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Setting It All Up by luckistars
Chapter 9 : Jealously Bidding Time
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Lilly had just come down from the library. With her messenger bag across her shoulder, she had managed to not only do her Divination's essay, but a Potion's report as well. Whispering the password to the Fat Lady, the portrait swung open.

"Good evening, you prima Donna." Fred called as Lilly entered the common room. "After you left, my, was Oliver in a fury!"

Lilly looked at George and Fred, sitting in the prime seats, next to the fire. "Hm?" she asked curiously, "Why was he mad?" She tossed the books she carried from the library onto a nearby table, and sat next to Fred.

The twins looked at each other, and even Lilly noticed the look they shared. "Just... 'Coz." George whispered, a smirk plastered onto his face. "Oh... and you know Hogsmeade in a week?"

"Yes..." she started slowly.

Fred ribbed George. "Don't tell." he hissed. It was evident that he wanted to spill as well, but decided to keep it a secret. Groaning, she got up and glared at the two. "Where are you going my Prima Donna?"

"It's obvious that there is something that I don't know that is going on, and I would prefer that you do not keep secrets, but if you do, I question the kind of friends you are! I'm leaving!" she exclaimed, thrusting her hands, saying it all in nearly one breath. She whiffed around, her hair blowing behind her. She glared at them one last time. And with that, Lilly slammed out of the common room.

"What'd she say?" George asked. "All I head was something about secret and friends or something..."

"Who knows."

Lilly found herself, once again in the library. It was nearly empty, except a Hufflepuff couple snogging behind a bookcase, still in clear view. As she put her arms over her head as a shield, she tried exasperatedly to ignore the couple, and read her book. It was the same romance novel that she had been reading when Oliver asked her about the Quidditch tryouts. In the last several weeks, she had had no time to finish it.

Who do they think they are? she thought to herself, Snogging in broad daylight! Disgusting! The couple reminded her greatly of the disgusting couple in the book she was reading. Except she had no problem with them. She frowned, and flipped her book over, and prepared herself to march over and tell the couple to get a room. A hand put itself on her shoulder, and pushed her down.

"Wh-- HEY!" she whispered, as she fell back into her chair. She spun, and looked at a young man, smiling pleasantly at her. A complete stranger just pulled her into her seat!

As he tipped his head to one side, he laughed, "I know, it's nasty. Just ignore it." She glanced over one last time, and wrinkled her nose in distaste, but decided to follow his advice.

The boy picked up her book from the table, held a finger where she was in it, and looked at the cover. "A Romance in--" he started.

"No!" she yelped. He laughed, and turned the book around, starting to look at the summary.

"It all began a summer ago... When I met-- Him." he read aloud. Lilly snatched the book back.

"And who are you?" she asked, rather rudely, but still, a complete stranger had no right to touch her like so. Or read her book out like that.

"You're Lilly Dillamond, right?" he asked.

She raised in eyebrow. "Yes..." she answered slowly, putting her book into her bag, in case she was required to run. Which she seemed to be doing very frequently in the last weeks.

"Yeah. Thought so," he said, "My name's Alex Penn." He held out his hand, in want of a handshake. Lilly raised an eyebrow, and stuck it out. He shook it quickly, and let go.

She smiled, tried to look accommodating, and replied, "Nice to meet you Penn."

"Just call me Alex." She nodded.

"Alex." Lilly repeated.

Alex then looked startled, as if he forgot something. "Oh... Lilly--"

At that moment, Oliver Wood burst into the library, and stomped over towards Lilly and Alex. "Lilly." he said coldly. Lilly looked up at him. Oliver seemed to be totally oblivious to Alex, sitting right next to her. "We need to talk."

Coughing, she replied, "Oliver, meet Alex Penn." She pointed at Alex, in indication of his presence. Alex gave a small wave, and Oliver's mouth fell open. "Can it wait?" she whispered softly so only Oliver could hear.

Oliver’s face had changed from straightforward determination, to a sorrowed look. With an air of disappointment, he nodded, and walked away.

"How did it go?" Eliza asked from the common room couch as Oliver pounded into the room. Eliza didn't even needed to look who entered, Oliver had a certain step that she could listen too.

He sighed, and sat down. The gang knew that something was wrong. "Alex Penn." he stated, and then closed his eyes.

"What now?" Fred asked loudly, leaning forward, as if trying to hear well. "Who'd you say?"

"He said Alex Penn!" Alicia hissed, and pushed him back down into his seat. "What about, Penn?" She listened intently.

"I think he was asking her out." Oliver said, his eyes still closed.

Eliza's eyes grew. "PENN??? ASKING OUR LILLY OUT?" she nearly shouted. Oliver's eyes snapped open at her loud voice.

"Woman, we are going to go deaf because of you." George replied with a glare in his eyes. Eliza snootily shook her head, indicating that she could care less, and sunk back down into her seat. George stopped glaring, and turned back to Oliver. "Penn? As in the Ravenclaw?"

He nodded.

Angelina nudged Alicia. "Wasn't he that cute one? The one with blonde hair, grey eyes, and a killer smile?" She sighed as she finished saying that. George coughed fakely into his hand, signaling that she had said too much.

“So what?” Oliver asked, trying to hear more about Penn.

Angelina cast a look at the girls. When they nodded, she spoke some more, “Well… He’s not really a ladies man. Just a guy every girl wants. Why, even we three crushed on him. He’s super selective.”

“Which brings us to ask, why he would ask Lilly! There are more girls who are usually up to his standards that throw themselves at his feet. Why her?” Eliza continued.

Oliver glanced at Eliza. “And what’s wrong with Lilly?”

Alicia rolled her eyes. “What Eliza was trying to say, is that Alex usually goes from blonde, dumb, and bimbo. Barbie Enamel.” She said, holding a hand out, as if it was totally obvious.

“Ahh…” the three boys echoed in unison. The girls rolled their eyes. Boys.

"You know. Barbie liked him, before she liked you." Eliza pointed out, reclining back into her seat.

Oliver just scoffed. "And what can I do about it?"

"We know that you just absolutely adore Lilly..." George said aloud, his voice drifting off into a hint of mystery.

Oliver once more leaned forward. "Shut up!" he hissed, doing the "boy thing" and trying not to tell people about his crushes.

"Oh whatever! Toughen up, they know!" Fred hissed back, hitting him in the shoulder. Oliver frowned, and crossed his arms across his chest.

Rolling their eyes, Operation Set Up was back to stage one.


A/N: Finally an update!!! I had so much trouble, getting out of Writer's Block! And with NaNoWriMo here, I may not be able to update as much as people probably want me too... I'll still try though.

Oh, and finally, me new Oliver/OC fic is up!!! "End on a Musical Note" is here!

Thank you so much for reading, and reviewing if you do... MwAh!

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Setting It All Up: Jealously Bidding Time


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