expression. Sirius hit Remus on the shoulder.

“What’s your problem mate?” Sirius said nodding his head toward Jasmine. “That girl is sexy! Get a grip!”

Remus rolled his eyes gain. “She’s not Tatiana.” He said unhappily.

“Forget her, Remus.” Sirius said coldly, glancing at Tatiana down the table. “If a girl breaks up with one of my best friends then they’re not in anyway shape or form friends with the Marauders. So therefore we shall not mention her as we party our asses off tonight!”

“Here, here!” Peter piped up. Sirius gave Peter a pat on the back.

Remus nodded sadly, “I guess you’re right Padfoot, I’m going to class.” Remus grabbed his bag.

^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^
Tatiana watched as her ex boyfriend was being hit on by Jasmine Hollard. Tatiana glared as she saw her kiss Remus hand and wink at him after she had something, most likely disgusting. Folding her arms Tatiana turned back to face her friends. “I’m going to kill that Hollard girl.” She said simply.

“Why? He’s not you boyfriend anymore. You took care of that.” Avriella said coldly as she examined her nails. Avriella had not approved of Tatiana’s decision and had not been light on showing it. Tatiana simply looked at her plate of egg feeling guilty and sorry for herself.

“O come on A.J, was that totally necessary?” Alice asked as she comforted Tatiana.

“Stop treating her like a baby Al!” Avriella snapped. “And yes it was necessary. Tatiana has got to stop living in her mother’s shadow and prove her wrong, not right.

“I’m sitting right here you know.” Tatiana said quietly.

“Good, then I hope you got the point!” Avriella said. Then sighing she leaned over and brushed Tatiana’s hair out of her blue eyes. “Look Tata, I’m sorry for being so harsh but I don’t take back what I said alright? Just think about it.” Leaning back in her seat Avriella began eating like nothing happened.

But her words stuck in Tatiana’s head like glue. Sighing quietly Tatiana glanced back at Remus. He was grabbing his bag and the other guys followed suit. As they left for class Remus looked at Tatiana for barley a second before striking up a conversation with James. Tatiana wanted to cry right there but not wanting to seem weak just sat there staring at her meal.

^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^
“Today class…we will be using our inner eye and looking into a crystal ball and reading…THE FUTURE!” Professor MaGlondi said dramatically looking into the distance, her right eye twitching. The class just watched silently, in awe of the teacher’s insane behavior. “Yes well…you will be working with partners today so pair up!”

The students began finding their friends but The Professor added loudly, “With who I say!”

And so she partnered the Hufflepuffs and Gryfindors together. James had gotten with Avriella; Lily was with a Hufflepuff named Ralph Harrison. Sirius had gotten stuck with a blond Hufflepuff, who wouldn’t shut up flirting with him, Peter was with Frank, and Remus was with Christie Laurel, who was acting incredibly nice and flirty now that he was single. Tatiana had gotten paired up with John Scaler (Gryfindor).

“Use your inner eye to tell your futures!” MaGlondi reminded.

^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^
“So err…Laurel what do you see?” Remus asked awkwardly.

“Well…” Christie said looking into the crystal ball onto the table. “I see me and Remus Lupin hitting it off at this party tonight.” She grinned. “Do you see the same thing?”

Remus was about to tell her to lay off then he looked over at Tatiana who was glancing at him and glaring at Christie and grinned. “Actually Christie, I do.” Remus said grabbing her hand across the table.

Christie gasped in surprise before smiling and holding onto Remus’ hand making sure not to squeeze his injured one. “Well let’s see how much you see it,” Christie leaned over the table and kissed Remus right onto the lips. Remus remained stiff.

Christie leaned back and smiled at him. “Sexy,” she said eyeing him before returning to the assignment MaGlondi had assigned. Remus just sat there shocked at what he just did, no one really seemed to notice seeing as he and Christie were in the back of the room. No one except…Tatiana Peoples. Remus glanced over at her and saw that her eyes were full of hurt but most of it concealed by the anger. She turned around swinging her long hair, that Remus loved as she went.

Sighing and kicking himself mentally, Remus returned to his work. For the rest of the period Remus ignored a confused Christie.

^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^
The bell rang, dismissing the class. As Remus gathered up his things he saw Tatiana swing her bag onto her back before storming out without waiting for anyone. Remus closed his bag before side stepping Christie, who was trying to grab his hand and leaving to find Tatiana.

He found her in an abandoned hallway sobbing quietly. Remus rushed to her side and grabbed her arm she pushed him away from her, “Don’t touch me Lupin!” Remus looked at her for a moment before asking her what was wrong though he knew very well what.

“I saw,” She said glaring at him.

“Look Tatiana, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to kiss her, she did that.”

Tatiana turned her back on him and folded her arms. Remus reached over but she jerked her arm out of his grip. “Come on Tatiana, talk to me.”

“Hmph,” was her only response.

“Tatiana please, I’m s—wait. What am I doing? You broke up with me not the other way around. What am I apologizing for kissing someone else for?” Remus asked himself incredulously.

Tatiana turned around slowly before saying, “I hate you.”

“You know what Tatiana, I’m sick of your ups and downs!”

“Well you don’t have to worry about it anymore because we’re not dating you prick!”

“I think I like it better that way you insecure, self-doubting git!”

“I hate you!”

“Doesn’t everyone!” Remus responded cynically before walking off.
^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^

“No Remus you look to…proper.” Sirius said after classes that night. He walked over to Remus and began undoing his belt.

“Whoa!” said Remus, jumping back. “I draw the line there, mate.”

“What—no! That’s disgusting!” Sirius said with his hand over his heart dramatically. “Don’t know how you could think of it! Let me just….” Sirius finished undoing Remus’ belt and pulled his pants down a bit. Then he un-tucked his shirt and dropped it over the belt of his jeans. “There ya go mate.”

Sirius himself had on a white t-shirt and faded jeans with all white trainers. He was currently in the mirror brushing his hair and the light mustache that was forming. “Hey look at this, I’m gettin’ a mustache.”

Remus walked over to look. “I don’t see it.” Sirius pointed out something on his face. Indeed, there was a light mustache developing on his face. “I see it…”

“Heh, heh, heh, I am a man for sure now!”

Remus rolled his eyes. He was wearing a black button up t-shirt that had two buttons undone at the top. He was wearing black jeans with black and white trainers. His hair had gotten a little longer but other than that he looked the same. Peter wondered out of the bathrooms and in front of the guys watching them.

“You guys look nice.” He complimented.

“Thanks Wormtail, not to shabby yourself.” Replied Sirius trying to comb the newly existing mustache. Peter had on a blue t-shirt that had a bludger on it and light jeans with white trainers.

Just then the door opened to reveal James and Frank. James was in a red shirt with blue jeans and black and white shoes. Frank had on a regular black Boiling Cauldrons shirt with black and white shoes. “Guys the party we started down at the Room of Requirements is really getting started! We need to be down there…and fast!” James said excitedly. Turning to Remus he added, “And don’t think about Tatiana; drink, flirt, and have fun! It’s been three days.”

Sirius hit Remus on the shoulder before tucking his comb in his back pocket and hurrying out after Frank and James. “Well Wormtail, guess we better get down there.” Peter nodded. So the two followed them followed the other three.

^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^
They guys walked into a party in full jump. The lights were flashing and there was loud music echoing from the many stereos hanging on the walls all around the room. There were a few tables and a bar with Malcolm Whitehorn as the bartender. Many people were cheering and drinking firewhiskey while others climbed up the stairs with the opposite sex. There was dancing and making-out on chairs. The Marauders always threw one hell of a party. James threw up his arms and yelled, “The Marauders have arrived!” Everyone stop drinking, stop snogging, and dancing to look up at them. They applauded and girls surrounded them.

“So Black, mind going up stairs for a bit?” One attractive but stupid looking blond asked.

“Sorry, no can do. Got one gorgeous girl waiting for me, now if you’ll excuse me.” Sirius said spotting Avriella. He ran to the large couch and jumped on her. They began snogging like hungry animals. The blond huffed before walking away to another guy.

“So Potter, how’s about we have a good snog over there in that corner?” Asked one brunettes.

“Nah, I gotta go talk to Evans.” He began walking in the other direction to where Lily was drinking a bottle of butterbeer. He sat down and joined her.

“How about you Lupin?” A girl with black hair and red highlights asked Remus. She was also very attractive and shapely.

Remus shook his head, “Nah, I think I’ll just go…do something.” Remus began walking off but the girl grabbed his arm and turned him to face her.

“I happen to know that you are single. So why don’t we just go have a couple of drinks and…oh I don’t know get to know each other?” Remus decided ‘what the hell’ and began walking off with her and calling over his shoulder to Peter, “Ey, Wormtail! Have fun!” Peter nodded before walking off somewhere.

^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^
“So Ms. Mysterious what’s--*hic*-- your name?” Remus asked after twenty minutes of talking and three and a half bottles of fire whiskey later.

“Teris Martin,” The girl responded taking another gulp out of her bottle. Remus was starting to feel a little—scratch that—a lot drunk and the flashing lights were starting to aggravate him.

“Well Mssssss. --*hic*--Martin, what do you like to do in free time?” He asked circling his finger in front of her eyes.

Teris smirked, “This.” Before Remus knew it someone’s tongue was down his throat, literally. Being drunk of course, he didn’t object.

^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^
“James,” Lily laughed as James blew into her ear. They were in an armchair in the corner of the party room. Lily was on James lap and laughing as he whispered in her ear. He purred like a cat. “James you’re so stupid.” A slightly drunk Lily chuckled before standing up, losing her balance and toppling back onto an even drunker James’ lap. He began snogging her with such fervor that she almost past out. He had never kissed her like that.

True she had thought girls who made out in such a disgusting manner were just gross. But now that she felt how it felt she could understand. James’ hand began massaging her leg as she tangled her fingers into his hair. She pulled away and James just headed for her neck, sucking on the soft skin. “James, I’m hungry.” Lily said before standing up, fixing her shirt and skirt and walking off to the food section of the party.

James stared after her before shrugging and taking another large gulp out of his third bottle whiskey while thinking, Innocent Lily sure makes a great snogging partner and girlfriend.

^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^
Avriella broke away from Sirius who was only slightly drunk and looked up at him. “I think I’ll go get a drink.” Avriella pushed Sirius off of her and buttoned the top of her dress back before standing up and walking to the other side of the room where the bar was. “Hey Malcolm, I’ll take a large firewhiskey.”

“Comin’ right up babe.” Malcolm, a cool Hufflepuff seventh year pushed his brown hair out of his face before leaning down under the counter for her drink.

A tall guy with dark blond hair and green eyes came over to where Avriella was and grabbed her around the waist. She leaned back thinking it was Sirius, she didn’t feel the strong muscles that she usually did but a different set of muscles. She looked up and saw a different but none-the-less handsome guy. Avriella stepped away from him. Although Avriella was not entirely sober, she wasn’t entirely drunk either.

“Where ya goin babe?” Asked the guy wrapping his arms back around her. Avriella recognized him as one of those stupid Ravenclaws; his name was Zach Goodner.

“Ughh,” was Avriella’s only reply as she pushed him off of her. “Get a better sex life you prat.”

“Whoa, nice and fiery too.” He said laughing and wrapping his arms around her again. “I think you’ll make a nice playmate.” He reached down and grabbed her butt.

^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^
Sirius heard Avriella shout something and stood up. He swayed a bit before regaining his balance and running in the direction of the bar. Avriella was standing over a guy with a bloody nose and an eye that was beginning to swell. She looked furious.

“Touch me one more time and I swear your life will flash before your eyes!” She yelled down at him. Sirius went through the crowd of people and grabbed hold of Avriella. She flipped her brown hair over her shoulder before muttering “Bloody bastard,” And kicking the guy on the floor.

“A.J I think that’s enough sweetheart.” Sirius said trying to hold back laughter from the scene in front of him. He was told that Zach Goodner was supposed to be pretty strong. Avriella rolled her eyes before walking over to Sirius and leaning against him.
“I think I chipped my nail fighting with the idiot.” Avriella sighed. “I guess Lily’ll just have to redo them. Come on babe I’m tired.” Avriella grabbed her bottle of firewhiskey and Sirius and pulled him away from the bar.

^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^
Tatiana was speaking to Aaron Peterson and finding that he was very nice to talk to but he still wasn’t Remus. Tatiana missed Remus so much that she couldn’t think straight. Her grades in Charms (he best subject) went down from an O (Outstanding) to a P (Poor) because she couldn’t concentrate on the lesson. Tatiana had no idea why she let her mother come back and mess with her life again.

All Remus wanted to do was let her work things out with her mother so she wouldn’t always have that kind of pressure on her chest. And what does she do? She lets her mother control her ways of thinking again. Tatiana just recently realized that the only way to let go of her mother was to hold on to the person who cared most about her, and she let him slip away. She was going to be miserable until she got him back.

“Well Aaron, I think I’ll go see if I see my friends.” Tatiana threw her long black hair over her shoulder and began marching away from the cut brunette Ravenclaw. Tatiana began squeezing through the chaotic crowd and over the many spilled bottles of firewhiskey and butterbeer on the floor. Tatiana couldn’t believe Avriella and Lily had talked her into coming to such a wild party when all she wanted to do was sit in her room and cry. Well she should’ve known this party would be a little out of hand since all the parties that the Marauders throw are.

Tatiana pushed a sixth year Gryffindor off of her and looked up. What Tatiana saw seemed to cause her whole world to go spinning and then shattering into a million pieces. Remus, her Remus, was sitting in an armchair with a black haired girl with red highlights (or tramp as Tatiana saw her as) sitting on his lap. He was snogging her with so much…zest that Tatiana could have died right there. She failed to notice the six empty glasses of firewhiskey sitting beside Remus as she ran out of the party in tears. Remus looked and pushed Teris off of him as he stumbled all over the place trying to follow her.

^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^
Tatiana slid down on the wall outside of the Room of Requirements and cried without bothering to go to her dormitory. She felt a tap on her shoulder and saw Remus standing beside her.

“Go away you bloody ass!”

Remus rolled his eyes and almost fell but held onto the wall for support. “Look you, I don’t know what--*hic*--what…your PROBLEM is but you--*hic*-- have got to let meeeeeee do what I--*hic*-- want without crying you…you--*hic*-- crybaby!” he looked like a heated three year old as he folded his arms and pouted angrily.

“Shut up! What makes you think I was crying over you?” Tatiana stood up and looked into his eyes fumingly.

“Well duh!” Remus said stupidly. “Of course you--*hic*-- weeeeeere!”

“I hate you!”

“Oooh, here we--*hic*--go again!” He yelled loud enough for the whole party inside to hear. “Why does--*hic*-- every one always hate the WEREWO—” Someone had grabbed Remus by the shoulders and covered his mouth. “Gerroff me!” Remus pushed someone behind him off.

“Remus do you know what you almost did? Calm down!” James said rubbing his head.

“What? You--*hic*-- mean I almost told her that I was a w—” James had covered his mouth again. “--*hic*--Let go!”

Remus pushed James against the wall without much effort. He is very strong drunk, James realized. “You should--*hic*-- know Peoples,” Remus said drunk and walking closer to her. “You should know what your--*hic*-- boyfriend that you supposedly loved--*hic*-- was. I am a werewolf! Are you --*hic*--happy! Does it --*hic*--satisfy you to know your boyfriend had as many--*hic*-- problems as you!?” Remus was looking extremely drunk; his eyes were unfocused and he was stumbling badly now.

Tatiana stood there, tears in her eyes and speechless. “Remus!” James called as Remus almost collapsed in his drunken state. James caught him.

“Move…you.” Remus said fumbling with his words. “I can take care…care…care of my—myself—” Remus fell unconsciously into James arms.
Tatiana backed against the walls speechless as the rest of the Marauders came out of the party to help Remus. She couldn’t hear anything, sound seemed to evaporate from her ears and everything seemed to be moving in slow motion for her. Without another sound Tatiana fled the scene, questions racing through her mind and tears falling down her face.
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