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Another Hero by scarletheartedlioness
Chapter 1 : Another Failed Romance
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Another hero

“We can’t do this anymore, Draco.”

His hand froze on her shoulder, and the words of love he was about to whisper caught in his throat and became lost in the depths of his shock. The flames that crackled before them were the only sound that carried through the silent common-room, and even a fool would have noticed the deadly tension.

He suddenly chuckled. “Very funny, Hermione. Way to spoil the mood.” He swooped in as he was before and attempted to kiss her, but she dodged away, trying to conceal the tears that were forming in her eyes.

Another mindless crime

He stared at her, his eyes wide. “Y-you’re not serious, are you?” He stammered, watching her as she turned away from him and situated herself before the fire, staring into the fatal flames.

“We need to stop kidding ourselves.”

A heavy weight was suddenly placed on his shoulders as he stared at her back. He pulled out a velvet box and gawked at it in his hands. “But I was just about to –”

Behind the curtain

She turned back to him, holding in the tears that so desperately wanted – yearned – to fall. “I’m sorry, Draco. I thought it could work out . . . I thought we could be happy –” she paused to take a deep breath –“but I’m going to marry Ron in an hour . . . and if he finds out about . . . about us . . .” she trailed off, staring into his hollow eyes.

He couldn’t believe his ears. He held himself back from lunging at her and hugging her to death, knowing it would only make matters worse. “But you said we could do it. You said we –”

“That’s what I wanted to believe,” she whispered sadly. “But my word isn’t enough anymore. As much as we want to make it work, it’s just not going to.”

In the pantomime

He blinked back shallow tears as he stared from the small box in his hand to her beautiful but saddened face.

“What’s that?” She asked softly, suddenly noticing the green velvet object he was clutching tightly.

He quickly shoved it away. “Nothing,” he tried to keep his mouth tight.

On and on

She sighed, placing the back of her hand to her forehead. “I wish it would work, but when I marry Ron, the jealousy will drive you mad.”

He took a step toward her. “I won’t be jealous, I promise.”

She gazed sadly into his hurt eyes. “You can’t promise such a thing.” She said dejectedly, diverting her eyes from his to the floor.

Does anybody know

“You don’t have to do this, Hermione.” He pleaded with her, taking yet another step toward her.

But every step he took forward, she took a step back, until she was rammed up against the mantelpiece, the hot flames licking near her ankles.

“I do –” she tried to keep a straight face as the tears finally broke away from the wrath of her eyes –“I do.”

What we are living for

He was then right next to her face. “Please, Hermione . . .”

“Stop . . . please stop,” she begged him, the feel of his face next to hers too much for her to handle. She didn’t trust herself having him so close.

But it wasn’t like all those other times when she had been willing to kiss him. This time, when he placed his lips on hers as the tears slid down her face, there was a fire instantly ignited in her heart, and no matter how hard she begged, it wouldn’t go away.

Whatever happens

Having his lips on hers again made her feel as if everything she was doing was completely worthless. But as these thoughts rolled around her head, she knew she was only kidding herself even further than she already had.

She had to do what was right, and if it meant hurting the one she so desperately loved, then so be it.

She had to make sure he would go away. She had to make it hurt, or he would only keep coming back.

We live it all to chance

She suddenly pulled back, pushing him away from her with a strong force. He was sent crashing backwards, a stunned look on his crestfallen face.

“I don’t love you anymore!” she screamed, hiding the tears, and concealing her feelings as her heart broke in two. “Get it through your thick head!”

He stared at her with his hollow blue-grey eyes. He seemed hesitant. “I don’t believe you.”

Another heartache

She fought back the urge to cry. “Deny it all you want, but it’s true!” She struggled to breathe as she restrained the sobs.

He shook his head. “You’re lying.”

She strode forward and pushed him back. He fell backwards onto the velvet couch, a look of hurt upon his handsome face.

Another failed romance

She glared at him, however much it pained her to do so. She tried to calm her breathing down. “I don’t love you.” She said more clearly and forcefully.

And then she had to watch the most painful thing imaginable. Right before her very eyes, he broke down. It was silent, but she knew that inside he was screaming.

She couldn’t take it anymore. She suddenly began to cry, but it was then that she had regained a little composure, and she bounded from the room and out of sight.

On and on

He stared after her as the door closed behind her descending back. He wanted to cry, but he managed to stop himself.

He then diverted his eyes to the velvet box that still remained in his hand. He slowly opened it up, listening to the creak of the hinges.

He stared at the object inside, and knew for certain everything had fallen apart. The woman he loved had now gone off to marry another man, and he was left with the life she left behind.

Does anybody know

With a forceful thrust, he angrily slammed the box closed and stuffed it into his pocket. He then rose to his feet, strode to the door, and left the common-room.

There was absolutely nothing left for him here.

There was no point to go on.


What we are living for

The music started, and Hermione reluctantly stepped out onto the red aisle. She looked to the end of the vastly decorated room where an arch stood. She saw Ron standing under it wearing a white tuxedo with a red rose. He was beaming at her.

She weakly smiled back as she began to walk.

The show must go on

Everything was becoming hazy, and she felt as if she would trip over her dress any moment.

What was she doing?

Outside the dawn is breaking

But she couldn’t turn back now. She had made up her mind, and she was going to go through with it.

However much it pained her to do so.

On the stage

She was nearing the end of the aisle, and all she could think about was him. About the life she had left behind, about how much she loved him, and still did, and about how he would learn to cope with the empty feeling in his heart that she too felt.

How could this be happening?

That holds our final destiny

She did not want to marry Ron. But he believed that she loved him. He believed that she was faithful to him when she was not. She had to keep that up.

Her life had become just this huge hole that she couldn’t get out of. Draco had been her only sanctuary, and now that he was gone, there was nothing left to do.

The show must go on

She had to marry Ron.

Inside my heart is breaking

Her heart was beating fast as she reached the arch. The music instantly stopped playing, and she came to stand awkwardly opposite Ron.

He mouthed, “You look beautiful,” to her, before turning his attention to the priest that stood before them.

My makeup may be flaking

She gulped as she stared down at her dress. It was beautiful, and it had been a mission to get. And it had all been for nothing.

She did not want this wedding to take place. It was meant to be the happiest day of her life, but all she could think about was what she was throwing away.

But my smile still stays on

The double doors suddenly crashed open and all heads turned as a panting figure came rushing in.

“Emergency!” A male voice called.

The show must go on

She swivelled around to meet the panic-stricken, green eyes of Harry, and she too began to panic as everyone else did the same thing.

Harry reached her and Ron, and proceeded to catch his breath,

I'll top the bill

“Draco Malfoy has been found dead in the forest!” He said, out of breath.

Her world suddenly went black, and the next thing she knew, she was in Ron’s arms, being fanned with her own bouquet of red roses. “Are you okay, Hermione?” He asked, concern in his voice.

I'll earn the kill

She suddenly leapt up and, blinded by her tears, ran from the room. She bounded down the marble staircase and flew out the Entrance Hall doors, her white dress flailing out behind her.

She didn’t stop until she reached the forest.

I have to find the will to carry

She blindly stumbled around, searching for her love’s body. Where was he? Had Harry even been telling the truth?

But she found him, and was frozen still when she saw his body lying lifeless on the soft, brown earth.

On with the show

“Draco . . .” she sobbed, falling to his side and placing her arms around him. “Draco, please . . .” But he didn’t reply. “Wake up!” She shook him, but there was no response.

She began to sob loudly as she heard voices and footsteps approaching.

On with the show . . .

“Hermione?” Ron’s voice sounded in her ear, but she ignored him as she stared down at the pale face of the man she had loved with all her heart, and should never have let go. It was all because of her idiocy that he was dead.

“Draco, no . . .” she whispered, tears streaming down her face.

On with the show . . .

She placed her hand in his, and it was then that she noticed he was holding something. She took it out of his grip, and stared down at a green velvet box – the one he had been holding when she had driven him away.

Sobbing uncontrollably, she proceeded to open it, and what was inside made her drop the box and gasp in complete and utter shock and misery.

The show must go on

A diamond ring with the words Marry me, Hermione engraved onto the golden band.

Disclaimer: This story was inspired by and loosely based on the film Moulin Rouge, and the characters are owned by J.K Rowling. Any parts you may not recognise belong to me.

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Another Hero: Another Failed Romance


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