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Pretty Girl by Radcliffe_PotterFan319
Chapter 1 : Prologue
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A/N: Everything you recgonize is borrowed by JK Rowling. The story title, and lyrics on the banner, are by the ever wonderful Sugarcult and their ever wonderful song "Pretty Girl"

Pretty Girl

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My mum, was a rather gifted witch, died in the Department of Mysteries after some sort of explosion that was never really investigated. It was my dad and me, Melody, all the time.

Pretty Girl.

My dad was the first to call me that. I was all of three years old and loved the nickname. It was better then when he called me ĎPrincessí or anything else. He spoiled me silly when I was younger. I never had to cry for anything, if I wanted it, I got it. Merlin knows we could afford it. Dad, who was a muggle, had his own Muggle business that had made itís way to the top very quickly. So I got whatever I wanted when I wanted. This meant lots of ponies, porcelain dolls, and other such things that a young girl couldnít do much with but stare at, wide eyed.

Pretty Girl was who I was. There was no doubt that by the time I was eleven, I was going to be very pretty. Already I had stunning looks that made men twice my age stop and stare. As uncomfortable as that could be, I loved my looks. Going to Hogwarts for my first year, I was immediately popular and cool. Knowing I was pretty and knowing that someone was always watching me, I got really into make-up and clothes, wanting to look good for the next pair of eyes that looked my way. My style made me even ďcoolerĒ and by the time I was in my third year, the girls wanted to be me and the guys wanted to date me.

Pretty Girl.

Not smart, sporty, or anything else. Pretty. I was looked down on as some dumb person that only cared about their hair and what color is in style that month. My grades were average, except in Transfiguration, and I couldnít play sports if someone paid me. Everyone said it was because I was scared I would break a nail. Whatever. Not everyone can be athletic.

Everyone in Hogwarts knew my name. Melody Atwood. The stunningly gorgeous girl with the long, wavy, midnight black hair and piercing aqua eyes. With the perfect, moisturized skin and manicured nails. Always wearing the latest styles and smiling a perfect smile. All I am to the school, to anyone, is Pretty Girl. They just see a face and nothing else.

One person saw past the face. Or at least after he flirted shamelessly with me! Kyle Parkington. The best looking Hufflepuff with blond hair, light brown eyes and perfectly tanned skin. His body toned from years of Quidditch and the nicest smile anyone could ever come around. I fell in love with him, Iíll admit it, and he asked me out a few weeks after I came to realize this. Weíve been together two years. Yeah, some people make fun of me because heís a Hufflepuff and I am so different from him, but Hufflepuffs cane I had a wild streak in them, too. Kyle was the perfect example.

After hearing my dad call me Pretty Girl one summer, Kyle started calling me Pretty Girl. He and my dad were the only ones allowed to call me Pretty Girl. I hated being called that, but I was their Pretty Girl and no one elseís.

Boys envied Kyle. Girls envied me. I was the most popular girl in school, and though Kyle was not the most popular boy, he did get a lot of attention from all my friends. And I know he liked it.

Pretty Girl was a name most girls dreamed of being called. And me, the girl that was called that, wished I wasnít cursed with a pretty face. Many would say that I was being selfish and asking for attention if they heard me say that, but the pressure of everyone watching you, waiting to see what you are going to do next really gets to you. I know most of my friends donít really give a care about me. They just want to be able to say they were popular.

And again, thereís that whole thing where all I can be is Pretty Girl and nothing like Smart Girl or whatever. I couldnít be both pretty and smart and athletic. Not like that Lily Evans, who had James freaking Potter after her because sheís smart and pretty. I am jealous of her, and Iím pretty sure she knows that. Just like I know sheís jealous of me for my great boyfriend and looks. But who cares what Evans thinks. Itís just the fact that Iím constantly judged for my face and not beyond that.

My final year at Hogwarts and my life begins to change. All because of the curse of a pretty face, a broken heart, and one very annoying Marauder.

A/N: I know it's very, very short. I usually keep my chapters between 3,000 and 5,000 words. Rarely do they go over and rarely do they go under. lol.

This is my second attempt at a Sirius/OC. I'm very excited about this one! It's much different then what I usually write since the main character is all popular. I usually make them sort of. . .not popular all the time. ANd I know Melody may sound a tiny bit like a Mary-Sue(okay, she sounds a lot like one, i know) but trust me, she is NOT a Mary-Sue and her character will build up more in the next chapter.

Thanks so much for reading. Please leave a review and tell me what you think! i love all feed back, especially constructive critism.

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Pretty Girl: Prologue


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